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Free Birds & Animals vectors

Cute Bird Vectors






Lion Vector Image


Goldfish Vector


Tiger Head Vector


Pisces Vector Heraldry


Vector Cute Rabbit


Animal Cat


Handpainted Animals Vector


Interesting Little Animals Vector


Free Vector Fish


Vector Dogs




Eagle Head Vector


Mister Moustache Cat Vector


Animal Legend


Seasonal Highland Cow Vectors


Bird Of Peace


The Freedom Bird


Vector Twitter Icon Set


Insect Silhouettes


Show Monkey Vector




Eagle Background Vector


Sea Life


Vector Sea Gull


The Sea



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65 Responses to Free Birds & Animals vectors

  1. Elijah luv says:

    I personally think any animals outside of domesticated animals should be kept in the wild. People wonder why they get attacked from their “pet”.

    What are your thoughts on this?

  2. Eric says:

    How do the animals keep up the time for breakfast, lunch and dinner time?

  3. mike s says:

    Is it only endangered animals in zoos, or popular animals, or animals that are considered more domestic or friendly or what!? Heck, is there even a criteria at all?

  4. RuMKilleR says:

    Okay why is it that we can kill animals and eat them, however when an animal kills a human or another animal we kill them? Just because we have a more complex way of doing things is supposed justify this?

  5. happyha31 says:

    I love animals more then anything. I am even working on a career that has to do with animals. I would love to get a tattoo that has to do with being a huge animal lover..but im not sure what yet.. Anyone have ideas? Thanks.
    and this isnt my first tattoo or anything. i have a half sleeve, my feet, stomach piece, one behind each ear, my wrists, one on my shoulder, back of my neck and the inside of my lip.

  6. lcollier93sbcglobalnet says:

    Why are male animals much prettier than female animals, but when it comes to humans, it’s the other way around?

    By the way, I’m not interested in sarcastic answers like “humans are another type of animal.”. You know what the question means, so please focus on the question.

  7. Hotshot t says:

    Working with animals has always been a lifelong dream of mine but I have M.E and am unsure ill be able to do it as a career so I was wondering does anyone know of other jobs to do with animals like research not on animals but animals themselves, anything would help thanks.

  8. xiM Clutch says:

    I have a science project due and in one part I need to specify 5 plants and 10 animals found in Orlando’s forests. I’ve searched it up, but all I’m getting is news about dead animals and also Animal Kingdom. So can anyone give me 5 plants and 10 animals found in Orlando’s forests?
    Ten points to the first person to give me a good 5 plants, 10 animals in Orlando’s forests.

  9. Jenna says:

    Is it correct that he brought 7 pairs of clean animals and 1 pair of unclean animals? If not, how many of each animal did he bring aboard? What is the difference between a clean animal and an unclean animal?

  10. Melanie says:

    What makes cats, dogs, horses and animals like those so easily domesticated while animals like chimpanzees, tigers, raccoons are not household safe? You hear of freak accidents with tigers, apes, and such when people try to domesticate them. What is the difference between these animals?
    Great answers, since dogs, cats, and other animals are able to suppress those natural instincts to attack and hunt does that essentially make them more evolved than animals who cannot do the same? Obviously not physically, but mentally evolved from animals who still live by their instincts.

  11. ScRSC says:

    Humans and animals somehow depends on plants to survive. Can plants survive even without humans and animals?

  12. Cpt Excelsior says:

    I understand that many animals are not expected to live long because of predators etc…, but what animals would live the longest if allowed to live their life to the point of a natural death?

  13. Pacman says:

    I am writing a report condemning animal experimentation. Do some animals wake up to have to watch another animal being grabbed and slapped and abused by reasearchers? The gruesome the better because this is a serious issue and I want them to understand.

  14. Jason says:

    I know that for animals w/ owners that the owner can bury or cremate them but what do shelters do with stray animals they euthanize?

  15. veemodz says:

    Animals are pretty much quiet when they give birth.

  16. Spider Pc says:

    Is not the animal’s fault. The zoo move the animals from their enviroment and if the animal try to escape and hurt people then the only solution is kill the poor animal?

  17. Sir fliesalot says:

    I have been to all the other animal’s houses but have only had 4 animals come visit my house. Why are no others coming to see what I have for sale?

  18. mal_functiongeo says:

    What do we have that animals don’t? Is it our thumbs that most animals don’t have? What is it? We are so much smarter than animals and we have beat natural selection. Is it we have so much more emotions than animals? What are you theories.

  19. Rkmc says:

    I love animals and have cried seeing pictures of dead animals. why does it happen?
    what about wildlife?
    Hey I really know the feeling it happend to me once.

  20. Ramblin Spirit says:

    What animals have been endangered or made illegal to hunt for sport, and where?

    I need more places, animals not so much

    so where in the world did they make their state, country, town illegal to hunt animals for sport.

  21. Thomas Lopez says:

    Can animals even be psychotic like humans can?
    Are humans the only animals that can be attracted to psychos?

  22. Random says:

    A. Plants provide the oxygen animals require.
    B. Plants are essential as a source of food and shelter for many animals.
    C. They provide chlorophyll needed as an energy source for animals.
    D. Their root systems anchored the soil.

  23. PolishPokeyPimp says:

    1. What would happen if an animals sperm got into a woman?

    2. What would happen if a mans sperm got into an animal?

  24. Nick says:

    What is the occupation called like you see on Animal Precinct where they work with the animals that have been abused and try to bring them around to where they are friendly and can be adopted? I don’t have cable anymore so I can’t watch it to find out and checking out both the ASPCA & show site on Animal Planet didn’t tell me anything.

  25. timq3dimensionscom says:

    I want to save animals, how do i contact the pounds that actually put animals down?

  26. Mackenzie P says:

    How do they affect the condition of animals in circuses? What are they doing to help them?

  27. sean says:

    Plants and animals both can gain genetic material by transduction.
    Plants and animals both can go through sexual reproduction.
    Plants and animals both go through conjugation when they reproduce.
    Plants and animals both produce eggs in ovaries and sperm in testes.

  28. whites are not the only racists says:

    What is the purpose of using genetically modified animals for animal testing?
    Genetically modified or not, don’t the all endure the same pain?
    Please provide an answer and explain!

    This is for my English class, which Im attending a debate for whether or not I support the idea of animal testing or not.

    If you do not have an answer, do not post.

  29. Big Banger says:

    I know equine animals are specialized on horses, that is what I didn’t know. I just found that out. I want to work with exotic animals but leanr for horses. Too because I love horses and I’m planning to have some. So I’m wondering if I can study for both? And if I do what will the classes differ from exotic animals? And how much longer will I take to become a vet? Anyone who has done this before?

  30. Ev dog says:

    My year animal is a rooster, my monthly animal is a monkey, and my secret animal is a dragon. All 3 of these animals describe me quite well. If you want to know your monthly animal and secret animal you have to know your birthday and the exact time you were born and stuff.

  31. Brian says:

    I’m doing a speech on animal cruelty and I need information on “rehabilitation of the animals” after they undergo animal cruelty.

  32. Mr SoLo DoLo says:

    As in rescuing animals,and then taking them for medical treatment,and prosecuting the offenders.

  33. sam N says:

    Not just dogs and cats, but exotic animals, are you allowed to own any other kinds of animals besides the basic ones? Im not going to by any im just curious.

  34. Roar me R says:

    I want to know what animals an animal trainer can train like dolphins or eagles. Don’t list ordinary pets like dogs or hamsters, just exotic animals.

  35. Orbit says:

    What animals do they hunt and eat in the poorer parts of ethiopia?

  36. Johnky J says:

    Please, make a list of animals with tremendous stamina. I know sled dogs, horses, humans, kangaroos have good stamina. What are some other animals that have good stamina? Rabbits? Cows? Turtles?

  37. Armas says:

    I love spending time interacting with animals. Being with animals is my thing, and I have an idea of what jobs there are working with animals such as veterinarian, zookeeper, ect, but I want to have more hands-on interactions with them, kind of like someone who studies animals behavior working for the government, or a position that requires me to go around the world to interact with the animals in the wild in some way. Does anyone know what positions there are, and what degrees are needed to achieve these descriptions?

  38. Miguel M says:

    Three animals that would prosper and three that would become extinct if humans became extinct?

  39. Flash Funk says:

    Resident Evil is the only movie where I saw animals outside of humans become zombies. Anyone know
    any other movies where animals get zombiefied in a zombie flick? And Pet Sematary does not count. Thanks.

  40. heavenly sword says:

    What small animals are good as house pets? That wouldn’t have such a mess. Advice? Opinions?

  41. Ev dog says:

    Major difference between animals of the rain forest and animals of the grasslands? Also why does this difference exist?

  42. MAK & CHEESE says:

    Referring to kinds of animals that can mate, not the individual species. In other words sheep, cows, dogs etc. How many different types of animals are there in total?

  43. Mistry says:

    I’m a vegetarian, and I’m against the creutly of animals. Lately I’ve been wondering, though, what happens to the animals we save? I hear people say that animals were meant to be eaten. And I can’t find a reason why else to keep them on Earth, except to have a happy free life, which we ALL deserve to have – humans AND animals.

    What do you think? Can someone inform me?

  44. clntvrrt says:

    Animals can feel, love, hate, and fear just like us.

    Humans are merely too arrogant to admit we are animals, as well.

  45. Scott W says:

    Animals and plant form ecological system dependent on each other. How would the animal world would have been if there were no plants?

  46. Mak Sultan says:

    I am a breeder on minecraft and I know animals are attracted to wheat but what animals? Please answer!

  47. Myles says:

    I know that nocturnal animals come out at night but why can’t any old animal do that? I would love to know the specifics of it, ie…….There eye sight, there hearing there physical feature and so on. Thanks

  48. zigg3ns says:

    They discovered 122 animals but seven of them are now extinct. What are their names?

  49. zaclo says:



    (Animals make the same sound for all languages is not an acceptable answer).
    I forgot to say you dont need to answer all just to the best of your abilities.

    and to The Cheshire you make work at a zoo, but a linguist might know what i am talking about.

    An example is a baby chicken says pio in spanish.

  50. John G says:

    I mean do people stay at the vets all night to look after animals? Do they take some of the more serious case animals home with them? Or are the animals left alone all night?

  51. Mistry says:

    Why do they think its wrong to test on animals when animals have given us some of the greatest cures and medical insight, and the animals are expendable? Activist say that its “Cruel” and that we should use humans to test on, but if we used humans they would protest that.
    Hows it wrong if the animals are expendable and they have no feelings and except death? How many humans would not be alive if it wasnt for animal testing?

  52. vanvark83 says:

    I am currently starting a small zoo, and I need a couple more animals. They should be small, and then I would expand…But what animals should I start out with?

  53. Marshal says:

    I’m trying to remember as many animals released incorrectly by animal rights activists have released, and as a result have done more harm than good. I already have wild boar, otters, mink and owls. What are some more high-profile ones? Ones where the animals have either endangered native species, or simply died because they didn’t know how to fend for themselves?

  54. johnkaiser 22 says:

    Why didn’t animals evolve like plants to breath in CO2? How did it work out that plants and animals became dependent on eachother?

  55. Disrae says:

    Please be specific. I know marine animals, but like what are all of the marine animals?

  56. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior says:

    I know Animal Control organizations do dead animal removal and disposal, and depending on whom a Cruelty Investigator is working for, they may come across dead animals. How often does this generally happen, and what are the procedures for removing these dead animals?

  57. sick_mick_101 says:

    I was arguing with a friend about hunting. (I’m a hunter.) She began calling me an animal killer. So I asked her ‘What is the difference between animals killing animals for food and us humans killing animals for food?” She never answered. I’d like to know the difference, and why people think it is wrong after I say this.

  58. Beavis says:

    What are the philosophical differences between animals and humans? Animals have the same desires and feelings as humans. They desire a mate, a family, food, shelter and to live free and happy. So why do people think they have the right to take away this freedom from animals? Murder is considered sin because we don’t have the right to take the lives of others, yet we do this to animals every day without any guilt or consideration.
    ok so there are differences between humans and animals. But Why do people think it is morally acceptable to kill animals?

  59. balinderk2000 says:

    Also, can animals dream?

  60. arronwrath says:

    Ok, in Agriculture were going to do a debate on Animal welfare and animal rights.

    What’s your side of the road, and why ?

  61. Jon P says:

    im writting a paper on animal crueltly and want to know if there are animal rights

  62. Kevin says:

    pls explain your view on animal rights (manly about eating animals)

  63. Lucas H says:

    do animals cry if so what animal crys

  64. Moore, Ron says:

    in some areas animals are great,animals never do rape,animals never insult anyone,i only kill animal for hunger unlke humans who kill other person because ego,
    animals have timings of sex they have to do,humans have not.
    animals never chaet each other human do.

  65. Jamal says:

    Can you please classify these organisms?
    Tell me if its a plant or animal, or etc
    1. Platypus
    2. Honey Bee
    3. Owl
    4. Shark
    5. Orca
    6. Bear
    7. Mold
    8. Sequoia
    9. Amoeba
    10. E. Coli

    I know it sounds dumb but I just wanna prove something
    Thanks! ☺☻☺☻
    If it was a homework, I wouldnt be asking for your “help”.

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