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How to Make Money Using Affiliate Programs

A lot of people nowadays are accustomed with using web design and creating their own website or blog, but when it comes to actually earn an income from that website, things tend to get a little more difficult. You can try to monetize the website using ads, but this step often requires people to click on the ad and visit the targeted webpage in order for you to make some money. Affiliate marketing is a more elegant way of monetizing your website and it’s also easier to do as well.

But how can we define affiliate marketing? Basically, this type of marketing enables website owners such as you to promote a product/service created by someone else and post a link to that service/product on your blog or website. Once someone buys the product using your link, you will automatically receive a fixed commission. The more purchases are made through that link, the more money you earn. Of course, you can help sell an unlimited number of objects through that website, which is indeed very helpful to say the least. This is widely regarded as the easiest way to make money online since it doesn’t need any expensive e-commerce software or database.


There are lots of websites that allow you to earn money using affiliate marketing. One of the largest and, dare we say the most important one is surely Amazon. Since they offer just about any type of product in their online store, you can easily find something to resell there. There are numerous other websites offering this service, such as Ebay, Clickbank, Clixgalore, Commision Junctions, Avantgate and others. It mainly depends on the field of work you want to choose. Once you do choose one though, you need to stick with it, as that will engage people to buy from you and respect your blog/website.


Creating a website for this specific reason is also a possibility, but in order to do this you need to go through the following steps:

  • Find a niche you know enough about and in which you can be seen as an expert. This will attract a lot of audience to the website if done correctly.
  • Think of a good domain that you can use for the upcoming website. It’s important that the domain name is related to those products you are going to sell as an affiliate, so choose one that has a resonance in the desired field of work. For example, if you are going to sell books, go with something similar to “bestbooks”, “megabooks”, or just about anything related to the topic.
  • Just registering a domain won’t do it. You need to create a beautiful website with great visuals that appeal to your visitors. Also, make sure your website is fast, as there are numerous users nowadays that don’t like long loading times.
  • Once the whole website design is complete, you will have to add content to it. The main idea now is to write content specifically for the niche you chose earlier. Write the articles with SEO in mind, and include the major keywords you need, as they might help you rank higher when people search for those terms in a search engine. Remember to post often and write only quality content.
  • When you think that there’s enough content on the website to keep your readers busy, you should register as an affiliate with one of the companies presented above. Choose one or more that suit your niche best. Remember, you need to be seen as an expert in your field of work, so this step needs to be performed with care. After the process is complete, they will provide you with an “ad code”.
  • This ad code needs to be placed before or after the post, as they will attract the attention of your readers. You can tell your visitors that they can purchase the product via your link. You will immediately get a cut of the profit once they successfully purchase the products you advertised.
  • Offer your readers the ability to subscribe to your blog in order to get quick access to your latest posts. This helps you make sure they will come back to your site again and maybe buy some more products you sell.
  • Being social is crucial. Share the posts on all your social media accounts and spread the word to as many people as possible. You need more visitors to the website, and this is the best way to do it.
  • Don’t stop posting, and always bring your users new information about other products, while also telling them they can buy the product from your page. Consistency is key in this regard.


All in all, these are all the steps you need to follow in order to make money using affiliate programs. Remember to write quality posts, focus them on the matter and hand and spread all posts to as many people as possible. Only by doing this you can achieve success.

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