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Business Cards Design Inspiration

Business cards are a extension of ourselves in the way that is a simple but effective method to share our contacts with our partners. Why are still these important when almost every business is moving online? Because as humans we are made to interact with humans and when you give your business card to a person is more personal then sending an email or other kind of contact media. You represent yourself or your company and stay in mind of that person.

Personal relations are more important and are something that can create real connections that go beyond your business. When you get a business card you do not get only the identity of that person but also is like a possible friendship and the possibility to build things together. When you handle a business card you are open to show your image to the others and make a statement of who you are and what you represent that is very real and constructive.

We try to help you get help if you do not have an idea about what is the proper road in choosing a business card by presenting you showcase of nice resources.

Technix Business Card


GFX-Design Business Card


Free Business Card PSD v1


Business Card Template 1


Business Card Template


Business Card V


Business Card IV


Business Card VI


Business Card VII


4 Nail Salon Business Card Templates


Corporate AND


Corporate AND 2


Exclusive Business Card


Classy Business Card


Seextwood Business Card


Crispy Business Card


2 Free Tech Photoshop Business Card Templates


Business Card


Splat Business Card


4 Blue Personal Business Cards Templates


Black Business Card


4 Wedding Business Card Templates in PSD


Business Card


Login Form Business Card


Folded Paper Business Card


Grungy Business Card


Business Card Template


Modern Business Card


Free Modern Business Card – II


DeviantID Card Template


‘Elegance’ Business Card PSD


Business Card PSD Template


Free Business Card PSD


Org Bookkeeper Business Card


Blue Business Card PSD


Clean Business Card PSD


Green Business Card PSD


Fashion Business Card


Present. of Businesses Suite


Free Minimal Business Card


Business Card PSD Template


Corporate Business Card Vol 1


Retro Business Card


Psd Business Card Mock-Up Vol9


Vintage Business Card PSD


Business Card Template & Mockup


Acrylic Psd Business Card Mock-Up


Corporate Business Card Vol 5


Corporate Business Card Vol 2


Creative Business Card


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143 Responses to Business Cards Design Inspiration

  1. gail C says:

    By motif I mean an object or element of nature that can be used on wedding invitations, cake, programs, place cards, or anything else.

    Examples would be sea shells, cherry blossoms, snowflake, nautical flags, etc.

    What are your favorite motifs? Have you seen any in a magazine that you thought were cool, unique or well done?

    P.S. I am NOT asking about full-on themes a la Disney princess or goth.

  2. RichT says:

    I’m trying to design a logo and business card for a local accountancy firm. It needs to show that the business is helpful but professional. I am stuck, can anyone point me in the direction of examples of good graphic design which has been done for a similar purpose as I am struggling to find any inspiring accountant logos.

  3. Bryant B says:

    I was thinking Pandora’s art or… darn its so difficult to come up with a good name to represent my logo too.. to be creative the same time. My studio will consists designing logos, business cards, brochures.. you name it!
    So how do you find Dido? And how you guys pronounce it? Like ‘Die-doo’ or ‘Dee-Doh’??
    Or maybe Pandora’s art is better? Or maybe you guys can provide me with something better.

  4. unbleevable39 says:

    Studying a foundation in Art and Design has given me a better insight into what path I want to follow in the future. I have always been interested in creating graphic designs using computer software, but I am now finding that using traditional means are just as enjoyable, if not more rewarding. In my work i draw inspiration from my past and present life experiences. I find this is a good way to express myself and my ideas. I often draw inspiration from the daily happenings of things around me, such as humorous conversations I hear throughout the day, interesting architecture and stories in the newspaper. I enjoy being creative and I view Art as a natural way for me to express myself.

    After completing a BTEC in Graphic Design, I worked voluntarily at a local publishers that were willing to offer me a temporary work placement designing book covers and learning about the industry. I learnt the values of team work, meeting deadlines, working on my own initiative, and about the various Graphic programmes used such as In Design, Photoshop, and Illustrator. After a few months working there I was given more and more freedom, working with clients to design book covers, posters, business cards and invitations. I learned a lot about the influence of type and image in enhancing visual communication. It was very rewarding to see my work in print, and made me believe even more that this is what I wanted to do. However, I wanted to push myself further and learn more, which led me to the decision to take on an Art Foundation course.

    The foundation course allowed me to experiment with different media, and bring out more of my creative side. I was drawn to this course because it offered more freedom. Throughout my time here I have realised that I am also very fond of illustration. I am excited to try out new techniques and different ways in which I can illustrate and put across ideas. I have also had the chance to use traditional techniques while on the course rather than just using the computer. I have developed a new interest in photography, both digital and with film.

    I am very influenced by the works of Russel Fei, a children’s illustrator from Japan, he is often inspired by dreams and creates beautiful unique, fantasy worlds using a mixture of ink, print and photoshop. I have also started a dream diary which I am hoping to take ideas for my own work.

    In my spare time I enjoy reading horror novels and thrillers, these often give me inspiration for illustrations and design. I love visiting art galleries and exhibitions, after visiting the Tate Gallery in Liverpool, the Josh Kirby exhibition caught my attention in particular. He was the original Discworld illustrator and really brought Terry Pratchett’s ideas to life.

    Studying Graphic Design and Illustration at university will develop my skills, help develop a more individual style of illustrating and designing, and also help to build a strong, individual portfolio leading to a successful career.

  5. Muzahid says:


    I’m a graphic designer looking to expand my abilities and add die cutting to the mix and so I am currently looking around at different types of die cutting machines. I’m looking in to electronic machines as I would need to be able to use my own completely custom designs for the cuts and I have seen that the Craftwell eCraft comes very highly recommended for this type of thing, but I have one question that I can’t seem to find an answer for.

    Am I able to use any size material in the tray, or does it have to be the width of the tray which I believe is 12″

    The reason I ask this is because my first order of business will be making my own business cards which will have a die cut pattern and printed information, my friend who owns a printing business will be printing the information and cutting them to size, but can I then die cut them once cut to size (would be very small, 5″ by 2″) or would I have to print, die cut, then cut to size?

    Apologies if this seems erratic, it is pretty late here!

  6. Ramblin Spirit says:

    I have been designing inspirational postcards, greeting cards, and pocket size inspiration cards. Now, I need customers. =-) Any ideas where to start? I am a single mother of three children and am working on no income. I do everything from my home office and basically need to know how I can jump in to the market on fixed resources. Any information or ideas would be very much appreciated!
    FYI: I do have my own online business at which I pay for monthly. I am trying to drive traffic to my site, and having little luck there. Does anyone know where I can find a list of Greeting Card companies for free rather than paying the $50-$100 most places are charging for that list?

  7. Mc L says:

    Well I’m 16 years old and I want to do something with my life, preferably in the fashion industry.. So i’ve been thinking could I have a clothing line online? I really want to sell Sweatshirts.. I have some designs that I’m willing to use but if I used someone else’s design as inspiration is that allowed? Also, I want to like make Sweaters with Pop Cultural icons/celebrities on such as lady gaga, rihanna and many others would i be allowed to do that? i have a name for this clothing line how would i get it copyrighted? i’m thinking of going to study textiles or something at college in September and get to know the ins and outs… but for the mean time i want to establish the line… thank you

  8. mike s says:

    I’m a sophomore in high school, and I’m supposed to find an expert to interview in the field I wish to pursue. I haven’t had any luck finding an artist to interview or talk on the phone with so i guess I’ll just post some questions I need answered.
    Thank you so much!

    1. What inspired you to get involved with graphic art?

    2. Why do you think that most artists struggle financially when finding work?

    3. What steps did you take or consider after high school in order to become a successful graphic artist?

    4. Explain to me the benefits and luxuries that come along with being an artist.

    5. Explain what a “good day” in your field of work would be like.

    6. Explain mandatory procedures or classes one must take in order to become a graphic artist.

    7. Comment on the effect a location or environment has on an artist.

    8. Where do you find techniques or inspiration for your work?

    9. What, in your eyes, are some problems or cons that come along with your occupation?

    10. Is there any advice you can give someone who would like to become a successful graphic artist?

  9. sakyue1993 says:

    i am scared that i might have lost all my chances to find love. i have been told by psychic that i have already met my soul mate, is it all lost? when will i find lasting love? even the prediction are contradicting

  10. Stevalicious says:

    It is in fact not so easy to make a logo for my business card.

  11. Elijah luv says:

    So, anything for inspiration to design business cards.
    Any other websites, anyone?

  12. lcollier93sbcglobalnet says:

    It’s easy to advertise on product on a poster, some perfume or a drink, but my college project is to advertise a collection. I have designed a card collection, so wrapping paper, gift bag, tags and card and need to advertise it all on a poster. However, I have no idea how to do this and my attempts are fat off looking proffessional. I am a confident user of PhotoShop by the way! If I look on Google, products are never advertised in groups so I am struggling to find inspiration. Can anyone give me some links to good collection advert posters or ones they have made themselves. Thanks
    Just read this back, have used my phone to ask the question so sorry about spelling

  13. Rishi says:

    I am in sales, but currently unemployed. I would like to print up business cards to use on interviews, but I am wondering if I should put a job title or just leave it blank? Would “sales manager’ be too vague?

  14. sarah w says:

    I signed up for the sweepstakes because of inspiration, the sweepstakes had been the answer to what I wanted to receive. I was curious if i could continue using the law of attraction to win this sweepstakes if

  15. altair says:

    I work for a small graphic design agency. I was asked to come up with a good “leave behind” idea. I’m having trouble finding other things that other agencies have done. I was searching in hopes of some sort of inspiration. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot out there. Does anyone know of any websites I could look at for some sort of idea/inspiration?


  16. che-che says:

    I am in the process of re-branding my business and am developing new cards. My business is web/media and technical support (Very Little Marketing for the Tech Support aspect). Some of the companies I want to emulate are the these Design and Marketing companies that use a less than conventional boring business approach.

    First of all, I have decided on my job title. I went with Technical Mastermind, I felt it had a somewhat unconventional vibe, but at the same time provides an insight of what I want to represent. I am fairly certain this is the title I want to go with.

    The other thing is I have a What We Do section on the back. Now this Im a bit concerned with. 3/4 of the phrases on the back are actual services I offer in my business. However, seeing as standing out is the goal, I thought that I could make about 1/4 of the phrases somewhat humorous or unrelated to an offered service, such as:
    – Hi Five Lessons
    – Web Adventures
    – Music Appreciation
    – Meditation

    I thought this made my brand stand out a bit and maybe put a smile on some of my clients faces. At the same time, I dont want to seem as childish or unprofessional, and I dont want to turn corporate clients away that are looking for the black and white and boring, but thats not what I do.

    What are you thoughts on adding a sense of fun to your branding, and is there a line not to cross?

  17. Melanie says:

    does anyone know what time it should be
    for the ouija board to work the best? and if you have
    any info on them can you tell me. thx =]

  18. Joey 01 says:

    Hi :)

    I’m doing a stationery product for a University project and I am aiming it at authors and writers.

    Question: What would you want from a stationers and book publishers for authors and aspiring writers?

    So far, I have a business card that is folded with a “front cover” and a “blurb”, but I’m starting to get a bit stuck with the letterhead and envelope design in regards to making it unique and more to the writers rather than a boring, usual design.

    As far as paper goes I have thought about having it with the tiny holes down the left hand side which would be for when the papers get bound.

    Any answers and suggestions would be amazing :)

  19. opurt says:

    Like doing what on Photoshop? Like would I have to make up scenarios to make a poster on Photoshop to practice?

  20. Malcolm Hudson says:

    I have two questions. One, I need to know from anyone who is in this line of work what I can expect entering a career like this, like your daily life in the job. My second question is what school did you go to or what school do you suggest? Thank you! :)
    I didnt mean suit me in that way…I meant in the financial department and distance.

  21. kamikami says:

    I need a logo for my business selling furniture..where can i find inspiration? here?

  22. maskills24 says:

    I’m looking for a website to make or custom a trucking business card.. I need your help on that please..ASAP.. Thanks

  23. JDOGG1122 says:

    where do you go for inspiration? Right now I’m trying to build some mockups just to get my creative juices out, but I’m not happy with anything and having a hard time getting something out worthwhile.

    do you have any tips or ideas?

  24. mrankinmatt says:

    My fiance is a a mac programmer and VERY into everything “tech”. This wedding is as much about him as it is me so I am looking for some inspiration as to how to make our wedding more tech/mac oriented. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  25. Jeracoo L says:

    I have to create a design to go on the student planner at my school (a diary of time, dates and homework). I have some ideas but I’m looking for inspiration really…
    You guys have any cool designs from the web that would look good on a planner, or even your own so I can get some more ideas? :)
    BTW, the designs must relates to earth and nature (hippy school), and simple even.
    Thanks a bunch.

  26. Disrae says:

    “Create 1 page of thumbnail sketches of a good logo. Make several variations to enable you to compare effects, design, and colour aesthetics with annotated comments. ”

    Im having trouble thinking of what i will be advertising, i cant make a logo if im unsure what its advertising.

  27. LN13 says:

    I have a personal training company that needs a logo ASAP! I have spent many, many hours and a good amount of money trying to design something. I want it to be very unique, creative, imaginative, and hardcore or edge of a “bad boy” feel to it. I already decided on color scheme.

    I thought about interacting letters with weights, muscles, but it has been difficult to stand out.

    HELP!!! `=8^)

  28. Kaden says:

    Why is it so hard for us? Why do adults expect us to and their children, wash their cars and deliver their papers? I live in Middlesbrough and there is NOTHING to do at all! so that’s reason 1 for a job..2 is money to move ASAP..
    Why is there no good jobs to do? They talk about the hours we’re allowed to do but to be honest I would rather spend whatever free time I had doing a partially good job than 1-2hours of delivering papers on freezing weekdays at 6 o’clock!
    The only way you can earn something by doing something you enjoy is if you can sing/dance/model which isn’t fair since I basically strike out ALL of them.

    Anyone with any ideas NOT including the following…
    2.)car washing
    4.)dog walking
    5.)dog washing
    6.)dog grooming

    Also anyone who needs a person for a job in Middlesbrough 😉
    P.S Sorry about the job rant..
    a few thing you should maybe know there aren’t many nice people where I live :-/ and i’n not saying the whole of m’bro just where I live also the closest thing to a decent job would be the town centre also not many of the old people trust or like you and i have tried that carwash rubbish made leaflets and printed them off one woman 60’s even closed the door on me! I went round the whole block not one reply
    When I leave I’m doing forensics.. Crime scene investigator now with the money and my savings hopefully i will get to move to America
    Arrgghhh!! I would start my own little thing up for 14 year olds who need money only the irony is I don’t have the money..
    If you search in google ..14 year old jobs
    there’s thousands of them so why can’t we have jobs?? what if we ruled the world [14 year olds] and said okay your doing newspaper rouns at 6 o’clock for £4 a week!! I could find more on the street and down the side of my sofa!!

  29. Rishi says:

    The question is straightforward. I want to know how people make their online business successful? From how they start from scratch. How did you get your inspiration if you own an online business? Where do you get your products? Do you make them yourself or what? How do you market your products? And how did you come about making your own personal website? Did you make it yourself or hire a professional to do it? How much time out of the week does your online business take up?

  30. jordenkotor says:

    I’ve never designed a business card before so I could really use some feedback!

    I make crocheted accessories, clothes, and toys.

    Just a note: I’ve been operating under that name, using the logo for months and months now so the name of the business and the logo itself won’t change, I’m just referring to the setup around the logo.

    I personally like these darker polka dots but people said it looked Christmasy?

    So I made a lighter version here:

    Would it be better if all the colors were lighter maybe?

    Also here’s the back but I’m pretty satisfied with the back:

    Thanks in advance!
    The polka dots did seem kind of overwhelming so I tried these, one’s lighter one’s darker:

  31. Courtney says:

    I have a cricut and am planning on making wedding invitations, stationary, and thank you cards. I want to mass produce detailed designs and I am wondering how much better the silhouette is at cutting. The cricut isn’t flexible with sizes and sometimes tears paper when cutting.

  32. Erin says:

    i am doing my babys room in precious moments and in her scrapbook i would like for her to know the story behind precious moments

  33. Elijah luv says:

    I am a Professional, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. I would like to change my business cards and include a motto of some sort to give inspiration and creativity to the card. Any creative people willing to add their 2 cents? I would love to hear good, wholesome suggestions! Thanks a bunch.

  34. lucasg615 says:

    I was wondering if any one would be nice enough to show me or give me a link to there online portfolio? I’m 19 and currently studying to become a graphic designer and I’m seriously struggling as to what kind of things people use for there portfolios. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot everyone!
    Callum x

  35. Larry R says:

    DOB: 31 Aug 1982

    I have very few knowledge of astrology, i don’t know what planet is it, sun is where or what moon position is. Can someone explain a little? What kind a personality + future etc .. whatever

  36. JimT says:

    I would like to pursue my dream of becoming a graphic artist but sort of hesitant. I haven’t taken any classes yet to learn about the diff. programs associated with it. Any advise such as the type of work, pay, etc. that I could face.

  37. xLittle21Yaox says:

    I need to help a mature friend to design a logo and business card for her company. But I don’t have much idea about the logo. (The company is an shopping site)

    For the business card font or the logo, can I use the font that already exist/ download from site? Especially the logo, if I use the font that already exist, will there be a copyright thing problem?

    Many thanks :)

  38. Only Business says:

    i am planning on majoring in graphic design in college and a portfolio is required. What type of things should be in my portfolio?

  39. The Inc says:

    I have a few ideas, but need some more inspiration also some identity sketchbook ideas :)

  40. United says:

    I want to open a Zazzle and/or Etsy store featuring digitally scrapbooked pages, business cards, invites, save the date cards, etc. but I must’ve used up all my creativity on those things, cuz I’m drawing a blank on a really unique business name. My designs are a little shabby chic/edgy vintage mixed with whimsy.
    Ideas: (what do you think of when you hear these?)
    Edgy Inspirations
    Inspiration Alley

    Other words I LOVE:
    Innocent (or Innocence)

    Word I hate:
    Memory (Memories)

    ALL (creative) ideas are welcomed!!

    @B3LI3VE: Thanks for your input, but those ideas are a little rustic for me. I definitely don’t do rustic. Something a little edgier, spiritual, or whimsical?

  41. Peter says:

    After finally playing around on Vistaprint getting the business card to look the way I want it, I realised I didn’t leave enough time before this networking event to get them printed and delivered.

    So. Apart from getting some cards from Office Works and printing them myself, is there anywhere I can go and get some business cards done in less than a week?

    I know, disorganisement and such, but it took me forever and a day to decide what to put on it, and I did just have exams.

    Thanks for your help.

  42. Sir fliesalot says:

    I have been looking for tutorials everywhere on how to design a letterhead in photoshop but havent found any. help?

  43. Armas says:

    Hi i was wondering It is possible to book a whole singapore flyer capsule.If yes, what is the price?

  44. Alex says:

    I would like to order about 2,000 business cards. I do not want to have to design it myself. I know what I want, but want someone else to design it.

  45. Rishi says:

    I’m getting the Virgin Mobile Wild Card cell phone for Christmas and on the site it says it has “bluetooth wireless”. What exactly is that and what do they mean?

  46. Mike says:

    Right now im only 12. So can you tell me what i should take in high school and what college/university i should go to.I also want to know how mush they get paid.Please experienced people who are graphic designers.

  47. Jeff says:

    As I’ve mentioned in other questions, I’ve been in the crafty mood lately. I have made those fabric memo boards before for my living room and kids room, and I thought I could make a few and try to sell them at a garage sale I’m having this spring. I don’t kno what I could sell them for though…

    Here’s some pictures of a couple I’ve made already:

    They measure about 20”x15”
    I’ve seen memo boards about half that size at Wal-Mart for $6-8.

    What do you think would be a fair price for these?
    They cost about $4-5 to make.
    Quality is very good. I’ve had mine up for a while and they have never come apart.

  48. Sergeant Pickle says:

    Well it’s not too long until I start school, and I can’t manage to inspire my imagination(since I’m going for graphic design I need a lot of imagination)
    So can anyone can help me out here because my brain seems to be in some kind of “white silence” and I can’t get it to create an idea or something like that.
    (also, stress is not a problem here)
    You can help by just telling me how you get your inspiration.

  49. Paul M says:

    I am a graphic design graduate and I have been unemployed for a year, I know the market is tough so I need to design myself some good promotional stationery.. business card, letterhead, CV and website. I wanted to know how you go about the process of creating imagery to brand yourself, because I find this so difficult when compared to the process of doing it for a client (I have done a few freelance projects) Many thanks.


    I’m a designer and have a small dressmaker’s saloon.I work on wedding dresses, embroidary, knitting and different handwork.I can offer photos of my dresses if you like.

  51. Lia-lu-li says:

    Where can I go online to get my business cards printed? I want the edges rounded too.. I’m looking for a place that I can just upload my images & have them sent to my house.

    I want cards with good quality at a low price. I also want to pick out the card-stock that it’s printed on.

  52. SteveO says:

    I am a college student which is why I’m asking this, but just out of curiosity what assignments have you guys received? Whether its typography, branding, business identity, etc. I am more or less looking for ideas to do for fun. Please give me some details to (like what you had to do for the assignment). Thanks!

  53. Peter says:

    Business Card Scanning – Does anyone know to use use a regular scanner with special software to scan business cards? I don’t understand why I need to buy yet another scanner just for business cards.
    Obviously, I need to clarify my question. Business cards need to be scanned to be imported into Outlook or other PIMs.

  54. Daniel says:

    I am trying to put up a booth in a business retail show in two weeks and I was wondering if anyone has a really unique and mind-blowing idea to attract clients to my booth and give their business cards. Any suggestions will be entertained. Thanks;-)

  55. kiltakblog says:

    I design websites for people, and would like to offer Business Card printing as a little additional service. I’m looking for a cost effective way to print high quality Business Cards. I don’t mind paying out for a bit of printing kit if it’s pretty reasonably priced. I’ll obviously also need some software. I’m assuming I could just design the cards in Photoshop.

    Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
    It’s more the hardware I need advice on.

  56. sam N says:

    I haven’t yet established a brand or anything, I make clothes and love to design them and want to start making to sell but, I’m not sure where to start. I have been taught to pick an inspiration point and design things based on the topic but I’m not sure whether that’s a good idea if I’m just starting out. I haven’t been to university yet, so I haven’t completely finished learning everything and don’t think i’m ready to become a fully fledged designer, so i don’t have any idea where I’d even go with my designs when I’d made them and so on.
    If I’m just beginning a clothing line, what type of thing should I be making? Thank you:)
    Tee-shirts is not for me at all:)

  57. Michael K says:

    I really need some good websites or programs that I can use to make business cards. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    They have to be free also.

  58. Courtney says:

    Hello people :)!
    So in digital design class we have to mae our own business.
    Weh ave to make a business card, Employee name tag thing, coupon, gift certificate, letterhead, and flyer.
    Im thinking about doing a
    Bridal Shop/Wedding planning business.. does that sound good?
    and like a need a NAME, LOGO, and COLOR SCHEME…

    thank you :)
    if you can think of or businesse’s please suggest them.. i want a creative new one.. because everyone is doing like a cafe etc. and i dont think that is CREATIVE.

  59. cardskid22 says:

    I’m wanting to start up my own Business making card’s for all occasions i.e wedding stationary, birthday, anniversary’s. There are also other item’s I want to make and sell like little keepsake’s and gift’s.
    Just really struggling to come up with a nice name. Although I like to be creative I’m not very creative when it comes to name’s. So if any one can help with serious answers that would be a BIG help. Thanks. xx

  60. Scott W says:

    I need to buy business cards, but aint too fusy n using vistaprint. Is there anywhere I can have business cards designed for me and pay via paypal?

  61. forahobby says:

    So far I’ve seen that 48HourPrint offers folder business cards with rounded edges for under $100. Any other more unique offers out there? What about an affordable dye-cut card?

  62. Big Banger says:

    I have tried to do this all day and all I keep getting is it saying that it’s free business cards that I can print out myself and I create them and then it says that I have to buy “something” from them. I’m trying to avoid that.

  63. supernerd567 says:

    I am ordering business cards for the first time and I am sort of liking the mini cards (roughly 3×1)
    instead of the standard 2.5×3. Do you think they would get lost easier or would it be more memorable because it is different?? Opinions please!

  64. skillz says:

    Microsoft word always had a program that help you set up business cards, I can find nothing like this using Microsoft office 2007. Any suggestions would help. Even if any one can tell me a different program that does business cards free. I downloaded business cards mx but they put a water mark on the finished card.

  65. Kristian says:

    I need some business cards, and I’ve seen a lot of business card print shops online, but I don’t really know who to pick. I want some thick business cards, with good printing. Can anyone give me suggestions? Thanks.

  66. Vultre9 says:

    I need to find a way to sort business cards so that it would be easy to retrieve any of them.

  67. Armas says:

    I designed my own business cards on paint and I want to print them using heavy card stock paper that i already have. How do I print them myself? I have a paper cutter. Is there a program or a website online that I can upload and print them myself? I tried to open it on Word but the file would not show up? I have a PC and a photosmart printer.

  68. Wooooody says:

    I am having my first showing for my paintings at an art gallery and would like to have a business card. I’d like to have some ideas and opinions for business cards that convey creativity as well as professionalism.

    Thank you.

  69. kamikami says:

    I live in Fort Worth, Texas and I need some business cards. Where can I order some inexpensive but professional looking cards online? If you know of any local places let me know.

  70. baldy eire says:

    I want to get some business cards printed up, but I don’t want to get robbed paying for them.
    Is Staples a good place? Because I have a Staples near my house.

  71. kevindiking67verizonnet says:

    I’m run a parenting blog and was recently advised to have some business cards made for myself to help publicize my blog. I have been thinking about buying some but don’t want to keep them in my pocket or diaper bag. Is there a professional way to store them so if someone asks me for one I’m not digging through my purse to find one?

  72. Chris R says:

    I have a bunch of business cards and I need to get the word out about what I do. What are some good and creative ways to get my business cards seen?

  73. Terrence says:

    I am trying to print my own business cards with Avery business cards and cannot put my own pics on it. How can I do this? I have windows xp.

  74. Anny says:

    Does anyone here have experience with printing professional business cards, and knowledge over what a good printer would be to purchase and start with? I make designs for business cards, and was wondering what the costs would be to use my own printer instead of outsourcing.

  75. xiM Clutch says:

    I’m a realtor and I need to make up my business cards. Some have told me that putting my photograph on them can lead to potential clients not taking me seriuosly at first glance because I am young (assumed that I’m unexperienced) and a women. But some say it helps associate you with your company. I want to be taken seriously and if the way I look could prevent that I need to reconsider my photograph.

  76. Salam says:

    How to create a cheap and creative business cards with little spending time?
    I only have a MS word, power point, and GIMP 2, 6, 8. Can I use any one of this software to create simple cookies business cards and print it from home printer.

    Please help with detail following steps. Thanks

  77. fattiemanny says:

    Im an artist i paint portraits and do illustrations and im think about making business cards. I dont have my own website but i want to have a site on the card where people can go if they want to see my work. Would it be okay to put a web address to a blog or flickr page that shows my art ?

  78. Jonny says:

    I want to make business cards for my dad’s new company. Any one knows any programs to make some?

  79. callofduty5123412 says:

    Right now, I can make a two sided document (business cards 2 colums, 5 rows) but both sides are left adjusted which puts them on opposite sides of the paper. How do I get page two (the back of the card) to be right adjusted so that they line up and I have one piece of paper with two sides?

  80. Ray D says:

    I’ve heard of websites that print business cards for free in exchange for printing their own business information on the card somewhere; does anyone know where I can find these places? I’d like the company to be free, reliable, and most importantly, it should have good reviews.

  81. Con Orpe says:

    I am creating business cards for my massage therapy. I am self employed and only do outcalls to people’s homes. I want to put something that says that I travel to their homes or something like that – but don’t like the word “outcall” because it sounds like an escort job instead of a massage. Any ideas?

  82. Krazy Bob says:

    Does anyone know where I can get free samples of creative business cards sent to me? I’m looking for any type of creative business card, letterpress, graphic etc. Any information would be a great help! Thanks!

  83. Scorch Delta-62 says:

    Is it ok for 1 customer to take all 5 associates business cards in same department , when they all look the same and he wanted tht because he is going to start his own business of making business cards

    Thanks and regards Zahra Thanks for any help and suggestions

  84. shahedC says:

    I’ve been distributing my service around my community for anyone who wants creative business cards made for them. Basically, instead of just making a template and putting the contact info, I decided I can design the card into the shape of your product, make the letters outstanding, use 3D shapes to get more creative and incorporate interesting colors, real textures and use different materials and shapes to make the card. A few people are interested, and I was wondering how much should I charge? I’d be designing the layout, template and design and adding a creative element, but I won’t be printing.

  85. Sonny says:

    I need to make professional business cards using my mac laptop. I don’t care if the program is free or cost $

  86. Jeanelle the Retard says:

    Okay, my mother bought this package of Avery business cards and I’ve got everything set, I’ve downloaded it and it’s ready to print but I have NO clue on how to print it off without the business card being a full friggen page!
    I’m using Microsoft 2007 btw.
    Please help I’m about to punch my parents computer out >.<

  87. sick_mick_101 says:

    I am looking for a software to make business cards with. It needs to be easy to use and make very professional looking business cards. It would also be nice if it had lots of templates and pictures to use.

  88. Oilers says:

    I am a pro photographer, looking for a new company to order my business cards from. Any one know of any good websites?

  89. mrankinmatt says:

    Where can you get paper that is the thickness of business cards? I find everyday card stock is too thin to print my own cards.
    I am looking to screen print my own cards – and will not need to put the paper through a printer. I just want to have something thicker than card stock and do not know any good sources where to find the type of paper

  90. Oilers says:

    I’ve been through several companies who print business cards, and none seem to have the option to make both sides glossy. Can anyone recommend a company who will do this for me?

  91. JackReynolds says:

    I’m makeing my very first business cards, and I have no idea how to make them, so do I make them in microsoft word? if yes, then how? or do I have to use another program?

  92. Jenna says:

    I downloaded an Avery template for business cards. I made the business card I want on the upper left hand card. How do I get the whole page to print like that OR do I have to copy and paste everything to the other 9 cards on the page?

  93. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    They don’t need to be high quality I just need them to be quick and easy.

    I don’t have any updated fancy software like microsoft office or anything.

    I thought I could just go into page setup in my printer but I can’t find anything that looks like a sheet of business cards.

    Any ideas?

  94. toysruslover says:

    I’m using the perforated Business Cards (Avery 8371) to make flashcards. But OpenOffice will only let me edit the first card, then synchronize the rest. When I go to click on the 2nd card it gives me a read only pop up and makes me cry. I can’t figure out how to turn it off.

  95. soccermaster1 says:

    I am looking to get new business cards made, and I want them to be made of corrugated cardboard, recycled if possible too. I want them to be sturdier than a normal business card, and have the look for eco-friendly.


  96. Phillip123 says:

    I have been told that there are legitimate websites that offer free business cards. Anyone know of any?

  97. Thomas Lopez says:

    My uncle wants me to make him business cards(500 pages) in card stock format and in color. I was wondering how much I should charge him for it….any advice?

  98. Kaylla says:

    I am going to sell business card designs online and have recently found out that they are much more difficult than originally thought. I will not be printing them myself, therefore i will be sending the business card files to my buyers to print off themselves.

    Any information you have will be much appreciated! Thanks!

  99. Lasagna delivery guy says:

    I have a bunch of business cards that I’ve received over the past few years. How do you store them? Or do you toss them and keep a digital contact of them? If you do keep the physical card, do you have any cheap DIY solutions?

  100. rashest_hippo says:

    K so in my screen I have a full page (1) and in it I have 12 business cards for each page I make and out of the twelve squares I organized one of them and I want to know how to change the other 11 squares into square number one! Does anyone know how to do this?

    P.S. I already tried copy and paste it and it doesn’t work it.

  101. johnkaiser 22 says:

    I already have a scanner and a ton of business cards. I do NOT want to buy a business card reader but instead use my existing scanner. I want the software to organize the info into some type of database, also I want to be able to use it across our network in the office. Anything you recommend?

  102. Scott Bull says:

    I have a colour laser printer and am wondering if it would be cheaper for me to do my own business cards. I am running Office 2007 which has some pretty decent designs on there and I can’t say I need 1000’s of the things. What do you think? Will decent card cost me more to buy than doing a run of business cards at a printers?

    Thanks for your advice.
    I must be the only person who doesn’t rate Vistaprint. I ordered business cards from them in April and I am still waiting for them! I am waiting for them to answer my emails etc and I am not a happy bunny with them.

  103. Willie says:

    I need to make business cards asap and I don’t want to strain for it. What’s the best way for me?

  104. RichT says:

    I recently became a consultant and i noticed to buy business cards from Scentsy its alot more expensive than buying them from say vista print so I was wondering where you get yours from.
    if you have pics of your business cards that would be awesome too just so i can get an idea of what to put on it. Thanks

  105. Marshal says:

    I am trying to print business cards. My computer automatically sets up my info as the default on all the business cards. How do I change that? I am using Pages. OS X.

  106. Nick says:

    I am designing some new business cards and I am debating on fonts. I was always told make it simple and clean. Italics are a no no. Bold fonts or goofy fonts are a bad idea, and go with a good color scheme like lime green and block or black and white, contrasting but simple. What are your thoughts on a font style and color scheme I should use?

  107. josh12rox says:

    I know a place where customers can go and print business cards on their own, just like an auto photo booth.

    I want to buy an auto printing machine for business cards for business purposes. Where can i buy it? Is it possible to find it on ebay? And what is the official name of that machine?

  108. ouch says:

    I was just wondering what computer software you would need to make business cards or labels from a home computer. Is is easy or even worth the time or money.

  109. thinkthought says:

    I want to do a business class so I can own a salon. So what type of business class should I take? I was thinking business administration.

  110. Austin says:

    How can I find out if it is legal to put business cards on cars in my area? What about cars on the street, in apartment building parking lots, strip mall parking lots, government parking lots such as the library, etc?

  111. diggn4richez says:

    I need something a little more sophisticated then Microsoft Word’s label option for business cards. The idea I have I can’t seem to get to turn out the way I want it to. It’s like the template has a mind of it’s own and I can’t accomplish my vision with it. Is there any free downloads that I could get that would fix my problem?

  112. stingerms says:

    I just started a business which is not doing well. I have not done a lot to advertise as it is expensive. How much does a new business need to rely on advertising?

  113. Jonny says:

    I came across a chart showing the avarage salaries of business analysts in IT/Computer software/Computer hardware. I do not know what a business analyst does exactly. What course should I take in college to become a business analyst.
    Currently I’m planing on getting a degree in Business with IT in college, will that enable me to become a business analyst?

  114. D3ZZY says:

    What specific business degrees would let you go into the music industry?
    For example: Marketing, Sales, International business, ect?
    I deeply love music, so I just wanted to find out if there are some career positions (for example, a music producer or artist manager) in the industry where a specific business degree would help you advance.

  115. diggn4richez says:

    I am a young business entrepreneur and want my business to bud! How do I do this in the cheapest but best valued way?

  116. JDOGG1122 says:

    What is the difference between business information management and business administration? Can i go for an MBA if i get a bachelors degree in either one? Which one is better for accounting?

  117. TommyKay says:

    I have my own wedding and event planning business and I am interested in selling in it. I really want to know the format of a business proposal for selling a business and I would really like to see an example of a business proposal for selling a business (comes with existing advertising and a website). I want a sample so that I can get an idea. Please do not tell me tips. I really would like to see a sample of a proposal for selling a business.

  118. Vultre9 says:

    Also what is a good business to enter in the bay area? (California) How helpfull is a college degree when opening a business?

  119. callofduty5123412 says:

    I am a small business owner and have been developing my company for the past year. Because I left my previous job to start this business I do not have a current income and because my company only recently officially “opened for business” we do not have a profit line. Do I need to file? What about the business expenses that I incur?

  120. krow147 says:

    I have created a business but want to be sure all of my t’s are crossed and all of my i’s are dotted. I have a business degree, I want to be sure I do not have to back it up with a business license? Some people have advised me to get one just to be on the safe side.

  121. Matthew says:

    The business is a Georgia S-Corporation.

  122. Jeracoo L says:

    A business such as Walmart. What should know before bring one into an area?

  123. Noe R says:

    What business is easy and cheap to start in uk?

  124. sam N says:

    Business or Franchise with little investment.

  125. Zack Faria says:

    I’d like to operate a Business and Trade Organization outside the US. If I have a sole-proprietorship type of business, can I do that? If I decide to form an alliance with another business outside the country, would I have to change into a Corporation?

  126. Rassling Fundamentals says:

    I am researching on starting my own cleaning business. I know that I need to be insured and bonded but I am wondering if it is necessary for my business to be an llc? And if it doesn’t work out, what happens? Any advice about the subject is appreciated! Thanks!

  127. Maggie says:

    What sort of card is the best to make business cards?

    I am currently making business card and need to know which sort of card is the best?I saw 100 A3 sheets of gloss card (300gsm) on ebay for £9.95 & dont know if this is good ?Thanks in advance, Mairead

  128. Kobe says:

    With the business tax based on profits and an average of 18.5% effective business tax rate what benefit would be gained by adding more tax cuts for businesses at the expense of increasing the deficit? What is the bottom line or “Bang for the buck”?

  129. Arminator says:

    I am thinking of starting up a business… I have a job but i am wanting to start something of my own so i ask:
    What kind of business should i start up?
    What sites could help me in starting up a business.
    What classes in college should i take in starting up my own business?
    How do i start a new business without spending too much of my own money?
    Where do i start?

    – Thank you so much: answer all questions and get the best answer.

  130. turg143 says:

    How do I meet potential business partners? I know this can very with the type of business to be started, but I’m keeping it vague for now on purpose.

  131. forahobby says:

    I want to start my own business and become self employed.I want to import Mangos and coconuts from the land I have in Mozambique and distribute at competitive prices and in the future I want to to build tanks for creation of lobster and shrimp also to distribute in Uk.In this moment I already had printed and filled the business plan from business link.What I need to do now to present my business to jobcenter and business link and be aproved?

  132. Superman says:

    I’m 20 years old and I would like to create my own T-shirt business to make a little change in the summer lol. My mom bought me the T-shirt press today and I cant wait to get started. I was researching a little info online, it said that I have to create my own unique logos and designs. At first, I was going to create some t-shirts with cartoon characters (Ex. Betty Boop, The Looney Tunes, Disney Characters and even Imvu avatars) But I read somewhere that they’re copyrighted materials and that I could only make the shirts for myself and not sell them, since I could get in a heap of trouble. My question is, How would I go about creating some original designs? Do I need a special type of software? Do I need a license or something? I know how to draw a little bit, (In the middle) But I want my designs to be unique like no other. I want to incorporate some cool designs and prints too. And eventually, once my designs are out there I’m going to create my own site and sell them. So how do I get started? :)

  133. kewlflame14 says:

    I am an aspiring graphic artist, trying to build up my portfolio
    so I have been doing jobs for friends like designing business cards, logos, making digital art, or even editing videos (adding effects). for them
    but sadly they tell me my designs are too bland
    most of them even have better ideas than me

    how can I improve my creativity in designing stuff

  134. hank baseballs says:

    Identify what a business card is used for.
    Identify what a brochure is used for.
    Identify what a website is used for.


  135. borabora5524 says:

    So I just need a simple, but not boring looking business card. I’m having a hard time trying to come up with a design. I’m not a graphic designer or anything but i wanted a business card without having to pay someone else to design for me. Can anyone give me tips/direct me to websites or a software that can help me make my own business card?

  136. henryshensbcglobalnet says:

    How can you make business cards at home, i’ve used the avery card sheets but they are to dull they arn’t shiny like proffesionaly made cards — how can i acheive that shiny professional look? are there card sheet that are shiny like photo paper is?

    Thanks in Advance!

  137. Mistry says:

    I’ve chosen the font I want to use for my logo on my photography I just don’t know how to put it together and how to put it on the photograph, I have photoshop and picasa 3 if that helps
    Thank you
    I Have the newest photoshop cs6

  138. Matthew says:

    i need a business card that reflects what i want to study/major in college. i am visiting east coast colleges next spring and need them to give away just in case i want to keep contact with anyone involved with a college, business, etc.

    i want to study film production and acting. so something along those lines design wise.

    so i basically want to know how or what should be on the card. i want it to look professional.
    any help is appreciated.

  139. Dark_LovexXx says:

    I’m making a business card for one of my friends and he wants 1,000 cards. Now the problem isn’t in the design but I found to print them from but I have NO idea of what 14pt gloss coated cover with UV (C2S) is! Is the 14pt the size of the font? It also has an option of 14pt Premium Uncoated cover. What is that? It’s my first time actually printing out a business card for someone and I really don’t want to mess it up. I myself have been doing graphic design for 4 years in high school and in college for like 5 months now. PLEASE HELP ME! Oh yeah and the business card will only be one sided. Also what does it mean when it says 16pt dull cover with matte finish? Does it mean it’s going to come out dull and not as vibrant? I know what matte is though.

  140. Praveen says:

    does kinkos print hand drawn business cards?

  141. jordenkotor says:

    Hi there, I am doing a short course at my Alma mater and it’s in the Beauty Industry, now there is this expo coming up and we have to create business cards. There will be three display stations: Makeup, Skincare and Skin Analysis.

    So services should I put on the card? Those same three? I was thinking maybe I would put the name of the Expo, and make it clear that I was a student.

    Do you have any pointers?

  142. Balla says:

    I would like to create a business card. I want a unique background. I have the background in my head but I don’t know where to find any for free. What is a good website to create a business card and put a unique background on it both for free?

  143. rndmaktn says:

    I am starting a tutoring business and want to think of some interesting/popular places to leave my business cards. Someone suggested leaving a few at a pay phone, but who uses those anymore?!

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