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Published on April 1st, 2013 | by Sergiu


Free Buildings Vectors

We present you a nice collection of free buildings vectors. If you are working on an architecture design, real estate company or other architectural web project these may help you illustrate very easy architectural models and concepts.

Green City Art


Urban Heartbeat

Sydney Skyline

Blue Modern City Vector


Simple Houses


Highrise Buildings


Highrise Buildings v3


Federation Tower


London Olympic Games


Skyscraper Vector Packs


Building Shapes


Fun Earth


Free City Vectors




Buildings Outlines


Highrise Buildin


Highrise Buildings


Ryugyong Hotel Tower


Silhouette of Catholic Church


Horse Farm


City Vector Urban Landscape


Green City Landscape


Famous Foreign Buildings


Shanghai Skyscraper


Petronas Towers


Look Up Highrise


Highrise Buildings 02


Free Vector Hotel Icons


Vector Night City Scene






Abraj Al Bait


Skyscrapers Vector


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138 Responses to Free Buildings Vectors

  1. Dom L says:

    hi there, recently i need to draw some floor plans.

    to give you an idea what i need:

    imagine just before a police mission. at the briefing there is a large site plan plotting buildings and rooms with simple shapes, rectangles and circles and arrows.

    i dont have illustrator… is there any light programs which can do the job? i have tried using sketchup, free and easy to use. but i am scared that when i am printing A0 size it will become pixelated..

    thanks in advance


  2. Larry R says:

    please help fast. without any other downloads as well thanks

  3. JOHN KAISER PHD says:

    Good morning, i am looking for a site where i can download adobe illustrator pictures, i found one site, but there are just pictures of girls and gays – no offense =) – on there.
    And google don’t offer me much help

    But i am looking for files with buildings, rooms, nature etc.

    PS: The picture has to be editable in adobe illustrator and free.

  4. therundown2k3 says:

    this is for a final project for science. i had to use vocab words. tell me what you think my grade would be.
    The skies were very stormy. There were tornados in the water. Their plane was having a lot of air resistance due to the high wind speed. Nothing but a slight view of a lake on the island could be seen due to all of the fog. Suddenly the pilot’s altimeter was showing that the plane was stalling. They were headed straight down to the lake. When the plane hit the lake with a huge splash it was eventually slowed down by the fluid friction of the lake. The plane was starting to sink rapidly with great force.
    They looked out of their window for a frame of reference as to where they were. They had to get out of the plane because the plane was sinking rapidly with great force. After they got out of the plane they walked a distance until they came to a small village. They looked on their map and saw that the vector that they were in was a small town called Pottsville. In another resultant vector of the map it said, “abandoned nuclear power plant”. Just than a fog much thicker than the fog before was approaching at an increasing speed. After about an hour after staying at an old store for shelter an earthquake moving at a sudden instantaneous speed had just started. They ran outside and ran into a field and just as they left the entire village fell down.
    They looked ahead and they saw flashing red lights. As they looked at the approaching building they saw that they were moving at a fast relative motion. As they came closer to the structure they figured that it must be the nuclear power plant working on strong nuclear force and generating a weak Nuclear force that the map had mentioned. As they came nearer to the plant zombies started to come out of the doors at a fast average speed. They ran away from the zombies at the plant at a high velocity.
    Suddenly they fell down with a hard net force but were able to get up again because of the friction on their shoes. There was a strike of lightning that just narrowly missed them and they felt the static friction of the strike. The zombies were getting closer and were approaching with high terminal velocity. They approached a town name Newton and were approaching the town’s docks. They found a boat and started the boats engines. They could feel the boats inertia as the boat sputtered and the engine eventually failed.
    The zombies were getting so close now that they were feeling the zombies gravitational force. They found a harpoon gun on the boat and shot it into the crowd of zombies. Unfortunately the harpoon gun’s projectile motion was off and the harpoon hit a gas station. Just then the gas station exploded with a lot of momentum and the law of conservation of momentum almost seemed to not apply the explosion was so great. A large mass of zombies was wiped out and the explosion caused a few buildings to topple over and making a lot of zombies weight. They escaped to a bank and found a vault to hide in. they could not get the vault to open it because an electromagnetic force locked it. They got to the basement to shut off the power. They moved the door to the vault open with a lot of sliding friction. Suddenly gravity caused several zombies to come out of the ceiling with rolling friction.
    do i use the words correctly?

  5. Big Banger says:

    Is vector Marketing a scam?
    I think so base on what I found on the internet. Okay so today I get a called from them or should I say though was them claiming to be from Spencer’s. A week ago, I applied for a job at Spencer’s. you know that store that sells funny stuff like sex toys and ****. anyway yesterday I get a called from them scheduling an phone interview for today at 2:00. I get a call like about 12:00 Pm, we were scheduling an interview for thursday at 2:00pm. But then 3 hours later, I get a called from the REAL Spencer’s for the REAL schedule phone interview. I was confused because I though they already called me. So told them that I got an interview with them on thursday, and the girl said ok then we hang up. But after that I realized that something wasn’t adding up. The fact that the interview is not in the city wasn’t adding up. BUt for some reason, something told me to call them back and I did. WHen I called, the answering machine for vector north shore,IL office turned on. I realized that it was from them because I saw there job ad on Craigslist. WHich I tried to apply to last night, and I called them and left them a voice message and they said that they’ll call me. yeah they did alright pretending to be Spencer’s. So I just called the REAL Spencer’s and they said that they didn’t had any headquarters in skokie,Il. Right there and then I realized that it was a scam and that something wasn’t adding up. Now that I check on the internet, I saw some sites saying that it’s a scam. I’m am soooooo pissed because now it seems that I’ll never get that real Spencer’s job. I’m Just as confused as to whomever reads this. I just want to know this place is a scam?

    BTW, this is the place
    The North Shore, IL address is: 10024 Skokie Blvd Suite 234, Skokie, IL

    Driving Directions


    General Directions:Our office is conveniently located one block North of Old Orchard Rd, on the corner of Old Orchard Rd and Skokie Blvd. next to Bank of America. The address to our office is 10024 Skokie Blvd, Skokie IL Suite 234

    Chicago, Lincolnwood, Skokie, Park Ridge, Niles, Morton Grove, Prospect Heights
    – Take I-94 W toward Milwaukee
    – Take exit 35 to merge onto Old Orchard Rd
    – Turn right on Old Orchard Rd
    – Continue for ½ mile
    – Take a left on Skokie Blvd which is right next to a Bank of America
    – We are the 2nd building on the left it’s a 4 story concrete white building with a ground level parking garage
    – Feel free to park anywhere around the building
    – We are in Suite 234 on the second floor

  6. Marlon P says:

    I like to play HQ pro on Modern warfare 2 and I want to know how to make 5 awesome classes because I am only rank 66 and want to level up. any ideas? I was also wondering how to be a good quick scoper too so please help!

  7. liza says:

    I’m actually doing vector illustrations of things, and I want to sell them on royalty free sites like or

  8. John G says:

    I visited chicago in 2001. On the way to chinatown, I remember seeing a highrise that my partner said was a former project. I remember seeing a couple of others later on. I will be re-visiting chicago soon. I was wondering if there are any of these buildings left or have they been torn down.

  9. evangldbrg says:

    I mean do they even do anything?Are they poisonous in any way or carry any diseases or do people
    just simply hate them because of their hideous appearance?This question has been on my mind for
    quite some time now and I hope I can finally find an answer to it.

  10. turg143 says:

    Like other areas like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata, buildings are popping up everywhere, will the Punjab region of India see the same trend occur in cities like Mohali and Chandigarh?

  11. Flash Funk says:

    Why after nearly 5 years has the world only seen about 20 frames of the incident? (none of which show any plane at all)

    Feel free to insult me but I think the question is very relevant

  12. Marshal says:

    I really want to be an architect, but in my geo honors class we have to design a school for 2050. I drew the floor plans, but the websites r so coplicated and in the group i need to make the site plan and floor plan on the computer. So i got sketchup and they were like no column(i need it it is really hard to explain) plus the front of the whole school is like a cylinder(1st level auditorim on semi circle edge, 2nd level glass circular entrance, and 3rd floor round glass library/mab lab.) So any not very time consuming softwares i can work? I don’t want too complicated cause lets say i procrastinated and i got 4 projects due on like fri and didn’t start them well barely and they all count like for 2 test grades, i fail i screw up highschool.

    so tanks in advance and do the tutorial videos help u to understand cuae i didn’t watch any?

  13. Arminator says:

    Thanks a lot to all of those who answer my question.

  14. nyyankees1123 says:

    So i am doing this project to where i have to build a “mini” mini golf course. i have to have a theme so i picked city. i already have my outline of my project on graph paper and i started to find the distances and midpoints using those formulas. But now i want to try and find decorations to use for the city theme and one that i thought i could try to build is a skyscraper or some sort of building out of paper. Problem is i don’t know how to make one. I’ve been looking online for templates or guidelines but i can’t find any. Can you please help me figure out how to make one!?!?

  15. Rassling Fundamentals says:

    I really want to be a world renown name for being an investor and developer of high rise sky scrapers or developing land? I’m tight on money but i will do whatever steps it takes to be in the business of development and real estate. Anybody out there know how to begin or how to get my foot in the door to start my career?

  16. Courtney says:

    We are planning a trip and trying to find a good/great deal. Usually people who have been there know. Let me know about your awesome experience!

  17. Milk84 says:

    Why are highrise buildings starting to go up in Ireland, there’s also a full motorway network nationwide now (nearing completion), the Limerick Tunnel. The craziest thing I heard was that they want to develop a Las Vegas style resort in Tipperary, with a Casino, racecourse, concert venue and a replica of the white house? I can’t see this happening LMAO! I thawt Ireland is supposed 2 be in recession? LOL

  18. Goe122 says:

    Why is it that controlled demolition
    JET FUEL AIR FIRES to completely
    demolish highrise buildings?



    GROUND FLOORS! (eg. Thermite/thermate)


    ON 9/11)


    How did WTC 7, a 47-storey steel
    frame building, collapse completely,
    7 hours after the twin towers & it
    WAS NOT even hit by any plane?
    Remember, all those 3 WTC buildings
    collapsed straight down into their own
    footprints, right down into their basement
    floors, with minimal damage to nearby

    That is like chopping a tree, weakening
    it at one point, and then watching the
    entire tree convert into fine sawdust, and
    sink vertically into its roots, after a 56 or
    102 minute delay period.

    Where are all the strong, sold concrete
    floor slabs? Why did they all get
    converted into fine powder?

    Stop labelling me as a conspiracy
    theorist, because the fact is, I am an
    engineering professor with a PhD, who
    teaches materials science for a living.

    Look at the facts:

    Air fire temperature in still air = 451 F,
    Fahrenheit 451 F, typically 233 – 250 C.

    Use a pyrometer to verify this fact.

    Steel cannot get hotter than its heat
    source & does not even start to lose
    any strength, until over 300 C. Steel
    drops to half strength at about 650 C.

    Steel melts and becomes as weak as
    air at 1532 C
    So look at the engineering science…

    Look at the video:

    You will see molten steel dripping out
    of the South Tower, just before its
    complete collapse! (ABC News video
    & amateur videos)

    How did Ground Zero stay red hot, at
    temperatures above 600 C (much hotter
    than air fire temperatures), for over 6
    weeks? Do you know any single jet
    planes that can keep their engines
    running and burning kerosene (jet fuel)
    for over 6 weeks straight? WTC Ground
    Zero was full of molten metal, in all of the
    basements of the 3 WTC buildings that

    Molten Metal everywhere! It was so hot,
    clean-up crews melted several pairs of
    boots, even several weeks after 9/11 !
    Some firefighters described conditions
    under the rubble as being like a foundry,
    full of red hot molten steel.


    and do a keyword search for:

    “molten metal wtc”

    & look at the evidence of molten steel.


  19. friendly 4 says:

    I would like to hear input on some different ways to market my new small business, that doesn’t cost a fortune.

  20. colingrillo says:

    I’m trying to master my Scar-H gun in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I have unlocked each attchment except Extended Mags. It says use the FMJ to get 40 kills then its unlocked. I could have sworn I had 40 kills with it on until my friend said it means you have 2 shoot through walls. Is this true and if so how can I do it and how can i do it fast?

  21. toysruslover says:

    I’ve unfortunately heard it said a few times here that global warming will lead to the re-emergence and spread of malaria (unlike, say, banning DDT). I’ve even read that the mosquitoes of the northern latitudes don’t carry malaria. Given that the worst outbreak in modern history was in Siberia, I guess the mosquitoes themselves don’t know that.

    So here are the facts. Can we please stop the falsehood being spread that rising temperatures will contribute to the spread of malaria.
    From the Centre for Communicable Diseases (CDC):

    “”Claims that malaria resurgence is due to climate change ignore these realities and disregard history. For example, the many statements that recent climate change has caused malaria to ascend to new altitudes (10,31,32) are contradicted by records of its distribution in 1880 to 1945 (33-35).””

    From Malaria Journal, a study on malaria outbreak in the far north:

    “”The worst malaria year in Finland was 1862. The eastern parts of Finland were particularly affected, including Karelia. Several physician’s reports reveal how severe the situation was. In the district of Mikkeli over 4,000 persons became ill. Moreover, in the district of Joensuu 4,000 persons suffered, in Rautalampi several thousands

    Annual mean temperatures were obviously not significant in the correlations.

    The principal explanation for continuation of endemic malaria must be the choice of hibernation shelter by the female mosquito, within a warm environment in close proximity to humans

    In the traditional agricultural society, certain age groups used to live apart during the summer, usually in unheated buildings. In October-November, decreasing temperatures forced them to move back into heated buildings [42]. Thus, the most conservative explanation is an extended cold season infection time when all age groups congregate in heated buildings.
    EDIT –

    Bob, some good points. The crucial thing to note is that there has so far been no proof that climate change will lead to a greater prevalence of malaria. As *your* CDC links puts it:

    “”Climate change may result in changing distribution of VBZD prevalent in the U.S . . .At this time, scientists do not have the understanding of disease ecology in each instance needed to make predictions.””

    ~ In other words, they simply don’t know and are hedging their bets. As they conclude:

    “”Nevertheless, our current understanding of the complex transmission cycles of these diseases, along with incomplete understanding of the ecology of insect vectors and animal hosts, and the lack of long-term historical datasets linking weather with VBZD outcomes, makes projections very difficult for VBZD currently prevalent in the U.S.””

    Thanks to all for high quality of posts so far. Except Paul’s Alias (there’s a name to inspire confidence). Could you please supply a source for your ‘kook’ claim. I doubt you can.

  22. Samuro says:

    Considering the islands are sand and city?

  23. Jeracoo L says:

    I have the Rush Hour too and my two largest cities are 260,000 and 310,000 and all i get is several short buildings. I checked the desirability and it is at its highest for high-wealth commercial offices. I am very confused!

  24. Mc L says:

    I live in a suburb near New York. I see new businesses openning and buildings being built all over the neighborhood. I have a job, and it pays well. Through most of the years of the Bush reign, I couldn’t find a stable job. The news tells me New York isn’t exempt from the recession and times are tough all over. But I see with my own eyes a local economy that hasn’t been this strong, with this many opportunities since Clinton’s first 4 years. Has anyone else noticed this?

  25. cardskid22 says:

    I am rank 65 almost at 66 and I want to know what guns and classes will help me rank up faster.

  26. Lachlan says:

    called Mediterrenee near John Wayne airport on Main street behind El Torrito, and cooks are Turkish and Armenian l seen the place under costruction betwwen all the highrise buildings looks very nice can’t wait.

  27. EzioAuditore1459 says:

    This question pertains to small highrise office buildings that do not get a whole lot of public traffic and are well watched to keep any “trouble makers” out of the building all together. I do understand places like hospitals, skyscrappers in major cities, etc where extra sucurity would be required.

  28. Malcolm Hudson says:

    For example, I have an idea to create an ESCAPE SYSTEM for highrise buildings. The purpose is to save people’s lives when comes to facing an out-of-control fire inside the building or a disaster like the 9/11. This is only an idea now. But to create a prototype takes investment and many testings hours.

  29. Malcolm Hudson says:

    Please read the description before you answer.

    I’m hoping to rent a highrise apartment in Miami (an apartment in a tower building).
    I’m not looking for anything fancy, hopefully a 1 bedroom.
    What I *am* looking for, however, are highrise apartments, apartments in tower buildings on fairly high floor numbers. I’m also looking for something that may/may not overlook the beach/ocean.

    Just need some numbers on how much rent would cost for highrise apartments in Miami?
    Again nothing fancy. Websites would be appreciated.


  30. Pacman says:

    What are the specific names of construction worker type jobs that are needed when building skyscrapers or highrise buildings? Like ironworkers and stuff

  31. Patrick says:

    I am wondering where in Tucson you can find highrises buildings? Like in a downtown or business disctrict? Please be specific name the intersections of town like this? I am going to be visiting soon and it looks real desertous and bare aoccording to what I see on google maps.

  32. The Beatles says:

    I know it depends on engineering, however I’ve notice most architecture continue to weld as the blue-print in building. Welding can break and rust. How efficient is welding and how much weight can a weld handle without breaking-off?

  33. liza says:

    I hear alot of people easter eggs in MW2 and I don’t know what they’re talking about.

  34. JimT says:

    I have a bunch of stuff that I’d like to sell before I move, but live in an area where I can’t have a garage sale (highrise apartment building). I also don’t have the time to do it all on Ebay since I’m moving soon and it’s a fair amount of stuff.

    Is there any other way to sell it that doesn’t take a lot of time? I guess I could give it away, but I’d prefer to get some cash for it. Thanks.

  35. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    I will be in San Fran for a two night stay from July 3-4-5. Wondering where the best place to stay is? 1st time to San Fran, would like somewhere to also be able to see fireworks and close to a lot of stuff. Any ideas? Looking for up to $200 a night.

  36. Paul M says:

    You would think there’s a lot of hotels that have this view, but actually it seems most of them are obscured by buildings or hills.

  37. henryshensbcglobalnet says:

    I have been trying to draw a picture of the eiffel tower for many days now, but i cannot get the truss beams to look very good, email me at for the image i have been trying to recreate and my work in progress.

  38. Bryan J says:

    I posted this in the Earth Science category but nobody was answering, so I just thought I’d give it a try here.

    I live in California, so we get a lot of earthquakes here. I’ve heard that animals could predict an earthquake before it happens, but I don’t know how long before. Today my parrot has been squawking a lot when we pet him, and my dog has been barking like crazy. So: How long before an earthquake do animals start acting off? I just want time to prepare in case one happens.

  39. Heath says:

    I know the city square project has been on hold for a while but my question is, is it completely cancelled now or do they still plan on moving forward with “City Square” eventually? It would really help out poor downtown Worcester! It has so much potential but there’s no big draws, its disappointing.

    Does the city square project include any new highrise buildings? For such a thriving New England city, Worcester’s so-called skyline is lacking. Even smaller, less important cities like Hartford and New Haven seem to have a better “look” than Worcester, and its really too bad.

  40. Xbox360king says:

    2.What can you do to make your home more safe during an earthquake?

    3.How is earthquake magnitude measured?

    4.Name three ways that an earthquake can cause damage.

    5.Think Critically How are shock absorbers on a car similar to the circular moorings used in modern earthquake-safe buildings? How do they absorb shock?

  41. JOHN KAISER PHD says:

    Man those buildings and the clocktower in the center are extremely freaky and give me the creeps :-s

    Just saw the pictures in a magazine yesterday and saw this link as well:

    @Susan: thanks for confirming :(

  42. Rassling Fundamentals says:

    I’m in the Minneapolis area, need at least 6 hours to work on my fuel line, etc & don’t have a garage or driveway. There’s only highrise buildings around where I live so I need to know where I can legally go do this.
    Thank you in advance for your advice!

  43. Flash Funk says:

    Please friends help me out from this. I want to make a big deal and I dont have any list of companies who can buy some big lands right now I have some of the best sites in my city for constructing highrise buildings. Am sure that the investor can make very big profit by such highrise zone lands…..

  44. RuMKilleR says:

    I noticed that Panama City has a lot of High Rise Building Construction Projects,most of them over 250 meters high, that will bring Panama City to hold the Tallest Buildings in Latin America


  45. supernerd567 says:

    For example If a giant corporation owned a hug high rise building for their head office in Westminster London how much council tax would they have to pay and how is it calculated.
    It wouldn’t be fair if it was calculated by the land used because obviously a high rise has much much more square footage on all the other floors above ground level.

  46. JackReynolds says:

    Everything else being equal, are apartments in short buildings in high-density urban areas worth more than their counterparts in tall buildings? My reasoning is that the apartment owner in the short building owns proportionally more of the actual land on which the building is built than the apartment owner in the tall building.

  47. Sahil says:

    There is a realestate boom,where ever you go construction is going on.Is there a signal to indicate that the world will see more and more skyscrapers in future?And there will be no stopping the urbanisation process all over the world?

  48. Sir fliesalot says:

    I REALLY want a single at UNCC and all of the options on their housing website look fabulous but I am curious to know if freshmen must live in a certain building their first year or is housing open to any and all first grabs? Thanks!

  49. mike s says:

    Like in the downtown areas of big citys or citys with skyscrapers or highrise buildings, they always have some people u see walk around in suits? formal clothing?? i understand its mostly for their jobs, but is it just part of the city life too? please provide good answers!

  50. Sahil says:

    We would build massive, 200-story apartment buildings and we all live in them.

  51. hank baseballs says:

    I was raised in a strong fundamentalist Christian church in Ontario, Canada. It employs lots of fundraising initiatives to develop conference centres around the world. Many of these fundraisers are somewhat “against the code” and involve lots of dirty work, such as working in substandard kitchens, cleaning old buildings and facilities, landscaping, and painting. Some work involved is also somewhat dangerous, such as pressuring minors (as young as 15 at times) to work on demolition work sites to tear down walls and renovate highrise office buildings. Much of these fundraisers pay little attention to standard workplace procedures and safety while the bottom line to those in charge here is to generate as much income to their cause as they can.

    I’m not attacking the Christian beliefs at all but my question (as one that has rejected the faith), is whether pressuring minors (aged 12-18) to participate in these fundraisers is illegal. The suggested amount of volunteer work for each month is 10 hours and is extremely encouraged by this whole community, especially the parents. I feel that 12 year olds won’t have the rational thought and/or audacity to question their parents and church officials so can this legally be viewed as induced slavery to an extent? This particular church looks down on people that reject their faith significantly more than other religions do so any rebellion against teachings are seen as major. It all seems sketchy to me but I’m just wondering whether any of this is actually illegal. Thanks for reading, any answers are appreciated.

  52. Squall Leonhart says:

    I know that if it’s a house or a low floor it might be inappropriate, but what if you live in a highrise and the other buildings are a little further away. Can a person still get arrested for that even though they can’t really be seen unless if it’s with binoculars?

  53. mal_functiongeo says:

    I wish more tall buildings could be built many buildings of 150m

    Just like in Rio de Janeiro,

    Cape Town CBD is nice, but it should shave more highrises for not to cover Table Mountain

    I know Portside is being built , but more projects like this are required, Cape Town needs to be a real city not a town.

  54. henryshensbcglobalnet says:

    Id like to ask you about what it is like working in an Office In New York City? I am working from an office in Liverpool City Centre and i can tell you it is ok,

    I work 9-5 with an 30 mins lunch, which is normally spent going for a “smoke” and getting my lunch-a tuna sandwich, from Asda. We usually go out on a friday to one of the city centres bars, where we have a drink before going our seperate ways. What the hell is it like working in an high rise building?

    It must freak you out knowing how far from the ground you are-Or is it very liberating experience?
    well, You have some of the tallest buildings in the world, and iv always dreamt of working right up there in the penthouse office, right at the top. Is it good? Do you have a canteen up there or do you have to go all the way down for your lunch, and are you allowed to smoke up there?
    WoW Merc1985 and Marie
    Thanks for the insight!! Is the Companies there more professional than anywhere else then?–

    MARIE-It is my dream to work in New York, i wonder if you know of any recruitment websites? If i email my C.V. i hopefully will land a job-Im a Medical secretary-Would that class as a “skilled” job? i.e. to get a green card into the states?

  55. Phillip123 says:

    i need to make the models of highrise buildings as part of a project, and i need to make plastic frames as part of the model. however, its slowing me down because theres no company around me that can help me out, so i decided to help myself. however, i am not too science inclined, and i desperately need to make moulds of the shapes myself and pour the plastic out. can you help me out? thanks. the plastic part s of the models represents windows.

  56. PIE BOY says:

    I didn’t think towers have floors but the Petronas Towers have floors.

  57. Bryan J says:

    I’m currently deciding between pursuing civil engineering and architecture as my field of study. I’m currently leaning towards civil engineering. With that career could I design buildings, roads, bridges and such, or would I just work on managing the construction of whatever an architect drafted? As an architect would I do anything more than designing buildings and following their construction?

  58. krow147 says:

    Toronto’s vision for itself is to become a self-styled NYC type of city with the introduction of many highrise buildings and commercial venues. Do you agree with the vision? Are you for more highrise buildings, greener spaces, or both in this waterfront city? What would make u want to return to this city?

  59. ConfusionnaJob says:

    C’mon, you know that we’re smack dab in the middle of a recession, even if the government doesn’t like to use the term… How is it affecting you and your community? What are your thoughts on the economic stimulus plan?

  60. Lasagna delivery guy says:

    I love cats and really want to have one in my apartment, but I live on the 11th floor and am worried that the cat will fall off the balcony. Of course I’d try to keep the balcony door closed, but if it ever did run out there, would a cat jump off accidentally, or would it sense its height?
    Does anybody have experience wtih cats in an apartment with a balcony? I have only had cats in a private house before.

  61. sarah w says:

    I need to do this question for a project (I need the url too please), but I can’t find anything about how much there is. All I get are parks to visit, which don’t even tell me how big they are most of the time. Please help?

  62. toysruslover says:

    I’m a Chinese, I want to travel in the USA, Where can I go?

  63. colingrillo says:

    i would like to know how tall they are and how many floors and names. Pictures would be a plus.


  64. fattiemanny says:

    Some one who belongs to my country club has a job where he manages a company that installs, repairs, and replaces the windows on highrise buildings. I’m just wondering if anyone knows what the title of this job would be?

  65. Thomas A says:

    i want to know before i unlock 1 of them
    i want 1 that is good to get enough kills for a nuke
    i have an xbox srry ps3 users

  66. PillowMan1234 says:

    I am working on my portfolio for architecture and im new to indesign and i do not know how to import files from different programs with out them being pixalated if anyone can help I would seriously appreciate it thanks.

  67. ScRSC says:

    designs such as Celtic Knots, Tribal designs, and Zentangles.
    I want to spend some time being creative and drawing but drawing things like people and objects are starting to get boring. The three i have mentioned i have already done them and i want to try something new now.

  68. maskills24 says:

    Which course would you recommend for Architecture?

    Advanced Functions or Calculus and Vectors?

  69. mmminja says:

    One of the main 2 buildings on this level i have seen people get to the top of them someway and just shoot down on everyone from there. There is a broken/hanging window whashering platform. I was wondering if people jump up from there or how? I have tried and always end up falling down.

  70. Zack Faria says:

    What is the highest math class i would need to take? Any other info, tips or anything would help too.

  71. XplicitzZ says:

    The definition of matter is: they physical material of the universe; it is anything that has mass and occupies space.

    Doesn’t it imply that if something has mass, it occupies space, or if something occupies space, it has mass?

  72. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior says:

    Please give example if possible

  73. diggn4richez says:

    Because I am not that good at drawing but on the other hand i design GFX and 3D from the PC does that needed in architecture?
    All so does the course have a production method where you have to go to the work shop and create building or not!? because i used to study product design in my school does that related to architecture ?

  74. Hotshot t says:

    Is this the same graphics card in Game Cube that inside the Nintendo Wii system or a higher graphics card. I was playing Mario Galaxy at Best Buys. The graphics suck really bad the game control was excellent. I was really disappointed. Also is there a possible way to upgrade the graphics card they put into the Wii or do we have to wait for the next Nintendo system?

  75. gail C says:

    i tried GIMPS , ,xara , and paint

    GIMPS is good but you cant draw freely with a mouse… i hear u need some kind of PAD..tablet and
    draw with a pen on it sucks no shadowing …all you can do is reggid outer shells

    windows paint its a suckerrer version of with lesser options

    xara is really good but the trial period is over.

    i need to be able to DRAW THINGS LIKE THIS (with a mouse)

  76. dubmecrazy3 says:

    or will they take their megabonuses and invest in Grand Cayman banks under another name?

  77. Maggie says:

    I am borrowing a set top box, the owner dosnt have the remote but says I wont need it since I can change channels on the box itself, and they claim that I wont need to auto-tune the stations because it has already been auto-tuned and has the stations stored on the box,

    However, I am of the belief that I will need to re-tune the box to my area, the owner is located about 15min from me, so 2 questions….

    firstly should I have to re-tune the box? and if I dont- what sort of signal and picture can I expect since the box was originally tuned about 15min from me..
    also the tv has an indoor antenna, it dosnt pick up many stations, only about 4 which I dont watch, will the box also improve the amount of channels I can pick up?

  78. Myles says:

    What kind of houses would the state, Bihar have (if they have different houses then the rest of India)

  79. Smashing Pumpkins says:

    I don’t know what I want. I thought I did. I thought I had everything figured out but maybe I don’t. Maybe everything that I thought that was going to be my future was all just an illusion my own excitement about being an adult made up. This morning I thought I could see myself waking up to the cloudy, dark, rainy morning in my Manhattan apartment. Somewhere sleek and modern, possibly rustic and hipster. That I would just wake feeling free and rested. Change into my favorite clothes; stepping out into the drizzle with just my hoodie and no umbrella. Passing the tall charming buildings that lined the streets and stopping at a café. I thought it would all be that simple but what if it isnt. What if my dreams of becoming something are all to difficult to come true. Writers don’t make that much money and im no good at math to be an Architect so what am I left with? What if I become like my parents or like everyone els? I don’t wanna become like them. I actually wanna be something. I wanna have my own grand sky-rise apartment. I wanna actually WALK INTO my closet. I wanna feel relaxed and easy in the morning. I wanna be care free but everything just seems so far out of reach. What if I don’t make it to college? What if I end up being a no one? Im so scared. I don’t wanna be like that. It terrifies me, I hate my life no and I don’t wanna hate it in the future. I just wanna cry and roll into a ball. I wanna feel safe and reassured my future is safe. Im scared.

  80. Marlon P says:

    Design a binary (unsigned) multiplier using an algorithmic state machine approach (successive addition and shifting)
    We will assume the multiplier is synchronized to the clock signal. The state transition of this multiplier is depicted in the following diagram which consists of 16 add/shift states

    here’s my trying:
    library ieee ;
    use ieee.std_logic_1164.all;
    use ieee.std_logic_arith.all;
    use ieee.std_logic_unsigned.all;
    entity binary_multiplier is
    port(clock, go: in std_logic;
    a, b: in std_logic_vector(15 downto 0);
    done: out std_logic;
    multi_out: out std_logic_vector(31 downto 0));
    end binary_multiplier;

    architecture binary_multiplier of binary_multiplier is
    subtype state_type is integer range 0 to 17;
    signal next_state, current_state: state_type :=0;
    signal reg_sum: std_logic_vector (31 downto 0) :=’0’& x”0000″;
    signal reg_a, reg_b: unsigned (15 downto 0);

    — cocurrent process#1: state registers
    state_reg: process(clock)

    if (clock’event and clock=’1′) then
    if (go=’1′ and current_state=0) then
    current_state <=1;
    elsif (current_state /=0) then

    when 1 =>
    reg_b <= (b);
    reg_a <= (a);
    reg_sum <= x"0000" & x"0000";

    if (reg_b(0)=’1′)then
    reg_sum <= "0000000000000000" & reg_a;
    end if;
    if (reg_b(1)=’1′)then
    reg_sum <= reg_sum + (reg_a & '0');
    end if;
    if (reg_b(2)=’1′)then
    reg_sum <= reg_sum + (reg_a & "00");
    end if;
    if (reg_b(3)=’1′) then
    reg_sum <= reg_sum + (reg_a & "000");
    end if;
    if (reg_b(4)=’1′) then
    reg_sum <= reg_sum + (reg_a & "0000");
    end if;
    if (reg_b(5)=’1′) then
    reg_sum <= reg_sum + (reg_a & "00000");
    end if;
    if (reg_b(6)=’1′)then
    reg_sum <= reg_sum + (reg_a & "000000");
    end if;
    if (reg_b(7)=’1′)then
    reg_sum <= reg_sum + (reg_a & "0000000");
    end if;
    if (reg_b(8)=’1′)then
    reg_sum <= reg_sum + (reg_a & "00000000");
    end if;
    if (reg_b(9)=’1′)then
    reg_sum <= reg_sum + (reg_a & "000000000");
    end if;
    if (reg_b(10)=’1′)then
    reg_sum <= reg_sum + (reg_a & "0000000000");
    end if;
    if (reg_b(11)=’1′) then
    reg_sum <= reg_sum + (reg_a & "00000000000");
    end if;
    if (reg_b(12)=’1′)then
    reg_sum <= reg_sum + (reg_a & "000000000000");
    end if;
    if (reg_b(13)=’1′)then
    reg_sum <= reg_sum + (reg_a & "0000000000000");
    end if;
    if (reg_b(14)=’1′) then
    reg_sum <= reg_sum + (reg_a & "00000000000000");
    end if;
    if (reg_b(15)=’1′) then
    reg_sum <= reg_sum + (reg_a & "000000000000000");
    end if;
    next_state <= '0';

    end case;

    end process;

    multi_out <= reg_sum;

    end binary_multiplier;

  81. RxP DarkBox says:

    Canada and the USA was pretty much problem free of bed bugs for the last 50 years. Where is the resurgence coming from?
    I have analyzed this allot. It has no CLASS distinction yet until now middle class and upper classes did not have bedbugs (per say). Lawyers, doctors, senior citizens, government buildings, schools, libraries etc. all have them now. GQ Mag says Bedbugs are the New STD.

    A Canadian doctor published over 3 years ago saying they are extremely likely to transfer STAPH infections from person to person through scratching but he needed more time to prove it. He was actually TRACKING a strain of MRSA staph infection THROUGH bedbug bite victims!

    Well, its been a 3 years and people are reporting KIDS getting sick from bites and one senior lady too. How much more time does the government need to warn people?
    Emerging Infectious Diseases Article ( Canada) June 2011

    I actually MET a New-In-Country woman who said she did not report the bugs because “It’s normal to have bugs in your home where SHE comes from.” (The whole building had to be treated) She worked in a hospital laundry department.

    I think the common denominator of all bed bug infestations in NON RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS are New-In-Country janitorial staff.

    Where are they coming from and why are they NOT considered a health threat yet?
    I mean where are the bed bugs coming from.*clarification* and why are they not considered a health threat when Doctors already know they are?

  82. Jon P says:

    For example, if a nasty fire erupts in a say 50 story apartment building on the top floor in an apartment How can firefighters fight this fire 50 stories into the air if their truck ladders can only go so high? what about the smoke? is there a general evacuation of the building?

  83. soccermaster1 says:

    In grade 9 math I got an 87 but I am under confident in my skills and brain power. High school Calculus looks complicated and hard, but its application to jobs and real life is surprising. Like WHOA.
    Many university programs want calculus on your transcripts, such as architecture, engineering, etc.
    In addition, I got an 83 in grade 10 optics (I choked on the test because I didn’t read the questions properly) and I’m wondering how hard grade 11 &12 physics will be.

    Any opinions? Thank you!

  84. JDOGG1122 says:

    i’m selecting my courses for grade 11, and i was wondering if i needed chemistry to get into architecture.

    i was also wondering if someone knows/or could help me find a website saying the prerequisites i need to get into architecture at the University of Waterloo. (the current 2008 one please?)

    thank you very much:)

  85. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:

    anyone can explain abouth this matter?

  86. diggn4richez says:

    how to implement SVM using matlab or java?

  87. Only Business says:

    Does anybody can tell me the characteristic of each communities in Vancouver BC? It could be very helpful to narrow down the location to research before buying a condo there. Thank you!

  88. blarg blarg says:

    ok Fla .Destin/panama /pensacola ..wish to find a place on beach…where do I look outside of BIG enterprise//was there years ago on beach,,small .but had kitchen/bedrooms and a pool on the beach..anything left ..close to that

  89. sakyue1993 says:

    i would like to learn more about fire fighting pumps

  90. Dark_LovexXx says:

    I have a current project during my architecture course at university and it requires us to use the program Vector Works. However I would prefer to do this task on my computer at home rather than sitting on the university computers for hours. Is there anyway of downloading like a free 30 day trial of the software as I know it is very very expensive to buy!
    I’m in the uk by the way

  91. jag43216 says:

    As of now is not permitted to build supertall buildings in Cape Town CBD

    So I guess Cape Town deserves some nice glassy supertall buildings

    What a do you think about a huge project to create a new modern CBD with some supertall glassy buildings, and highrises, a nice huge park,, just like Perth?

    What your opinion

  92. John G says:

    What are these Downtown Manhattan areas like?
    Flatiron district
    3rd Avenue
    Lexington Avenue (24th street)
    92nd street

  93. Duke says:

    what kind of things could i see and write about? i know to write about the senses
    thank you very much

  94. kerrin marz says:

    I would like to major in GD or architecture but i just wanted to know if i have to begin as a talented artist or can i learn as i go along..?
    I am a really creative person but when it comes to getting it down on paper its a bit difficult…If i chose to major in GD or architecture do i need to be very talented or do i learn as i go along?

  95. Cliffy N says:

    What highschool courses do i need for architecture?

  96. Benihana says:

    can u plzz help me out in suggesting the best text books for the preparation of iit jee architecture?

  97. kamikami says:

    3 really simple things got me to believe it:

    steel highrise buildings have NEVER collapsed from fire, yet three did in one day,

    jet fuel burns several hundred degrees lower than molten steel, yet pools of molten steel were found under all three collapsed building, even though building 7 wasn’t actually hit by a jet…

    scientists found thermite, what controlled demolitionists use to cut core columns of steel high-rises in order to make the buildings fall in on themselves and not hit any others, which explains the molten metal.

    If you can prove me wrong i’d be happy to hear you out I have no agenda and I listen to reason.

    My question is why do so many people have the idea that believing it makes you unamerican?

    I’m 16 years old and whenever I use this site it’s like talking to a bunch of fucking high schools kids I swear every american is retarded. I posted the sources of proof, if you disagree so wholeheartedly then you should have ample proof, yet all I get is taunts…

    Molten steel burns hotter than jet fuel and building 7 wasn’t hit by a plane so go figure, whoever said that the fires melted the steel to molten.

    And please spare me the comments about you being smarter than me because you’re older if you’re not going to address the 3 points I put forward.
    andy: Okay so lets say that the jet fuel perpetuated the heat of the fire to the extent that it caused molten steel and perhaps collapse but that still doesnt explain building 7, and neither does a car bomb or a jet because it wasnt hit by a jet.

    I have more than 3 reasons to think what I think, and they’re from more than one source, but yahoo answers people arent the most attentive at the best of times so I try to keep it simple.

  98. Gundown64 says:

    Basically, our exam title is “growth and evolution”. i haven’t a bloody clue what i’m going to do as i really need a good grade in order to counteract the bad grade i got last year. I have started of photographing a flower from beginning of the week till the end and now i haven’t a clue what to take a picture of. I live in a town in the country, and i can’t drive so it is difficult to get to places. Please help me :-(

  99. Lia-lu-li says:

    It seems that european skyscrapers (cathedrals or mostly so) stopped after the 14th century, not to be resumed until new technologies of the late 19th century. Why did they stopped being designed and built? Was it because of the plague and why?

  100. Joey 01 says:

    I have to book a trip to LA, to ‘west hollywood’. I’m taking Amtrak and there’s a station in ‘westwood’ and I’m wondering if that is the same as west hollywood?

  101. Malcolm Hudson says:

    the book should contain well illustrated examples of initial collision vector,forbidden latencies,transition diagrams(how to draw it), determining simple & greedy cycles from the transition diagram and Minimum Average Latency & throughput.

  102. Mark says:

    What are they for, I know people work in their but usually I see that there is no company logo at the top. So do many companies take up different floors of the offices? I would really like to work in one of those buildings and so I am going to NYU as an economics major. Will this major get me an office in one of these amazing buildings?

    My main question is: Who occupies those hundreds of floors and what companies. Please be as specific as possible

  103. Derek says:

    I am currently looking for universities that offer a Architecture course.

    My current grades are:

    Advance Function: 91%
    English 12 U : 86%
    Cyber Art (High school specialized major) : 92%
    Physics: 75%
    My next semester will include:
    Calculus and Vector which will be around mid 80s.
    History will be in the high 80s low 90s.
    Cyber arts (a 2 semester course) will be around low 90s.
    International Business will be around mid 80s.

    Does anyone have suggestion for Universities in ontario I could get into or any course that will increase my chances?

  104. Shay H says:

    I looked up a business on the internet and it gave me a certain address. Then when i tried to verify the address by typing in that address in a search, it gives me a different kind of business altogether. Now i checked and re-checked, and I got the address right. But two businesses are claiming to have this address. Now maybe both are in the same building?? How do i get to the bottom of this mystery?
    i do not live anywhere near this place

  105. forahobby says:

    i did art, RS, and english a levels and got full marks in my art, almost full marks in RS and a B in english so i got AAB with two very high As, i want to go to UCL, the barlett school of architecture to study architecture but will i find it very hard without maths and physics? i got an A at physics GCSE and a B at maths GCSE and don’t find maths particularly hard, i just had no interest in doing it at A level. So will i find architecture too hard with the maths and physics involved?

  106. Zack Faria says:

    Hi, I am very interested in going to McGill university as an undergrad for Architecture. Please tell me ANYTHING you know that will prepare and help me. Thanks alot.

  107. Erin says:

    under the Fire Resistant Rating for fire fighters.

  108. Mark says:

    land surveyor
    astronomy and navigation
    civil engineering

  109. nick s says:

    Q .The PC’s interrupt vector table is located in the first 1024 bytes of RAM – address 00000H through 003FFH. Each interrupt is assigned a type number. These include NMI (type 2), the timer (type 8), and the keyboard (type 9).

    a)Unassemble the code of the NMI interrupt service routine (ISR). What is the address of the last instruction in the NMI ISR? Does this ISR invoke another software interrupt and if so, which one? Does this ISR call another routine and if so, where is that routine located?

    b)INT 21H is provided to invoke DOS operations for a wide variety of functions – character I/O, file management, etc. To call any function, AH is loaded with the function number and then the instruction INT 21H is executed. If the specified function cannot be performed, DOS returns FF16 in the AH register. Given the following program:
    MOV AH, 2AH

  110. che-che says:

    I’m a sophomore in high school and I started to look towards my future and start freshening my mind with colleges I might be want to go to. I am a Track & Field Athlete who throws shot put (41′) and discus (110′). I hope to be good enough by my senior year to go to a NCAA Division I school for Track. For my majors I want to do a dual major of Architecture and Civil Engineering (don’t give me crap about architecture being a bad major). I’m having a hard time finding schools that have Division I Track and those majors. I know there is Colombia, Cornell and Virginia Tech but I’m not too sure what others there are. I would prefer if they are in the East (I’m from NJ, I don’t want to be going all the way out to California). My current GPA is 3.5 (which I will hopefully be able to bring up). So if you know any schools that would fit my description, please post as many as you know. Thank you

  111. Bryan J says:

    I just got my permit and my dad has an extra car that is insured, but not legally tagged. I think he is scared to teach me so he keeps saying he doesnt want to get pulled over. We will be driving inside the apartment complex….Can a police officer pull you over in a apartment complex for having 1 tag or something? I heard a police officer cant pull you over on the apartment property becuase its private property, plus you’d think if they are in the property they are on a call and arn’t going to stop for you on the process…
    My mother actually works on property, the owner knows i drive here, hes ok with it. We just wanted to make sure if a cop were coming through nothing would happen….and no i’m not going to hit a padestrian….specually moving at 15 mph :S

  112. JimT says:

    Im kinda a garage guy and Im moving to chicago.What do I do as a garage

  113. supernerd567 says:

    I try to find 2D/3D vector architectural interior elements library, but unsuccessful, can somebody help?

    Thanks in advance

  114. Sriram R says:

    need real good and quality information
    tank you in advance have a great day :)

  115. Heath says:

    There’s been a lot of talk in the Vancouver Sun about developing the area around False Creek, and as per usual in BC, it’s met with protesters.

    The proposal is for higher condo buildings, a giant casino (yes, right outside BC Place), and two hotels around that.

    Personally I would be thrilled at more living space, but I’m a bit iffy on the casino. In a city where debt, drugs, and crime are a problem, a casino doesn’t sound like the most sensible entertainment solution 😛
    They want to have the biggest casino in Western Canada :S Apparently the renovated BC Place roof inspired all these new projects, LOL.

  116. rashest_hippo says:

    When I think of NYC, I don’t even think of houses being there. In fact, I’m not even sure if it does have houses! In my mind, people in NYC all live in apartments or those narrow houses like in The Nanny.

    Like a house in a safe, middle class neighborhood. I’ve heard Brooklyn and the Bronx are dangerous. Not sure about other places.

    Neighborhoods that look normal, not sort of dirty or “rough looking”.

  117. nyyankees1123 says:

    Dear community

    I saw the prices of those Creative Cloud products of Adobe and I must say, it’s expensive to pay 60 euros per month non-stop. But then I saw that there were alternatives of Creative Cloud. They’re all free: GIMP, Inkscape and Scribus. I noticed they receive lot of prestige and positive comments and people declared those as best replacements for Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. I’m studying architecture and I’m wondering if GIMP, Inkscape and Scribus would be enough for my later carrier. Architecture isn’t based on professional image editing like photography does so I think the free-open-source softwares would be (more than) enough for architecture.

    I think Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign has more than enough functions which means some/many of them are rarely used for architecture but GIMP, Inkscape and Scribus has exactly what everyone needs without extensive functions considered unnecessary.
    Ooh, and are there architects who use those free-open-source softwares instead of Adobe products mentionned above?

  118. nmlpc says:

    ** in terms of architecture and building construction

    – What are the key concepts studied
    – what are the formula which are used the most?
    – what vector diagrams are drawn to figure out problems?

  119. jag43216 says:

    i was wondering how a… say 40+ storey inner city building would be demolished

  120. xiM Clutch says:

    If I have a Bachelors in Architecture what courses might I have already taken that I would need to gain a Bachelors in Civil Engineering? If I were to gain one after the other would I need to retake those same courses to gain my new degree or would I be exempt? Has anyone done anything similar in the same or different courses.?

  121. sam N says:

    Any recommendations on which unit is the best housing? are there any suites in the units? and is housing based on first-come-first serve?

  122. Elijah luv says:

    am currently in 2nd year in tele eng degree,i find difficulties in understanding ,and every time it come thoughts to me dat i wouldn’t ft in telecomm field,i like drawing shapes,vectors and stuff,and i like taking pics 4 builidng…wat u think?

  123. Dom L says:

    List one non-programming task that programmers have to do.

    List two purposes of the technical design document.

    Programmers build the game by running a series of ______ files.

    In 3D art modeling, the process of determining whether or not the polygons on a model can be seen by the camera at a particular point in the game is called _____ ?

    This happens when two bounding boxes come into contact with each other.
    A collision reaction
    An error
    Obstacle avoidance

  124. Paul M says:

    I need information about the nickname of hawaii, population and geography about hawaii, not much and also sights (interesting things you can visit when you are in hawaii) all of this in an easily understandable language for foreigners please!

  125. nmlpc says:

    What are the majors they offer? Also, if you have any other information on them please feel free to mention it as well. Thank You!

  126. Joe T says:

    on apples now mac pro there is a 256 bit floating point, what does that mean? And is it better than a 64 bit possessor?

  127. dealy says:

    I want to get into a bachelor of architecture program in Ontario, what steps do I need to take? Im already graduated from highschool, but I don’t have the right courses. I have college degrees in construction and plumbing from a couple years ago, average grades. Is there college or university programs that can qualify me for admission? I would really appreciate any help about this including if there is somewhere I could call about it? I’m planning on trying to call Ontario university application centre next time i’m off work early enough to see if they have any info for me.


  128. timq3dimensionscom says:

    I am non academic painter, I have a lot of photography from buildings and monuments.
    Is it enough to apply for architecture
    What elements can increase my chance to become architecture student
    my preferred uni is Ryerson .
    I can work with Autocad also

    Please give me advice, i need to become student immidiately

  129. David says:

    I need to produce a store layout for uni …if tI do a plan drawing on one of the above programs can I make it 3-d through a function or filter ? Help i’m new to all this? Which program is best to use?

  130. Daniel says:
    I think the photo was taken about 1929.

  131. balinderk2000 says:

    10 points ba

  132. Patrick says:

    CGR4M0 Environment And Resource Management
    CGW4U0 Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis
    CHI4U0 Canada: History, Identity, and Culture
    CHM4E0 Adventures in World History
    CHY4U0 World History: The West and the World
    CIA4U0 Analysing Current Economic Issues
    CLN4U0 Canadian and International Law
    ADD4M0 Dramatic Arts-Production
    ADV4M0 Dramatic Arts – Film/Video
    AMU4M0 Music
    AMV4M0 Music – Vocal/Choral
    AVI4M0 Visual Arts
    AWK4M0 Visual Arts-Illustration
    AWS4M0 Visual Arts – Computer
    LWSDO0 Spanish (is it better to be multilingual? i know english, some french, another different language )
    MHF4U0 Advanced Functions
    MCV4U0 Calculus and Vectors
    MDM4U0 Mathematics of Data Management
    SES4U0 Earth and Space Science

    these are a few of the courses offered for grade 12’s in our school, and im going to grade 12 next year so i need to pick good courses. they also offer computer courses but i aint that great at using computers but im willing to learn.

  133. TommyKay says:

    Im supposed to be working at Barclays in London, which is very hihg. Do they normally have thick, double glazing mirrors?

  134. kerrin marz says:

    Im in the first year of architectural engineering, but i dont seem to like it , i got bored from the first year , i love design but i hate maths and physics , when i was at high school i used to enjoy studying Biology more than other sciences and same time i used to hate chemistry , Im so good at biology I love learning more about it , I love to diagnose diseases or look up for information , I heard from one of my friends that if you want to go to medicine you should be good at Biology and Chemistry, & i suck at chemistry :( ,

    I had a fear that if i chose medicine i would fail in it , cuz its one of the hardest majors, I dont like memorising , I like to understand and learn,
    I went to Architecture School because both my parents are architects , one of the reasons that i chose architecture is that ” I thought its good to have somebody from your family in the same major so they can help me during my studies ” ,
    I have no doctors in my family so im afraid if i go to medicine , my background would be Zero !
    Guys please help me Should i transfer or not ..
    Im so confused , and cant sleep at all ! ..
    Im afraid to go to a wrong major that i will regret later ,
    All i want is when i graduate i want my job to be fun and i really want to enjoy working,

    Thank you !!

  135. Mike says:

    Quote 3D games use vector math. I would not call 3D math big math. It mostly involves mutliplication and division. 3D math mainly involved manipulating 3D points. A point in 3D is X,Y and Z co-ordinates. X is left to right. Y is up and down. Z is front to back.

    You need to do things in 3D like move objects, rotate them, scale them(resize).

    Floating point means the decimal place is not fixed. The computer deals with integers. The decimal point is placed where the most precision is needed.

    For example, if you use 8 bits that give you 256 different numbers. 0-255. as an integer. If you use 4 bits for the left side of the decimal and 4 for the right, that gives you 0.0 – 15.9 (you would only use 1 to 9 for the right side of the decimal). Quote

    So why do you need a powerful CPU? There must be some math? The CPU main job is nothing more than working with binary numbers and doing calculations.There is alot of calculations in 3D games and video stuff like rendering.

    Anyways I will have some one here explain this better..

  136. Terrence says:

    I’m writing a VERY simply OS, and so I don’t have access to DOS interrupts, but I still need to set interrupts. How do I do this?

  137. Sahil says:

    Just wondering….

    What’s your thoughts about…Illustrator? Corel DRAW? Inkscape?

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