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Published on March 1st, 2013 | by Sergiu


30 Green Website Inspiration for this spring

Since spring has come and we try to get fresh from this hard winter what should be more interesting then presented everything in green, since this colour represents perfect this new season? We made a selection of latest trends representing green theme website design that we consider to be some of the most creative. Enjoy it!



Valen Design






Gisele Jaquenod




Poplar Grove


Go Glamping


Tic a Tac Poker


Benito’s Hat


Bam Creative




Origen Creatives


Koffie Verkeerd


Sunrise Design




Emotions by Mike


I Avion






Lipton Green Tea


Steve Ottenad






Talk to Gary


Springhouse Solicitors


Tori’s Eye


3 Sided Cube




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150 Responses to 30 Green Website Inspiration for this spring

  1. musicistabest says:

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    So, my main question to you all would be which college/university (preferrably military) would best serve my interests or should I go ahead and enlist straight out of high school?
    Thanks to anyone who can/will help.

  2. blarg blarg says:

    My dad and I are in a competition to see who can get our self the best freshwater fish tank by spring. He has as much money as he needs and I have a $250 dollar limit as of now. I already have myself an angel fish he’s buying off me for $30 and my fish are… 3 green tiger barbs, 1 neon guarmi, 4 neon tetra and a phantom tetra. We each have a 10g limit as well. I can get anything with $250 from now. Any ideas? (fish, scenery, plants, etc…)

  3. LN13 says:

    Where could I find a website with the latest trends for teenage girls? But not teenvogue because their stuff is expensive…
    Or if you know any trends, you can go ahead and put them down :)
    And then places I could get that stuff that is affordable…

  4. mal_functiongeo says:

    I’m a girl, 17 years old, I like to dress maturely, nothing too funky or kiddish. Where can I go to find out what the latest trends are?
    oh and thank you so very much!

  5. Splash Log Level 2 Again says:

    Well my fashion magazine don’t tell much about it so can you please tell me where I can find a website that ca tell me about the latest trends…thanks!

  6. fattiemanny says:

    I design clothing and jewelry I’m looking to change my inventory to reach out to exaclty what girls want and what your looking for.

    *I wanna know what are the latest trends right now.

    *Whats hot whats not

    *And want to get feedback also on what girls are “really” looking for but cant find or want.

    Last thing I also do dog wear and create custom orders. So same questions for dog wear 😉

    thanks in advance.

  7. morbiusdog says:

    I’m back to the dating scene after a long long relationship and now i want to change my look. During my last relationship, my tomboyish style turned into sloppy and lazy. Now that I’m back out into the world, I want to dress good and feel good. I’m a CURVY person so the latest trends won’t look on me (skinny jeans). Can you guys help me out?

  8. soccermaster1 says:

    can you give me sites, or pictures that developed through time in the tourism industry? i need the enhancements received by the industry. and what are the latest trends in tourism. thanks a lot!

  9. nathan says:

    Hi ,

    What is the latest trend in Search engines — besides SEM ?

    How have search engines improved ? Are there any examples ?

    What are the latest news and developments ?

  10. timq3dimensionscom says:

    and always check the latest trends here in r and s sections !

    Would it be because they are bunch of models and will walk in the aisle of FIRE …the soonest ?

    responsible thoughts!

  11. Jonny says:

    I don’t really keep up with the latest trends but I would like to get a new watch for myself that is a casual one. I just want to get something that’s new and that is the real big thing right now in 2012. Are there any casual watches that are really big right now? I see a lot of people wearing G-Shock watches. Are those the new thing right now?

  12. Alina Elliott says:

    Fashion company always have the designs that are match the latest trend and hot trends. But they have to know it in advance in order to produce them. Do you know how do they do that, know the trend in advance?

  13. Travoiz says:

    its the one with black buttons and can be seen on the home page on the topman website in this box that says latest trends. i clicked the box and everywhere else bt it doesnt seem to be available (not online at least) du kno if it can be found instore? is it even from topman?

  14. Jason M says:

    I kinda wanna get ahead on the latest trend but I always seem to fall behind. First it was converse>vans>ballet flats>toms> and now sparrys. What’s next anybody know some cute slip-on/comfy shoes that are trendy lately?

  15. turg143 says:

    I have large breasts. I am not however Plus Sized. I cannot wear the latest trends because they make me look extra large, and I can’t seem to find any shirts that fit. I end up wearing Mens size Small t-shirts and am getting frustrated that I cannot find feminine clothing. Can anyone offer help?

  16. happyha31 says:

    I’m considering making my own website, but i’m unsure how to start… I was just wondering if anyone knows of any good website design software, companies or websites that I could use.


  17. Noe R says:

    Does anyone know of a good website design agency that specializes in yoga websites? I am a new yoga instructor and I need a website where I can post my class schedule, photos, YouTube videos and stay in contact with my clients. In the future I would also like to have a blog and connect it to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Any suggestions?

  18. evil chevy says:

    I have been using Photoshop CS5 for quite a while now for website design, but have recently dabbled in using Fireworks. Have seen that some things are much easier in Fireworks. I know everyone has their opinions as to what is the best software to use for website design. I am not interested in hearing them. I am only looking for the best book(s) or tutorials for website design using Adobe Fireworks. Thanks for any and all suggestions.

  19. mr flibble says:

    I am a uni student and have to give research for good and bad website designs within my theme.
    My theme is photographers and so far i can only find one example of a photographers website that is terrible.

  20. Sergio says:

    Can I do just as good with a certificate as i can a degree in website design? How can I become a very successfull freelancer in website design? What are 3 excellent sites that are 100% to find freelance website design work?

  21. Wooooody says:

    Everyone, I’m trying to locate a professional website design company in Wisconsin. Does anyone know where to find Website companies that are in Wisconsin?

  22. Andre says:

    I want to do website design for a career, where should I start?

  23. Heath says:

    Basicly , iv been let down by the police ( dont take my school this year or somthing stupid like that ) army is one option but a interest i like doing is website design . Can you actualy do web design in bristol as a work expierience?

  24. mrankinmatt says:

    I’m thinking of starting up my own small business online. But I am website design illiterate. How much would it cost to hire someone to design a website? (not an extravagant one, just one that will look nice and get the point across) . Where do I look for inexpensive designers?


  25. Kaylla says:

    I’m considering signing up for a certification program in Basic Website Design and Management. Courses and books cover programs such as Javascript, CSS, Dreamweaver CS3, etc. I don’t have the money to purchase programs like Dreamweaver right now.

    What programs are available to me for tinkering for free? I want to purchase a book or two and work on these skills before I choose to sign up for the program. Any other suggestions, such as books to buy, are helpful as well.

  26. unbleevable39 says:

    I need a good website design company for my start-up business? Any recommendations? Thanks!

  27. Xbox Gamer says:

    I want to learn website designing from the beginner level. Where from i should start. I have good knowledge of basic applications like word, excel, PDF, Corel Draw, Page Maker. Thanks

  28. Scott Bull says:

    I am doing a diploma in IT at the moment, and I am now looking at university courses for next year. What are some of the good universities for studying website design in the UK? I am looking to do a honours degree or a foundation degree.

    I am also looking for a university with good night life and student accomodation.
    Thanks, but I am looking to do a website design degree, not a general computing science degree. I know you can do them at a few places.

  29. Johnky J says:

    What kind of coding should i learn to help me with my website designing abilitys i have already learned css, html, and javascript also any tips for me for website design. Thanks. :)

  30. JimT says:

    Please don’t say that you just do it yourself…I do too and am not looking for that info.

    What do you look for when you are evaluating a website design company to decide if you want to use them?

  31. The Dark Knight says:

    I designed my website in Microsoft Publisher. Now I have learned that my site suffers from “code bloat”, a common MS Publisher problem, which may be negatively impacting on my site’s performance and SEO.

    To the best of my limited knowledge in this area, the only solution is to use some other website design program.

    Which program should I use? And IS it possible to import an existing website without redoing the entire site from scratch?

    Thanks in advance.

  32. Rassling Fundamentals says:

    I am planning on creating my own website design company but I dont know how Im going to get my design to the client. Do they give me the url and password and I publish it or sum other way all answers are apreciated thanks.

  33. Ramblin Spirit says:

    Not time for learning complicate html or other porfessional website knowledge. Is it any easy way to do website design yourself? As long as to insert texts and images are good enough for designing.

  34. Thomas Lopez says:

    I was thinking about Creative Creations Website Designing but that’s a really long name. Any other suggestions? I want it to be catchy and allerative if possible.

  35. cardskid22 says:

    I need to creat a single page website design and need some help to give estimate on this.
    The client will provide their own logo, and I need to design 5 identical icons for this single page site. The client want to see about 2-3 different template designs.
    What would be the reasonable quoate for this job?

  36. brincks26 says:

    I had a website designed by a company and paid for that design. My account with them is due I didn’t pay for the renewal and they took my site down. They are holding my domain name and the design is gone. Can they do that? Isn’t that website design mine and if so how do I get it? Can they hold my domain name? They are costing me loss of money here what do I do? I don’t want to renew with them because they are overcharging me for the domain name and the webhosting.

  37. krow147 says:

    I am trying to setup a website and need the add link functions that sidereel use. I cant work out what website design they use, can anyone help?

  38. ouch says:

    I want to professionalize in computer graphic design (more appropriately for website design and visuals) but I want to know if it also involves a lot of drawing. I am not experienced at drawing sketches at all, but I am decent when it comes to manipulating/editing/creating images, banners and other visual creations commonly used for websites. So, would this be out of the question?

  39. Phillip123 says:

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Adam. I own a skateboarding website and I am having trouble finding a reputable website design and seo company. I have tried freelancers and got scamed each time. So if anyone knows a reliable website design and seo company please let me know. I know its not cheap to have someone build a website. But I would really appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction.

    Thanks for looking at my post….Adam

  40. Joe T says:

    If a web design company you work for becomes insolvent and does not pay you your wages for the last month you have worked. Who owns the copyright of the work you have produced (website designs and logo’s) during that month of employment that you have not been paid for or compensated for?

  41. easton j says:

    I am looking for good website design software. I don’t care about the price and there isn’t a specific type of website I will be making. I just want to make them for fun.

  42. Dom L says:

    I know that intelligent design is the theological aspect of evolution, but that there is also another theory called “design theory.” How does this theory work without using God as an explanation?

    Thank you!!!

  43. ConfusionnaJob says:

    Does anyone know of a good website design company to design a property management website?

  44. Dark_LovexXx says:

    In terms of website designing, what is cross platform independence?

  45. mmminja says:

    I do a small amount of website design in my spare time, i like the templates from places like Template Monster, and i am thinking about buying some templates from there. Would you say that some companies will buy from places like template monster and then edit it to the clients liking?

    Can i do this, or is it wrong?



  46. johnkaiser 22 says:

    Doing a assignment.

    I need to write a website design contract, which will be signed by the client.

    how do i write one?
    does anyone know a general structure?
    or a template?

    thanks heaps!

  47. PolishPokeyPimp says:

    I don’t like my new widescreen lcd monitor. It makes images look wide and its seems hard to work with for website design? Would a regular monitor be better?

  48. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused says:

    Hi, I am looking to redesign my website and am looking to hire a local melbourne website design company. I need a company that is affordable $1,000 or less and that will actually do the work in a timely manner.

  49. Jason M says:

    How to get good website designing projects on internet? i am a freelancer from India.

  50. whitesoxfan2347 says:

    One that can show what the HTML is, but is more friendly interface, and is easy to use but can do some more complicated things. No online website design programs please.

    Im looking to make a website I can post webcomics on.

  51. John G says:

    I am starting a website design and I want to have customers the ability to update the website themselves along with myself and my employees how would I go about creating that?
    I want them to be able to Login with a username and password.

  52. JimT says:

    What are some of the top website design companies in America, the world, wherever? I am looking for companies that are very creative and original.

  53. airdogspace2 says:

    Hi, I am looking to redesign my website and am looking to hire a local Costa Rica website design company. I need a company that is affordable $1,000 or less and that will actually do the work in a timely manner.

    I need a company that can actually provide references as I have been ripped off a few times in by companies in Costa Rica.
    Also, I am looking for website design companies in Costa Rica, not hosting companies in Costa Rica. So please do not suggest hosting companies.

  54. Xedo says:

    I want to learn about website design where can I take a quick course to learn about it?

    I don’t want to enroll in college.

    I am looking for a dedicated course toward practical website design that would last a couple of days/weeks.

    Long Island, Rockland, or New York City areas will do. Even better would be to show me a website that has listings of these kind of courses.

  55. The Inc says:

    I’m doing some market research for website design and just wanted to get an idea of what other people or companies in the industry charge for web design services. Please, no speculation. If you do sites, what do you charge? If you had a site done, what did you pay? Or link to sources that have prices for web design services.

  56. rndmaktn says:

    I am trying to get into website design by using dreamweaver. What’s a good computer Mac/PC? Perferably laptop?

  57. steve says:

    I want to get an education in website design. I already have a decent background in web design, so the basic classes aren’t enough. I would like to find a school that goes deep into the coding, mobile applications, css, java, video, flash, html, and other interactive design platforms, essentially the future of web design. I want to physically attend the school, NOT take online classes, I’m just having trouble finding which school would be the best for my situation.

  58. sarah w says:

    I am learning various programming languages (JAVA, C) in school right now but I want to learn website design languages on the side. What do you recommend I start out learning?

  59. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused says:

    Website design and internet marketing is very interrelated. Main focusing point is marketing. When we think about online marketing then we also need web site. Actually i like to get a website design company address in Virginia. Thank you

  60. Squall Leonhart says:

    I want to start my software business. How can i find marketing consultants in the website designing and web development in Mumbai India. What is the fees i can expect them to charge. how much business can these consultants bring.

  61. LN13 says:

    What is the best website design program? Dreamweaver? Microsoft’s replacement for frontpage?

    Where could I get the program for free?

  62. Flash Funk says:

    I have just started my own personal company, not licensed in any way currently, and I am going to start offering Website Design at a relatively cheap price to start making profit. I want to know if I will need to pay taxes on all income I make from that? If so, how much will it be?

  63. Paul M says:

    We are looking to start a business for a social networking website, similar to Facebook/Myspace. We want to get an idea of how much it would cost to get the website design, hosting, and any other costs associated with running an online company. Thank you.

  64. friendly 4 says:

    The title should be of full josh and should sound new when heard for a website designing company.

  65. Zack Faria says:

    What are the best freelancing sites to work with that have the best outcome to get work?
    Which freelancing sites are free to join?
    What are some really good companies I can work with for website design?
    What are the best ways to find freelance work for website design?

  66. Vultre9 says:

    I’m very interested in website design and would like to learn more about that, can anyone please tell me which school in London is good for this kind of course, and is website design good for career? Thanks!

  67. Agent 47 says:

    I’m trying to find easy to understand, beginners information about website design and HTML. I need recommendations on helpful resources such as websites, books, journals etc. Any help would be great. Thanks!

  68. MexicanDude says:

    How much does it cost to remove a company logo/”designed by” from your website design?

  69. Gage says:

    Anyone knows where to get any tutorials about website design cutting? The design I have made in PhotoShop. And I need how to learn cut design proffesionaly.

  70. Xedo says:

    I own a small website design service and I am wanting to advertise more on the web. I have done craigslist but not much anywhere else. Any ideas?
    I’m looking for a way to advertise my website design business – North Texas Nerd. Check out the site at

  71. Joe T says:

    I am currently 14 years young and am very good at both graphic and website design, as well as coding. I was wondering how old I have to be to do these jobs for people, and if there is a legal age.

  72. Bryan J says:

    I just signed up for this website where I create logos and website design for companies. They offer an amount of money, then graphic designers create logos/website designs appropriate for their needs. I know logos need to be a vector image, but what if I’m designing a website page?

  73. toysruslover says:

    I’m currently living in Georgia. There is some colleges in here that offer 2 year or 4 year degree for website design. I heard that most website designers study by themselves at home. Is there any difference between having 2 year or 4 year degree?

  74. Jesse says:

    I have a design i want to test out. I have tracing paper but i need to know what the professionals use to transfer a tattoo?

  75. stingerms says:

    Since office live is no more I had to transition to Office 365 but my website has been offline for months. I was able to download the zip file with all my website’s design in it but now I don’t know how to add it to my website so it will look like it did before. I am totally lost with website design and it was my previous assistant who did all the work. I will appreciate any help.

  76. Bryan J says:

    University of Tasmania in Australia offers Bachelor of environmental design (architecture) and some other universities offer Bachelor of design (architecture). What is the difference between the two degrees. Both the degrees leads to a masters in architecture and with that can be registered with the association of architects. I want a degree in architecture but I am afraid a Bachelor of environmental design (architecture) from University of Tasmania will be less recognised than a Bachelor of design because I know environmental design is different from architecture.

  77. RichT says:

    Is a career in Product Design lucrative? I can draw visualize and am creative, starting from scratch, are there any institutes in Mumbai? Is free lancing an option? Any search engine leads me to Interior Design and Graphic Design, Is Product Design a general term for both? Is a graduation in Hotel Management sufficient or engineering is compulsory? Please help!

  78. Alina Elliott says:

    For those who don’t know what design contest in crowd sourcing is:

    It’s when a business requires a product design, many designers will spend time to design something. The person holding the contest will ask to make changes then after the contest ends they choose only ONE designer.

    It is unfair for the designers who gets nothing as they spent all their time on designing and get nothing.

    Anyway, I was wondering of ways which you think can make a design contest good for both business owner needing designs and the designers?

  79. mal_functiongeo says:

    I have recently graduated with a graphic design degree and have real issues finding work in a design firm due to lack of experience. So have taken a job as an inhouse designer/ marketer at a hotel.
    Will this type of job give me the experience that i need to be considered in a design firm or am i just wasting my time?

  80. SKATEskum says:

    Hello there, can somebody help me recommend the best website designing and hosting company in Uganda? I need to design a website and have it registered online with a reliable company as soon as possible.
    Am looking for a company with cheap services and reliable….a company that is not expensive and gives enough hosting space with unlimited bandwidth.

    Thanks for any answer.

  81. floydian8717 says:

    Here’s the lowdown there is a local gym near me that has a logo design that looks awful. I decided to take the time and design them a logo. What would you do to attract them as a client. What is the right way to show them the logo design. Should I drop it off at the gym?

  82. sam N says:

    I have a plastic white mask from the halloween store and I want to print a jack o lantern design and transfer it to the mask with spray paint. I know I could cut the design out and tape it to the mask but the design is pretty intricate. Any ideas?

  83. Rassling Fundamentals says:

    How can I design a security diagram of a wireless network . and the design should include a 1 web server with extranet and database server , print server , and a primary and secondry domain controller ?
    Please help .. and Edraw program might help I think but what to draw ?

  84. Boo Cookie says:

    I’m interested in fashion design, but may not be able to go to design school. Would it be impossible to get started without a degree, even if I had the skills and creativity needed?

  85. josh12rox says:

    I want to major in Graphic Design, does graphic design include web design or is web developement deifferent from that? I want to go to college in Florida please help me.

  86. mavis24 says:

    I’m a prospective art/design school student and have been looking through catalogs and websites of various colleges. I’ve noticed some of these schools offer industrial design degrees, others product design degrees, and a few have both. I think I might want to try product design, but I’m not really sure as to what industrial design is and whether or not that’s actually what I’m looking for. Can someone tell me what the difference between these two majors are? Examples of jobs that each would have would also be helpful.

  87. Brody S says:

    Design Issues

  88. Tyler H says:

    The people who design the actual circuit boards for the games, and the people who design the codes?

  89. maskills24 says:

    When taking the PSATs in 10th grade, I checked that I was interested in getting a graphic design major. I have been receiving mail from some colleges saying they have majors in graphic design and others with majors in industrial design. I was wondering if there is any difference between the two? If so, what classes can I expect to be required to take and what can I expect to learn?

  90. Jenna says:

    In my interior design class we have to design a room for someone else. The girl who I have to design a room for wants me to make her a steampunk mixed with victorian styled room. I’ve never made a room like that before and I need a bit of help. Things like wallpaper, paint, furniture, and accessories will be needed. Pictures would be really helpful.

  91. Mackenzie P says:

    I have to design a wind turbine blade for school and it needs to be small scale, no more than two feet long. What is the best design to do this?

  92. Nathan B says:

    I was planning in majoring in Theater Arts and Web Design. But I can’t find many colleges with both majors. What are some majors that are similar to Web Design or Web Development? Thanks!

  93. PoohBearPenguin says:

    I need to know how much I should charge to design professional CD Artwork for a Music Album. Can someone give me some real good advice as to what I should charge for my professional design work. I want to charge flat rates no per hour fees. Thank you.

  94. LN13 says:

    i am thinking of becoming an Interior Design major. but i have to create a design to submit to the program to be accepted into it. so i was wondering if anyone is an Interior Designer or Decorator that might want to help me get started?

  95. Jon P says:

    I’ve been asked to design a tattoo for a friend of one of my teachers, as I am not actualy tattooing this person, i’d like to come up with a price solely for my design. What’s the average pricing for a tattoo DESIGN (not the actual tattoo). And what should i consider when setting the price. Also, what are the biggest factors in the design price?

  96. Cliffy N says:

    Any good online sites for tattoo designs with stenciles that offer a month fee instead of a per design fee?. Thanks
    I’m starting to do tattoos so I’m building the essentials to begin. Any website names would be appreciated. I have found a few, but I know many in the business have a particular site(s) they like.

  97. jag43216 says:

    I’m planning to transfer to a fashion design university in California and I’ve been researching but the ones that I’ve found aren’t up to par. Please provide me with schools that have outstanding curriculum and that focus on all aspects of design such as designing, marketing, and business. I know that the Art Institutes do this but I’ve priced them and it would cost about $80,000 for 3 years.

  98. United says:

    Not specific types of design like web and such. Just a general definition for overall design if that makes any sense. It’s for a class on the fundamentals of design.

  99. Bryant B says:

    How can art and design help bring the world together in enhanced ways in the future?

  100. Dana G says:

    If it varies depending on which course i take, which courses generally involve more design work. iv seen some titled “Design Engineering”, what does this course involve? Also which of the branches of engineering involves design out of civil, Mechanical, aeronautical, etc, and how much design work do they involve. Also how much design work does a general engineering course involve? Please answer i have to send of my ucas Application soon and this would really help me make a decision.

  101. arronwrath says:

    If a web design company you work for becomes insolvent and does not pay you your wages for the last month you have worked. Who owns the copyright of the work you have produced (website designs and logo’s) during that month of employment that you have not been paid for or compensated for?

  102. Xedo says:

    I have a specific design for a chopper motorcycle. Any ideas on how to get it built and patented.

  103. Bryant B says:

    I want to design my cake online because I don’t have that much time to go out to the store and design it there. I want to design a cake unique.

  104. mrankinmatt says:

    I am interested in learning more about graphic design. What is the best design software to learn?

  105. Squall Leonhart says:

    Has anyone used the services of product design consultancies before? How much do they charge? Can they work on an hourly basis? To give you an indication, I’m looking to have a TV remote control re-designed (just the look not the actual product). What sort of price would I be looking at?

  106. Mc L says:

    I have new design applications for excisting clothing manufacturing industries.I would like to know how to benefit financially from my work,for as soon as my work is presented someone else usually benefits .I cannot produce my work at the rate it develops outside of my controll.I just don’t know how much further one can push the art window.

  107. Cpt Excelsior says:

    this question is about website design. if you are giving links please summarize it

  108. Adam says:

    Design for maintainability is about the same as Design for manufacturing and Design for assembly.

  109. Matthew S says:

    Our goal is to design a bridge mad out of Linguine pasta which is roughly 24cm long, 5mm wide and 1mm thick. We can only use 30 pieces and it has to be 20 cm long and 7 cm wide and we can only use one glue stick. What is the best design fro this to hold weight?

  110. Kaylla says:

    I would like to start a web design business but should i focus on mobile site design? I am alot better at mobile site design. Also, how much should i charge?

  111. Mike says:

    I’m interested in Interior Design, so I want to study in this field, but actually before applying to any university and paying huge amount of money I need to know if I’m really capable of doing this. Therefore, I need some basic and important references to read about interior design which would help me to decide clearly Bachelor’s basic books! Your answers will be highly appreciated!

  112. Xedo says:

    I want to design oil rigs for a corporation. My major is Mechanical Engineering. I want to be involved in designing structures for the platforms. What exactly do petroleum engineers do, and would that be a better major for what I want to do?

    Thanks in advance.

  113. Ramblin Spirit says:

    How are statistics and research design related? What is the relationship between research design and the operational definition of a problem statement?

  114. mr flibble says:

    Would a graphic design degree be good enough to work as an electronic designer in the fashion or accessory (such as Claires) industry?

  115. Random says:

    I’ve got a design in mind for my white Jazz bass (just a few black swirly lines, pretty much) and I was wondering how I would go about getting it on to my bass? I’ve had the design made in Photoshop by a friend of mine, and now it’s just sitting there and I have no idea what to do haha.

  116. nothin_nyce1 says:

    I am currently a junior in high school (also taking classes at the local college to get ahead) and want to have a career in some sort of computer based designing, but I can’t choose. The two I’m mainly considering are web design and graphic design. I personally would prefer being in graphic design, but I hear that the income isn’t that great, and I’m not that creative or decisive, so I’m leaning towards web design. I’m just not that sure, though.
    I’m trying to find out class and skill requirements, annual salary, and maybe more details about each career. Also personal input would be great, too!

  117. jdfan says:

    I need to design few flyers, one for a basketball match and a baseball match both College level. Please help me find one. Thank you.

  118. nick s says:

    I design clothing but I don’t want to go into industry, how do I get my foot into the business, or begin to design for bigger companies, maybe sell my designs to labels or other brand names?

  119. Disrae says:

    I am attending a school where graphic design is not a major option. I am a JR now and majoring in business. What should i do so i can go to grad school for graphic design?

  120. Scott Bull says:

    Has anyone noticed that
    ‘design (and policy/planning/ etc) for sustainability’
    uses the old destructive paradigms of growth economics, toxic materials, and single function products, whereas ‘ecological design’ use PROCESSES of design and problem solving that really push green practice to a new standard ?

  121. RichT says:

    I want to design a book cover and I wanted to know which software works the best and is more effective for self publishing? Also, what is the difference between Indesign and Photoshop when it comes to designing a book cover?

  122. JDOGG1122 says:

    I design things as far as: logos, album covers, business cards, banners, edit photograph, etc. I want to know the best possible way to start a design business online and have the clients pay through paypal or other payable choice that are available online.

  123. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused says:

    Graphic design has plenty of divergent definitions out there; and I’d like to hear the personal opinions of what people think graphic design should be defined as. I’m welcoming answers from designers and non-designers alike.

  124. Yoshi says:

    What support was put forward for intelligent design during the trial? How was the support refuted?

  125. kamikami says:

    I’m doing an assignment in college where I have to design cd packaging, a t-shirt with neck label and a clothing tag, and I need to know how I would prepare my designs for production had this been a real project. Thanks.

  126. Joe M says:

    I have a design on the face of a mannequin head. I guess it’s made of plastic or PVC. The design is from a magic marker. I would like to keep the design. Can I spray varnish it, or is there some other way to keep that as long as possible?

  127. Ev dog says:

    Im really interested in fashion design and really wanna start, im only 16 but id like some expirience for when i get older. Please give any ideas u have thanks soo much.

  128. x_blind_x_gamer_x says:

    I have several designs that I think would make great designs for textiles or wallpapers for homes, how do submit my designs for this purpose. What are the steps in submitting a design in this form.

  129. Hotshot t says:

    I’ve been checking out a Graphic Design undergraduate degree with a concentration of Advertising, and I was wondering, what’s the difference between Graphic Design and Communications?

  130. skillz says:

    I contacted a designer over a month ago to design a marketing piece and it’s still no where near being done (to my knowledge). I’ve always designed my own stuff but I’m getting too busy and am outsourcing so I’m not familiar with the design industry. Am I being unreasonable or should this be done yet? I was quoted I would be billed at 2-6 hours, so I figured it should be done. I would like to find out if my expectation of two weeks tops is unreasonable before I say anything to him/her because they’re a really nice person. I had a another designer design something and it took her a few months as well. This is just too long for me. Am I just having bad luck or expecting too much? What’s standard turnaround time here?

  131. Jairo says:

    What is the best possible design for a bridge made from balsa wood? Links to images/ideas greatly appreciated, the bridge cannot have any finishing, however steaming to allow curves is allowed.

    If you don’t have any idea, suggestions for bridge design and presentation would also be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  132. Christopher J says:

    If a company were to design, test, build and produce a car, what would it cost for the following:

    – To design the car from scratch (either purchasing an existing engine or designing a new one),
    – To purchase all the equipment to produce the vehicles,
    – The cost to make each vehicle

    The car would be similar size to a Vauxhall Astra 5 dr, 1.6 diesel engine.

    Any rough ideas?

  133. gail C says:

    I want to download a French design for a Powerpoint I have to do for French class in school, if I download the design on my laptop then save the power point to a flashdrive, will the design come up in school? Or no?

  134. morbiusdog says:

    I’m a guy who’s planning to design a pair of white canvas slip on vans, I don’t know what I should create. No cliches like skulls or anything, any ideas?

  135. homerliveshere says:

    I am starting a free architecture and interior design service and I want to know if there is a word that means both of those things, so I don’t have to say that each time.

  136. Sahil says:

    1) Name? Anna
    2) Middle name? Marie
    3) Location? (only the country) Canada
    4) Age? 16
    5) Birthday date? October 21
    6) Boyfriend/girlfriend? No
    7) Crush? Yes
    8) Favourite subject? Geography
    9) Least favourite subject? Math
    10) Subject you’re best at? English
    11) Subject you’re worst at? Math
    12) Favourite film? The Notebook
    13) Least favourite film? Veggie Tales? IDFK aha
    14) Favourite programme? Dunno what you mean by this, like TV? I would say TLC
    15) Least favourite programme? Family Channel?
    16) Favourite song? Anything by Foster the People
    17) Least favourite song? Stupid Hoe by Nicki Minaj
    18) Favourite artist? Mark Foster
    19) Least favourite artist? Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga
    20) Trapped on a deserted island or Trapped in Antarctica? Deserted Island
    21) What are you most scared of? Dieing
    22) What song is stuck in your head? None atm
    23) Favourite colour? Blue
    24) Do you have any pets? Yes
    25) Favourite ever animal? Kittys
    26) Latest fail/fml moment? I cant remember, I did have a massive nose bleed this morning though?
    27) Favourite joke? None
    28) Favourite food? Sushi
    29) Favourite drink? Shirley Temples 😀
    30) Random fact about you? I am 5’3″
    31) Do you have any siblings? Yes
    32) What are your siblings called? Brothers
    33) Are you sarcastic? Yes
    34) Are you good at giving advice? most of the time
    35) Describe yourself in one word? unique
    36) Names of your closet friends? sarah and amanda
    37) Science or Tech? science
    38) Running or Swimming? swimming
    39) Are you sociable? somewhat
    40) Are you a flirt? no
    41) What are your plans for Valentines Day? carry on like i normally would
    42) Do you have a Valentine? no
    43) Favourite love song? love song by sarah bareilles? idfk aha
    44) Favourite season of the year? spring
    45) Favourite type or weather? SNOW!! 😀
    46) Favourite holiday? thanksgiving
    47) 4th July or Easter? Easter
    48) Christmas or Thanksgiving? thanksgiving
    49) Yahoo Answers or YouTube? youtube
    50) Facebook or Twitter? facebook
    51) What other websites do you currently have open? facebook 😀
    52) What time is it where you are from? 4:06pm
    53) Have you got this week off school (half term? I do lol)? no, that was 2 weeks ago
    54) Are you a good singer? kind of… :)
    55) P.E. (gym class) or Art? art
    56) German or French? french
    57) Favourite quote? the serenity prayer (look it up i’m too lazy to type it on here)
    58) Do you like taking pictures? yes
    59) Have you ever seen anybody live e.g. comedian or singer? yes
    60) Harry Potter (ftw) or Twilight? neither please..
    61) Religious? yes
    62) Do you enjoy singing? sometimes
    63) Do you have a phone? yes
    64) Do you have a lot of friends? not A LOT..
    65) Are you popular/nerdy/average/weird/emo/goth/oth…? average
    66) Do you have Twitter? yes
    67) Do you have Facebook? yes
    68) Who do you look at for inspiration? my mom
    69) Favourite actress? none
    70) Favourite actor? none
    71) Are you bored of this quiz? Well don’t give up yet… YES I AM
    72) Favourite clothing item? hoodies
    73) Favourite brand? ae or old navy
    74) Favourite shop? ^
    75) Are your nails painted? no
    76) What’s the colour or your underwear :3? i’m not saying!!!
    77) What colour is the top you are wearing? grey
    78) What colour are you eyes? blue-green
    79) What colour is your hair? auburnish brownish
    80) Justin Bieber (I hate him) or One Direction <3? one direction, i have no clue who they are but i hate JB
    81) Gore film or Horror film? horror
    82) Horror film or Romantic film? romantic
    83) What does your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend look like? he's asian 😀 and cuuute
    84) What is your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend's personality like? he's really funny, kinda quirky, but super nice, and overall a great person..
    85) What is your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend called? Andrew
    86) What would you name your children? undecided
    87) Favourite names? I really love the name Kamryn..
    88) If you could have any name what would it be? I would keep mine!
    89) Know the cause or date of your death? no
    90) Bleed to death or painful death with no blood? painful with no blood
    91) Maths or English? english
    92) Rugby or Tennis? tennis
    93) Basketball or Cricket? basketball
    94) Baseball or Soccer? soccer
    95) Favourite sport? hockey
    96) Do you like school? kind of
    97) Favourite music video? pumped up kicks foster the people
    98) Lost your virginity yet? no
    99) How old were you when you had your first kiss? don't even remember, i think it was around the 12 mark
    100) Should I scream out "use your wand Harry!" at the woman in black movie (I'm going to see it with some friends on Friday it would be quite amusing…)? HAHA YESSS!!!!
    @Ringette for Life: awww poor baby, what are you 11? immature obviously…

  137. toysruslover says:

    Hi I’m new to website design programming etc..
    I have no experience in building websites
    One day I’d like to be able to design sites from scratch, social media , ecommerce , blogs , search sites, mobile apps ,
    Basically where do I start what subjects do i learn first
    Would prefer home study as I’m 30 and currently work full time,
    Also what will I need as I’m willing to invest in the right
    pc / mac
    Servers ect…
    Anybody who can help I’d love to here from you thanks

  138. Sir fliesalot says:

    can you give me at least two websites that talks about design? it can be any type of design.

  139. ericmreitz says:

    hi there!!

    i want to design a nifty fun quirky flash website, but dont know html – what programme is best to use? I want to add videos, animations, a guestbook, background music, strange fonts, moving titles in short: the whole shazam….!

    i looked at some website design programmes like joomla and frontpage, but their website templates (samples) seem to static, business-like and a little boring….and i’ve got such crazy funky ideas i want to put out there, so i think i need a flash designer, right? (Not sure, i dont know anything about web design – though i can make great looking stuf in photoshop etc! :-)

    Please help, ill be eternally grateful!

  140. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    I am wanting a website designed very basic a about us,contact us,and a gallery,homepage no shopping cart what is a fair price for this

  141. alberto s says:

    I need a website that can either, 1) get my tattoo designs i requested in less then an hour. 2) i need a site that has a list of FULL designs on paper that are large. I can also use some ideas. I want the tattoo on my wrist/forarm maybe a band around my wrist/forarm (It would have to be on a full piece of paper) or somethign relegious

    Iv been to sites but they charge you to get the image. You can only see an image 10×10 and it has the logo over it.

    I need it on a large piece of paper so the artist can see the whole thing clearly without the logo accross it from whomever made it
    In option one, i was wondering if there was a site that i can just scroll to the things im looking for like kinda browse. And it recommends tattoos for me. Mmm i need an actual picture. Not just a picture of a tattoo on skin

  142. veemodz says:

    I am running a website designing and Web based software Development Company , Now i am extremely struggling to get customers. Please advise me how i can get more orders and target customers; this is a small company with strong technical team and good profile.

  143. Rkmc says:

    The one with php progamming.. i need to have my website design professionaly.. just dont know how much or who to look for. anybody? help

  144. TommyKay says:

    What program/or programs do you use for designing high quality, professional looking sites? I don’t mind a learning curve.

  145. Roar me R says:

    I’m just starting out as a freelance designer and have done many projects before, such as magazines, business cards, logos, posters, etc. Just recently, I have been asked to design a website for an online service. I have done little web development and HTML before but it is not something I specialize in. I don’t want to overcharge my client for what I see as a “learning opportunity” but I still want to get paid a decent amount. How much do you think I should charge?

  146. easton j says:

    I have a potential client on a low budget (small biz) looking to get a website designed very soon…


    I only have knowledge of static website coding (XHTML / CSS) as my main thing is graphic design.

    CLIENT NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO EDIT WEBSITE HERSELF — has no knowledge of Dreamweaver so I can’t create a template like that… Ofcourse client has no knowledge at all about basic coding either….

    1) What can I do for her? Is this a CMS thing?

    2) Will I need much knowledge of other coding language to even set up a content management system?

    3) How much does it usually cost to get something like CMS set up / equivalent? Is it a once-off expense to the client?

    As much info as possible would be great as well as ANY RELEVANT AUSTRALIAN LINKS would be great.

    Many thanks for your help!!


  147. encyclopath says:

    When someone pays you to create a website for them, how does it all work?

    What is the pricing and how is that worked out? For example, is it per page? And basic website vs complicated design?

    What sort of info do you promt from the client and when do you show them progress in case they want things changed (an obvious one would be the mock ups/comps, but when else)? When is payment made? Should a contract be signed also?

    What if the client wants you to make a small update in the future? How much do you charge them?

    Any other tips?

    Thank you. :)

  148. uberfailz says:

    What are the best architecture design websites?

  149. _marky_mark_ says:

    I recently registered a domain name and kind of jumped the gun because I know very little about web design. However, I have all of the high-end web design programs as well as the appropriate IDE’s. I’m trying to teach myself all of the proper ways of developing a website, however, with so much information, I have no idea where to start. So my question is: where the hell do I start? I need to learn Flash, PHP, HTML, Javascript, CSS, and how to operate cPanel (I host as, and that is the thing they give users to organize their websites). Which order would you recommend learning them, which programs are best in your opinion for development for each (or programs best suited for overall website design), and which tutorials or self-help books or websites would you reccommend? Please keep in mind I’m running on a strict budget and I’d be considered a beginner skill level. My major is computer science, and I learn very fast, but I don’t want a program off the bat that requires you to be Advanced. Thanks for any help. :)
    Also, I here SQL servers and FTP servers (or whatever they are) are essential to creating a website. Tips on that would be awesome too.

  150. therundown2k3 says:

    I am starting my own business and I need a website to market products & services to clients.
    I was wondering if anyone developed and designed their own website?
    — Which are the reliable softwares to use?
    –which are the reliable web hosting companies?
    –how do I make sure the name of my business pops in the search engines in the first page?
    Thanks in Advance

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