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Published on February 20th, 2013 | by Sergiu


Free Patterns Collection

Escheresque Dark


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Вlack Lozenge


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10 Painted Papers


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16 Cracked Paving Textures


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Arctic Ice Textures


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Shabby Shaker Papers


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Textures from Untamed Reflections


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Kinda Jean


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Diagonales Decalées


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Star Paisley Pattern


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Doodled Town


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Soft Lines


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Glitter Pattern


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White Brick Wall


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Diamond Upholstery


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Batik Overlay


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Antique Engraved


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Stylized Clouds


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Grungy Natural Beige


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Leafy Set


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Gypsy Garden


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Spiderman Pattern


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Handmade Paper


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Hearts and Boxes


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Micro Patterns


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Animal Prints PS Patterns


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45 Responses to Free Patterns Collection

  1. mendhak says:

    I’ve never knitted a cardigan before, so I need a cute,but easy pattern to follow. Links to videos on how to knit a cardigan would be super helpful and appreciated! Thank you.

  2. Hayden says:

    i searched for chinese Blouse & i want to sew one by myself so i need sewing patterns or patrons… i hope any one can help before the next week because i want to wear it in my friend wedding

  3. Squall Leonhart says:

    I was recently given a stamped cross stitch quilt. It is the Bucilla Stamped Cross Stitch Butterfly Collection quilt. It is a solid sheet of fabric, and the finished size is supposed to be 45″ x 45″. It came with a list of the flosses I have to buy, along with 3 large double-sided pages. They contain mostly pictures and minimal text. All of the x’s on the fabric are blue. The main page makes it seem like you are supposed to put the quilt together, and then cross stitch it. There are also small representations of the different words and butterflies on the instruction pages, but instead of the symbols inside them matching the stitches they say you’re supposed to use, they all look like solid colored hourglasses. I am at a complete loss as to where to begin, as I’ve never done cross stitch in my life. Any help you could give would be most appreciated. The picture is gorgeous and I would really like to make this quilt.

  4. Sir fliesalot says:

    OK, so I have tons of textures and I want to use them in photoshop. When I choose ‘Load patterns’ photoshop won’t allow me to load the pics unless they were photoshop files. What to do now? I see everybody using textures without mentioning any troubles with this..

  5. Big Banger says:

    Does anyone have a recipe for knitting a one piece?

  6. Victoria T says:

    I’ll grant it’s not completely useless. It has more speakers than those of some languages of small countries and nobody would say learning those languages is useless(if only not to offend native speakers of those languages or even people descended from them). But the language is not an equal representation of world languages not even proportionately in its grammar or its vocabulary. It’s basically a European language. How can we expect Africans and Asians to one day accept this as the international auxillary language? If the movement to make Esperanto the international language ever gets off the ground in European countries and the Americas(such as by making it a required course in classrooms) and they start trying to push it in Asia and Africa you can expect there’s going to be a lot of political opposition from people saying it is a eurocentric language(which factually it is).

    It’s constructed so it’s very easy to learn, which is definitely a plus BUT its nonrepresentative nature dooms it to failure.
    Even if the grammar construction when constructed solely in a way to make it easy matches European languages or as far as the representation scheme of letters matches european languages more(makes more sense than using a bunch of symbols) there’s plenty of room for people to complain about the vocabulary. Why not borrow more words from Chinese for example? Especially given that languages prevalence.
    Just because some Africans and Asians are OK with it doesn’t mean all will. It’s hard to see this ever getting to the point of becoming an international phenomenon. A few schools in Asia and Africa teaching it means nothing. The challenge(which could very well turn out to be insurmountable) is getting everyone in Asia and Africa on board. If it ever gets to the point of being on the floor of Asian and African Parliaments and other governments(to make it a mandatory school subject) you can expect some resistance, even if the same people who would resist(esp. politicians) are now not even thinking about this issue.
    Also consider Esperanto was invented before linguistics was a science. For something that is touted as logically constructed why are there unnecessary things like articles and gender? Articles are pointless. If you want to indicate definitiveness/indefinitiveness it’s always possible to say “that particular __” or “some kind of __”. Word differences such as doctor(I forget the exact words in Esperanto) have one for general/masculine and one for feminine. Do we really want to perpetuate sexism in an international auxillary language? Having indicators for gender in words for a constructed language is just stupid. Understandable for languages that just evolved that way, but not for something artificial.

  7. shahedC says:

    Have tried and tried to download free knitting patterns. I have tried to download a beautiful wrap
    but the screen then goes on to “purchase” which is not what i want. Help please

  8. Le Pwner says:

    I’m just a beginner but i want to learn so badly. I have a lot trouble strumming and other easy things. And I just wanted to know how hard it is going to be to teach myself. I love music and its something i want to do very badly. Any good websites or tips anything helps.

  9. Thomas Lopez says:

    my bedroom walls are light purple,I’m looking for ideas to change the decoration and stuff. like maybe some patterns on the wall that suit the color, or some bedding that matches purple, do u have any ideas? i’ll appreciate if u show me some pics of that too (i have found some myself)
    thank u in advance.
    btw, i’m 22

  10. baldy eire says:

    I’m lookin for a web site that I can buy cross stich software that is compatible with the Mac instead of PC. I’m finding it really difficult to find! Any help..?

    Thank you all!

  11. encyclopath says:

    My landlord said I can not use nails, tacks or strong adhesives in or on the walls and Id really like to make a shelf for a portion of my comic collection figures or memorable collections :)

    any ideas? I need something makeshift basically.

  12. Scott W says:

    I intend to buy a mobile barcode scanner or a data collection terminal (portable barcode scanner is also okay),plz recommend some to me.and I prefer cost-effective ones.:)

  13. che-che says:

    I have vintage clothes patterns from the 20s through the 70s, and would like to know the best way to preserve them and still be able to use them?

  14. Joey 01 says:

    untill i get my wage next week i need free patterns, anyone have any ideas or have used some great ones in the past? i need fashionable ones though, i tried looking and some came up with edwardian ones!

    oh, female patterns please, like tops or day dresses :)

    thanks xxx

  15. Kaylla says:

    I’m putting together a small book of various social media stickers I’ve collected (so far I have Spotify, Foursquare, and GetSatisfaction) and I want to expand my collection, and am working on getting Tumblr stickers (

    Is there a place where I can buy multiple social media brand/logos stickers? I’ve searched on Amazon and other websites and can’t find any.

    Thanks for the help in advance!

  16. xiM Clutch says:

    I can do a little, but need more guidance and help.

  17. Beavis says:

    Im doing a fashion course and I need to have access to pattern catalogues for an assignment, which I am finding difficult as no where seems to stock catalogues anymore.

  18. PolishPokeyPimp says:

    i have searched the internet for days for answers to this question but have not actually found anything substatual fo my research paper can any one either answer with a good Reference or a good answer that i could quote you on. thanks

  19. ttocs says:

    I am looking for a tutorial so I can figure out exactly how to do it or to see any tips and tricks. I’m sure I could just wing it but it doesn’t hurt to look in to it a little bit. :) Thanks!
    Trapunto just popped in my head for some reason, is that different?

  20. Nick says:

    I have a ton of restaurant coasters from various places around the world that I’ve traveled, and I’m looking for a way to display them as art. I’ve seen a lot of ideas about making them into bar tabletops, etc. but I’m looking for something a little more feminine… Anyone have any ideas? I’m thinking some kind of collage, frame, or wall art that I could make. I’ve looked on Pinterest and can’t seem to find anything that’s not so masculine looking. Thanks!

  21. Dr Dorian says:

    I make a lot of hemp jewelry and I’m looking for some new knot techniques. I’ve searched for a good site but have yet to find one. I already know the square knot and spiral. I’m not looking for any plant hanger patterns I just want some new knots I can use in the jewelry I make.

  22. Sahil says:

    I have a small one, It is a size 0. I’m having a REALLY hard time using it. Would a bigger one work? HELP! Thanks!

  23. Andre says:

    I am seeking free, assorted, horizontally oriented peyote stitch alphabet patterns.In other words, I am looking for graphed letters in various fonts from which I can created words on a bracelet.

    Where might I find such a collection?

  24. Coffee t says:

    I mean to make a sweetheart neckline from scratch, not to alter it. I would also like it if you can send me a free pattern, like on a website, if you can’t explain to me how to make a sweetheart neckline dress or blouse. It has to be strapless and just the top part of the dress.

  25. Lachlan says:

    I love knitting and i have already made ALL the conventional things, like hats, scarves, mittens, even shirts and things like that, but im looking for something more creative if you have any sites or things with patterns, that would help a lot ! 😀 thanks !

  26. _marky_mark_ says:

    I would like to browse children’s sewing patterns from the 1950’s-1970’s and I am wondering if public libraries typically carry patterns that are now in the public domain. I am located in Brooklyn, NY if someone knows specifically about Brooklyn/Manhattan libraries, that would be particularly useful information.

  27. musicistabest says:

    I go crazy over hairy men, and I like it all over, including the back, down there, and I like heavily hairy men too, but why do people ridicule me for it? Purple I know are always giving me crap over it. No one makes fun of them for liking men who shave which used to be considered feminine. Why an I the butt of everyone s jokes?

  28. andresumoza says:

    Looking to construct a home that’s both flexible and beautiful? I am planning to construct my dream house and I have several plans for its construction. I had seen my friend using landscaping material, which is an invaluable investment and well-executed landscaping add amazing beauty to home. I want to use these for mine too with rich color combinations and draping floral patterns, the perfectly manicured lawn, and the different garden ornaments on the front yard. Has anyone here experienced these, Are they worthy? Any suggestions will be highly helpful.

  29. Matt says:

    Okay, I bought the digital scrapbook on ebay, and the lady I bought it from gave me the codes…but I have only succeeded with only the papers installed! How and where do I put the alphas, elements, and other stuff in? Yes, I do have winzip…

  30. nyyankees1123 says:

    We have to make something in our sewing class & I can’t find a good cross body hobo bag any help?

  31. Jeffery Carlson says:

    Or other things I can put in binders with those little plastic pocket pages? I love binders, and I would love to collect them, but it’s such a waste of space and money, so I figured, why not use collecting something else as an excuse for collecting binders? Any ideas?

  32. brincks26 says:

    I have 10 fat quarters from one collection. I’m a sewer, but have never quilted. I bought these fat quarters to attempt my 1st quilt top. Does anyone have any tips for a super easy, beginner quilt? I kind of want to try straight line sewing for my first one just to get the basics down. And, also could you please explain binding to me. And how do you get those awesome swirly top stitches on the quilts?

  33. Gabriel Kenney says:

    Hello, I am diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and I have taken many online IQ tests that have provided me with poor results. I and many other people consider myself to be very intelligent. I do very well in school while putting little to no effort in my work and have very intellectually based hobbies. I love reading, programming, writing, and so forth. I find that when I am in a room full of people I am generally the most intellectual person present. There’s one problem, these IQ test are telling me I have a slightly higher than average intelligence. The one category of problems I have issues with is the mathematical equations (such as patterns and placement formulas). I find that these are the type of problems that make up the majority of the tests. I struggle with doing quick math in my head due to psychological imagery. I and many other individuals with higher functioning forms of autism don’t have the ability to picture images in my head. When I am asked to multiply 3 digit numbers I have difficulty solving the problem in my mind. If I have a piece of paper it takes a matter of seconds to solve the equation due to visual representation. But, when doing problems purely in my mind, I am unable to imagine the images and am unable to visualize place holders, figures, and patterns. Because of this if I don’t have a pen and paper then it is extremely difficult and time consuming to solve these problems in my head. Now on my IEP paper work from school it says my IQ is 147, but all these online tests are showing me figures like 118, 123, 115, 100, and 85. Should I ignore these tests? Are they even reliable? Should I use a pen and paper if I have a disability? What should I do? This is kind of upsetting me because my intelligence is one of the things I always showed pride in. Strategizing, problem solving, and profound knowledge have always been the one thing I am extremely good at. Please give supportive answers.

  34. Franklin Bluth says:

    I have never tried this before but it recently sparked my interest. I am concerned that it might be expensive as something to try as a beginner. What would be the best way to go about trying this out? I’m thinking it terms of simple crafts and hobby projects. I appreciate any guidance from those of you who are familiar with it.

  35. John says:

    I do my flatware by hand with regular inexpensive soap and a scrubpad. I’m guessing my water is hard (since I always struggle with calcium spots on my shower curtain).

    The flatware is probably 40-60 years old. I obtained the collection from my aunt, who I believe collected them as “prizes” found in detergent boxes…Kind of like the prize in a Cracker Jack’s Box (a great advertising gimmick rarely used these days).

    Is there something I can do to shine them back up?


  36. Jeracoo L says:

    I just got a new kitten and I named her Paisley. I thought it would be cute to get her a collar that matches her name. So, if you know of anywhere I could find a collar or even an id tag with a paisley pattern on it I would really appreciate it. :)

  37. Cupcakerum says:

    children’s toys?

  38. Kobe says:

    I am looking for a specific pattern. I remember an afghan I made in the late 1990’s (around 1997-1999).

    I found the patter in a back page ad of Crafts and Things magazine. The afghan was a double strand crochet and it worked up really fast. If I remember correctly it was an ad for Lion Brand yarn. (I’ve already searched their site). I may be wrong about the yarn company…but it was an advertisement for yarn, and included a free pattern.

    I loved the afghan, and ended up donating it to charity for auction…that is why I don’t have it anymore…I was going to make myself another one….but I lost my back issues of Craft and Things.

    I know the stitch was something like YO and skip next stitch pull up a loop and draw through two, leave some on hook and go back and pick up the skipped stitch…YO and pull through two, then pull through all. It made an interesting puffy stitch that used two stitches…I am sure that I am missing something….and I can’t remember exactly what the stitch was called. I am thinking toggle stitch..but I don’t know.

    If anyone has back issues of that magazine or can figure out a similar stitch by my description let me know thanks in advance. I am an experienced crocheter, and this is a specific pattern that I am looking for…but am willing to explore a substitution…I’ve been trying to work it out for the past few years..and now I decided to just ask. Maybe I can find a copy of the old pattern.

  39. Dana G says:

    Hello I am trying to do my daughters room and I am looking for printable stencils. I know this question has been asked before, but I am wanting like flowers and butterflies that sort of thing and the websites from the other questions just dont have anything good on them. I am doing her room in the disney princesses and anything that would go with that would be excellent! Thank you so much for your time!

  40. _marky_mark_ says:

    T bar mary janes shoes for a baby? I have seen a free one on the net, but can’t find it now! Typical me. Thank you

    I have the normal ankle strap ones, but wanted to do a different style. Any other knitted shoe patterns aswell.
    Thank you, but it has to be knitted, not crochet.

  41. nyyankees1123 says:

    like sweaters, ponchos, etc. that are VERY easy.

  42. Milk84 says:

    hey people well here’s my problem, someone’s birthday is comming up and he is a very special person to me, I want to give him a wallet, but not just any wallet, I want to make one myself for him, the thing is I have no measurements for making one but I reallyyyy reallyyyy want to make it if anyone in here knows or has any clue as to what measurements go when making a wallet, from the outside, inside, lil pockets if possible too could you please help me??? I reallyyyy wanna do this for him =) thanx

  43. lcollier93sbcglobalnet says:

    I am looking for free patterns that use the knit wit tool. I can’t find any anywhere. Please help!

  44. jdfan says:

    (is there any Jacquard designer around.
    plz contact)

  45. DuckieM10 says:

    Why should glassware be inspected before it is used in the lab?
    (Points : 3)

    to make sure it has not been used before

    to check it for an expiration date

    to ensure that it is free from chips and cracks

    to see if it is labeled with English or metric units of measurement

    What is the best way to work with tools when you conduct an investigation?
    (Points : 3)

    follow manufacturer instructions for each tool’s use

    assume that any tool used for science is safe

    keep tools scattered throughout the lab

    leave tools turned on at all times so they are ready when you need them

    Which tool should you use to break up hard soil and to pry rocks apart?
    (Points : 3)



    hand lens

    geological pick

    If you need to estimate the percentage of quartz in a rock, which tool should you use?
    (Points : 3)

    hand lens



    rock hammer

    To determine cell activity in the brain of a living person, you must make an indirect observation.
    (Points : 2)



    Direct observations can be used to describe the shape of atoms, which are too small to be seen with any scientific instrument.
    (Points : 2)



    How many milliliters are in one liter?
    (Points : 3)





    When you conduct a scientific investigation, you should always try to conserve water and other natural resources that you use.
    (Points : 2)



    A topographic map scale says that its ratio is 1:100,000. This means that 0.05 meters on the map equals how many meters on the ground?
    (Points : 3)





    Something in nature that happens in a customary and predictable way is called a
    (Points : 3)





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