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Free Food Vectors

Coffee Club Logo


NixVex Lobster Free Vector


Green Chilly


Coffee Maker Vector




Wines and Cheeses Catalog


Food Fruits and Vegetables Vector


Fast Food v4


Fast Food v5


Fast Food v6


Fast Food v1


Lollipop Vector


Lollipop Vector


Morango Com Leite


Coffee Cup


M&M´s Chocolates


Coffee in Styrofoam Cup and Mug


Fast Food 03 Vector


Fast Food Cartoon


Cartoon Fast Food 02 Vector


Glass Set


Cocktail & Drinks


May Cupcake Vectors


Japanese Food Vector


Coffee Vector


Cartoon Fast Food 03 Vector


Chinese Food Icon Vector


Birthday Vector Goods and Fast Food


 24 Food Vector Symbols


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Cartoonish Fruits


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  1. turg143 says:

    So I know vegetarians can’t do “traditional” low-carb diets because fruits and vegetables all have carbs, obviously. What I’m really asking for here is for help balancing my diet. I am an ovo-lacto vegetarian (I do not eat any meat – no, not fish either – but I do eat eggs and dairy) and I also have very little money. So basically, the main portion of my diet is breads. Slice of toast with breakfast, noodles, noodles, noodles. I buy fruit when I can afford it and always have frozen vegetables handy, but really I eat far too many breads.

    I’m looking to balance my eating more than go on a “low-carb” diet, and I need help to figure out how to begin, especially because I am on a VERY strict budget. We’re talking college student, makes about six hundred dollars a month and has to pay for gas, phone, etc. kind of budget. And I’d like specifics, because obviously “eat more fruits and vegetables” is the solution, so that’s not helpful to me. I’m talking meal plans, recipes, websites/blogs with detailed suggestions kind of thing. Thoughts?



    I know that you are supposed to lose 2 pounds a week, however from last Friday to Today (so 9 days really) I have lost 10 pounds. At the start I did weigh 240 pounds, and I am pretty sure that contributes to it as I have heard that the larger you are the more calories you will burn with regular exercise and therefore you will lose more weight right away. Is this true? I have not been starving myself at all.. drinking a Slim Fast shake for breakfast, having Vector with a yogurt and banana for lunch, a salad with fish or chicken for dinner and then for snacks in between meals just veggies-peppers, green beans etc. Basically I have cut out any junk food, pops, and potatoes. I have also been on the treadmill for either 20-40 minutes a day for the last week plus another 20 minutes of strength training. So, as you can see, I am pretty sure I am doing everything okay.. but I am worried, I don’t want to get excited about losing weight if its unhealthy and I will just gain it back!

    I have been drinking 8 glasses of water a day, and increased my exercising from 1 day a week to 6. Also, I forgot to mention I have been eating eggs everday, and lots of lean meat. I don’t think I am eating unhealthy at all. That is not the problem- I have a nutritionist and a trainer so I am following correct eating/workout routines according to the people I pay money for at the gym! haha.. And I am aware of water weight, I have been on many diets and would lose about five pounds right away. However, this time I am not dieting, I am simply eating healthy, taking vitamins, and tracking my calories, carbs, fat etc. so I know I am getting the proper nutrients and not depriving myself.

  3. PolishPokeyPimp says:

    Other than the obvious, what can’t I eat as a vegan? What are your favorite vegan products?

    Would you consider someone vegan if they took no regard for a bug’s life? (i.e. honey, having roach traps, etc.)

  4. Tyler H says:

    I need to write a research paper, describing a moral and ethical issue that surround applications of biotechnology. Any ideas on what I can write about?

  5. nasty1 says:

    (I just finished George Orwell’s 1984 novel and this question had to pop up in my head as result.) whyy? I dont even have pet rodents but I never understood this, spiders can look intimidating, cocroaches and such look scary too.. but rats and mice! they are little, fat, and furry, just like kittens or hamsters, or squirrels, yet so many people have a huge phobia of them

  6. Xavier Hawthorne says:

    As a hiker in Glacier National Park, you are looking for a way to keep the bears from getting at your supply of food. You find a campground that is near an outcropping of ice from one of the glaciers. Part of the ice outcropping forms a 47.5° slope up to a vertical cliff. You decide that this is an ideal place to hang your food supply as the cliff is too tall for a bear to reach it. You put all of your food into a burlap sack, tie an unstretchable rope to the sack, and tie another bag full of rocks to the other end of the rope to act as an anchor. You currently have 20.5 kg of food left for the rest of your trip so you put 20.5 kg of rocks in the anchor bag to balance it out. What happens when you lower the food bag over the edge and let go of the anchor bag? The weight of the bags and the rope are negligible. The ice is smooth enough to be considered frictionless.
    a)The anchor bag is on a slope so the food bag will drop, pulling the anchor bag up.
    b)The anchor bag is on a slope so it will pull the food bag back up.
    c)The motion of the food bag cannot be determined.
    dNothing. The bags have the same mass so they will not move.

    AND!!!What will be the acceleration of the bags when you let go of the anchor bag?

    I have no idea how to do this please help!

  7. crzyinluv says:

    Hey im 17 yearsold, im a male. 5.11.
    I went a diet about 2 months ago and lost alot of weight, from 170+ to 145 on my scale, i was doing alot of cardio, 1hr+ a day, and am still doing so, i was eating 1200 calories or so, its like im brainwashed myself that that much food is enough, for example today I ate.

    Breakfast:Whole Wheat cheerios x2 bowls, one serving of milk 1%=370 calories.
    Snack1:Apple=80 calories.
    Lunch:Vector cereal with fat free vanilla yougurt( no sugar added) and a whole wheat pitabread=364calories
    Snack2:Apple=80 calories.
    Supper:Sandwhich-Ciabatta bun(9grains), Deli thin sliced smoked turkey, Provolone cheese with quaker sour cream&onion wholewheat rice chips=490 calories
    Bed time snack(one hour before sleep) : Whole carrot, yogourt( low far no sugar added )=70 calories

    whole day=1570 calories or so.

    Since i use to be eating veryy low amount i tought i might of been in starvation mode, so i started adding 50 calories to my diet everyday, weird enuf i havent gained any weight or inches( i chek everyday) so im sorta comfused.

    Can i still loose some weight even if im eating more then before? on my diet plan it said to eat 1600 or so, but im an exagerater i guess, i usualy try to rush things. but i just wana know

    I know that two bowls a cereal a day is not ideal, i just had nothing else to eat today for lunch.
    Am i realy eating alot or is it just me? it just seems on a day like that, that im always eating.

    ty in advanced.
    I use to be alot bigger freak, i didnt want to eat to much sugar, even healthy ones, now i usualy eat alot of fruits and vegetables. same with dietry fibre i would try to never pass it, now with eating whole wheat instead of white its hard to not get more then like 20g of it. it says i should consume around 70g of fat daily, i use to barely pass 20g, but even now eating more its hard to pass 40g, average is like 30-35 g.

  8. lildevilgurl152004 says:

    Here are the most common arguments, and why they are incorrect:

    “The Bible is against it.”

    Okay, so you want to follow your religious faith and not have anybody go against it. Right?

    That isn’t how America works. There’s such a thing known as Religious Freedom. Not only does that mean you can worship whoever or whatever you want, it means that you CAN’T MAKE LAWS BASED OFF OF RELIGION.

    What if I invent my religion, which says that Christians are an abomination? Should Christians be banned? No, they shouldn’t. You’re free to believe whatever it is you want to believe, but you can’t make laws based off of religious faith. It’s unethical.

    “Children need a Mother and a Father.”

    Actually, they don’t. Children can be just fine.

    If we made laws based on what was “Best” for the child, we wouldn’t let single parents have kids, poor people couldn’t have kids, and prison convicts couldn’t have kids. Heck, birth defect children shouldn’t even be allowed to live! It isn’t “best” for the child, because they won’t be as happy as they would be with a mother and father!

    In short, this argument is stale and it contradicts a lot of other things you try to defend.

    If you have any other reasons, or can somehow battle these arguments, go right ahead.
    The dying little shamble of a reply over there makes me sad. Anyway, there was never a law in America that said laws can and should be based off of religions.
    Did you even read my argument? Just because your religion tells you something, does not mean a law can be based off of it.

    You probably claim to love America, but how can you say that if you go against the basic framework of it. RELIGOUS FREEDOM. It means you can’t deny people rights and make laws that are based strictly on a religion. You are a hypocrite.

  9. Motordom says:

    OK, so heres the deal… i want to be healthier and lose weight. my moms buying a treadmill in like a month, but i want to start eating helthy THEN get int the excersize. i dont want to shock my body. lol.

    ok, here it is:

    1 Slice Toast (Whole Wheat) with 1 tbsp reduced-fat peanut butter – 190 calories

    1 Large Boiled Egg w/a dash of salt and pepper- 78 calories

    1 Cup fat-free milk- 95 calories

    Fruit, a single serving of a fruit, like kiwi, banana, apple, orange, grapefruit, grapes etc… cepends what we have in the house =] -from 50 to 150 calories

    so… does this sound like a good breakfast? it totals 413 calories to 513 calories, depending on the fruit i eat.

    1/2 serving of Vector cereal (2/3 cup cereal and 100ml skim milk)- like 90 cals??

    Banana, Grapefuit, or Apple- 72 to 105 cals

    1 boiled egg w/ dash of salt and pepper- 78 cals

    1 little tub of fat-free fruit yogurt- 118 cals

    this totals 358 to 424 calories

    thats all i can think of for now, if u guys have any other ideas, can you please add them along wit your thoughts on my meals planned? TY!! =]
    THANK-YOU in advanced! =]

  10. Michael K says:

    I am trying to find out how I can legally use images on my webpage I am creating and also on my products that I plan to sell.

    I dont have a good enough camera or the software needed to take my own pictures and make them look professional. I need pics of foods, flowers, etc but also historical places and landmarks.

    TIA for you help !

    Thanks !

  11. Mathew says:

    I have the deepest respect for the 50.000 years of knowledge accumulated by the Aboriginals for example, however- why did the industrial revolution and the computers never come to them or to some African tribes? Does it have to be cold for people to become science interested?

  12. Yoshi says:

    In order to combat the rising epidemic of obesity in the nation, the government should intervene in fast food restaurants by becoming much stricter on the health of the foods they serve their customers. By posting calorie contents visibly on menus, banning trans fats, and eliminating jumbo sizing options, government intervention could prove to be useful in improving the nation’s collective health.

    What is a good antithesis? In other words, why should we not let the government intervene in the fast food franhise?

  13. Mathew says:

    So I’ve completed all of my degree requirements for a B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and will be receiving my degree in August. I’ve started applying to a lot of jobs (about 130+) but have only gotten 1 interview (didn’t get picked) and 3 rejections. The biggest thing that bothers me is that most of these jobs require “1-3 years experience” and I only had a chance to work retail in college. My only experience in anything biotech/health industry related is from my school labs.

    I made a resume that plays up my knowledge of various techniques used in the biotech and health industry I learned in school. Is there anything wrong with it? Is there anything I can do to improve it?

    Also, where can I squeeze in “Anatomy and Physiology” and my knowledge of sterile and aseptic technique? I don’t want to just list the courses I took but list specific fields where they can be applied. Maybe “health sciences” or something like that?

    Objective : Employment in a dynamic laboratory environment and to make the best use of my knowledge and skills in the biological and biochemical sciences.

    Education :
    Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (anticipated August 2012)
    ******** State University

    Relevant Skills and Experience :

    Molecular Biology : Extensive knowledge of cell signalling pathways, cell cycle events and functions of biomolecules. Performed enzyme kinetic assays with bacterial enzymes and various substrates. Separated mammalian hemoglobin mixtures with Western Blot. Ligated PCR products into plasmid vectors and performed bacterial transformations. Isolated DNA and performed Restriction Digests.

    Cell Biology : Performed insect vivisections and immunohistological staining on live epithelial cells. Tested membrane permeability to various hydrocarbons. Separated proteins and antibodies with SDS-PAGE, Liquid Chromatography and Thin Layer Chromatography.

    Genetics and Genomics : Performed BLAST searches to find genes that confer pesticide resistance in Drosophila melanogaster. Amplified genes with PCR. PCR products were also ligated into plasmid vectors and then cloned in bacteria. Performed RT-PCR, Northern Blots and Southern Blots.

    Microbiology : Performed various procedures to culture and identify many genera, species and strains of bacteria (Gram staining, aerobic vs. anaerobic, IMViC, catalase, nitrate reduction, etc.) Tested antibiotics and antibacterial compounds. Tested food and water for fecal coliforms.

    Organic Chemistry : Extensive knowledge of nomenclature, preparations, reactions, and reaction mechanisms of functional groups of several organic compounds. Performed distillations, extractions, recrystallizations, multistep synthesis reactions for several compounds including pharmaceutical and industrial precursor compounds. Identified compounds using optical rotation, refractometry, MS, Proton NMR, Carbon-13 NMR, IR and UV-Vis spectra.

    Biochemistry : Extensive knowledge of metabolic pathways and reaction mechanisms. Performed academic research on environmental and biopharmaceutical applications for bacterial Cytochrome P450 enzyme systems.

    Independent Research : Analyzed biodegradation of several organic compounds in gasoline-catabolizing bacteria and studied population kinetics using GC-FID, optical density measurements and viable plate counts. Performed PCR with genus-specific primers targeting bacterial 16S rRNA genes to identify genera.

    Computer Skills : Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point (as well as with Linux analogs.) Proficient in BLAST searches (BLASTn, BLASTp and primer-BLAST). Proficient with statistical functions of TI scientific calculators. Experience with molecular modelling and simulation software.

    Work Experience :

    GAP (Sales Associate August 2006 – June 2012)
    ***** ***** ******
    ***** **** *** ** ***

    References available upon request.

  14. D3ZZY says:

    I graduated from high school in June and am looking forward to going to college in the fall. The only problem is that my university doesn’t start classes until mid September, so I’ll have a month of free time where all my friends have already left for their school and I have nothing to do. I could sit around and do nothing, but I’d rather be more productive.

    So my question is, what kind of paying job can I get if I’m going to be leaving in a month and a half? A lot of places have training periods and stuff like that, so I doubt I would get hired at a conventional restaurant or store. I’m not a huge fan of sales and retail, so things like Vector Marketing don’t interest me too much.

    Thank you for any help!

  15. mmminja says:

    Programs for 3d modeling and what action script is best used for games also what is a good scenery / background program for 3D game creation

  16. Roar me R says:

    For biology assignment….

  17. Rishabh Bajpai says:

    Ive always had a good sense of fashion and recently I have been drawing up some t-shirt designs on my spare time. Now I want to start designing t-shirts on the computer and somehow put them on a t-shirt.
    Also, I’m a 16yr Old male And I don’t have a Job, So what are some good ways to finance this?

  18. lets roll says:

    How has the fast food industry help to transfrom the economy?

  19. whitesoxfan2347 says:

    I cant find it :( Whats the agent, vector, and route in parkinsons disease?? thanks! :)

  20. Jonathan says:

    Hi. I just got a used 5 Gallon Bowfront Eclipse Aquarium for Christmas. It’s been set up for a few days now, and the filter is running. It is an overhead filter, and the only filtration media in it is a sponge that came with it… The problem is, the water had been crystal clear up until today. I cleaned off the gravel very.very good before putting it in the tank. My mom said she cleaned off all of the plastic plants very good, too. But I was so excited to set up the tank that I forgot to clean out the filter media..
    Grr sorry. My stupid phone posted the question while I was still typing. =P Anyways, I forgot to rinse of the sponge or wipe down the inside of the tank. I haven’t added any fish yet, but could it be cycling now, since the old owner of the tank had fish it it? I was planning on doing a fishless cycle, but could the tank have started the cycle on its own with the old bacteria? The old owner was my uncle BTW, and he only had a betta in the tank. I’m not sure what happened to it, or if it died of illness. If it did, could the bacteria from it still be in the tank now, since I forgot to clean it out. Also, do I have to clean it out again so I don’t risk infecting the new fish if there is bad bacteria in it from the fish before, or should I just let it continue cycling, if that is what is doing? Thanks.

  21. Nick says:

    I can work in the morning until noon and after 7 on T/R or 4 on M/W but I cant work graveyard shifts and I’m all free on weekends

    I cant find a job anywhere, no one will hire me, I don’t know what it is, i do everything I can but NO ONE WILL HIRE ME.

    I look in the classifieds but theres nothing for a college student except for stupid steak knife pyramid schemes, DAMN YOU VECTOR!! where they want you to pay for a kit and then sell it. I just want a normal part time job, I try every fast food place but still no one will hire me


    I’m selling my blood to put gas in my car, It literally is Blood for Oil

  22. Jason M says:

    A relief airplane is delivering a food package to a group of people stranded on a very small island. The island is too small for the plane to land on, and the only way to deliver the package is by dropping it. The airplane flies horizontally with constant speed of 230 at an altitude of 600 . The positive x and y directions are defined in the figure. For all parts, assume that the “island” refers to the point at a distance from the point at which the package is released, as shown in the figure. Ignore the height of this point above sea level. Assume that the acceleration due to gravity is = 9.80 .

    What is the speed v_final of the package when it hits the ground?

  23. United says:

    Hi iam 15 and i weight 125 pounds with 10% body fat and iam trying to gain muscle is this a good meal plan but workout its perfect i just want to know if iam eating right.

    9:00- 1 1/4 Vector-1 1/2 milk- 380 Calories-19g Protein

    12:00- Protein Shake-1 Banana-320 Calories-16g Protein

    2:30- 2 Slice Toast-6 Slice Cold Cuts-Small Salad-385 Calories-35.5g Protein

    5:30- 2 Slice Toast- 1 Tbs Peanut Butter- Small Salad- 370 Calories-16g Protien

    8:00- 1 Can Tuna-Big Salad-1 Egg-1 Egg White- 370 Calories-46g Protein

    10:00- 1 /1/2 milk-1 Apple-2 Strawberries-255 Calories-15.5g Protein

    Total Calories: 2080-2200

    Total Protein: 148g

    Please help me thank you and tell me changes i could make 😀

  24. kevindiking67verizonnet says:

    sorry for my atrocious spelling I an on a iPhone and it takes way to long to backspace so does this mean if I don’t want to buy a uv light I can just open my windows to sanitize my books?

  25. musicistabest says:

    I am reading Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser. I need to write an essay on a specific part of the fast food industry back then, and compare it to present day.

    I just need a few ideas on what you think is most interesting to look into in the fast food industry.


  26. Blake says:

    I woke up this morning startled to see a small bat (maybe 4in long) clinging upside-down to the screen outside of my window. He’s not bothering me, and the glass of the window is shut so he won’t be able to get in, but I’m afraid his little claws might be stuck in the screen and he won’t be able to fly away to get food tonight. Where I live it’s not uncommon to see bats at night, but from biology I know that they tend to roost in groups, so it’s weird that this little guy would stay by himself for so long by choice, which makes me think he’s stuck. It’s still daylight, so I’m not concerned that he isn’t moving, but I was wondering if I should bother trying to free him before night, or wait and see if he flies away by himself. And if I should move him, what’s the best way to do it? I could simply open the glass window and push his claws out of the screen, but I don’t want him falling from a 2nd story window and dying that way either…suggestions?

  27. baldy eire says:

    If you never exercise and eat mostly fast food, and barely any health food, How can this affect your body? Can it make you feel fatigued for a very long time

  28. Duke says:

    Chemistry and Physics Scavenger Hunt?
    So for my 4th Quarter Chemistry Project, my teacher is requiring to find examples of 25 of the 50 items listed.
    But I need your help…for the items listed below, can you tell me what some examples of the items?
    Pictures would be greatly appreciated as well!
    (For example: #5-An ionic compound >(salt))

    1. Something with a density greater than 1
    2. Model of an atom
    3. Result of a chemical change
    4. Allotropic form of carbon
    5. An ionic compound
    6. 6.02 x 10^23 particles of anything
    7. Anything to separate a mixture
    8. Air resistance
    9. Illustrate the difference between weight and mass
    10. Make or being in a simple machine
    11. Dilute acetic acid
    12. A hydrocarbon
    13. Model of a molecule
    14. Describe how we can get electricity from a chemical chance and how electricity can cause a chemical change to occur.
    15. A covalent molecule
    16. A polymer
    17. An acid-base indicator
    18. Iron oxide
    19. Ions
    20. SiO2
    21. Inert gas
    22. Substance with a pH of 7
    23. Substance with a density less than 1.
    24. A source of calcium
    25. A longitudinal wave
    26. Light refracting
    27. Static electricity
    28. A magnetic field
    29. An electrochemical cell
    30. Substance containing a halogen
    31. Hologram
    32. Substance that dissolves exothermically
    33. An element whose atoms contain 3 electrons in the third orbit
    34. Acid rain equation
    35. Label from a food product that contains no chemical additives
    36. C4H10
    37. A material that undergoes sublimation
    38. Solid solution
    39. A base
    40. Describe the difference between fission and fusion (diagram/models may be used)
    41. A catalyst
    42. Design an experiment to prove that the acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s2
    43. Any scaled vector diagram
    44. Describe, show or explain the differences between Newton’s first, second and third laws
    45. Momentum
    46. Lever whose MA is greater than 1
    47. A toy which represents projectile motion
    48. Bernoulli’s principle
    49. Conservation law
    50. A material which contains 850 Joules (200 Calories).

  29. ouch says:

    I made a little cartoon with stick men cartoons in it and it is made to promote my channel. Got any good tags for it?

  30. Larry R says:

    I heard that cockroaches are just about as clean as a pet cat. They are allergic to their feces. Cockroaches eat pests such as bedbugs, fleas, ticks, etc.. Also, they eat the extra food you drop on the kitchen floor. Free maid service! The only threat they play to you (unless you are allergic) is that you don’t see them coming when you are walking barefoot. I feel REALLY bad for you both if you’ve been through this scenario… But anyways, overall cockroaches are very helpful to human beings! If you haven’t realized the greatness of the cockroach from my studies, explain! Don’t say they’re ugly, because that is like hating on the kind of person who doesn’t get the head turns. Cockroaches are beautiful.

  31. joevsyou says:

    1) A 4-kg ball has a speed of 3 m/s downward. Its momentum is most accurately expressed as:

    A) 12 m/s.
    B) 12 kg m/s.
    C) 12 kg m/s upward.
    D) 12 kg m/s downward.

    2) A flying bird catches a large bug that was hovering in the air. The momentum of the bird, just after it catches the bug, is __________, and the momentum of the bird/bug system is __________.

    A) less . . . the same
    B) more . . . the same
    C) less . . . also less
    D) more . . . also more

    3) A rock in free fall will fall about __________ meters in 5 seconds.

    A) 100
    B) 125
    C) 250
    D) 265

    4) A northward flying airplane flies at a speed of 100 knots, according to the plane’s airspeed indicator. Which of the following statements is true?

    A) The ground speed must also be 100 knots.
    B) The ground speed will be 120 knots if the wind speed is 20 knots.
    C) The ground speed will be 120 knots if the northward component of the wind speed is 20 knots.

    5) Place a 1-kg block of aluminum at 400 degrees Kelvin into a liter of water at 300 degrees Kelvin and the final temperature will be:

    A) 350 degrees Kelvin.
    B) closer to 400 degrees Kelvin because aluminum has a higher specific heat than water.
    C) closer to 300 degrees Kelvin because aluminum has a lower specific heat than water.
    D) None of the above

    6) The Kelvin scale is called the absolute temperature scale because it:

    A) covers absolutely all temperatures.
    B) is based on the properties of water.
    C) starts at the lowest temperature possible in the whole universe.

    7) Newtons are units of:

    A) weight.
    B) size.
    C) mass.
    D) force.

    8) Speed is a:

    A) scalar.
    B) vector because it has a magnitude and a direction.
    C) vector because it has a component and a direction.
    D) vector because it has a magnitude and a strength.

    9) A 10-kg brick and a 1-kg brick are floating in space. To accelerate them at equal rates, you would need to apply:

    A) equal forces.
    B) equal forces for equal amounts of time.
    C) 10 times as much force on the 10-kg brick.
    D) the same force on each but for 10 times longer on the 10-kg brick.

    10) A temperature difference of 10 degrees Celsius is equal to a 10-degree difference on:

    A) the Fahrenheit scale.
    B) the Kelvin scale.
    C) any scale.
    D) the Richter scale.

    11) A bow is drawn so that the potential energy is 10 joules. When released, the arrow will have:

    A) about 10 joules of kinetic energy.
    B) about 10 joules of potential energy.
    C) more than 10 joules of kinetic energy, due to its high speed.
    D) None of the above

    12) Which requires more power: lifting a 50-kg sand bag 2 meters straight up in 1 second, or lifting a 100-kg sand bag 1 meter straight up in 1 second?

    A) Lifting the 50-kg sand bag 2 meters up.
    B) The 100-kg sand bag 1 meter up.
    C) They both require the same amount of power.
    D) It depends on the force of lifting.

    13) 1 Calorie is equal to:

    A) 1 food calorie
    B) 1 kcal
    C) 1,000 calories
    D) All of the above

    14) On average, a person with low levels of activity generates heat like a:

    A) 1-watt light bulb
    B) 100-watt light bulb
    C) 1000-watt light bulb
    D) This is ridiculous — people don’t emit energy.

    15) Mix a liter of water at 40 degrees Celsius with a liter of water at 20 degrees Celsius, and the final temperature will be:

    A) 20 degrees Celsius
    B) 40 degrees Celsius
    C) 30 degrees Celsius
    D) 0 degrees Celsius

  32. NC Baller says:

    Im writing a letter to the mayor and i would like to have some ideas on:

    How can taking out fast food restaurants improve your communities, members of the community, and schools health? How can it make your community helathier Please explain. Thank you.

  33. x_blind_x_gamer_x says:

    I have eaten fast food without problem up til 3 weeks ago. Everytime I eat it, I am nauseous for several hours later. I haven’t eaten any fast food the past few days, and have been fine. Any ideas as to what this is?

  34. lcollier93sbcglobalnet says:

    I mean do they even do anything?Are they poisonous in any way or carry any diseases or do people
    just simply hate them because of their hideous appearance?This question has been on my mind for
    quite some time now and I hope I can finally find an answer to it.

  35. DuckieM10 says:

    I am a female in high school. 5’5″ or 5’6″, about 110 lbs. I run for my track team, I am a half miler, miler girl. I have 10% body fat (from at home calculators, I took the average of all the ones I tried) and I want great abs. I have a 2 pack going on, I want it to be more visible and then get a 4 pack, then a 6 pack by university
    I eat a lot of fruit now, I am going on this food plan soon.
    Breakfast: Oatmeal and an apple
    Snack: fat free yogurt and an orange
    Lunch: a salad and half a chicken breast
    Pre-Workout: A protein bar or a chocolate almond fudge Clif Bar (1 hour before) ( I like the PC ones, Vector bars, Elevate me, Chocolites and I need to find the healthiest ones…)
    Post-workout: a banana, a cup of fat free milk with 1/2 scoop of chocolate whey
    Dinner: 3/4 chicken breast, a salad and veggies, sometimes we eat rice and chili and cabbage rolls…
    Snack: a bowl of fruit when I’m hungry- other times I’ll just go to bed.

    I usually run 5 miles and I have intervals 2-3 times a week. I do core 3 days a week with school…. usually only if we have time. I am starting a gym where they have limited thing:
    111m track (for jogging or walking)
    Functional trainer
    Multipress machine
    Lat machine
    Ab and back machine
    Leg extension
    leg curl machine
    Leg press machine
    Bicep and tricep machine
    Dumbells, Kettle balls and various benches.

    I am going to go there minimum 2 times a week, hopefully 5 if my dad will drive me or I have time.

    So, I want:
    GREAT abs- 6 pack
    and really good strong legs that will make my times better
    I also want stronger arms
    Does that mean I should stop eating protein bars?

  36. Rkmc says:

    recently i got an interview for a job as a product demonstrator where we work in stores as vendors and hand out free samples of foods. The lady who was interviewing me stated that we are NOT independent contractors but rather work for the company, however we DO have to provide our own table for the samples, utensils, and in some cases appliances to prepare them in and that in our demonstrator kit we get a debit card to purchase the products we are sampling… But she did say the pay is ten dollars an hour flat!! not off of commisions or sales.. however i think it is kinda fishy to have to purchase things in order to work.. has anyone else had any experience working as a product demonstrator in a store? It is called five star demonstrations

  37. Duke says:

    1. Derive the parallel-axis theorem.
    2. Explain how the conservation of angular momentum leads to Kepler’s 2nd law of planetary
    3. Astronauts orbiting in a satellite 300 km above the surface of the earth feel weightless. Why?
    Is the force of gravity exerted by the earth on them negligible at this height?
    4. Sit in a chair with your back straight. Now try to stand up without leaning forward. Explain
    why you cannot do it.
    5. Does Archimedes’ principle hold in a satellite orbiting the earth in a circular orbit? Explain.
    6. A fishbowl rests on a scale. The fish suddenly swims upward to get food. What happens to the
    scale reading?
    7. a glass of water has ice cubes floating in it. What happens to the water level when the ice
    melts? Explain.
    8. Why is it easier to float in salt water than in fresh water?
    9. When water emerges from a faucet, the stream narrows as the water falls. Explain why.

  38. soccermaster1 says:

    Was wandering why some Fast Food restaurants and regular restaurants serve breakfast all day why others stop early?

  39. Mc L says:

    I’m doing a documentary on fast food causing obesity in the United States, what questions should i ask people working and eating there?

  40. Anny says:

    i am doing a project for biology and i need to know the concerns of endangered species. i have the information on biodiversity and all that but i really cant find anything on the concerns of endangered species even though it seems like it would be the easiest. If you can help that would be great (:
    thanks so much

  41. Jason says:

    My personal opinion is that we should ban it because, not only is it taking a a life, but it can also cause pain to the animals involved. If an animal is shot but not killed, he or she may suffer in agony for minutes before being killed, and that’s IF the shooter does go and put the poor creature out of his or her misery. The animal may just be left to die due to blood loss, starvation, predation, infection, thirst or predation.
    While I agree that sometimes certain species do need to be controlled, I think that this should be done more humanely by the use of sterilisation and/or deterrents. If there are too many of a certain species in a particular area, I feel that it would be better to just humanely trap all or some of them and move them to a different area?

  42. Harry says:

    For a show I need to build a decor of a laboratory.
    It has to look really cool so i’m thinking of colored boiling water with a lot of smoke and things like that.

    It should look like these things:

    Who can help me?? Thanks!!

  43. RuMKilleR says:

    seem to be a health code for a primitive people without knowledge of where diseases come from

    Eating pork: at the time they had no way to guarantee it was safely cooked, hence don’t eat it
    Cleansing: after handling a dead body, a person had to clean them selves with a reasonably large amount of clean water and then keep away from others until later. Seem to be disinfecting(primitively) and then waiting to see if the person sickens
    How to tell if infections are leprosy.
    there are more, especially in the dietary laws

    I am not asking about the other parts of the OT that is for a different question.
    So Agree or disagree?

    Christians/Theist preferred, but other are welcome to answer as well.

  44. Austin says:

    I’m going to download the free trial, I need to do an IT project involving computer graphics.

    Would it take long to pick up the basics? How can I go about it.
    Also, is there any tools you think I should learn that will help me improve the quality of my graphics? I’m going to be designing logos, flyers, food wrappers etc.


  45. Peter says:

    can limonene be used on oil spills?

  46. diggn4richez says:

    To decorate a party, I’m looking for vector images of a strawberry, a glass of beer, a glass of coke, and other food articles. Does anybody know an online source where I can download free vector images (ai, eps, pdf, etc), or a dingbat font with these kind of icons? Thanks!

  47. Andrew S says:

    How can a person help to stop these extortion software idiots that make malicious software that emulates false error messages and then installs itself on your computer to “save the day”, only to force you to pay them to give you back your computer. It’s frustrating enough to me and I know at least a little about computers, but I can’t imagine how someone who is a beginner on the pc feels when it happens to them. I’m sure they pay the ransom, not even knowing it. Who can you file with? Is it illegal or not?
    Dean, I was afraid of that…curing poverty might be easier.

    Thanks Hugh. I have a rusty knife. Now, if I only had their address…….
    Kane, I’m a Grandmother. I don’t download porn and I’m not an idiot. No, I’m afraid this one isn’t my fault. It came in on a Local News Channel Website that I check often. I had no way of knowing. It installed itself without any prompting. Do you really believe that if someone gets “taken”, it’s their fault? How sad.
    Thanks again Dean. Actually, I do everything I can to protect myself. It’s the first time I’ve been hacked (seriously). I do help other people though that go online without any anti-virus protection and I lecture them about these people. I think that older people (which is who I usually work with) can’t even comprehend about why someone would take such a talent as computer programming and use it to do harm. I’ve had several people actually tell me that they just didn’t think anyone would do something to hurt someone they don’t even know. Sad fact, they do, don’t they?
    Trust…I know, you’re right. You are lucky though that you’ve never been hacked with a virus. I have had my email compromised, but that only takes changing your password. I found key-loggers on my pc, which is probably how they got in, but that was easy to get rid of (but frustrating for my contacts). Sad that there is no legal options to pursue.
    Dean – Your last paragraph…..too bad we couldn’t find a common ground around the world, but I don’t think it’s possible. There’s always going to be people who take advantage, for whatever reason, because people will always be different from one-another….one of our greatest traits as humans and one of our worst.

  48. white man says:

    Before you go all “Y U NAWT TKN CRE O UR HORSIE? BAD HRSE OWNR!!!” READ IT.

    My mare is an 11 year old quarter mare. She wasn’t an offical rescue, but she was in a stall for 2 months straight, her stall wasn’t cleaned the enitre time and she was a bit underweight when we got her. She is getting two scoops of Nutrina Vitality Mare and Foal twice a day, and two flakes of hay three times a day, she also has access to grass 24/7. She is brushed every day and get’s bathed about once a month. She also has free range to go in and out of her stall as she chooses.

    This is the third time an a year she’s gotten rain rot, and I’m about ready to give up! The first time it went away on its own within a week, the second we used a friends medicated shampoo for it (Not sure what it was) and now it’s back.
    I’ve been gently pulling the clumps off of her, and she has about 3 patches the size of my palm on her hindquarters, and on her shoulder.
    I have not treated the third yet, but we are going to TS today to get something for it. What kind of treatment should I get?
    She is not in a pasture with another horse, but she can socilize with 10 others through a fence.
    I used to use my brushes on the other horses, but I have cleaned them all about 3 months ago and used only my brushes for her.

    I’m not quite sure where she’s getting it and how I can keep her from getting it! It’s a pain for both of us, because I can’t stand to leave the clumps on there!

  49. veemodz says:

    Our pet cats kill many 1000s of birds each year, causing massive decline in our bird population. Yet nothing is done about it. But can you imagine if our pet dogs killed the cats. There would be outrage!

  50. zaclo says:

    Am I reading this incorrectly or is this a warrant officer position where your primary duty is to inspect dog food?
    @Wayne: that’s what it sounds like, except the warrant belongs to the Veterinary Corps. Which leads me to believe that he will be inspecting dog food.

  51. ibjammin44 says:

    How often do your kids eat fast food, like McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Arby’s?

    How about other types of eating out, like pizza, Chinese Food, or just some restaurant that isn’t fast food.
    Several Times a Week
    Once a Week
    Several Times a Month
    Once a Month
    Several Times a Year
    Once a Year?

  52. Hannah says:

    I’ve already read Fast Food Nation, and I was reading the first chapter of Chew On This, and it seemed to be covering some similar things. Has anyone read both of these books? I rather not spend money on it if it’s pretty much the same thing.

  53. Alina Elliott says:

    Once we had a lot of mass extintions before, whay people are so concerned about biodiversity? We should improve quality of our livings and feed poorest countries.

    Global warming is another problem. I can accept prevent extintion as an excuse to keep earth resources and our climate.

  54. Franklin Bluth says:

    My son who is now 18 months old has suffered from severe skin problems since receiving his 6 week vaccinations. Almost immediately after the shots his skin began to dry out, and in the days following began to peel and leek a foul smelling puss. For 10 months this happened and we were told it was food allergies, but were not told which foods. Finally, after fighting with doctors about the amount of pain he was in the doctors ordered the allergy test and he is severely allergic to eggs, peanuts, and all dairy.
    However, since he was 6 weeks old that was not the only problem. My son spikes fevers every 3-4 weeks, and really high (104-105) about every 6-8 weeks. He has been hospitalized before for flu like symptoms, but is usually released ith in 72 hours. He also suffers from chronic hives and the driest skin I have ever came across-he has to wear stockings to prevent him from scratching until infection. We can’t sway from the stockings because to many times we have walked in and his sheets are soaked in blood from his scratching. He has never slept through the night. He wakes up screaming in pain and trying to rip his hair out, hitting us all while half asleep. One night he stopped breathing and I had to grab him up for him to catch his breath, but a sleep test said there were no major problems (HE DIDNT EVEN SLEEP FOR THE SLEEP TEST!!)
    I know my question is very long, but after 18months of no answers from doctors, I am becoming very frustrated because I know something is wrong, but no one will help me. I have 3 older children so I know how teething goes, fevers, and random rashes. Has anyone EVER heard of something like this? Please.

  55. Christopher J says:

    Since many forms of art were banned because of the belief in the Quran, why did the government seem to think works of art would be worshiped instead of Allah?

  56. ouch says:

    Zebra Mussels. Answer in paragraph form

  57. nasty1 says:

    What is the hiring process at a fast food restaurant? When I turn in an application, how long will it take to get an interview if they are in fact hiring? Never had a job before and really need one to help pay for school, just trying to understand the whole process.

  58. Dark_LovexXx says:

    How did art affect people during the Renaissance? More specifically, but not exclusive to, Italy?

  59. United says:

    I’ve been working at this fast food place for about 5 months now and I just want to not show up and quit. It’s my first job and I hope it’s my last one in fast food places. I want to get a new job for the summer when I get my car. I’m defiantly not going to work in fast food or any restaurant for sure. How many of you actually liked a job in fast food? Also, is working in a clothes store like the ones at the mall better than fast food?

  60. forahobby says:

    I’ve noticed that my favorite fast food restaurant is patronized by all the social classes. You see everyone from down-and-out bums to executives in expensive suits. There’s a junker car stuffed with a big family in the drive-through line, and right behind is a brand new sports cars with a rich-looking driver.

    It has to be something besides price and speed of service that attracts customers. What is it?

  61. fattiemanny says:

    What do you think of managers at fast food restaurants? Do you think they make good money? Which fast food business do you think pays their managers the best? Does anybody assume they are uneducated?

  62. nmlpc says:

    I am looking to re-decorate a Fast-food Restaurant which is part of a busy exhibition complex and looking for scheme ideas?
    The French Restaurant is small and intimate (10-12 tables for 2-4) in the High Street of Cape Town. I am looking for colour ideas!

  63. _marky_mark_ says:

    I know Fast food has SO many negative effects like health, but there must be some positive effects. I am doing National History day and i am choosing fast food as my topic. Help!
    And it would be SO GREAT if after you answer, state your source so that I could do even more research from that source.

  64. crzyinluv says:

    My friend says working at a fast food restaurant looks bad on a resume because it gives the impression you aren’t really trying and that you don’t care about where you work? Is this true?

  65. MentallyCryppled says:

    Have the recent studies and evidence about the health risks associated with fast food and pizza, changed your eating habits? If so, beforehand, how often did you eat fast food in any one week? How often do you eat it now?, and are you planning to alter your diet anytime soon?

  66. everythingisgonnabefine says:

    I am planning to prepare several common fast food dishes for some guests but I need ideas to make it as healthy(low in fats, salts, sugar) as possible.

  67. che-che says:

    I’m doing a project about the fast food of the world but when I reserch “fast food of the world” or a certian contry all I get is articles on Mc Dobalds and those other fast food returants going all over the world…….that’s isn’t what I want! I’ve found out that in eastern asia they have noodle stands and in united kingdom they have fish and chips but I would like to know the fast food of Italy.

  68. Ed D says:

    I want to know approx. how many workers work at one fast food resturant (the same one) in one day. I am NOT asking how many people work at a fast food resturant in a year or anything like that. I am doing a project so i need to know how many workers a fast food resturant usually has working one day, from morning, to night.

  69. davemc74656 says:

    I am 16 and will probably take a summer job working at a fast food restaurant. What working conditions can I expect? What are certain things will I be expected to do there? I’m thinking I don’t like the idea of taking food orders from customers. Will I have to do that, or are there other things to do, besides that? And if I do take orders will I have to prepare the food in the kitchen or does someone else do it?

  70. Krazy Bob says:

    I am about 50, and years ago had some work in college dining hall. Am retired college teacher and volunteer minister. Believe working in fast food would be good. Wonder about important points with application, and in doing job. On latter point what are the important skills to learn and perform. What is expected of you? Are there better chains than others? How are you usually trained? How can people serve so many customers? All suggestions appreciated.

  71. Xbox Gamer says:

    I want know what people truly think about this new age in food. This started in the 1940’s as crossbreeding plants to produce higher yields and better quality. Now scientists are combining the genes of plants and completely unrelated species such as bacteria to make crops produce their own insecticide. Below are links to different articles about the Green/Gene Revolution (the green revolution turned into the Gene) i will provide both sides. The first link will be to an article that explains what this revolution in. Your feedback and opinions are greatly appreciated. You can obviously go do your own research.

  72. Marshal says:

    I’m going out to eat with friends and we are going to go to a fast food joint. I’m looking for the cheapest food with the most calories. I am very poor and have a wicked high metabolism. I like to eat foods with high caloric content so I don’t lose weight.

  73. x_blind_x_gamer_x says:

    What I mean by that is, a lot of people who go to weddings tend to go out and buy fast food afterwards because they’re still hungry. I’ve only been to 3 weddings before and i’ve done that with 2 of them, the other one was a buffet. I do not want a buffet; I love the sit down dinners when they keep on bringing you your next course! But, how many courses will I need to keep people satisfied?

  74. Gundown64 says:

    I want to start fast food center like sandwiches than what i need to do like
    1.Do I need to register any where?
    2.Do I need to open an account in bank?
    3.Which kind of this business like service base or production?
    4.Is any food department officer visit our shop for quality?
    5.If any corporate order i will get in the future than how do i issue them any bill on requirement without any registration?
    And there is any other suggestions than also give us.
    Thank you.

  75. Sonny says:

    What advice and tips would you give me on starting a fast food outlet? and i may open more stores if my fast food outlet is sucsessful.

  76. lets roll says:

    As the title asks, What are some global environmental problems that are caused by fast food? I’m trying to do some research for a paper for global problems caused by fast food and I’m leaning towards the environmental side. It would be great if people could give some suggestions. Thanks!
    Like Green house gases, Transporting fast food, etc. It needs to be a global problem though, or a comparison between the US and another country. Thanks!

  77. stephen m says:

    In martial arts what art do they teach moves such as escapes from headlocks and bearhugs? Is it juijitso? Do they teach it at white belt or at a higher level? If you teach martial arts or take it please answer, I would appreciate an answer, thanks!

  78. Yoshi says:

    Ok so I’m 20 years old. I go to college and I work so my schedule is rather busy. I live with my parents but they work to so home cooked meals is like maybe once a week. Everyday I been eating fast food to get by specifically McDonald’s. I’m getting tired of it and honestly it’s worrying me to eat it everyday because I know it’s bad for you. Since I’m 20 should I worry about the problems that accompany eating fast food everyday? Like clogging of the arteries? I’m also rather short for my age. I’m 5 foot 4 and I weigh 150.

    My next question is what’s a more healthy alternative to eating on a busy schedule?

  79. nothin_nyce1 says:

    I also need the number of fast food restaurants in Sacramento, CA and Indianapolis, IN as well.

    Is there anyone out there who’s good at using the census database?

    Please cite your source(s), thank you so much!

  80. Victoria T says:

    If you are looking for a job at a fast food restaurant (like mcdonalds, burger king… )what are the postions can you apply for?

  81. Balla says:

    i read that by forcing the fast food places to post nutrition facts for all of their food, their first ammendment rights are being violated. how does that make sence? what part of the first ammendment is being violated?

  82. rashest_hippo says:

    2.A famous five star hotel is planning to start fast food restaurants in major cities of our country. What are the various parameters which the company should keep in mind while launching its restaurants?

  83. arronwrath says:

    Hi guys, I am doing a research about the rise of fast food and the important of spreading the philosophy of the Slow Food Movement. I really need some statistics about thing like the percentage of parents whom feed their children fast food, % of parents don’t know how to cook,… and please also give me some resources so I can also look up on my own. Thanks a lot.

  84. Matthew David says:

    When I say “Fast Food” restaurants, I mean MacDonalds, etc, the most complete list of Fast Foods in the British Isles wins the ten points and five star rating.

    Any takers?

  85. Kevin says:

    I’m writing an essay on the effects that fast food has on African American and Latino communities, and I was just wondering how exactly fast food impairs inability for children in these urban communities to learn in school, people’s everyday functioning, just things of that nature. Anything would be appreciated. Thanks!

  86. Jeff says:

    I know fast food isn’t healthy for anyone. But say someone eats Big Macs and Fries and other foods like that often. If this person is still active and exercises for an hour almost everyday is it still really unhealthy?

  87. Michael K says:

    I just started this job at a fast food restaurant. I’m still going through the computer training at the restaurant. I can’t do this job and school, it just aint happening. I’ve only been there for 3 days. Do I just call in and tell them I’m done or do I drag the manager aside in her office???

    What about 2 weeks notice?

  88. Michael says:

    I have stopped eating fast food this year and began to eat healthy. I am scared for the rest of the people in our country because we are the leading nation in obesity. A lot of medical costs can be rooted to heart disease or another illness that is caused by unhealthy food choices. To make our society more healthy what can we do?

  89. Jason M says:

    I basically realized that I was just throwing my money at fast food companies. I can also eat better quality food at cheaper prices (imagine that.) My problem is that I’m not a very experienced cook and in the past just preferred to eat serviced food.
    I already know *what* to eat, it’s just how long do I need to sit through bland, natural food before the craving of Subway seasoning goes away?

  90. Kaden says:

    My favorite fast food restaurant that has the best hamburgers is Wendy’s.

  91. kiltakblog says:

    I’m having trouble coming up with an introduction to questioning if fast food restaurants are to be held responsible for people’s health problems with obesity. My paper is a persuasive against the fact that fast foods are NOT to blame for the choices people make. What could be a good introduction? A little help please? Thanks!

  92. stephen m says:

    I have been offered a job as an assistant manager at a fast food restuarant but am not sure what salary is acceptable. I live in Western North Carolina.

  93. jdubdoubleu7704 says:

    I was wondering which fast food restaurant would hire a 15 yr old ? I herd /read thatv Pizza Hut , Dairy Queen , & subway would be some good choices . Please help ?

  94. blarg blarg says:

    I’m writing a paper on the fast food industry. I’ve included how it leads to many health risks, and a generalized research paper. Now I need to tie it into how the fast food industry actually stimulates the economy. A how/why formatted paper.

  95. TommyKay says:

    Or how many restaurants in general? I need to know how many fast food restaurants and real restaurants there are in the Netherlands for a debating assignment at school. Thanks!

  96. unbleevable39 says:

    I eat a lot at fast food places and I’ve noticed that I get frequent food poisonings lately. In about 50% cases of eating there I get a diarreah the next day. In about 5% I throw up, have temperature and cannot eat anything for a few days – stomach flue? And it is the same for fast food and upscale restaurants. The only places I dont get a food poisoning is in my company’s cafeteria (that has mostly fast food) and the best restaurants in Seattle, where I live?

  97. Matthew S says:

    What are some places that a 16 year old can work at besides a fast food place? I just turned 16 three days ago and I am desperately searching for a job. I really want one. I do not want to work at a fast food place and will not apply there unless it is absolutely the last resort.

  98. The Beatles says:

    Now a days gourmet food is haute compared to fast foods. And to the average foodie, most fast foods are unpalatable and very expensive. Alot of people stretch the dollars and cook homemade food. When was the last time you ate at a fast food restaurant? And which one?

  99. David says:

    What is the salary and basic job description of an art director? Also, what is the job title of someone a step below an art director and what are there job duties?

  100. Anny says:

    I just need some recipe ideas to replace unhealthy eating habits by my brother who consumes fast food three times a day! He is trying to eat healthy and get in shape but refuses to cook. I offered to cook for him but I am completely blank as what to make. If anyone has any options I would be so grateful. Or if someone could recommend a good web site that would be awesome.

  101. Pacman says:

    I know what yal are thinking, if she is worried about calories and crap, why are you eating at a fast food place? I just want to know what place has the healthiest food.

  102. Andrew S says:

    I already know the about the fast-food industry in general and who the major players are.

  103. John G says:

    I need to find ingredeants in stuff for fast food places on the Internet and google doesn’t really work. I know mcdonalds cooks their fries in lard. I’m a vegetarian and I want to know what food has meat in it ect. (sorry if I spelled anything wrong)

  104. tefa_96 says:

    I am currently in high school and i work many hours at a fast food restaurant. I am trying to lose weight and exercise regularly, but working at the fast food restaurant seems to get in the way. I find myself eating the fries and ice cream, and it is almost impossible to tell myself no. Does anyone have tips on how to fight this?

  105. isk8at818 says:

    I’m doing a report on fast food, so tell me your experiences and/or story. Thanks.

  106. JimT says:

    Im having to write an essay for art class and i need 2 examples of art that reflect contemporary american art and one peice that goes against it. If anyone has some ideas i would really appreciate it.

  107. tefa_96 says:

    What are some really good art colleges to go to? Ive been looking at the Academy of art university in San Fran and in Georgia( can’t remember the name. Do you have any suggestions?

  108. heavenly sword says:

    Art classes are being pulled from schools. Across the world, art is part of the culture of the people.
    It makes me sick.

  109. heavenly sword says:

    ART includes: music, dance, drama, and visual art. I need a good answer.

  110. simply complicated says:

    Art and entertainment are both things that are perceived. Good art and good entertainment both produce a satisfying experience for the beholder. What is the difference?
    Everyone has raised some interesting points but I still haven’t found an answer which really explains it.

    Some of you have characterized art requiring a creative process but so does entertainment. Also some have said art is expression but entertainment can also be expression. Just think of comedians who express their views in often hilarious ways which offer real social commentary just like art might.

    Entertainment has been associated with enjoyment. If there is no enjoyment, there is no entertainment. However, not all forms of entertainment are enjoyed by everyone just like not all forms of art are enjoyed by everyone. Even entertainment within the same genre can be both liked and disliked by different people.

    The most common theme I see in your answers is that art is for thinking and entertainment is for enjoyment. I don’t think this holds up because the same thought processes that make art stimulating also makes entertainment stimulating.

  111. josh12rox says:

    I am writing an art essay but I can not recognize if the painting I am writing on has the genre of figurative art or portraiture. I would really appreciate it if someone tells me the difference between them! :)

  112. PIE BOY says:

    a. predator-prey
    b. parasitism
    c. commensalism
    d. mutualism

  113. Sophia C says:

    And do you enjoy going to fast food restaurants? why or why not?

  114. Gabriel Kenney says:

    When did humans grasp art to the point where they were able to realistically draw or paint a person’s face?

  115. sick_mick_101 says:

    I know art is the most important, haha.

    But other than that are there certain subjects that they look at more closely? I was thinking they may look at anatomy if you’re going to be doing a lot of art regarding the human figure, and maybe history since art colleges require you to take an art history class (right?). Is math important? Or foreign language?

    Thank you!

  116. Splash Log Level 2 Again says:

    I want to learn martial art to protect people. And yes, that also means to beat up somebody. So what kind of martial art should I learn and which skill (like strength, speed, etc) does it requires? Thanks.

  117. Kaylla says:

    What martial art should I take to learn how to use a katana and other Japanese swords? I was thinking Kendo but I know that other martial arts teach it too like Aikido and Ninjutsu. Thanks.

  118. kerrin marz says:

    Hey im in the process of hiring a web/graphic designer for my website, im curious as to what skills should he be competent in. I want image made out of thin air, something similiar to bob the builder image, but it must be unique and also i want that image to have a graphic vehicle(car, truck or van) on the site. This image along with the vehicle will be the logo for my site. What skills should my graphic designer have? And what’s the best terminology to explain the job details to him?


  119. Jason M says:

    There is no best art, only a practitioner, every one has their preferences.SO what martial art do you find works best for YOU? If you cross train please tell me what combination of arts you think work best for you. Please only people who train in arts, not a person behind the computer saying muay thai, BJJ, and wrestling because it works in the UFC. Thanks.
    clowns you contribute alot to Y!A MA community but are you sure you practice Tae Kwan Do? you seemed to have spelled it wrong, or is it a typo?
    Edit: clowns I am an on and off martial artist some martial arts I have taken a few classes in but can’t say are my arts are Kyokushin karate, Tae kwan do, and Judo. I have trained for 1 and 3/4 year muay thai 1/2 year mma, and 2 months bjj. I also took Krav Maga for 3 months but you can say I don’t have that much experiene compared to others on th MA Y!A board.
    Oops meant to say experience*

  120. blarg blarg says:

    Basically, what symbolizes America today? It can be anything from music to food to foreign affairs to clothing to politics, etc. For example, the 1980s could be defined by jean jackets, converse, rock music, and big hair.

  121. Jeanelle the Retard says:

    Our political world is surrounded by art and images we put together with different meanings, (eg: a good leader). Leaders have used artwork to persuade us in many ways for many many years.

    How does art created for a dictator differ from art created for a freely elected leader? In what was is it the same?

  122. Erin says:

    My father said that it is demeaning to work at any fast food restaurant because people will think that everyone working there are complete idiots. As a college student, I was looking for jobs and tried to convince him that having a job is better than not having one. I tried to say that no matter what you are doing, you are still getting paid. I even showed him that garbage collectors that drive trucks make quite a bit of money per hour. Sure the job sucks but it pays doesn’t it? How do you guys feel about working at a fast food restaurant, whether its for a little extra cash for school or just as a side job for bills.

  123. TommyKay says:

    I go to an art magnet school and am a sophmore. Basically I have about 4 perioids of art class everyday. I’m going to have to start appyling for college soon and am wondering where the best art schools are.

    I am more interested in crafts, functional art, and fiber art opposed to the fine arts. I can draw/paint if I have to but it’s not what I prefer to spend my time doing.

    Actors and instramentalist have places like Julliard. What do us visual artist have?

  124. Taylor2k says:

    Eg, Surrealist paintings, abstract art. Some art critics can go on and on about art theory, how do normal people tell if they are making sense or just bluffing?

  125. ScRSC says:

    I’m not an art major but im planning on majoring in art when the time comes. I’d like to know what kinds of careers are good for an art major.

  126. Denali says:

    have an Art history assignment where we are given the task of planning a Art trip to a city of the professor’s choice. I got New York but with a catch. The catch is the art has to be from 1800’s and before. I love contemporary art so this a bit hard. What makes it worse, is I have never been to New York so I do not know where to start.

  127. mal_functiongeo says:

    Sometimes, within my album folders, the album art doesn’t always show in the large icon of the folder even if there’s an album art for the music files. What determines exactly what album art shows, since some folders show it and some don’t. There are no hidden files either of image files, as all the album art are embedded to the mp3 files.

  128. Larry R says:

    Isn’t all art and beauty in the eye of the beholder? If I think Magritte, Dix, Van Gogh, Monet, and Raphael are great and Harring, Pollock, and Warhol are totally over-rated, how is my opinion worth any less than someone who has taken lots of art appreciating and art history classes?

    Who gets to determine what is great and important art and what isn’t?

  129. Jermaine J says:

    General art as a major and education as a minor, or would it be Art education?

  130. rashest_hippo says:

    How can I get a good education in art as a home schooled student?
    I am homeschooler with a huge love for art. I am interested in pursuing it as a career even. I’ve only ever taken one professional art class in my life (a life drawing class) and I am kind of at a loss as to how I can get a good education in art while being home schooled.

  131. Benihana says:

    What kinds of art does Plato believe should be taught to children? What kinds of art does he believe should not be taught to children? What methods would Kant or Hume use when teaching art to children?

    This is a prompt for a class I am taking and I have no idea where to start, any help would be absolutely wonderful.

  132. Elijah luv says:

    i have an art assessment due next month and we have to dscuss the work of two artsists in relationship to the art object in contemp. art and its relationship to the audience.
    so what is contemp. art and how does it relate to the audience?

  133. Michael C says:

    Hello. I would be glad if You shared your opinion about studies of visual arts in high European art schools, be it academy or university.
    I’m actually looking for studies in English language, and I’m particularly interested in schools, providing combined course of fine arts, some practical things, like design, and art history.
    Thank you.

  134. JackReynolds says:

    What art movement post 1945 do you find most interesting and why?

  135. forahobby says:

    Are art directors and creative director the same?

  136. alberto s says:

    Public art functions differently than art that one encounters in a gallery or museum. Why?

    This is for an art appreciation essay so any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  137. wwwavid360gamercom says:

    I want to enter a drawing into a juried art show. I did the drawing a number of years ago and I drew the copyright sign on the drawing, added the year in which I drew the piece and I signed my name. Do art shows accept those pieces with this information on the drawing or will it get rejected for a juried art show.

  138. Peter says:

    Isn’t altered art the same as recycled art because you are taking something that exsits for another purpose and making it into new art?

  139. ouch says:

    What word describes the art of becoming beautiful and strong? It contains the stem “calli” which means beautiful.

    10 points to first answer.

  140. JOHN KAISER PHD says:

    Some people have been training martial art for years but they seem to look fat. Some people look so muscular due to martial art training.
    Some martial art practitioners have been training a lot and they become fast and energetic but their bodies seem to be average with no muscles at all.

  141. Samuro says:

    The definition of it doesn’t make sense to me. “Fine art or the fine arts encompass art forms developed primarily for aesthetics and/or concept rather than practical application.”. What is art that has a practical application and why isn’t it considered fine? Also, isn’t all art developed primarily for aesthetics and concept?

  142. Con Orpe says:

    What is the difference between visual art and visual arts?
    I am not a native speaker and do not know how to use these expressions correctly. Can anybody explain their difference with some example sentences?

  143. XplicitzZ says:

    Ok, this is my last question regarding renaissance art.
    How much did art evolve DURING the renaissance period?
    For instance, was art work from the beginning of the renaissance any different to that of the end of the renaissance.
    Links please.

  144. Christopher J says:

    I’m planning on going to the Academy of Art University in SF, but I’m stuck between whether I should take Computer Arts: New Media or Graphic Design. Could someone please tell me the difference? Also, if I do take Computer Arts:New Media, what type of career opportunities are there? I know obviously if I take Graphic Design, I become a Graphic Designer, am I right? Please help!

  145. dealy says:

    I am majoring studio art with emphasis on painting and I need to take quite a bit of art history classes, which I don’t mind. I want to be well rounded in art history.

    What are movements or art styles do you recommend or
    which ones should every artist at least be familiar with?

  146. crzyinluv says:

    I am very interested in ancient art. I especially have a love for ancient Egyptian art. What do you think?

  147. Nathan B says:

    I’m changing from an art psy degree to a degree in education with the intention of becoming a primary school teacher. My only reservation is in dropping art as I’ve always had a passion for it. Would it still be possible to become an art teacher at a high school in the future or am I restricting that opportunity?

  148. JDOGG1122 says:

    I love art, and I’m going to start taking art history in school but i want a good paying job after i graduate. what can i do that will let me get paid for something i love?

  149. altair says:

    We are planning to run an art contest for the remainder of 2011. It will be based on the “most voted” for artwork and we are aiming at around $500 worth of prizes. The prizes should be aimed at the Australian artists and include: sculptures, painters, photographers and other artists.Someone suggested books and a friend suggested art supplies. What would artists like to win?

  150. Mc L says:

    Please give me some reasons, why do people like fast food? Of couse, they love to eat fast food. But, why? That would good, if you have some/ more reasons and examples who do people like/ love fast food.

  151. Goe122 says:

    I am sending a package to someone in the States (NY) and would like to send some things that she can’t get there. I believe that Smarties, Shreddies and Vector cereal may still be on that list but is there anything else?

  152. Patrick says:

    Well im on a diet but the problem is that my parent love fast food and buy fast food 2 time a week and bring it home 4me and there nothing to eat at home so should i starve myself or eat the fast food and burn it off later?

  153. Eric says:

    For those that don’t eat fast food because it’s unhealthy, do you eat at restaurants? If so, how is that food different from fast food? I’m not saying it isn’t, I just want to know.

    If there is any food from a restaurant that would be just as bad as fast food, what factor decides if its too unhealthy to eat? (with fast food being the standard as too unhealthy to eat)

    Also, what makes food cooked at home healthier than fast food? What factors decide whether the food cooked at home is relatively healthy or unhealthy?

  154. Dr Dorian says:

    What makes a fast food restaurant unique to a regular one?

    Include everything: workers, readiness, availability, style of restaurant, utensils, kitchen, oven, food…etc…

    Or provide links which explain this.


  155. ttocs says:

    Okay, I’m 17 and the house I live in with my parents used to be an old farm cottage. Ever since we moved in there have been spiders mainly downstairs in only 2 or 3 rooms. However, in these rooms (one of which is my bedroom :( ) at this time of year we get spiders often. I know it’s normal for now but I can’t deal with them, I’ve tried everything to get over this fear and I really can’t. I even sat with a tarantula on my knee but lasted about 10 seconds before giving up and having it removed. Anyway, yesterday in my room I saw a baby spider, and today I saw another which looked the same. About a week ago, my mum took a huge house spider out of my room and put it outside, could this have been the mother? I don’t want to kill them but the thought of thousands of those giant things makes me want to run away in terror! :O Will all of the babies survive? My room is clean and I hoover ever day because of this fear, I don’t know where they’re coming from and I know it’s silly but I’m losing sleep over this D: please tell me I’m unlikely to see hundreds of giant spiders within the next few months :( and is there anything I can do to put them off breeding here?
    Thank you!!
    One more thing, have any of you with the same or similar fear managed to get over it, any tips on being able to live with them? I wish I found them cute or something but I can’t even think about them without itching! D:

  156. JDOGG1122 says:

    Does the fast food industry only include restaurants like McDonalds and Burger King? Would companies that produce french fries (like turn potatoes into fries) count as part of the fast food industry? What about meatpacking plants, do they count? Thank you!

  157. apleaforbrandon says:

    personally, i dont think that fast food is good for you at all.. and that there are no benefits of fast food.. but im doing this report and i need to know some ways that fast food is good….. like for example… it saves time.. thats the only one i got for right now…. HELP ME!

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