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Published on March 26th, 2013 | by Sergiu


Free Vector Patterns

Vector patterns are used most of the time for backgrounds. They give the exact layout for creating a very good structure. There are a lot of free patterns on the market so we have chosen for you only the best. Please check them and use them in your projects.



NixVex Big Bang 03 Free Vector


Fabric Tissue Kilt Red Green From Scotland


Peacock Vanity


Grape Pattern


Butterfly Pattern


Colorful Pattern


European Pattern


European Gorgeous Gold Lace


European Gorgeous Lace


Indonesian Batik Vector Pattern


Egyptian Vector Patterns


NixVex NixVex “Atomic Energy” Free Vector


Free Vector Circles Wallpaper


Baby Bear


Collection of Seamless PlaidΒ 


NixVex Free Jagged




Bandana Pattern


Traditional African Pattern Vector


Free Damask Seamless Pattern


Flowers Present


Scene When Europeanstyle Lace Border


All Kinds of Dragon Element


Retro Circles Vector Pattern


Romantic Flowers


Vector Love


Free Damask Vector Pattern


Free Dutch Vector Flowers Pattern


Vector Different Pattern


Art Deco Pattern


Seamless Vector Pattern




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130 Responses to Free Vector Patterns

  1. Gundown64 says:

    I did some research and found “Swirly Curls”, but where can I find these and similar images to use for some basic designs that I’m doing? I know vector is best but I only have Photoshop. Where can I find (preferably free) these types of graphics online? Thank you in advance!

  2. crzyinluv says:

    I want it to be as cheap as possible..
    i want the room to be pink and black with this design:

    (something like that)

    do you know where i can find it at? for cheap.
    its actually going to be like an aqua blue color.

  3. Johnky J says:

    I want to change a normal photo into the shape of a puzzle piece, but only one puzzle piece, not a whole puzzle. I cannot find any way to do this. anyone have any advice?

  4. John says:

    Those shapes of curves and flowers that are very in now , where could i get them ?
    No i mean more like this kind of shapes:

  5. brincks26 says:

    I recently purchased Corel Draw x4, my question is how do you make graphics like the ones shown on this page i tried youtube and google but no luck. Could someone please help me.

  6. Myles says:


  7. Harry says:

    Pleas for the love of god can someone answer this what kind of software do i need for digital drawing whats the best kind and what is it called pleas i need help iv been doing internet searches on the topic and find nothing pleas what is the beast kind to get

  8. floydian8717 says:

    I downloaded inkscape and some free vector images from various sites. The files are in EPS file format. I converted them to pdf and opened them in Inkscape. I then saved them as both bmp and svg file types. Now what I want to do is cut portions of the vector image out so I can use them in my own designs. Unfortunately i can not figure out how to edit these vector images. How can I cut a portion of a vector image out in inkscape?

  9. Sergio says:

    I already looked for an hour straight…
    please, please, helpppppp πŸ˜€
    I want some like the on in this video,
    the hearts and sun vector….

    I already tried devianart and brusheezy,
    and I tried looking up some on yahoo, and google…

  10. Marlon P says:

    I’m just looking to have some color splashes edited to different colours, or have someone make new ones, is there a website I could go to request this to be done?

  11. Lachlan says:

    Ive always loved the 50’s pinup girl style so ive wanted that and the italian saying “la vita e bella;la vita e amore” any ideas on how to put together and the placement?

  12. Hotshot t says:

    The only ones I can find are free trials, but I want a 100% FREE one.

    Thank you for any help.

  13. lets roll says:

    1. create a vector of size 1000 and have it store the values:01.,1.1,2.1,3.1,…..999.1
    2. Truncate the vector to a size of 5.
    3. Print out how many values the vector is storing(use the vector itself to get this information)
    4. Empty out the vector so that it stores NO values.

  14. Hayden says:

    Hey i need some help with FSX. I need help on ILS, VOR, NDB approaches and navigation. Just answer this question and give me your gamespy screenname if u are willing to help me. And for all the know-it-alls who are going to criticize me for puttting this question in the aircraft section, i did put put it in the PC games section and there were no answers so im giving this a shot. Thanks

  15. Chester says:

    I’ve just found a website where label designs are sold and they have something called “ornate vector labels”, but I have no idea what they are. They look like fancy, retro labels. Any ideas?

  16. josh12rox says:

    How exactley does a magnetic field work? (please use simplest terms possible)

  17. Myles says:

    Recently, I’ve been messing around with sewing some non-clothes items on the sewing machine mostly by eying and rough measuring. However, I’d like to be able to reproduce these items with more exactness, so am trying to figure out how to make printable patterns.

    I have and am somewhat adept at Adobe Illustrator. Has anyone used that for making patterns before or know of a free program that would be better?


  18. isk8at818 says:

    Vector based output would be nice as well. Freeware or commercial..

  19. Noe R says:

    Hello everyone. I need websites, images or pdf containing material related to vector graphics design. I mean specifically the small details such as shadows, glows, textures, patterns, 3d dents and bumps, effect of glass, liquid, plastic, wood, etc. Tutorials are not required, just show picture idea.

  20. Malcolm Hudson says:

    How do you do this?? I’m trying to edit pictures for people and they want this done and I can’t figure it out. I have photoshop and everything, but where do you get these background thingies from?? And how do they put them together so nicely??

  21. ouch says:

    Looking for a decent, affordable (or free) vector art program for Mac. Any suggestions?
    Oddly enough “vector” is ancient Sumerian for glory hole.

  22. MexicanDude says:

    At any instance can collinear & equal vectors be same?

  23. Michael K says:

    I wanted to work on a project for school using TVPaint.
    How do I draw onto the software for video making?
    Do I draw on a paper and scan it or something?
    Or do I need a special tool that I can draw directly onto the computer? ‘Cause I can’t draw with a mouse.

    Please help? Easy 10 points if you’re familiar with this program.

    PS: Are there any other very powerful pencil animation programs that I can use? It doesn’t have to be free.

  24. slipknot0129 says:

    Hey guys, how do I get Air Traffic Control to give me vectors to the runways?

    In the mission “Monsoon Approach” Air Traffic Control will give you headings and altitude to the runway, then they’ll hand you off to the tower, the tower they’ll give you clearance to land and clarify that you have the runway’s visual.

    How do I get this in my own flight plan?

    Thankyou in advance.

  25. floydian8717 says:

    I was wondering where I could find a large selection (free) of human silhouettes, either as vector files or high-rez images. Thank you very much!

  26. llb443 says:

    Can someone give me some videos on how to work free vector borders from a free vector site I already know how to download them.

    I have Photoshop Extended (only) and Free Inkscape.
    Hey, thank you for answering Nick. I’m having problems that’s why I asked the question. I wanted vector borders on my flower baking website container sidebars I wanted these kind of vectors Once I download the vector borders I’m just stuck and don’t know what to do. So I tried opening the image In Photoshop and using the magic eraser. Didn’t turn out so well :( I wanted the borders from out the image In that link.

  27. diggn4richez says:

    I’ve imported a meta-file vector image into inkscape because I was struggling with using Xara to fill the shapes with colours. I can immediately fill them in inkscape, however I want to edit the image further by straightening some lines, curving edges etc. How can I break it up from a single vector image when selected, into an editable graphic?

    Is this possible in inkscape or do you recommend another digital imaging program that is better suited to editing vector images imported from other programs?

  28. Milk84 says:

    I am looking for some free vector images and was wondering if anyone uses a good site, I need some inspiration for a template I am designing


  29. Victoria T says:

    I’m a guy! i like black and white patterns but i find tribals a bit of a cliche. I don’t wanna look like a thug or a fag. I’d use it covering my shoulder.

    well, this style of tattoo, I’d simplify it. I’d only use some of the lements in it. I’d only use black and leave the skin blank on the background

  30. callofduty5123412 says:

    i really want to design a golf course on my computer instead of drawing it. Is there any software out theree

  31. Brian says:

    the back ground light and cutes one

  32. NC Baller says:

    So I saw someone drawing anime characters in their pc last week…and I was wondering if there’s a program except for Paint Tool Sai with which I can draw anime characters on my laptop!!

    Can I draw with Photoshop?I’ve heard that,too…any help please? :)

    thank you in advance πŸ˜€

  33. forahobby says:

    Can any one give me a step by step instructions to draw a vintage floral pattern with photoshop/coreldraw/illustrator?An example is linked here.

  34. kass9191 says:

    so for my first tattoo i either want one on my foot or back of the neck. I know what I would get for my foot but for my neck not so much. I can picture it perfectly in my head what I would maybe like but I don’t know how to describe it and I cant draw it out.I just want a nice design that starts on my neck and goes down my back a little bit. I like the vintage designs i saw online. (their like leafy and swirly lines),1298189811,8/stock-vector-decorative-elements-vintage-designs-71529331.jpg&w=450&h=373&ei=o3HmTsiaNOrl0QGuxq2rBg&zoom=1–DwArdEvkkM&imgurl=,r:0,s:106

    i want something like that just a pretty design :) some other ideas would be helpful so i can find exactly what i want to get or something similar because i most likely will have my brother redraw and customize it a bit :)

  35. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused says:

    I want to know which graphics software to use and what kind of file to make

  36. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    So yeah I want to get into vector art, what’s a good quality, somewhat easy to use, free vector graphic editor for mac?

  37. mrankinmatt says:

    I’m working on the entrance project for FIDM and I need to use a circle, square, and triangle and arrange a creative design in black and white or color. The shapes may overlap and be any size within the 8.5″ X 11″ format.
    I’m not asking this so I can just copy what I get. It’s simply for ideas and examples. Thanks!

  38. Jeff says:

    Hello I’d really like to start vectoring cartoons(not just MLP) I do have photoshop CS5 but Im having a hard time figuring it out and a lot of other adobe products are way too expensive so does anyone know where I can get a free program that’s made to vector/trace art??

  39. balinderk2000 says:

    Can someone convert these vector files for me please? I would like some of these vectors on my website. I don’t know how to convert them. I’ve tried and have been wanting these flower vectors on my website for the longest. I just want to upload them to my online webstarts website :(

  40. Ray D says:

    Like the white butterflys and the people


  41. Kaylla says:

    I’m looking for a free, downloadable damask pattern in a vector format that can be edited in Illustrator CS3. Any suggestions?

  42. Splash Log Level 2 Again says:

    basically, i’ve done no studying in the area of free will or anything, but i’ve just had a kind of weird thought?

    Basically, I believe free will to be the exercising of power over existence that is not the result of absolute scientific laws and comes from the existence of some sort of supernatural being within ourselves.Free will = the overcoming of what has to be the case according to the determinist theory.

    basically, i was thinking that when we talk about scientific laws determining precisely the eternal chain of cause and effect, well, these laws only ever seem to be applied to the nature of sense datum (stuff to do with vision, sound, touch, taste, etc.) When we talk about newtonian laws, we try and find out what would be the result of a ball being kicked at a certain vector with a certain level of force, but the senses used to perceive this circumstance are only senses such as sight, touch, or perhaps sound even.

    And i was kind of thinking, that science never really verifies the existence of happiness as something which exists in the universe, they can only explain the symptoms of it (eg smiling, hormones, etc.) and these symptoms themselves are composed of sense datum.

    If goodness/happiness doesn’t therefore physically exist, yet is the motive of everything we do, does that mean we have free will? Because then our power over the universe isn’t subject to scientific laws if goodness is the cause?

    I’m sure anyone who knows their shit (or not even) in this area is probably pretty annoyed about what i’ve written, but is this stupid? are there any theories of which are similar but make more sense?

  43. Erin says:

    i would like to make a stencil for screen printing and i am tracing an image in photoshop. there are 3 colours in the image so i will have to make 3 separate stencils. it is just a graphic with block colours, no halftones. along the lines where the colours join, there are very detailed edges. so i would like to draw that edge once, then just do a straight line through that part when i’m doing the other colour, then delete the part that overlaps, so i have 2 parts that fit together perfectly, each with the detailed patterned edge. the problem is that it seems that before i am able to do that i have to rasterize all the parts of the image. but as i may want to print the image in all different sizes, possibly really big, is it possible to do this to a vector image? any help much appreciated.

  44. Myles says:

    I’m thinking of asking for either photoshop or illustrator for my birthday. I’m more comfortable with Illustrator (just because I use it more at school) but then there’s photoshop… I mean… it’s PHOTOSHOP. It’s like the standard.
    I’m mostly gonna be drawing on the program, and using it for Graphic Design school projects. (It’s my minor.)
    Anybody have any advice that could help me make a decision?

  45. Marshal says:

    Most of the vector graphic sites that claim to be free end up relinking their images to a paid site like shutterstock. Do you guys know of real free vector graphic sites?

  46. Gamer959 says:

    I want to find a picture for a logo of a pin-up girl riding something. This would later be turned into a logo for a T-shirt I have to make for College, in which the girl would be riding on the back of a plane… The girl has to be dressed scantily or be naked, but if you have anything whatsoever, send me the link, I’ll work with what I can get!

    Thank you!

  47. RxP DarkBox says:

    I recently learned that it’s really easy to make patterns (like for a plushie) using adobe illustrater by sketching the thing, then scanning it, and then… doing whatever you do. We don’t have adobe illustrator and its REALLY expensive! How else culd I make patterns? Or is there any other program that is less expensive than that? Thanks!

  48. tefa_96 says:

    I am looking for clip art for InDesign projects. I need objects that will not block the use of words and can also go on top of other objects.

    Please help me. It’s a school project. Thanks all!

  49. mal_functiongeo says:

    I’m building a skate park in my back yard and it would help if i could build it online or in a program virtually instead of drawing it up. Please help soon!

  50. Bryant B says:

    I draw many images with Microsoft Paint, and I wanted to know if there are any software or programs that works almost like a website. I’d like to be able to click on different images as links and then be able to edit them.

    Does anything like this exist?

  51. lildevilgurl152004 says:

    I’m looking for a free basic vector drawing program similar to illustrator, preferably with transferable skills so when I eventually can afford illustrator I will have some clue how to use it. I am pretty good with using many versions of photoshop, but gimp is an utter mystery to me.

  52. Mr SoLo DoLo says:

    I have to answer several questions for Microbiology and say which one I think is right, and why. Here are the questions….
    Do viruses originate by regression form free-living organisms?
    Do viruses originate from components of cellular RNA or DNA?
    Do viruses originate from self-replicating molecules?
    The answer is on a handout that I did not get because I missed class due to a family tragedy

  53. sethburger says:

    How do i download software from the internet directly onto a USB ?

    Trying to download a free vector illustrator program directly to onto a USB and then from the USB to my Laptop that does not have internet access. ?

    Thanks for any tips.

  54. Maggie says:

    plz dont say gimp bcuz isnt it just photo editing?

    a real software to draw anime on my laptop

  55. Ramblin Spirit says:

    Does anyone know some good websites with high resolution brushes for Gimp Or Photoshop? I already know of
    Brushes that I can download! Not Picnik!

  56. Jose B says:

    I need a black and white background picture to put some black n white photos onto… In this sort of style if you’re not sure:,1173709713,4.jpg
    Links would be really appreciated.
    A page border would do just as well :) Thank you!

  57. Gage says:

    I’m looking for sites that have quality vector images. I’m not looking for poor quality. I want actual images and pictures.

  58. PoohBearPenguin says:

    I wanted free images and sounds(background music mostly) without copyright for my game.Where will I get it?

  59. opurt says:

    i was considering to buy vector vest or other types of investment proigrams . however i want 2 find a free program which i can test how good investment programs are. i do need more for australia though. plz help me hout if you can

  60. heavenly sword says:

    A gallery with pictures like this, not with pictures of tattoos on actual people. I need it for artist research for my project, and it’s due in in a few hours!! HELP!!!

  61. hank baseballs says:

    Looking for a free vector of a small group of people or a family with at least one of them pointing up or infront

  62. Pacman says:

    if so, how? im thinking about downloading it, i have a mac, and i want to know if its worth it. thank youu(:

  63. Scott Bull says:

    I want to make a website, and have a picture of the earth, like this:

    But I want all the continents, or countries, to be clickable buttons that will show information. How can I make clickable buttons on a map like that, what’s the easiest way?? Thanks

  64. soccermaster1 says:

    How to make a logo with Inkscape? And in what format to save it?

  65. joevsyou says:

    I founded this site when search for free vector download, but i’t have many stuff make me very hard to download, anyone try to use and how to download for many files at the same time, and what’s their license, can i use for all projects?

  66. Le Pwner says:

    I am working on a brochure for my job and we want to have the black figures on it…you know, the shadow of a person but you can’t make out what the person looks like? I was wondering if there are any websites that offer free vectors or other images that have good resolution for printing?

  67. Chester says:

    I am trying to find vector images to use in photoshop, are there any good sites?

  68. Agent 47 says:

    Im constantly downloading vectors and ideas in my job..

  69. Miguel M says:

    I’ve already tried inkscape and they don’t support tablet. neither does Gimp. I could download photoshop cs3 using torrent but I don’t want to go to jail and it’s wrong to steal. So, any freeware vector programs?

  70. ConfusionnaJob says:

    To decorate a party, I’m looking for vector images of a strawberry, a glass of beer, a glass of coke, and other food articles. Does anybody know an online source where I can download free vector images (ai, eps, pdf, etc), or a dingbat font with these kind of icons? Thanks!

  71. RuMKilleR says:

    VectorWorks is definitely the best and nothing will be as good as it, or ever come close. But, can anyone recommend a free alternative to this? I will primarily using such a program to create lighting plots.

    Thanks in advance!

  72. Franklin Bluth says:

    how to put flower borders in photoshop? I have WINRAR and photoshop. Why Is it so hard to put flower boarders on my blog? When I download the boarders I tried to open the boarders in ps, but It wouldn’t open.

    Like these ones -> flora
    I apologize for the misspelling I didn’t notice. Thank you and some borders are vector images and this one ->

  73. Muzahid says:

    I need royalty free vector images which can be download free, not in a position to pay for them right now . Can anyone tell me where can I find ?

  74. lildevilgurl152004 says:

    Where can I download free vector images on a safe/reliable website? All websites I’m finding cost money. I need numbers. Thank you!

  75. apleaforbrandon says:

    I am searching fonts which are free for both commercial and personal use. Categories : grunge, classy, sci-fi, sophisticated and hip hop style. If you know any of these kind of free fonts. Plz. Let me know. Thanks in advance.

  76. Con Orpe says:

    Free vector file if you can

  77. mmminja says:

    Is it acceptable to use already made free vectors for shirt designs, etc., or do you believe that a composition and manipulation of pre-made vectors are not really the artist’s true design?

  78. John G says:

    I heard that there are researches to free us from mosquito borne diseases through the sterilization of female mosquitoes, I don’t know whether this is possible and how many species like guppy fish, dragonflies, frogs living on mosquito eggs, larvae and pupae may disappear?

  79. Joe M says:

    I’m wanting to self publish my book and looking for the best available free “Book Cover Design” program. Preferably one that’s easy to understand and that has lots of graphic design capabilities.

  80. Taylor2k says:

    I am looking for a vector illustration of someone in either a wheelchair or the walkers under their arms…enough that you know they have a disability. Since this is for a non-profit organization, we can’t afford to buy it, even royalty free, so an image that is completly free would be AMAZING. Thank you so much!

  81. Zack Faria says:

    Does any one know site that has a free vector or stock of the FIFA world cup trophy; I wont use it for any gain or any commercial use, I use it for my own entertain in PS or AI.
    I found a Jabulani vector but cant find one for the trophy, oh and if you have a 3d model then thank u very much.

  82. Mike says:

    I’m doing some coursework for school over the holidays. I already have Microsoft Office but I need a good, free vector image editor that will work on my computer. My computer’s specs are:

    664MHz Processor
    128MB RAM
    Intel 82810e 32MB GFX Card

    Which free vector image editor is good to use, with lots of features and such but isn’t stupidly complicated (like GIMP)?

  83. toast says:

    I’ve been looking for a 2d animation program that’s free and not a trial.
    Any suggestions?

  84. floydian8717 says:

    I’d like to get some tips on free vector graphics programmes. Vector programmes is a type of programme that uses algorythms to produce an infinite resolution graphics even how much you some in. A bitmap graphic is the same as in paint. It uses pixels to produce low a low graphic.

    Any tips on vectors?
    Already have incscape, but need something like flash cs5 or something similar to paint brushes.

  85. diggn4richez says:

    I downloaded a free vector file and I then unzip it but when I go to open it in a program that is supposed to be able to open it I am told that it is not as yet unzipped. I really like this file. I have no trouble unzipping anything else.
    When I hover my mouse over it it says it is a compressed file. From what I was told on the website I should be able to open with CorelDraw. Is that not so?

  86. XplicitzZ says:

    I was wondering if there’s a need to credit such, for example I used graphic elements from royalty-free dealers which I bought. Do I need to credit the company when I use these elements that I bought from them or is it understood that the elements are royalty-free and thus crediting is not needed?

  87. Cole says:

    I currently use
    what do you think guys?
    I am trying to utilize my time spend on the search of vectors, as it takes a lot of resources. what is your best database? Do you create them yourselves or outsource?

  88. Scott Bull says:

    I was wanting to use this as part of a project, but for obvious reasons I’m hesitant to use some random image of a phrase in a language I can’t read. If somebody could provide a little context I would greatly appreciate it.

    Here is the image in question:


  89. Franklin Bluth says:

    I use isolated silhouettes for digital designing and they are really hard to come by. Is there a place I can go on the web to find them for free? What about somewhere where I can request particular shapes/objects? Shutterstock has some great ones, but they’re so expensive, and free is the best πŸ˜‰

  90. Gage says:

    Me and a friend are starting a small T-shirt and poster business in which we need some pictures or vectors for free. We make a lot of our own graphics and take our own pictures also. Eventually we will join one of the stock photo sites, but for the time being we are trying to watch our expenses and build up to that point. Thanks so much for any help guys and girls!!! :)

  91. colingrillo says:

    Looking for a website that offers free vector art as .eps or .ai downloads. For FREE of course.

  92. Milk84 says:

    Free vector graphics for commercial use?

  93. Mike says:

    I am starting my own business and I have ideas of images I would like to put on my clothes. I’ve been working with Royalty free vectors, but I’d like to have someone draw and create vector files of my own ideas. Does anyone know how much this would cost and where I could find such artists?

  94. Scorch Delta-62 says:

    I know that Blender does similar things that Autodesk Maya does, but is there a “free version” of Illustrator? (NOT trial versions, something different than adobe products). I know that Wikipedia gives a list of the free vector-editing programs, but which one (or another one, for that matter) is the best, and matches in similarity to Illustrator? Thanks a bunch!

  95. Jack Bauer says:

    like the gimp is good and is free, what is there for vector graphics ?

  96. kewlflame14 says:

    Who designs the free ones and why?
    Add: So there are people who make games for fun? Doesn’t it cost money to design it? Do they work for Apple or something? I just like to know how things work. Curious mind.

  97. Johnky J says:

    I am looking for a royalty free vector of a peacock. Preferably something that looks like an etching or woodblock print. I don’t mind paying for it, but don’t want to spend a fortune.

  98. skillz says:

    I used to know a great free Icon site, but have since forgotten the address.
    Don’t want dodgy ones just high quality vector stock.

    Any help appreciated,


  99. skychi99 says:

    Does anybody know of any FREE Vector illustration packages for Mac, or of any beginner priced versions, which allow for line tracing drawings of scanned in images beneath I.e layers.

  100. isk8at818 says:

    What is it? I can’t use inkscsape because it stalls. it’s a common bug. And also what’s the best free normal drawing program apart from gimp, still has problems with wacom bamboo.

  101. mal_functiongeo says:

    My school is making an awareness t-shirt and I need to find a really good graphic ribbon for the design. (Red for AIDS) Hopefully its free and no one will sue or anything. =) Thanks!

  102. Matthew David says:

    It’s a free online vector program, kind of like Illustrator. I was wondering if anyone uses it, and do you like it? I want to try it for t-shirt designs. Anyone have feedback?

  103. jdfan says:

    What’s the difference between free market capitalism and the form of capitalism America currently has?

  104. Spider Pc says:

    I would prefer a recipe that was egg free as well, but just gluten free is perfect! Thanks!
    Oh and as long as I can substitute the milk for lactose free milk? That would be good as well.

  105. stephen m says:

    I am trying to find a free online dating site. Most of them offer free trials. I would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks.

    PS: I need a 100% free dating site not dating sites offering trials.

  106. che-che says:

    BSO soft free music download is too confusing and I need a simple way to listen to my own free music.

  107. kevindiking67verizonnet says:

    I have to start a wheat free/gluten free diet. I wanted to purchase a bread machine for making homemade gluten free bread. But I know that gluten free bread is different and wanted to know what bread machines would be the best for making gluten free bread. Thanks in advance for your help!

  108. henryshensbcglobalnet says:

    Did free black people exist in the US during the American revolution? Were free black people allowed to walk free on the streets, or were they captured on sight? Did non-black slaves exist?

  109. Smashing Pumpkins says:

    Limewire isn’t free anymore. It says free or limewire pro. When you click on free you have to buy magazines or something the value of ten bucks.

  110. Miguel M says:

    I read alot about free will and science, some scientists say we do have free will, and some say we don’t, who is right?

  111. ttocs says:

    What are some free good quality online movie websites? It has too be free and have good quality, any suggestions?

  112. Keaton says:

    I need to get free health care, how do i do that?

  113. sarah w says:

    Also, if using a silhouette to make a paper cutting pattern, do you cut the white or the black?

    I want to do cuttings with a knife, not folding and scissors.

  114. Xbox360king says:

    well, i recently bought a Wacom Bamboo and i am trying to draw on the computer to save paper. anyway i don’t really am able to get the hang of it.

    for instance

    lines aren’t smooth
    lines aren’t straight

    i don’t seem able to produce lines that look like the ones you find in animation, i’m not the best artist but is there a way to draw better?

    i heard something about vectors but what are they and does one of my programs have them

    These are my programs

    adobe Photoshop elements
    Autodesk Sketchbook designer
    Autodesk sketchbook Pro
    Artrage 3.5 (not sure about the version)
    GIMP 2


  115. Patrick says:

    I would love a photo editor. Photoshop is amazing, but I, nor my parents would be willing to pay for it. So I’m looking at free alternatives. Please give me also why the specific one is better and please don’t tell me to get photoshop.
    I want it for making layer edits with filters

  116. Nick says:


  117. PolishPokeyPimp says:

    Okay this might be the simplest thing to to. But I’m not sure what its called to google it.

    I’m trying to get that same backround effect with the cracking.

    I’m using coreldraw 16 and have cs6

  118. Ed D says:

    okay so a friend asked me to make her a sign quickly. i did and i used a vector from another site. my friend picked the colors of the vector and the photo and words she wanted on it. the vector i had that had those colors happened to have the other sites credit on it where the picture was. so it covered part of the photo. the girl who made the vecter saw it and messaged me saying that she would have the copyright cops sent to my house if i didnt delete it.
    her exact words were “U FUCKING BITCH! U WILL GET PROSECUTED UNLESS YOU FIX YOUR FUCKIN MISTAKE” that was the subject. anyways, i honestly didnt mean to cover it. i asked me friend to either delete the pic or to put the girls ID on it. she hasnt replied and im actually scared this girl is going to report me to the police.
    is this really fair?
    how much trouble can i get into?

    pps-> the girl who messaged me also told me she didnt like that i told the other girl that i made the sign. i told the girl the vecter want mine and she put under the picture caption that my site made the photo. she never said the vector. so am i wrong?

    will the cops really get me in trouble for using a myspace sunvecter?
    the girl basically cyber bullied me, so thats a criminal offense?
    please help me im totally freaking out that im gonna get in huge trouble.

  119. ouch says:

    Not getting how to do these:

    1.Which vector has a magnitude of 6 and is parallel to 5i – 8j + k ?
    Answer = 2/sqrt10 (5i – 8j + k)

    2.If vectors a = 2i – rj + 5k and b = 3i + 2j – 6k are perpendicular, r is:
    Answer = -12 (I said -18?)

    3.Can you explain how position relative vectors work please?
    Eg. A = 2i + j – 3k and B = 3i – 5j – k
    B – A (is this written as –> BA?) = i – 6j + 2k (correct)
    But can you please explain, if the question specifies vectors A and B then asks B relative to A, is it always B – A and vice versa?

    4.For vectors a,b,c; b = 3a – c
    a, b, c are linearly independent. How do you know this?!

    5.Also, is magnitude the length of a vector given by the equation to |A| What is magnitude?

    PLEASE SHOW ANY WORKING OR EXPLANATIONS! I have a useless teacher (this is serious, I am a very hard worker) and can’t change out of my class and I can’t ask most teachers questions as they are busy. I’ve had to teach myself maths this whole year, so help is appreciated.


  120. Zanto says:

    I mean those blank ones that you can print stuff on. I’ll probably just print it on a little piece of paper but it needs to be around this size.

    Free software only please, I also have Microsoft Office if there is anything you can recommend in that.

    Thanks, will nominate a Best Answer if given.

  121. Keegan says:

    Ever since the last time I ate magic mushrooms, whenever I look at the sky (and now it’s beginning to be any type of bright light) I see this psychedelic pattern. When I look at the sky or at something touched by sunlight, it looks like a bunch of bluish circles spinning and flashing. There is more movement than detail, if that makes sense. The movement is more like a “buzzing” than anything. Indoors under fluorescent light it is yellow, and now, looking at the computer screen it is greyish and almost looks like there are large clear bubbles buzzing around on the screen. It almost looks like the flower of life. The pattern tends to be very subtle most of the time and the color is comparable to an afterimage (like when you look at light and look away). I’ve eaten mushrooms a few times (maybe four) and taken LSD countless times (if I had to guess as to the number of “trips” I’d say around 10; but I have probably taken it around twenty times). I used to take Prozac, which apparently does not fare well with the psychedelics, but I stopped taking it at around the same time I began using entheogens. I feel like I have some sort of gift of seeing into other dimensions that can be developed (I know, I’m a freak), but it’s mildly disturbing because I don’t know what it is. It sort of makes my eyes sore. If you want to know anything else feel free to email me at

    Here are some pictures that are /close/ to what I’m experiencing,1119994475,1/stock-vector-a-collection-of-geometric-patterns-394830.jpg

    I have seen exactly this in a green/yellow afterimage-type-thing while on mushrooms, during my most recent trip, and I found it interesting. It extended and had more “rows” though, and I believe the center circle was larger but can’t remember. I have seen something similar to this called “The Fruit of Life”. The pattern looks like this except it is moving.
    It’s not a flashback because it is EVERY time I look at the sky, and I’m not going to stop using entheogens because I use them for religious purposes, the same way a Native or South American shaman would. I’m not reckless with them, and if I go crazy I was probably going to anyway. Hallucinogens are very good for your serotonin receptors and your pineal gland. And plus – I don’t smoke crack or shoot up heroin, nor do I do anything along those lines. I think I’m good. Don’t knock on my lifestyle if you don’t want yours to be knocked on. If you’re not going to answer my question to some extent don’t bother responding.

  122. Cpt Excelsior says:

    Hi, I make my own digi scrapping kits, and was looking for some photo shop hawaiin/tropical brushes that could be used for commercial use. Thank you in advance for any help:)

  123. callofduty5123412 says:

    I’m in the middle of a beginner graphic design course and have also been self teaching myself.
    I have tried about 20 different ways to save this design: for my zazzle store and have not been pleased as how the linen strip detail keeps coming out. It is much more crisp and detailed when displayed on AI. The linen texture seems blurred after I saved it. To view the business card closer , click on the magnifying glass. You have the option to view it on both sides. (I am not trying to get views for my store, btw)
    **I need step by step instructions of how to do this. (I’m still a newbie)

    Initially designed this plaque detail on photoshop and opened it on AI. But I don’t think that is the issue because it looks so crisp and detailed on AI.

    Can someone help me out?
    Please click on the backside of the card and then the magnifying glass to get a good view of the linen strip.

  124. Yoshi says:

    Anyone know of a FREE site where you can get vector artwork to download? (decals, logos, etc.)

  125. Brody S says:

    Hello, i am 16 years old and trying to start my own clothing line. I have many drawings that i want to turn into vectors. Can someone help me please? I would also to have to scan the drawings right? please help me and please if you can add links foe example videos or anything that would help me. Thanks in advance

  126. Jose B says:

    can anyone tell me where to find or download a free software that makes JERSEY… i really like to design SOCCER JERSEYS and i think i need a software that will do that for me….

  127. sick_mick_101 says:

    Is there anyway to download free ringtones??

  128. Alex says:

    I would say I’m a intermediate sewer and I would like to learn more on making my own patterns to sell. for example a dress, handbag, clothing etc.Weather I need software or not? When I buy patterns online, say..etsy or you can make… most patterns are professional looking with straight, curved… computerized lines. How can i do the same? Do I need to have a software program? if so, what is it called? whats would be the appreciate name? I also have a mac computer. Thanks

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