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Published on March 16th, 2013 | by Sergiu


Free Music Vectors

We present you a nice list of music vectors. These are manually picked from various sources and we invite you to take a look at them and choose the ones you like.

Musical Theme Vector




Abstract Music Background


Set of Music


iTunes Icon


Rock Star


T-shirt Design


PSY Viral


Music Vector


Abstract Music Background


Vector Graphics Theme Music


Trend of Music Posters Vector


Guitar Photorealistic Vector Image


Retro Phonograph Sound


Music Notes and Love


Heart Made of Music Notes


Ukelele Vector


Colorful Music Design


Rock Music


Piano Keys on Abstract Background


Music Equalizer


Colorful Music Background


Read Music and Musical Instruments


Color Music Key Symbols


iPod Classic


Jazz Night Club


Music Icon Vector


Speaker Icon


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285 Responses to Free Music Vectors

  1. Marshal says:

    I just recently bought the Adobe CS4 masters edition because I couldn’t deal with windows movie maker, other photoshop programs etc.

    POINT BEING i want to make a photo slideshow with transitions and effects

    what program do i use to make a photo slideshow?

    thank you
    Thanks! i would like to add also that i need a ROUGH outline of what i can or cant do (music, effect, transition wise) on the programs suggested. Thank you so much

  2. Daniel says:

    oh and one more thing. after downloading starship trooper using utorrent my internet browser and firefox all stoped working whats wrong? if u give me the answer that i really desire ill rate 5

  3. ericmreitz says:

    Take all things into consideration.

  4. Sergio says:

    Is it just me or does someone else hear constant music in the background?

    Isn’t it supposed to be silent when the players play?

  5. PillowMan1234 says:

    It’s a bit hard to explain, but I’m looking to design something with this incorporated

    Is there an exact term for it? I’m looking for photoshop brushes of it but I don’t know what to search for.

  6. jdubdoubleu7704 says:

    its a website that allows you to download free music but is there a chance that my computer can get viruses or crashes of some sort?

  7. homerliveshere says:

    I am looking for a set of music/media player icons for a print publication – either free or paid. If possible, I would like 128 pixel icons so they print well. Otherwise, 64 px will work. It would be even better if the set was vector based.

    Does anyone know where I could find these?

  8. krow147 says:

    Ok so i have like pretty much no programs on my computer and i see other people on youtube with tons of programs on thier computers. What are some good programs for my computer? My computer feels empty cause i have like no programs on it. What should i install that would be good? What are you’re suggestions? What do you have installed on you’re pc? It can be any program like limewire or vlc media player ( which i already have)?


  9. Terrence says:

    Programs for 3d modeling and what action script is best used for games also what is a good scenery / background program for 3D game creation

  10. MexicanDude says:

    also if i was about to download a file and clicked to but it never started to and i uninstalled it before it could if it was a virus am i safe from uninstalling lime wire

  11. Disrae says:

    Me and my friend are taking our girlfriends to their first rave this Saturday (EDC).They are kind of nervous. How can I explain to them that raves are not at all about crazy people and drugs…and more about music and bonding with people?

  12. turg143 says:

    Just some gentle help please

  13. Ed D says:

    i would like very much to become a video game developer some day, and even though i am not old enough yet. what programs can be downloaded for free to help me familiarize myself with the basics of game developing? Could you please assist me?

  14. Dark_LovexXx says:

    I’m trying to download the music from the Captain Ginyu saga to the Buu saga. Does anyone know where to download the music? Background music only.

  15. Squall Leonhart says:

    I want a place where i can download music online. that means not download the program. the website should have recent songs like Just Dance by Lady Gaga. Is anyone up for a challenge. Cause i think no one can do it.

  16. unbleevable39 says:

    I’m in a into to music class to fufill my fine arts with performance credit and we must attend four performances and write a critique on them. Having no music background, I have no idea what this means. Could you please help me out, I’m just a math major trying to make it through this class! Thank you!

  17. Daniel says:

    I want to download a movie from divx. will it screw up my computer?

  18. white man says:

    Hi. I’m planning on making YouTube videos, but I want to know a good program I can use on video editing =D
    I want an advanced one, not a basic one like Windows Movie Maker.
    Answers are appreciated =D
    Thank you.

  19. Courtney says:

    Hey ppl i want to know if its safe to download stuff using Bittorrent, Vuze, etc?

  20. clntvrrt says:

    something interesting to do on computor or something useful 2 log onto im open 2 all suggestions thank you all tom

  21. lets roll says:

    I was just wondering but where can I get music background so that I can put it in my videos on youtube? I like the background music that Jacksgap, MarcusButlertv, SamPepper and Zoella use. Does anyone know where I can get these music? preferably free.
    Just to clarify, I know how to put music, but I want to get music that has no lyrics. I don’t know what they’re called. Like this tune for example and this just the background music. The background music is cute, short, and not too annoying. Anyone have ideas?
    Does anyone at least know what the names of the background music might be?

  22. hank baseballs says:

    I saw some guys on youtube make pretty good cartoons and it said they used MS Paint. I have it but how do I make the cartoon? Like with the mouth moving to music?

  23. simply complicated says:

    I would look this up on Wikipedia but I wanna see what the average everyday people have to say about it. Oh and can I upload my on personal music and play it during a game?

  24. brincks26 says:

    I need to know the safest christian music background track company to go to online

  25. airdogspace2 says:

    Yes, I know. The whole, “Just buy the song/program/whatever you intend on downloading” thing. But really, I’m simply just curious.

    Does anyone know? And why would one be more than the other or why would it be equal?

  26. Alina Elliott says:

    I am a mobile dj and I am trying to compse a or get an animation composed for me. I want some sort of “intro” to play over my projector before i start playing music.

  27. johnkaiser 22 says:

    what is the best website to download music with good quality for free and you dont havta pay for membership

  28. Spider Pc says:

    I want to play the song from Kingdom Hearts, Vector to the Heavens on the piano. Are there any free sheet music out there? Preferably with labeled notes? I’m still learning. Thank you!

  29. jdubdoubleu7704 says:

    I will be purchasing a macbook for college in a few months. Do you suggest a macbook, or a macbook pro? What about the amount of memory I need? Extra programs? Basically, if you were to buy a new macbook, and could customize it to be the perfect college tool, what would you suggest getting? Thanks for your help in advance!

  30. Jeracoo L says:

    I’m trying to make a logo for my music group, I have the logo drawn out, but I need a good program to turn it into something like a digital image. Will Adobe Illustrator do the trick? Or what’s a good website where I can get a good professionally done logo for a cheap price?


  31. evangldbrg says:

    I may used vector images for creating characters, scenes. Will need music sound effects as well.

    You may wonder why CS3; this has to be bargain, CS5 is way up the ladder as of today in pricing. I’m just a hobbyist.

  32. ttocs says:

    just wondering before i download it

  33. vanvark83 says:

    His name was James and he was very into music, he could play any instrument and could sing. I want it on my wrist, I thought about his name in Old English and maybe some music notes bside and below it. I need some cool ideas please :)
    He had a guitar he absolutely adored and he wrote many songs. i would like to take some lyrics but there are so many to choose from.

  34. Courtney says:

    I have 100 photos and I need to make club them in Order with good music in background pls. let me know if there is any freely available software witch i can use for it.

  35. Andre says:

    putting a music background on your myspace is different than a regular myspace

  36. Lasagna delivery guy says:

    It’s mostly fan girls but i think it’s disgusting to sleep with a guy just like that. I think it’s pathetic. I mean, do they not worry about getting pregnant or getting an STD or something? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me who thinks that it’s stupid but yeah. Feel free to share any opinions you may have on the topic or whatever. :)

  37. toast says:

    I need to change the music and background that my kids set up for me.

  38. Jon P says:

    I want to make some of my own music for background ambiance in some youtube videos, but before I cough up a ton of money for some software, I wanted to see if there’s a decent open source rival for it.

  39. TommyKay says:

    (Not a game)

  40. Xavier Hawthorne says:

    I am attending a school where graphic design is not a major option. I am a JR now and majoring in business. What should i do so i can go to grad school for graphic design?

  41. Bryan J says:

    Do you have it? Does it give you problems with your computer?

  42. Praveen says:

    like if its in my pictures and contains a threat ….if my computer restarts itself due to installation of updates and virus scanning…can it auto-delete my file?

  43. Lucas H says:

    When watching a film or listening to music the background sound drowns the voice of the actor or artist, i have used my sound manager and equalisers but it makes no difference, 10 points if you can solve this and a big thank you.

  44. Cpt Excelsior says:

    good day to all x)

    minus one don’t have any video at all, in old times.

    i just want to edit and erase the voice of a singer, and not the background music.

    and sing like him with the right music background..

    hope you would share your knowledge…x)

    thanks in advance… for sharing… 10 points is easy..x)

  45. white man says:

    I am Downloading Pics, Music, Backgrounds but the problem is I dont want to do something such as deleting something by mistake. Anyone who has experience on this please give me info. By the way it is for R4

  46. crzyinluv says:

    I need to finish my blueprint and I’m not so sure as I have been getting a lot of different information.

    I am in grade ten and I am fifteen. I need to figure out my courses for when I am in grade eleven and twelve now.

    Should I take these subjects in:

    Grade 11:
    ~Functions & Applications

    Grade 12:
    ~English (AP?)
    ~Calculus and Vectors
    ~Biology (AP?)
    ~Philosophy (?)
    ~Free course
    ~Free course

    AP stands for advanced placement which is a special course in our school that helps you prepare for university. It is taught university-style.

    There is also the R.U.S.H program in our school which is a “special” program for those who get higher grades then usual.

    I have taken all academic classes this year and last year also.

    SOMEONE HELP, I have been looking for awhile but they do not focus on high school subjects much.

  47. Ed D says:

    Alright, I’m not looking for one of those stupid nagware programs, the “we can teach you but we’re going to make it long and complicated” sites, I’m looking for a site that can easily teach me how to program something, in C or any other language. I don’t want to have to pay for anything.

    Could anyone point me to a site or give me a little tutorial?

    For instance, how would I go about making a game if I wanted graphics in say, MS paint?

  48. Adam says:

    I want to download torrent files through flashget, can I do that?Is it possible? Is it safe from viruses?I want to download free movies in english.If so how and where can I do this?

  49. Mc L says:

    How do you change the music background on samsung galaxy … the defalt flowers really annoy me-.-

  50. mavis24 says:

    Tanks in advance.I’m using html n i need to play music @background n get music files from users.So pls help.

  51. Flash Funk says:

    Should I buy new, second hand or refurbished?

    What are the issues associated with each? I can think generally of guarantees, security, price, software. I’m no expert at all though and I’d like to balance the pros and cons before making a decision.

  52. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:

    I wanted free images and sounds(background music mostly) without copyright for my game.Where will I get it?

  53. Zack Faria says:

    So I have had free AVG 2012, Malwarebytes Anti-malware and SUPERanti-spyware- free edition on my laptop for about 6 months and so far I have had no major problems. I scan regularly and the antispyware does sometimes find some tracking cookies, which I’m guessing is from downloading. Is this enough to prevent my pc getting a really bad virus/worm etc? If not what are the best virus protections to buy- norton?

  54. John says:

    What are the chances of getting caught downloading torrents from sites like mininova? My friend says that you’re really unlikely to get caught, especially with peerguardian (some program he has)? Is this true, or should I just carry on using Itunes?


  55. Mc L says:

    I have been going back and forth with someone I met on YA about him showing me his penis. So now he finally says to go on messenger if I want to see and I don’t know what is going on. Please halp or I wont get to see.

  56. josh12rox says:

    i have a virgin broadband service at 10mb but when downloading movies from vuze torrant site the download speed of only 27kps to 120kps which is slow as meant to have download speed of 1.06mbs so need advice on best router to speed up downloads on a cable broadband service

  57. Mark M says:

    While on a weekend away, I recorded a video. Now, I would like to put some music of my choice as background. Is there any way I could do that on the computer ?

  58. stingerms says:

    Okay I Know how to use a program like photoshop to change the contrast and brightness on pictures and stuff but i just want to be capable at being able to do something like this..

    The way the guitar lights up lioke that, how do i do it?

  59. happyha31 says:

    I have an intuos 3 tablet and every time I try to use my tablet and pen the pen always lags on my macbook air but it doesnt on the other computers, do i need a new tablet or is it the macbook? help please! i am eager to get drawin’! XP

  60. Kaylla says:

    Well, I am 18 and want to learn about some music instrument (vocal, guitar, etc). Do you think volunteering myself to the church music section is a good idea since that I’ve no idea what I’ve to do since I have no music background at all.. I have to start from zero…

  61. JOHN KAISER PHD says:

    I’m in the military and will be getting out next year when I am 29. I want a complete different career path. Is there any music schools out there that will take a complete beginner with no music background?

    What would be a realistic approach of someone who wants to dedicate himself to the field of music for the rest of his life?

    Thank you?

  62. easton j says:

    For example, I want to make my own music video and post it on Youtube. Suppose I use Timberland’s “Apologize” as music background, random pictures of celebrities found on the internet, and random video clips from “Titanic”. Is it legal or not? And if I allow others to download my video without charge, is it legal or not?

  63. kevindiking67verizonnet says:

    If it matters i will be using this computer for college next year. Thanks for your help.

  64. Matthew says:

    My 15 year old sister-in-law wants to change her bedroom design from a mostly leopard print theme to techno. I want to help her but I really don’t know what techno design for a room would look like. She doesn’t have alot of money to completely refurnish the room so items like her leopard print area rug, leopard print lamp shades and picture frames will have to be used. Any ideas or pictures would be great.

  65. D3ZZY says:

    I want to download pineapple express. But i dont know what to watch out for in the videos so i dont download a virus. So what should i watch out when downloading videos in general. And when it says that its downloading from _ amount of hosts, what does that mean exactly and is that good or bad?

  66. Splash Log Level 2 Again says:

    I will be excited to know that who is composing music and background score for harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2..???

  67. Xedo says:

    From the day my nephew installed this, I started to experience problems, especially with Yahoo.
    It’s like it’s made to attack Yahoo. The concurrent mayby?
    Do you have other malfuncions or is it just my idea?
    Also it won’t let you uninstall.
    Why is a company willing to pay to develop a expensive software as limewire / free music all for free???

  68. Cupcakerum says:

    I’m making a few videos and just trying to decide what to play as a music background. I just don’t want to get a bunch of nasty comments about the music, how much they hate it or something. I know you can’t satisfy everyone but just wondering what many people usually like listening to as a background music on youtube.
    Eden, there must be thousands of popular songs that aren’t hated at.

  69. Keegan says:

    I make music, like background music or something you can add voice to. Are there any websites or somewhere I can upload my songs where people can listen to them? And if they like maybe buy them for use?

  70. sean says:

    I have a JVC DVD/Surround Sound Theather System. I can hear all of the music and background stuff but no main voices.

  71. Mathew says:

    In my jazz band class, we are starting a composition project, which consists of writing our own piece. It has to be obviously, a jazz piece, but it has to fall under one of these three types of jazz. Swing, Latin, and Funk. I’m new to the class, so i don’t really know the difference between the three. If anyone with a decent amount of music background could help me/give me a few pointers, it would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  72. Franklin Bluth says:

    hey guys, i’m really interested in learning the clarinet by self study especially the slow and romantic style like the Turkish one, if you are familiar with Husnu Senlendirici,he is the best example of this style.But unfortunately, i don’t have any music background at all. besides, i’m just a music lover, my major is so far away of music. i’m planning to buy a would be great also if you tell me which one is appropriate for the style i want to study.
    Thank You :)

  73. kamikami says:

    I always wondered that. Like on YouTube, when people make videos, like high quality videos like dormtainment, how do they put music in the background?

  74. Beavis says:

    I’m moving into digital art for an animated music video (hand-drawn, scanned, coloured and animated on computer), and want a program that’s decent and easy to use (cheap is good; free is better!) I have Photoshop 7 (a very old version) on my Windows laptop, but prefer to use my Mac. The reviews for Photoshop Elements 9 aren’t great — is it really that bad? Please help. CorelDraw looks okay, but only saw a PC version listed.

  75. Ryan Z says:

    I want to create DVD’s for grandparents Christmas gifts that contain a slid show of my favorite digital pictures of the family, with a music background. The DVD needs to be able to play on regular TV DVD players. Is there a good program to purchase for this sort of thing?
    I also want to be able to burn my own music choices on the DVD

  76. alberto s says:

    It’s not a walkout song, it’s not face the pain. It’s during the music background after the main event fights when Mike Goldberg announces that on April ….. UFC comes to Stockholm.. and UFC comes to…. you know what I mean. What’s the name of the music or song?

  77. che-che says:

    Anyone the name of theme music in background when the 3 lions roaring on the cliffs in the buid up and at the adverts of the Setanta England games?

  78. Coffee t says:

    I’m in the military and will be getting out next year when I am 29. I want a complete different career path. Is there any music schools out there that will take a complete beginner with no music background?

    What would be a realistic approach of someone who wants to dedicate himself to the field of music for the rest of his life?

    Thank you?

  79. Jonathan says:

    Im starting to write a blog again, but this time im doing it for my own thing, not for my school work. I want to know how to put music background to today’s (2013) blog page, i just want to make it interesting when people visits my page. so that when they read, they can listen to music at the same time. thank you

  80. Marshal says:

    YouTube is fine, just need a music background for my song, thanks!

  81. Victoria T says:

    I have played musical instruments since I was 5 (piano and violin) – although I don’t play them anymore. I have a good ear (absolute pitch) and do have music background. I was wondering about self teaching myself guitar. How hard would that be and how long would it take for me to be ‘good’ at it? I’m just trying to get a grasp of how long it could take because I know nothing about guitar – I’ve only played classical instruments all my life.

  82. Caltel T says:

    I am getting a new computer and will be able to stream my game-play with that. Is it legal to do so, while having music on background (playing from Youtube / Spotify)?

    Also, is it legal to watch videos on Youtube while streaming? In fact, what is legal and what is not?

    Thanks to anyone who can answer this. I’m planning to stream on, by the way.

  83. soccermaster1 says:

    I have owned a Sony Ericsson Cedar for 3 years now. It has a nice little feature that allows you to play music from your phone’s memory during a call so you can play music in background. I want to buy an new smart phone that has this feature. I’d prefer android but i’ll not be too picky. Most phones do not have this feature and even if they did I am not sure they would highlight this. Please look at Sony Ericsson Cedar’s features if you are not too sure what I mean by this feature.

    Thanks and Regards,

  84. Peter says:

    I recently updated iTunes to the current 8.0.1 and lo’ and behold when I look at My Music the background is a disgusting pink color. Does anyone know how to change this? I tried Help to no avail …

  85. brincks26 says:

    please give me a website that is safe,free and that won’t cause virus on my computer, oh and i also have another question, im trying to upload a video on youtube and it says that my video is blocked in some countries because of copyright….it also says that it might be because of the music file. please i really need help with this.if you have uploaded a video on youtube before and you used music background…pls tell me what i could do to fix it. thank you:):)

  86. Miguel M says:

    1) a free music creator. Something like Magix, but not Magix, I’ve had problems with that program
    2) a 2d vector animator. it needs to be free synfig does not download correctly for me, i don’t know why
    3) a photoshop alternative. i use GIMP and it’s fantastic, but i am looking for something else. again, it needs to be free
    4) a free video editor program like finalcut or aftereffects

    please, nothing that costs money, i dont have a credit card

    also nothing that needs me to register to the site before downloading

    nothing illegal or hacked

    thanks much

  87. Jonny says:

    For example:
    I try to combine a singing/vocal and a music background but they don’t mix in well. It sounds like they are separate. I used Reaper Music Software to make songs.

    I know that combining them just won’t do. I need to change some properties and stuff. Maybe i need a different software. I don’t know what to exactly do since i’m not a music expert. So, advice is needed.

  88. Roar me R says:

    i love classical music. the background music and theme pieces for the pirates of the caribbean movies are just magnificent in my opinion. where can i purchase or download the compositions?? pleeeaaassseeee help if you can. thanks

  89. Shay H says:

    I’m a violinist, and I need a music background for canon rock. Please? can you give me a link for it?

  90. ericmreitz says:

    I have an hour of scenes recorded in Swiss Alps, and I am looking for some neat music background, could be instrumental, or even vocal, but not too energetic… something to accompany the scenes of mountains and scenes of people going up the peaks. Even some swiss music to play while couple scenes of swiss villages… Could be an author, or even exact names of songs. Thank you.

  91. Matt says:

    On my ipod in the music section where the background is like the singer or something how can i change that?

  92. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    I want to add a tv show which will contain copywrighted music in background, etc. What can i do so its not illegal and youtube doesnt mute it?

  93. Gundown64 says:

    I wanted to know the codes for adding hidden music background and layouts. thank you…….

    I know by adding those… is to put the codes in: customize profile’s CSS.

    Please tell me the codes? Thank you and I really appreciate it.
    by previewing my profile, I wanted like there’s background music but the music player is hidden. Also the background layout theme is customized.

  94. Maggie says:

    doesn’t have to be this exact one as they pretty much do all the same job.

    I was wondering how many channels you can pick up on it in the uk(hastings to be exact) and if most of the channels are english or foreign

  95. EzioAuditore1459 says:

    Like Saw 1-5 (the ending background music), horror background music commonly used in shutter, land of the dead, dawn of the dead…. the background music is what i needed and it must be FREE! FREE! FREE! to download… What Site? Please answer first the SAW ENDING MUSIC!

  96. callofduty5123412 says:

    I currently play piano and percussion so i can read sheet music, so i was thinking about learning to play the flute at school like one on one lessons, i just wanted to know does it take a long time to learn to blow into the flute, and because of my previous music background will i be able to start on a flute or will i need a fife or the extension mouthpiece on the flute?

  97. Moore, Ron says:

    People with music backgrounds who provide supportive information are encouraged to respond.

  98. toysruslover says:

    I want my videos on myspace to override my music background.

  99. soccermaster1 says:

    I want to create a video with still pictures with a music in background. I want the lyrics of the music to be displayed like subtitle. What software do I need for this?

  100. joevsyou says:

    I heard some song on the radio and it was a rap song but it had the music background of the Umbrella song by Rihanna, do any of you know what song it might be? And no it wasn’t the remix by Chris Brown.. KTHANX :)

  101. Xbox360king says:

    How do I get it? Is it legit/legal? Can you really get 100s of songs for free? Will it give me viruses?
    Any info much appreciated!
    Thank you! :-)

  102. lcollier93sbcglobalnet says:

    So we have to do a simulated radio sketch if front of our english class on the epic poem, Beowulf.

    Previous years they used garage band to record and make the sketch with all music and sound effects synced with the dialogue. We have a group of 3, so it is kind of hard to find a way to do this.

    The performance must have sounds effects (battle yells, swords clanging , etc) and music (background).

  103. Eric says:

    I’m trying to find some music as background.

  104. Myles says:

    I play both classical and electric guitar stuff like Beethoven, Vivaldi, etc., when a girl says “oh so what do you like to do?” should i tell them about music background because well 90% of the time i have a guitar in my hands, but does saying that make me sound weird?

  105. Daniel says:

    I am preparing for a presentation of our company. Our company services ducks the ship by using our tugboats. We have a new tugboat and I need to make a presentation. Can you help me re: music background? Thanks in advance

  106. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:

    i have a presentation whose theme is goddesses and fairies. i am looking for a good music background but i couldn’t find one. i heard one before that was like intense, magical and enchanting background music but it was from another language. i am trying to look for it in the net but never found that song. any of you knows or can suggest a song that is intense, magical and enchanting. and something not in english to add the goddesses/ fairy touch. THANKS!

  107. mr flibble says:

    I am trying to make a powerpoint presentation and I still can’t figure out how to insert an mp3 music background that plays throughout while the powerpoint presentation is having its slideshow.

    The only thing I know about inserting music from one slide to the other and that isn’t what I was looking for.

    I really need help on how to insert a music background that plays until the end of the powerpoint presentation.


  108. llb443 says:

    Well, I use Macromedia 8, and I want to know, how can I add music/background music to the flash files I created?


  109. sarah w says:

    I usually like to sing with the music in the background, since I haven’t learnt any songs on my guitar yet.


    And if I do decide to upload my singing (which I hope is good) to youtube, should I do it with the background music or no?

  110. fattiemanny says:

    I have a design i want to test out. I have tracing paper but i need to know what the professionals use to transfer a tattoo?

  111. Ed D says:

    I want to major in Graphic Design, does graphic design include web design or is web developement deifferent from that? I want to go to college in Florida please help me.

  112. Caltel T says:

    OK, the bottom line is that I’m 21 years old and I can’t afford to go to college for Graphic Design.

    Please tell me what are the basics that I need to know, as in what movements in art history MUST I know (example, screenprinting)? What software MUST I know how to use?

    I’m very serious about going into this career field, so please help me out. I’m extremely interested in creating Cd artwork and music venue posters for bands/musicians, any resources would be greatly appreciated!!

  113. rndmaktn says:

    I tried adding a soundtrack in movie maker to a film but it took over so how can I keep the original soundtrack and the music soundtrack in the background? is it possible?

  114. SKATEskum says:

    I have several designs that I think would make great designs for textiles or wallpapers for homes, how do submit my designs for this purpose. What are the steps in submitting a design in this form.

  115. lucasg615 says:

    The people who design the actual circuit boards for the games, and the people who design the codes?

  116. Armas says:

    Like I know How 2 make a video. But how do i put music in the Background?

  117. Kaylla says:

    Here’s the lowdown there is a local gym near me that has a logo design that looks awful. I decided to take the time and design them a logo. What would you do to attract them as a client. What is the right way to show them the logo design. Should I drop it off at the gym?

  118. xiM Clutch says:

    I’m doing an assignment in college where I have to design cd packaging, a t-shirt with neck label and a clothing tag, and I need to know how I would prepare my designs for production had this been a real project. Thanks.

  119. kevindiking67verizonnet says:

    I was planning in majoring in Theater Arts and Web Design. But I can’t find many colleges with both majors. What are some majors that are similar to Web Design or Web Development? Thanks!

  120. Erfan says:

    What is the best possible design for a bridge made from balsa wood? Links to images/ideas greatly appreciated, the bridge cannot have any finishing, however steaming to allow curves is allowed.

    If you don’t have any idea, suggestions for bridge design and presentation would also be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  121. JimT says:

    Design for maintainability is about the same as Design for manufacturing and Design for assembly.

  122. clntvrrt says:

    Graphic design has plenty of divergent definitions out there; and I’d like to hear the personal opinions of what people think graphic design should be defined as. I’m welcoming answers from designers and non-designers alike.

  123. Elijah luv says:

    How can art and design help bring the world together in enhanced ways in the future?

  124. Alina Elliott says:

    I’m planning to transfer to a fashion design university in California and I’ve been researching but the ones that I’ve found aren’t up to par. Please provide me with schools that have outstanding curriculum and that focus on all aspects of design such as designing, marketing, and business. I know that the Art Institutes do this but I’ve priced them and it would cost about $80,000 for 3 years.

  125. evangldbrg says:

    When taking the PSATs in 10th grade, I checked that I was interested in getting a graphic design major. I have been receiving mail from some colleges saying they have majors in graphic design and others with majors in industrial design. I was wondering if there is any difference between the two? If so, what classes can I expect to be required to take and what can I expect to learn?

  126. stephen m says:

    I have recently graduated with a graphic design degree and have real issues finding work in a design firm due to lack of experience. So have taken a job as an inhouse designer/ marketer at a hotel.
    Will this type of job give me the experience that i need to be considered in a design firm or am i just wasting my time?

  127. Malcolm Hudson says:

    I’m interested in fashion design, but may not be able to go to design school. Would it be impossible to get started without a degree, even if I had the skills and creativity needed?

  128. The Inc says:

    I need to know how much I should charge to design professional CD Artwork for a Music Album. Can someone give me some real good advice as to what I should charge for my professional design work. I want to charge flat rates no per hour fees. Thank you.

  129. Jon P says:

    For those who don’t know what design contest in crowd sourcing is:

    It’s when a business requires a product design, many designers will spend time to design something. The person holding the contest will ask to make changes then after the contest ends they choose only ONE designer.

    It is unfair for the designers who gets nothing as they spent all their time on designing and get nothing.

    Anyway, I was wondering of ways which you think can make a design contest good for both business owner needing designs and the designers?

  130. shahrukh says:

    If a company were to design, test, build and produce a car, what would it cost for the following:

    – To design the car from scratch (either purchasing an existing engine or designing a new one),
    – To purchase all the equipment to produce the vehicles,
    – The cost to make each vehicle

    The car would be similar size to a Vauxhall Astra 5 dr, 1.6 diesel engine.

    Any rough ideas?

  131. Rassling Fundamentals says:

    I have a design on the face of a mannequin head. I guess it’s made of plastic or PVC. The design is from a magic marker. I would like to keep the design. Can I spray varnish it, or is there some other way to keep that as long as possible?

  132. hank baseballs says:

    I have a plastic white mask from the halloween store and I want to print a jack o lantern design and transfer it to the mask with spray paint. I know I could cut the design out and tape it to the mask but the design is pretty intricate. Any ideas?

  133. Anny says:

    Basically, what symbolizes America today? It can be anything from music to food to foreign affairs to clothing to politics, etc. For example, the 1980s could be defined by jean jackets, converse, rock music, and big hair.

  134. Keaton says:

    How can I design a security diagram of a wireless network . and the design should include a 1 web server with extranet and database server , print server , and a primary and secondry domain controller ?
    Please help .. and Edraw program might help I think but what to draw ?

  135. Mackenzie P says:

    How are statistics and research design related? What is the relationship between research design and the operational definition of a problem statement?

  136. everydayGuitarist says:

    Not specific types of design like web and such. Just a general definition for overall design if that makes any sense. It’s for a class on the fundamentals of design.

  137. The Villain says:

    I have new design applications for excisting clothing manufacturing industries.I would like to know how to benefit financially from my work,for as soon as my work is presented someone else usually benefits .I cannot produce my work at the rate it develops outside of my controll.I just don’t know how much further one can push the art window.

  138. Matthew says:

    Design Issues

  139. homerliveshere says:

    Our goal is to design a bridge mad out of Linguine pasta which is roughly 24cm long, 5mm wide and 1mm thick. We can only use 30 pieces and it has to be 20 cm long and 7 cm wide and we can only use one glue stick. What is the best design fro this to hold weight?

  140. nmlpc says:

    I am interested in learning more about graphic design. What is the best design software to learn?

  141. Dom L says:

    I’ve got a design in mind for my white Jazz bass (just a few black swirly lines, pretty much) and I was wondering how I would go about getting it on to my bass? I’ve had the design made in Photoshop by a friend of mine, and now it’s just sitting there and I have no idea what to do haha.

  142. x_blind_x_gamer_x says:

    In my interior design class we have to design a room for someone else. The girl who I have to design a room for wants me to make her a steampunk mixed with victorian styled room. I’ve never made a room like that before and I need a bit of help. Things like wallpaper, paint, furniture, and accessories will be needed. Pictures would be really helpful.

  143. everydayGuitarist says:

    i am thinking of becoming an Interior Design major. but i have to create a design to submit to the program to be accepted into it. so i was wondering if anyone is an Interior Designer or Decorator that might want to help me get started?

  144. Franklin Bluth says:

    I want to design oil rigs for a corporation. My major is Mechanical Engineering. I want to be involved in designing structures for the platforms. What exactly do petroleum engineers do, and would that be a better major for what I want to do?

    Thanks in advance.

  145. Matthew S says:

    I’ve been checking out a Graphic Design undergraduate degree with a concentration of Advertising, and I was wondering, what’s the difference between Graphic Design and Communications?

  146. sam N says:

    Any good online sites for tattoo designs with stenciles that offer a month fee instead of a per design fee?. Thanks
    I’m starting to do tattoos so I’m building the essentials to begin. Any website names would be appreciated. I have found a few, but I know many in the business have a particular site(s) they like.

  147. Andrew S says:

    I design clothing but I don’t want to go into industry, how do I get my foot into the business, or begin to design for bigger companies, maybe sell my designs to labels or other brand names?

  148. Dr Hank says:

    I want to design a book cover and I wanted to know which software works the best and is more effective for self publishing? Also, what is the difference between Indesign and Photoshop when it comes to designing a book cover?

  149. Mark says:

    Has anyone used the services of product design consultancies before? How much do they charge? Can they work on an hourly basis? To give you an indication, I’m looking to have a TV remote control re-designed (just the look not the actual product). What sort of price would I be looking at?

  150. Miguel M says:

    I know that intelligent design is the theological aspect of evolution, but that there is also another theory called “design theory.” How does this theory work without using God as an explanation?

    Thank you!!!

  151. JimT says:

    Has anyone noticed that
    ‘design (and policy/planning/ etc) for sustainability’
    uses the old destructive paradigms of growth economics, toxic materials, and single function products, whereas ‘ecological design’ use PROCESSES of design and problem solving that really push green practice to a new standard ?

  152. Jon P says:

    Would a graphic design degree be good enough to work as an electronic designer in the fashion or accessory (such as Claires) industry?

  153. Jason M says:

    Im really interested in fashion design and really wanna start, im only 16 but id like some expirience for when i get older. Please give any ideas u have thanks soo much.

  154. rndmaktn says:

    I’ve been asked to design a tattoo for a friend of one of my teachers, as I am not actualy tattooing this person, i’d like to come up with a price solely for my design. What’s the average pricing for a tattoo DESIGN (not the actual tattoo). And what should i consider when setting the price. Also, what are the biggest factors in the design price?

  155. sakyue1993 says:

    If it varies depending on which course i take, which courses generally involve more design work. iv seen some titled “Design Engineering”, what does this course involve? Also which of the branches of engineering involves design out of civil, Mechanical, aeronautical, etc, and how much design work do they involve. Also how much design work does a general engineering course involve? Please answer i have to send of my ucas Application soon and this would really help me make a decision.

  156. Marshal says:

    I want to design my cake online because I don’t have that much time to go out to the store and design it there. I want to design a cake unique.

  157. Salam says:

    I’m a prospective art/design school student and have been looking through catalogs and websites of various colleges. I’ve noticed some of these schools offer industrial design degrees, others product design degrees, and a few have both. I think I might want to try product design, but I’m not really sure as to what industrial design is and whether or not that’s actually what I’m looking for. Can someone tell me what the difference between these two majors are? Examples of jobs that each would have would also be helpful.

  158. sick_mick_101 says:

    University of Tasmania in Australia offers Bachelor of environmental design (architecture) and some other universities offer Bachelor of design (architecture). What is the difference between the two degrees. Both the degrees leads to a masters in architecture and with that can be registered with the association of architects. I want a degree in architecture but I am afraid a Bachelor of environmental design (architecture) from University of Tasmania will be less recognised than a Bachelor of design because I know environmental design is different from architecture.

  159. stingerms says:

    I would like to start a web design business but should i focus on mobile site design? I am alot better at mobile site design. Also, how much should i charge?

  160. Matthew S says:

    What support was put forward for intelligent design during the trial? How was the support refuted?

  161. PoohBearPenguin says:

    I’m trying to make a music video for a funny song. Thanks!

  162. stephen m says:

    Plz list some apps mostly games that I could download that are free

  163. Le Pwner says:

    ok guys heres my problem.
    im putting al my music onto my mp3 player, but this one song that my friend and i edited is a .wav type file and i need to know how to turn it into an .mp3
    please help me and try to put your answer in simple terms, i dont know alot about computors.
    cheers in advance guys.

  164. Spider Pc says:

    Like as a designer I use thinkstock for photos and vectorstock for vectors where to I go for royalty free sounds that is based on subscription?

  165. morbiusdog says:

    How do you add music to myspace? Can you use something from your own collection?

    How do you add a background and change the font?

  166. Xavier Hawthorne says:

    You know like when u watch shane dawson
    in the background u always here some kind
    of tune while hes talking or a sound effect to.
    And i was wondering where i can get something
    like that on like itunes or free from somewhere?
    thanks for the help :3

    PS. >> i dont have a mac o.O

  167. stingerms says:

    micromax canvas music has got a ram of 475mb user available out of which hardly 50mb is free at any point of time….i have tries going into settings->developer->and checked atmost 3 apps now free ram is approx 100mb but still i cant even play games like beach buggy blitz and vector

  168. lildevilgurl152004 says:

    what is a good site where I can get desktop backgrounds with music notes and/or violins?

    Visit Yahoo! Answers to find the answer to millions of different questions.

  169. Maggie says:

    I installed a software called WinPCSIGN, I have absolute no idea what it does exactly. I am not sure why I installed it but it interested me when I found it laying around.
    What is “Cutting Software”? Does it mean music cutting, image cutting, video cutting, I am honestly not sure what this means.

    Also what is “Rhinestone Cutting”? Apparently this software is professional at it.

    And lastly what does it mean by”Sign Making”? Does it mean making actual signs, like for protest, street or anything? Or is it a term I am not sure about? What is it’s advantage over Photoshop?

    Sorry if I sound like an idiot, I’m honestly not sure about this software and what it does. Thanks.

  170. Jason M says:

    I’ve been trying to figure this out and I just can’t seem to, so I need explicit instructions please!
    I have a 15 minute long “.avi” video that I took of sunset on the NYC skyline.
    I want to take this video, and turn it into a “.gif”.
    I want the image to play really fast, like it’s on a time-lapse. And I want it to play forward, then backward. For example, the skyline gets dark and then the video replays backward, making it bright again. I also want to set it on an endless loop.
    I have photoshop CS3. Is there any way I can use that, or is there a good program that will do this all for me? I’ve been struggling with this for a long time.
    Thank you!

  171. Mackenzie P says:

    I need the best background music for a commercial plz

  172. Dom L says:

    I need a funny background music (with no vocals) for my comedy project. Can somebody hit me with any websites with free download??? Thanks!

  173. Splash Log Level 2 Again says:

    What is the song that plays when Cinderella is sharpening her shoe and the girls rip their dresses? It plays BEFORE Snow “summons” the animals and they all attack. It’s NOT Immigrant Song or Barracuda. It plays before that. And it’s not on the soundtrack.

    It’s also in Kill Bill Vol. 1.

  174. Le Pwner says:

    i need to know how to download music, how to download pictures ( more than 1) and how do you do the background!

  175. encyclopath says:

    i was searching for mp3 to MIDI files converter for free online but i couldnt find… i would appreciate any help…:D

  176. Dom L says:

    is there a free online program no download needed where you upload am image and you can turn it into black and white line-art like a coloring book?

  177. borabora5524 says:

    Hi, I am looking for some background music for my presentation. It is about Sudan and I was looking for traditional African music, but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. People were pointing me towards actual professional music groups, etc.

    I want some generic chanting with a few drums in the background maybe. The only example I can think of is in the beginning scenes of “Tropic Thunder” when Tugg Speedman (Ben Stiller) is being shot at and dying.


  178. toysruslover says:

    It really sucked for me when Limewire got booted out, and there is no longer a good free music download, if there is, it goes slow, looks tacky, has crappy audio, it just isn’t the same. Does anyone know one that is good like Limewire? Thanks

  179. Keegan says:

    I need to design a cd cover and back for class. Right now I don’t have any ideas as to what type of music I want. For the cover, I know that I want something like a silhouette.

    Like this:

    Also, for a different assignment, I need to make a cd cover about love songs. What else is there to put other than hearts?

    Please help me.
    Oops, the link is this:

  180. Daniel says:

    Well I spend a lot of time on my computer so I just wanted to know what are the best FREE software’s for the following:
    Best music EDITING software
    Best music MAKING software something like Garageband would be good
    Best picture editing software

    Thanks and please try to leave a link for them oh and also I only have a p.c. not a mac

  181. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused says:

    How can I upload music from my computer on blogger as background music? Or can I even do that?

    Thanks in advance!
    Could you give me step by step answers? and if i have to go to any websites give the link?

  182. Splash Log Level 2 Again says:

    Does it mean the music which is going on while the musician is singing?
    If yes, where can I download any song’s “music background” without the singer’s voice?

  183. _marky_mark_ says:

    I have some SVG and EPS files. Most made with Inkscape, some with Adobe Illustrator. However, I try to convert them using, but the results always come up with: “Error while converting this file”. And always asks for emails, and gives each e-mail user three free vector conversions rather than unlimited free (all other conversions require credit/debit card payments).

    Are there any other online vector converters besides Media-Convert and Vector Magic? If there are, please answer in the next eight days.

  184. EzioAuditore1459 says:

    Is there a free software I can download that will pick apart the background music to a song?

  185. Only Business says:

    What program did they use to make animated music videos for Snoop Dogg’s “A ***** I Knew” and “Vato”? I’d like to make a few videos with it too. Is it free? If you know what program they used, tell me.

  186. Keaton says:

    Im making a short movie and working really hard on it. I really need background music for when the witch attacks! It’s renassance time so no insane modern stuff and nothing cheesy. It should only be instrumental (no words) and be relitivly long. Not halloween music, no rap or screamo, something that sounds really evil and mad! Thanks :)
    These were great but i can’t find a download for it and i don’t have itunes.
    Mediafire and 4share r really good : 3

  187. The Villain says:

    I need to have background music for this project in school, like y’know so you can still here me talking but you have the music in the background. Does anyone know any apps for that? Or downloads for PC? help mee!

  188. Alina Elliott says:

    Shrek arty and everyone is at the campfire when Merlin’s (Old Magic Teacher) security device starts playing some random song

    What song is that does ANYBODY know??

  189. evangldbrg says:

    I am in desperate need of background music for an up coming performance of mine and I don’t have any idea where to go to get background music. It doesn’t matter if it’s online or in a store.

  190. Clayton Cottrell says:

    photoshop/- macro media flash 8 /- dreamweaver 8 also is fireworks worth getting

  191. colingrillo says:

    Thanks both of you

  192. Benihana says:

    I need background music for a commercial for class and I can’t find anything right. I need something like the music for the Smilin’ Bob commercials. Very cheesy and simple. Not hip hop or rock. Any help?

  193. encyclopath says:

    i tried Animation Giotto…SUCKED AS HELL! I found no help with that and found only like not even 5 videos with actual animations in it. and it dealt with shapes….I DON’T WANT SHAPES some how it says it was like adobe flash…NO WHERE NEAR IT! *sigh* it does pretty much the animation for you, and i’m not dealing with stupid shapes or stick figures and it had little information about how to work it cause all their tutorials were shapes!
    Then I tried anime studios 6 and 7 both sucky cause it took months just to make the freaking thing! Took like a month just to do the background for me, then like 2 weeks for each character….
    I can’t afford anything, yet i wish for a free program to do animations with. I could’ve bought Flash…if my sister never stole my money each and every b-day and Christmas!! do they do anything bout it…noooo! let her get away with everything! So it’s no fair to me that i wish to do a simple animation of Silver (Yes Silver the hedgehog, I was going to make him sit and listen to one of my fav. songs from eiffe65. you know where you just sit there move your head/hands/and feet to the music.) I wanted to make my very first flash video and maybe post it on my DA account (yes i have a devaintart account I’m not a person who makes stick figures, or squiggles or w.e I do know how to draw my name on there is AnimeXtremex don’t believe i can’t draw look there xD)

    Please anyone! All i have is photoshop elements 7.0! i don’t think…you can make animations…ik you can make gif images so i wouldn’t know why you couldn’t make an animation on there. and if you can please tell me! Like actually give a summary of what you need to do.
    It’s bad enough my baby turtle died last night please i don’t need more stupid answers that will lead me to download an animation that does it for you! with shapes..
    and if you do recommend something…please say you used it before or got good information about it
    cause the last guy who told me about goitto (no offensive though what are the chances xD. I know you didn’t know but please!) next time, have some good resources about it! Like a friend, or online friend, random person, a video you’ve seen it and it was awesome looking xD

    Just don’t say “this” without knowing the true detail. cause i looked and their last blog was from last may…it seems they have stopped….really…it’s no use to me xD something recent would be nicer…

    sorry if i sound a little mean, i’m just a little upset cause of my turtle dieing and i have to bury him today…
    and really i tried everything myself. google search, asking my friends, asking my bro who knows everything pretty much xD and who used to get things for free….not anymore.
    The only thing i don’t know if i should do is a torrent download is cause i don’t need this computer crashing on me only for me never getting another laptop again!
    Idk if i should trust torrent…i never did that before
    though i would love adobe flash animations (CS anything really, i’ve always trusted adobe cause i have adobe reader9.5.1 adobe premiere elements 7 (movie maker) adobe photoshop elements adobe air adobe flash plug in and adobe flash activex…what i don’t have from adobe is a animation program…i would love one if i can pay for one. found out the current one costs 699 dollars…i know adobe CS6 probably costs that much, but i’m guessing what much difference from adobe CS5 or 4….) all in all i just want something! D:

  194. balinderk2000 says:

    This would be my first home theatre. Usage will be some 70% for music and 30 for movies. My budget is max 30K. Is there any better model from any other brands and better deals online or direct? I am from Kochi.
    I know that an HTIB cannot replace a Music HiFi.But currently I don’t have budget for two. So please tell me some models which can handle music also at least to a good extent. Please give details on good deals also.

  195. hank baseballs says:

    its in shrek the THird and its like
    “is it okay to give my gun awaw when it loaded.” (thats liike a whisper and a women)
    and than the man goes “Is that alirght, is that alright, noww….no.”
    hha i feel so stupid saying this but anyways its when shrek has the shackles on him and is walking outside with the guards behind him

    thanks so much

  196. sam N says:

    I want to make a music video with silhouettes playing violins. Is there any free software I can use to do this? 3D would be best, but vector art is ok too.

    I was thinking of using Blender, but I’m afraid it will be too difficult for me :

  197. The Inc says:

    I’m into photoshopping pictures, the rest of my family is in the music biz, I guess they just decided I need something to do, so now I am going to make logo’s for them……. What is some good logo design software?

  198. Thomas Lopez says:

    I want to add music to my outgoing emails using outlook express, I have Music Juke Box and Windows Media Player as my music players. And I have a ton of music in both of them. But I do not know how to put music with my outgoing emails so others can here it. I believe that I need to creat a file into my outlook express but I am unsure of how to do that. Could someone supply me with details of how I can achieve this task. I am using windows xp.

  199. Michael says:

    Is there any other websites that are exactly or almost the same as “” where u don’t have to pay or that will cost anything to download music or backgrounds on cell phones? Thank you for your time and advice

  200. Kaden says:

    when I was doing a search for music… I force quit it as fast as I could… will my computer be okay?

  201. Xavier Hawthorne says:

    I’m feeling a little nostalgic for my old Webtv. I lived on that thing between the ages of 13 and 15. Could anyone who currently has an MSNtv tell me if it still uses background music? My favorites were “Windows Everywhere” and “Glasses.” I’m just curious. : )

  202. mike s says:

    i want to make music background from my youtube videos ,, like introduction music and ending beats and alll …plsss help me if someone got understood me…

  203. The Dark Knight says:

    I’m making a cartoon using Flash and what not, its traditional animation, and I’m going for a warner brothers kind of 40’s , 50’s kind of cartoon…what I’m lookin for is different types of Background music to download that you would normally hear in those old cartoons (for example, if someone is skipping through the fields they’d play a song in the background to suit that whole mood)…one Flash animation artist who I see uses these kind of background music is Ryan khatam, you might know him, you might not…but his f*ckin awesome, google him or go to his Website,…anyway not my point, does anyone know where I can get the music I just described?

  204. RichT says:

    I was wondering if there is a way to like, find the background music for a song, without the actual words?
    For my school’s talent show, my friends and I wanted to do the song like me, but we wanted like, a break dancing part for the guys.. but there isn’t any rapping in the song, so I wanted to just play the background music without any words… is there anyway to do that? Or somewhere I can find it online?
    If you don’t understand, you know how in a song there’s the music and the lyrics, the people singing? right well, i want the music, but no one singing, and i can’t really mute it because it’s all together..
    so is there anyway to do that?>


  205. Salam says:

    I am looking for suggestions for background music with no vocals. For example the video is mixed with photos and music is needed for the journey to church, then something else for vows, speeches and photo shoots at reception. I have found something good on you-tube by Miranda Wong, she does piano wedding music. This sort of thing would be ideal but she is an amateur you-tube user and the sound quality isn’t good enough unfortunately. so if anyone can point me toward an instrumental nice sounding album similar to that i would be great full! Thanks in advance!

  206. Austin says:

    I would like to make a website for my music. how can i get the best website maker for free with my own domain or for 2 or 3 dollars at least? to put my songs and music out their. I sing pop bubble gum stuff. help please. thanks

  207. Squall Leonhart says:

    I’ve never touch instruments before. Probably last time, when I tried the trombone for a week and quited the band.. or the other time when the school made us all practiced the piano for a term… and then I never touch them anymore. It was many, many years ago.

    I’m 20 now and recently I became interested in Strings like the violin, viola and cello, either one is fine. But with no basic music background, I wonder if it’s alright to take a grand dive into learning everything from the start.

    I just started school last week and thought the String Orchestra club in school was cool and I do have the urge to join the performing group one day if I can learn it somehow. The club have beginner’s group meant for people who yearns to learn Strings but seems like they’d prefer those who can at least read the music notes…

    If I say, I’m determined to learn everything from scratch and work hard for this coming one year in the club. Although, I’m a freshmen undergrad, still trying to adapt to the Uni’s lifestyle.

    What would you all suggest?

    Don’t waste time and concentrate or…?

    Thank you very much for answering my question. :) I just wanna hear some suggestions before I make a move.

  208. cardskid22 says:

    Since i have my myspace on private i want my private page to have a background on it so when people add me they can see a background and maybe even here music…can you help me?

  209. HASTHEANSWERS says:

    I was wondering which background music youtubers use. People say its from but I checked and I didn’t find the song!! There is more than one song but most you tubers like jennxpenn, andrea russett, O2L, beautybysiena. I’ll link a video for the type of song I am asking for: what is this song called? Where do youtubers get the music that sounds like this, there is more than one song.

  210. Jairo says:

    Getting bored so I was wondering if anybody knew of some great free apps. For music I have blink box but it gets annoying as I can’t go backwards and I can choose a specific song so any recommendations for music apps would be amazing. Spotify is good but you have to pay so I can listen to it when it’s off the app

  211. Harriet W says:

    I have codes for creating background music for the yahoo360 blog, but it is only 1 song,
    could anybody please show me how to have many repeated songs for the blog?

  212. Nathan B says:

    I did a project for school, and I made a commercial, now i need some good background music, what would sound good? something proffesional and not wierd.
    try and be specific
    it is for an 8th grade school project. I want just a quiet loop that doesn’t get in the way of somebody talking, kinda like a commercial

  213. everydayGuitarist says:

    Hi there!I need a background music for a healing ritual(like shamanic healing rituals).I googled it but found nothing.Please help me!I’m going to submit these tomorrow. ~.~

  214. Bryant B says:

    i have been trained in writing music, and i have learned lots of software for making music, and I was hoping to make money selling my services to local internet web design firms, but I noticed that very few websites actually have background music.

    I was wondering why that was, because TV, radio, and film all show that music can influence how people perceive things, in a massive way. Has any commercial not had some sort of music, even if only atmospheric, ambient stuff? Is there something about websites that changes things?

  215. krow147 says:

    help. need to find some dramatic background music for a trailer i have to make.
    preferably no words. just music that builds to a climax.
    thanks all

  216. Jack Bauer says:

    like word, and excel, except cooler, or unique, etc.

  217. blarg blarg says:

    and can you also include some hosts where i could get some music..for free pls…

    tanx alot!

  218. Mr SoLo DoLo says:

    well i am making a website at webs and i really want some music to start play whenever you open the site. how do you do that ????????

  219. Oilers says:

    I’m wanting to start making Youtube videos that are in “Vlog” style. Which is usually just someone talking to the camera about whatever is on their mind. However i’m wanting to find music that would fit with these vlogs. Like cute little theme songs, For example imagine the Mac Vs. Pc theme song(:

    Or like, this video:…

    Can anyone help me finding background music like this? Thanks! (:

  220. liza says:

    Been trying to change the background on Myspace music. If you click on the Edit Profile, there is no “about me” section.
    Now if you click on the “Profile editor. NEW” it will take you to a section that does have “About me” if you click edit and paste a code in there, and subit it, the only pages that changes is the profile editor page. When you click on “View profile” after all is said and done, the profile doesnt change. If anyone can tell me what the problem might be a it would be greatly appreciated and I doing something wrong?

  221. sarah w says:

    What is the background music (the violin) in the song “Rant” by Bo Burnham? Here is a link:
    I have heard it in other places so I think it is an original song.

  222. dubmecrazy3 says:

    I want to start making videos. Hopefully, I will one day monetize them.

    I want to add music to some. All are instrumentals. There are no vocals. And the music isn’t the video, it’s used as background music to me talking.

    I see Youtubers use popular songs and game, news, and movie footage all the time, yet get paid from ad revenue. A lot of the songs I want to use is underground hip hop instrumentals and pretty obscure music.

  223. evil chevy says:

    The background music is not a song that someone sings. But is background music that is instrumental. It is in the last scene of the episode where Chuck phones Sarah and asks her on a date. It is the scene just after Chuck and Sarah kiss.

  224. clntvrrt says:

    commercial phenomenon or a design with an artistic flair?

  225. white man says:

    Is most modern music just something you play in the background and you don’t make an effort it interperet or understand anything? I’m guessing they make music more simple now, the lyrics being generic and about the same thing mostly… like I don’t understand how runners can focus on music AND good form and coordination..

  226. evil chevy says:

    i need to find background music like the one in this youtube video
    Can you please help by sending me a link on where to find similar background music?
    thank you!

  227. Jerosh Nagulachandran says:

    I am having to record me reading a poem for my teacher which she said that I needed to have music in the background. So I was wondering, how I am suppose to do that.

    It is not just this time that I have wondered but I decided to quit wondering and just ask.

    So anyway, is there a way that I can have music in the background while I am talking? How can I do this? Do I have to use a special program?

    It is hard for me to put my microphone at the speakers and then have to lean to my microphone and speak into it.

    I found a really nice soft background music on youtube which I will use once I know how to do all of this.

    I would really appreciate some help.

    Thank you.

  228. Balla says:

    I’m trying to make a website out of scratch in HTML. I put in an mp3 music link for background music, and am wondering how I can make a button to start and stop the music. Oh, and is it possible to make the button a picture I already have on my computer?

    Or, can I make it so that when an embedded video file plays, the background music stops?

    Thanks for all the help! I think I’m going to scratch that entire thing and just go to flash.

  229. Moore, Ron says:

    First, I’ll admit to being a male softie. We had to put our old cat down, due to cancer, and I couldn’t even make it as far as the vet office. I thought that making a slideshow tribute would be an easy way to help deal with it, but I was wrong. I’ve looked at a lot of songs for the background music and the music alone is almost too much for me. I don’t want something that’s got “cat” in the name, or performed by someone with “cat” in their name. I’m looking for either a really good lyric song about an amazing friend that ‘could’ relate to a cat, or a really good instrumental piece that will go with pictures of him. A bit of background on him (I’ve noticed other questions asking about habits, etc. so here it is). Out of our 3 cats, he was the one who would come cuddle with us at night, he loved his collar, feeling naked without his ‘red collar’. He was the only cat to give us “kisses” (lick our hands, etc). He didn’t respond or listen to any specific music or tv shows or anything. So overall, I’m just looking for either a sad friendship song that would make sense with a cat, or a good instrumental piece that would cover both the good times, and death. I’m taking a few days off, to try and compose myself and such, so any replies or details might take a day or two, but I would really appreciate any song/music suggestions. Either “free” or commercial song suggestions will be okay. I just can’t take any more lists of sad songs that don’t quite apply, but are still sad either way.
    this will just be sent to the few family members who knew him. I’m not planning on putting it up online anywhere, and am willing to buy an mp3 download for each of the 4 people who will actually watch it. It’s more for myself than anyone else though, but I broke down trying to find the music myself, and I can’t ask the other family members to help, cause I’m the strongest out of them all. (The others can’t even talk about it yet.)
    Thank you all for you condolences, and sympathies. It helps.

  230. kevindiking67verizonnet says:

    Hello, we are lunching our new legal internet radio station. We are looking for background music to play while a DJ is talking. Anyone knows any? Thanks

  231. stephen m says:

    I need to know how do you add music to the background while you are viewing pictures in powerpoint 2003. Thanks in advance

  232. Big Banger says:

    i’m making a movie..anything like titanic’s background music would do…ANYTHING that can make people cry..

  233. Agent 47 says:

    I’ve a music band we have composed many song but still confused how to set the music for it.

  234. RxP DarkBox says:

    i need to find background music for a video im doing about a restaurant. what kind of background music should i get? name and websites would be great. thanks

  235. Patrick says:

    i need to embed hidden background music onto my website. i have the music in mp3 forl but i dont want ppl to have to download a plug in like quick time, can someone please give me a code? thanks

  236. Cole says:

    i want to make my own original music and it’s supposed to be promoting breakfast things but i don’t know how to start. i don’t have any music making program on my computer but i do have a keyboard.

  237. Mike says:

    I know interior design is the designing of inside rooms, and textile design the making of fabrics. But what is industry design?

  238. musicistabest says:

    hello I am just here to ask for advise on how i should start designing t shirt designs? I know photoshop and illustrator should be used but I am wondering where to start? I do not want to take a design course. I am wanting to start a t shirt business for designs so please help me on where i should start a online course or online program? Thank you.

  239. johnkaiser 22 says:

    I’m trying to double major in graphic design and biology, but the schools that I want to attend don’t offer a degree in graphic design, and I don’t want to go to a less ranked university just so I can attain a degree specifically in graphic design. However, a lot of the colleges I want to attend and plan on applying to offer a degree in design.

    (1) What specifically is the difference, if any at all?
    (2) Do employers prefer their employees to have a degree in graphic design over design?

  240. andresumoza says:

    What is commercial design and where can I learn more about it. I cant find anything online.

  241. dubmecrazy3 says:

    in terms of job prospects and demand, which design field -i.e Graphic, Industrial Design, Architecture, Entertainment design, Transportation design- is the most lucrative and successful? Does anyone know, 10 points!

    Which design field is the coolest in your opinion? :)

  242. veemodz says:

    what is operations management process design?

  243. Taylor G says:

    My friend told me that if I take graphic design classes, then it’s the same as learning web design, since they are together. I wanted to verify if this is true.

    Also, I wanted to know if there are separate classes for them.

  244. jdfan says:

    1: what is the most important aspect of graphic design?
    2: why are people interested in graphic design?
    3: how many subcategories fall under ‘graphic design’?
    4: who is ur favourite designer?
    5: where did graphic design originate?
    6: when does the graphic design industry become very competitive?

  245. callofduty5123412 says:

    Do architects design roads and cities?

  246. easton j says:

    What is Intelligent Design? Please explain in detail.

  247. Victoria T says:

    Can you tell me 5 relevant facts about graphic design?

  248. Dark_LovexXx says:

    i have completed my bachelors in biomedical engineerining and have already dropped the plan for ms in biomedical as ders no scope in india …n i m planning to do sumthing in designing ..i m bit confused between graphic designing and fashion designing …so cn u plz give sum information abt wich 1 has more demand , scope in ahmedabad and if its a good thing to do ..den which colleges run such course …plz repl asap

  249. Beavis says:

    please help.
    i want something like ‘alluring designs’. but something not taken. i want one word then the word ‘designs’ at the end. please help!! 😀

  250. Larry R says:

    Who know useful prices for logotype design, print design, outdoor design?
    If anybody have detailed price list – I wiil be happy to take it. Or maybe someone can send me different positions – thanks to!
    I am interest prices all over the world!
    Especially prices from UK, USA, Canada, Australia
    For example: “I can make logo for you. It will be cost about $1000”

  251. x_blind_x_gamer_x says:

    Should it be pronounced Fallen-Leaf or Falling-Leaf?

    Then design or designs?

  252. mendhak says:

    definition about good design of web

  253. Pacman says:

    describe purpose of design

  254. Taylor G says:

    what is the difference between fashion design and textile design?

  255. Jonathan says:

    what are the differences between software architectural design & object-oriented design? can provide me some examples?

  256. Rishabh Bajpai says:

    i want to do an interior design course at home as anyone heard of limperts academy of design im based in ireland

  257. Disrae says:

    For graphic designers or aspiring ones in school.

    The school I’m applying to for the fall calls their program communication design. They learn graphic design stuff, but they also incorporate flash animation, website design etc. with that whereas some other programs in other schools are strictly graphic design. That’s better right, to have more areas vs. just commercial design?

    Oh, graphic designers to promos and commercials besides credits on television and movies and stuff right? Cause I would really like to work under the CW channel one day and do that kind of stuff for their shows.

  258. Larry R says:

    My web design teacher In my Html 1 class Is teaching us graphic design In the 4th quarter? Now how the hell does learning html and graphic design even relate at all?

  259. Hannah says:

    What is the difference between the two? and what do you think will fit me best?

    I will be enrolling into college soon but im very unsure as to what career will fit me best. Web design or Graphic design? i work alot in Photoshop with most of the work that i do. I am not really the artistic type as far as drawing on paper goes. I would really prefer a career where i am able to design a variety of things such as; magazines, dvd covers, cd covers, book covers, websites, flyers, banners, logos, etc. which program would be best for me?

    here is SOME not all.. of my work that Ive done in the past, maybe this can help?!designs

    Thanks! all is appreciated!

  260. jag43216 says:

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to learn how to design websites and HTML and CSS. However, I also want to design graphics and logos. Should I major in Graphic or Web Design? The school that I want to attend does not have a Graphic & Web Design course mixed together, so I have to choose between the two.

  261. Zack Faria says:

    Apart from:
    Graphic design
    Logo design
    Interior design
    oh and illustration :)

  262. tefa_96 says:

    What is Instructional Design?

  263. Death Knight says:

    flyer designs, little I can spend on it, any cheap flyer designs solution

  264. MentallyCryppled says:

    I have done my Bachelors in Interior design and right now planning to do Masters in Interior Design. I need suggestions for good colleges in Singapore which provides Masters in Interior Design.And I also what to know which is the best way to contact College students studying Interior design in Singapore.
    I have to know more about the college and would like to make friends before getting there.

  265. Mike says:

    I want to become a design engineer that designs automobiles and such.
    what classes should I take?

  266. Ev dog says:

    Name a few common designing concepts in RCC structural design, along with the basic differences between them, pros and cons.

  267. Adam says:

    I like designing but now im stuck on what i can actually design :|… i used to make website layouts and myspace layouts.. those kinda designs but what else can i design? :) ideas please

  268. balinderk2000 says:

    Im looking for a website that you can take just about any car and like design on it. See what It would like. Any websites?

  269. Dom L says:

    I originally wanted a career in interior design although I researched and I found out that its not the easiest to find a job in this field. Considering that IT is taking over these days graphic design is an amazing job with better opportunities and its something I wouldn’t mind studying. But honestly I love interior design more and I can really see myself in that career its a job that I had always had an interest for, its something I can see myself doing in the future. So basically I was wondering if its possible to study graphic design and later on get into interior design.

  270. Jeracoo L says:

    Hi! I’m hoping that someone here can help me out with this…I would like to know the difference between advertising design and graphic design and how each one if differentiated from in the advertising world. I am very interested in returning to school to take classes in either or. I already hold a B.A. in English…what do you recommend for the most success in the advertising world?
    Thank you!

  271. morbiusdog says:

    Explain the stages of System Design?Fast I have my exam tommrrow

  272. evangldbrg says:

    Hi I like to know the scope of Mechanical Engineers in Design and what skills does a design engineer needs?

  273. Jon P says:

    information about ms powerpoint design
    pls provide details about ms powerpoint design option..

  274. Zack Faria says:

    What is car design called like using programs like cad to make and exterior interior of a car and what is involved; do i work with a company(ford, honda, etc) or do i make a design on my own.If you can also find out what the average salary is if i work for a company.

  275. Dana G says:

    What is graphic design?
    and is it art?

  276. Ramblin Spirit says:

    eg: interior designer, architecture, Games designing…..

  277. Gabriel Kenney says:

    I’ve applied for a Graphic Design BTEC
    National Diploma course in college but thinking of doing a Fashion Design course when/if i go uni, Is a graphic design course the right way to go to do a fashion design course after or am i going completely the wrong way to do this? HELP PLZ =[

  278. fattiemanny says:

    Hey, I’m 16 years old and when I’m older I would like to work at Apple in it’s design team. However, I’m not sure which course I would want to pick at university.

    Jony Ive is the Senior Vice President of Industrial Design but wouldn’t picking Product Design be more beneficial for me as Apple make products?

    Thank you for reading and please answer.

    Your opinion is welcome.

  279. Shay H says:

    embrodery design software or websites showing the designs

  280. brincks26 says:

    i really what to know what interior design is all about

  281. EzioAuditore1459 says:

    I am really interested in creative computer arts and designing different pictures and such. I was wondering if graphic designing as a career is the way to go. What are some different areas in which I could specialize in? I’m just really unfamiliar with it, so if anyone has any insight or experience please let me know. Thank you!

  282. airdogspace2 says:

    what are the definitions of
    :environmental design
    :product design
    :communication design???

  283. MexicanDude says:

    Please comment especially in Industrial and Graphic Design

  284. superdork says:

    how long is a graphic design program?

  285. Dark_LovexXx says:

    Specifically pertaining to interior designing?

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