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50 Photoshop Great Photo Effect Tutorials

Making an Abstract Photo Manipulation for a Dancer

In this tutorial we will create a stunning piece of artwork using found natural elements and hidden shapes within objects.


Transform Your Image Into Sin City Style

In this tutorial we will learn how to make a picture look like comics. To be even more beautiful we can make a picture with us.


Photo Manipulation for a Nice Snow Village

This photo manipulation is about forming a nice snow village using a few photos. You just need to prepare a ship and insert into a snow scene. After adjustment of photo color, it is done.


Create a Surreal Artwork of Layered Heads

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a surreal masterpiece for a human head.


Super Fire Effect For a Witch

In this tutorial we will learn how to create fire manipulation, step by step, we will create a girl wearing a dress on fire. You can apply the same effect for any of your images.


Making a Fantastic Battle Scenery

In this tutorial, we will create a battlefield using several stock photography.


Painting a Beautiful Bird Art

In this tutorial we will learn how to create an array with a pair of beautiful birds, we see how to extract images and give them a beautiful painting-like look.


Making a Super Sports Poster

In this tutorial we will learn to create a beautiful work of art, we will see how to use effects to enhance our design technique.


Making a Wonderful Night Scenery

In this tutorial we will learn how to take a picture with a fantastic night scene.


Nice Transparent Bubbles Creation

In this tutorial we will learn how to make a picture transparent balloon, the effect is great, we can use this tutorial to create and raindrops.


Forming a HDR Photo for a Style Street

Few simple scenes can be used to form a nice HDR photo. It is all about photo manipulation. You can simply pick few photos and combine them as one. Following the setting and techniques from this tutorial, you can form your HDR photo.


Create a Super Heroine Scene

This tutorial will teach in fast and easy steps how to combine various elements and textures to design a dramatic and epic photo montage. Learn the basics on how to use the gradient tool and blending options to work the lighting and overall tones. Plus how to use light flares, smoke and water splash brushes. With simple steps learn how to obtain mind blowing effects.


Turning a Lady Image into a Vampire

A simple tutorial on how to turn a model in to a vampire.


Landing on a Sky House Scene

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a fantasy atmosphere, get ready for a colorful scene using tone correction,color balance,layers adjustments,lighting effects in Photoshop.


Making a Lovely Angel in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will learn how to make an angel from a simple picture. We can do this even with our own pictures.


Making a Natural Sunset Scenery

To change the timing for your picture, you can adjust sun light to sunset in your photos. It is mainly about the color setting in blending options. You can apply this idea to any of your picture.


Making a Wonderful Lighting Effect for Posters

Setting the overall mood of an image can be easy, thanks to simple, highly effective lighting effects in Photoshop. It can also add another dimension to a relatively bland photo – making it a powerful tool to have in your box of tricks as a designer or illustrator. In this tutorial you’ll learn various techniques used by the professionals, including brushes, layer adjustments and layer modes – to name just a few.


Nice Spilling Effect for your Shoe

In this tutorial we will use some simple techniques to create a splashing sneakers effect. Lots of copy and paste commands along with some well chosen stock images will be our ingredients for this scene.


A Quick Way to Apply Retro Effect

There’s plenty of apps to give your photos the vintage look in your iPhone, but what about your desktop images? Follow this super quick Photoshop tutorial to easily add a retro effect to your images in 3 simple steps, or just skip to the end and download the Action.


Turning Yourself into a Zombie for Holloween

In this tutorial we will learn how to transform normal photos into pictures of zombies.


Photo Manipulation – Honey Topping on a Cake

This tutorial describe the basics of how to easily turn everything you wish into chocolate with few steps. Moreover, explains how to create realistic dripping honey by your own.


Funny Poster Creation for a Model

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to incorporate all these elements into one image and get a dreamy, surreal atmosphere inspired by nature. Explains how to make ceramic facial masks that match a model’s face and how to give vector lettering a three-dimensional look.


Develop a Natural Night Scene for a Hero

Most of hero movies would present that a hero look at a city from peak. To create one for yourself, you need to prepare a few pictures e.g. a hero, towers & forest etc. Using photo manipulation, you put those images together and apply color adjustment.


Design Red Light Grass Field for a Lady

Learn how to create this artistic photo manipulation using a combination of stock photos. This tutorial will show you techniques for combining images and create a grunge-style fire.


Making a Flowery Lady in Photoshop

In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to create a super creative collage effect, using a range of photo manipulation, blending and compositional techniques. You’ll learn how to correctly extract your images, layer up various effects to create a sense of depth and detail, and create a cool sketchy hand-drawn effect for your photos.


Legend of Lorelei

In this intermediate tutorial we create some simple effects but with some nice impact.Tutorial inspired by the Legend of Lorelei.All we need is some nice stock to combine images together,using a soft brush as an eraser,change some tones and opacity,use the dodge and burn technique and  adding some sharpness.


Making a Semi Transparent Egg

To create a semi transparent egg, you need to know how to work out the egg inside including egg yolk. Once you know how to make everything, you can shape a bubble into an egg shape and combine your egg yolk & bubble together to form this result.


Manipulate Light Effect for Your House

In this tutorial we will learn how to use light, we see a few tricks to improve our design.


Create a Dead City in Photoshop

This tutorial will show how you can use a few stock images to create a post-apocalyptic scene in Photoshop using manipulation techniques to change the lighting of a scene.


Forming a Spaceman in The Universe

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to set the luminosity for the layers to create the perfect light effect,use some brushes, change the color balance and the curves for some nice result.


Creating a Highly Detailed Steampunk Insect

This tutorial is surprisingly easy, you just need to have a basic understanding of selection and blending techniques in Photoshop to make the final image appear as realistic as possible.


Making a Natural Background For a Lady

Learn how to create this photo manipulation with this detailed step-by-step walkthrough. You’ll learn how to combine a beautiful redhead model with a black raven in a mystical landscape scene.


Manipulation Tutorial – Holding the Earth

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create an conceptual earth hour photo-manipulation. We are going to learn the process of creating depth of field using a few advanced tools.


Making a Robotic Effect for a Human

You may have already watched a lot of robot films and wondered how they can transform a normal human into a robot. The most simplest way to do is to add some machinery element on the human joints plus a machinery background.


Remarkable Drink Ads Poster Creation

In this tutorial we will learn how to make a poster advertising the drinks, water spilling effect would be applied so as to stand out the drinks. A simple way to control the spilling effect is to use photo manipulation plus transform function to control the water spilling direction.


Photo Manipulation – a Pretty Lady Holding a Bird

In this tutorial we learn how to use Gaussian Blur for backgrounds, apply textures for changing the tones,use the brushes and make your images sharpen without losing the quality of the image.


Making a Disaster Impact Scenery to the Earth

This tutorial shows steps to design this Dramatic Planet Impact Scene in Photoshop. This is an intermediate tutorial so some steps can be tricky, but why not have a try.


Create a Movie Scenery – Hell Rider

In this tutorial you will learn how to work with fire stock images, how to create a dark background and how to make certain light effects.


Create an Elegant Lady in a Night Scene

In this tutorial we will learn how to draw a romantic night, where they found a girl looking out the window.


Style Bird Creation Using Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create interesting, fluid elements using the Liquify filter. Using just a single image, you can create a whole variety of effects by pushing, pulling, rotating, reflecting, puckering and bloating any area as subtly or drastically as you wish.


Forming a Realistic Wooden Beast

This tutorial shows the step by step process to turn a normal photo of a wood stock into a wooden dragon image, just by using creativity and some intermediate technical knowledge.


Form an Imaginative Scene – House on a Shoe

In this tutorial we will learn how to make a beautiful work of art, here we see how to manipulate a photo.


Making a Gloomy War Scenery Using Photoshop

In this photoshop tutorial, we will learn how to create an emotional post war scene photo manipulation. We will combine some picture to be manipulated into something unique and create scene with the feel of post apocalyptic war.


Design a Desperate Natural Background for a Lady

This time we will make a simple yet beautiful dramatic manipulation. You will see how to create shadows and how combining a couple of images and the right adjustments you can create a cool manipulation.


Photoshop to Create a Fantasy Forest Scene

In this tutorial we going to show you process for utilizing the HDR Toning feature of Photoshop CS5 in combination with a few lighting effects to create a fantasy forest scene.


Create a Great Sky using Photoshop

In this tutorial we’ll cover the process of editing your landscape photos in Photoshop to give an epic, almost fantasy style appearance with bright colours, high contrast and lots of fine detail.


Adding a Proper Make-up using Photoshop

This tutorial is on how to do a full makeup in Photoshop, using only layers and a paint brush. You can skip the steps you don’t see a need for, and only use the eyeshadow or lipstick tutorial.


How to Beautify your Objects using Photoshop

How to beautify your photos in few easy steps? You actually can do it in the blend mode settings to adjust your image colors through this settings and you can apply the adjustments for other objects and photos.


Apply a Special Lighting Effect for an Image

In this tutorial we will show you how to create a beautiful abstract artwork using light effects, a few fractal images, a custom brush and some cool post editing techniques.


Create a Super Fire Effect for a Car

In this  tutorial we will show you how to create a flaming car. We saw this effect before and it’s quite simple but it’s a good exercise and the result is quite good. You can also apply this effect on other images.


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49 Responses to 50 Photoshop Great Photo Effect Tutorials

  1. Dark_LovexXx says:

    Does any one know of any cool ideas or fun lesson plans to teach Photoshop to 4th and 5th graders?
    Thanks everyone.


    For all you people that know a lot about making videos and editing them as a hobby, what video software should I buy? I want it to be great, but not so intricate in detail that I get completely lost and it’s $1000…

  3. whitesoxfan2347 says:

    Like, a LOT of girls on Facebook edit their photos by adding in quotes, borders, changing it to black and white, that kind of stuff! I was wondering what photoeditor their using? 😛 Thank u!

  4. Gundown64 says:

    i have photoshop cs5 and im still learning how to use photoshop im starting to do graphic design and was hoping someone knows how to do this to a pic(link below) and great tutorials on how to master photoshop


  5. Praveen says:

    Heres some examples of the people who I absolutely admire


    If anyone has some tips they can give to help me take/edit pictures to look like theirs, it would be greatly appreciated! thanks 😀

  6. Matthew David says:

    I’m looking for tutorials that teaches how to do such banner (or label if you preferred) in the below 2 photos but there’s no results so i decided to post up here and see if i have some luck not.

    The banner (or label) im talking about is the one that stands the biggest portion, the one yellow with black polka dot in between. example: http://aekey.net/keysday/banner.jpg

    another thing is something similar to the previous one, also the banner (or label). It’s obvious that it’s almost the same pattern but i would like to know how to do both of course. Also, the one where contains the triangle shape as the background, how do i do such design too? Here: http://a.yfrog.com/img875/7360/17wqy.jpg

    Much appreciated if anyone willing t share your great knowledge in designing! I’m planning to do something for my final year project so it will be a great help! Thanks! :3

  7. Nathan B says:

    Ok so I’m into anime and i want to start making them digital, like professionals. 1st off I don’t have photo-shop but i do have GIMP. (which is very confusing so if you could show me any tutorials on that, tha’d be great!)
    Im so confused tho, just with everything:
    Pen tools
    which pen tablet to use
    i mean is there an easy way to do this?

    I mean can i make a good digital anime with a 150 pen tablet, GIMP (once i learn how to use it) and my creativity? I mean i may get photoshop ELEMENTS but idk

    And i have heard about MangaStudio. If i were to get that it would have to be the 50 dollar one, and supposedly that one does black and white anime?
    ugh idk please tell me all i need to know, what i need to buy, any tutorials that can help me with Layers, this that, blah blah blah
    lol if you cant tell im pretty frusterated so PLEAAAASE help me?
    Deffiatly BEST ANSWER

  8. mendhak says:



    i dont really know how to use photoshop, i have it, but i just havent used it properly aha,

    i was thinking, would i just get a normal picture of someone and do loads of fancy stuff or/……..

    thanks its for my artwork gcse

  9. Brian says:

    My brother is trying to take a photo where his subject in the foreground is in focus but the background has a blur of people (as if life is just ticking by). Using Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority won’t work because the picture is in the daylight. Is there any way around this?

    I had the idea of taking multiple photos and then just editing it on Photoshop or some other photo manipulation software. Would that work?

  10. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior says:

    Specifically things like anime, manga and game illustrations. It’d also be very handy if it’s equipped for photo manipulation. I don’t care about the price. I want the one that works the best and has the most options.

    I already worked with gimp, and I have to wonder will there also be a big difference?

  11. clntvrrt says:

    I’m competent at using the software and genuinely enthusiastic and patient when teaching others how to use it – I’ve experience assisting with Photoshop classes on a voluntary basis. I have a certificate in Digital Photo Manipulation (and a clear CRB, although I want to teach adults , not children).

    Is it realistic of me to think that I can become a private tutor?

    I’d welcome advice from those in the know, and those who’ve experience of private tuition.

  12. tjpimpin says:

    Although I’ve been a photographer for over 50 years I’m a real beginner as far as photo manipulation ans restoration are concerned.

    I see many photo restorers add a watermark to their finished product for the customer to see before purchase, how do they do it?

  13. Andre says:

    I want to tweak photos a bit to make em’ look better but I don’t want photoshop.. Is there any other professional software that is good for photo manipulation? (free is recommended but it doesn’t have to be free.. Anything would work) Thanks

  14. dealy says:

    I enjoy taking photos and making photo-manipulations with photoshop, I’ve been thinking about getting a drawing tablet . Which it best for beginners? I’d one in the low $200 USD price range. I also, move around a lot, so I use a laptop and don’t use a desk. Therefore, I’d need drawing tablet that doesn’t need to lay flat.

  15. dealy says:

    Hi. I am interested in eventually buying and learning how to use photo-shop for editing and trying to learn photo-manipulation. When I do eventually buy photo-shop, which edition should I use? Will I be able to start on the latest version or will I have to learn on an older edition and then buy a newer one? And would you recommend internet tutorials or buying a photo-shop guide book?

  16. opurt says:

    | know it is photo manipulation or whatever. You know what i mean. Like the people who color the picture on the computer, the people who fix the pictures to make them look better and all that. What is that job called?

  17. JackReynolds says:

    I want to get started in photo manipulation (as a hobby). What are some don’ts and newbie mistakes to watch out for?

  18. Gundown64 says:

    Am working on a photo manipulation project but finding the right pic to start editing isn’t easy! Is there some sort of searchable database holding copyright-free/public domain photos on the web?

  19. homerliveshere says:

    I want to submit a photo manipulation to the fair this year, but I don’t have very many pictures of people to work with. I know it’s okay to take pictures of people as long as you’re on public property and there’s no reasonable expectation of privacy, but is it okay to use those pictures in a contest, like the fair?
    Do you have to have the permission of the people?

  20. Cole says:

    How do I do this? Preferably in a way that doesn’t affect the line quality of the drawing and only makes the white pixels transparent.

    Key words: photoshop, photo shop, paint draw copy paste layer mask technique photo manipulation, design graphic, raster.

  21. mmminja says:

    Help me! I use Photoshop for photo manipulation, effects etc… What is adobe Illustrator for? Whats the difference between Illustrator and Photoshop?

  22. nyyankees1123 says:

    I want to learn photo manipulation and I found a good stock model. I want to create a goddess, Mother Nature. I found a good stock model but I want to change her entire outfit. Is that possible? Also, I found a model of just a head with no body. Can I add a body?

    Also what would be the best program to use to date in your opinion?

  23. Andres C says:

    I like to do photo manipulations, and of course i dont want anyone to steal my work because ive worked hard on it.

    But what i want to know is if i should or can out a watermark on my manipulations.
    Most of my manips are photos from other people, and i do credit them if i use their photo. I also try to get permission.

    So since the original artwork/photograph belongs to someone else, is it right for me to add my own water mark to my manipulation photo?
    -I dont want to claim is as my photography, but id like to claim it as my artwork…?
    Just to point something out, im not profiting off of it in any way. I just do it for practice/as a hobby.
    Some day i will take my own photos and make a manipulation.
    -Y’all have soo much sass.

  24. kass9191 says:

    I know this is some type of photo manipulation. I want to make a cover for my cd. Its called “The Rapper Eater”. I want a picture of me with my mouth and clothes dripped in blood like i ate somebody. How would I do this?

  25. Brody S says:

    I currently just lost my usual program and am looking for a new free one? I want to use it for sketches and animation, not just regular photo manipulation.. any ideas?

  26. Jeanelle the Retard says:

    Not talking 100% expert, but decent or more. I know it’s extremely hard and I may be too late (18) but I’m interested in learning. I’m not 100% expert either, it’s just that I use it only to draw, know very little actual photo manipulation and effects.

  27. vanvark83 says:

    I am making a photo manipulation for my friends birthday, she likes horses, fantasy and unrealistic. Please can you describe me some kind of image I can use. And must be somehow to do with a horse/unicorn/pegasus. Links to images, are good, but please write next to the links what the image would be.


  28. Squall Leonhart says:

    If it helps, the photo manipulation programs I have are MS Paint(or course…), Paint.net, and gimp.

  29. Eric says:

    I want to become a professional designer, and I have a fair amount of experience in working with Photoshop. But I want to start learning advanced techniques in the same program and also learn other programs like Illustrator and In Design etc, for logo designing, matte painting, photo manipulation etc.

    I can understand it takes talent to pull of great art works, but let me know if there are any websites which can help me in finding my talent.

    Thank you :)

  30. Brendan O says:

    I have Photoshop Elements, but I really need to know the opinions of everyone else.

    I’ve been working on an illustrated graphic novel (the plotline and character descriptions) for about three or four years off and on..and then, I only used graphite..but now I have a 9 x 12 inch Adesso graphics tablet and I’d like to know the simplest, most effective program that would work with my tablet. Digital art as in ink and coloring scanned works..not photo-manipulation.

    Thanks in advance!

  31. Mr SoLo DoLo says:

    Ok, open up an image in GIMP photo manipulation program. Once it’s load, look at the RHS toolbox – “Layers, Channels, Paths, Undo” you will see an “eye” icon next to your selected layer. If you click the white button next to the “eye” icon it will show you a “chain” icon. I checked the chain icon and nothing happens to my image. So whats exactly is the purpose of the chain icon? I wanna know please. Thanks peeps.

  32. opurt says:

    I have to make a powerpoint for IT and part of it is I have to write the advantages and disadvantages of Photo manipulation I have looked everywhere and I cant find them anywhere. Help please what are they…I’d be very grateful :)

  33. Spider Pc says:

    Hi guys, i do photo manipulation like this as a hobby: http://premdesigns.blogspot.com/. However, i want to put it in my resume, but i do not know how we call this job. Can you help me? thanks
    no answers yet :(

  34. Roar me R says:

    I never had any lessons in graphic art,
    but I do excellent work in photo manipulation.
    My Facebook friends are always wanting me to fix pictures up for them.
    I am a 21 year old single mother, and times are hard.
    Im tired of doing it for free, and I want to expand what I do.

    I’d like to make T-shirts,
    Help with website banners,
    make FB covers,
    and anything and everything you could possibly imagine.

    Will someone help/??

  35. Mackenzie P says:

    I have seen many images that have been altered and made to look like the Na’vi from avatar (those blue creatures). I have looked for many tutorials but none of them are very helpful for me! Including SolarShine’s tutorial on deviantart…Is there any tutorial that shows each and every single step and tool used to do the photo manipulation? I really want to make myself look like a Na’vi!

  36. brincks26 says:

    And particularly photo manipulation?

    I use Photoshop CS3 at college, but there is no way I can afford it.
    I like the look of digital art, and would be interested in creating some for my personal use.

    What software is good for manipulating and editing photos? Is PSElements any good?

    I have GIMP, but don’t bother using it.


  37. Joey 01 says:

    I’m new here. It is long details but please read and advise me.
    I grew up in an orphanage, abandoned by my mother after she was pregnant while in school, she left me on the hill and I was rescued by a woman who later on I realized she is my stepmother, mother left me near my father’s house. I was taken to village and go assist my grandfather, I didn’t tolerate the torture from aunts then I escaped to town where I get caught and sentenced to children’s jail for meeting a gang and joined it. A Germany missionary took me out to orphanage, When I reached third year in Secondary school (2010), I found my mother via radio broadcasting, the orphanage celebrated for my reunion with mother, she was already married and had 4 kids and of no support anyway because she was in poor living but I kept visiting her and once narrated her story to me, fun enough.. it is 50% similar to mine. Due to certain mistake the orphanage terminated me, I was luck to meet a missionary Canadian who sponsored my last (form four) class, in the same year (2011) he gave me job to teach music in his school..(well I’m a talented singer and I play all major music instruments). After I was done with secondary school, I went to Nakuru, Kenya for Theological college, there I had a friend who offered me study in his religious college, that was on 2012. Life in college was tough because I was to rely on myself for utilities i.e. books, pocket money, personal effects etc. A friend invited me to Nairobi and I quite studies, I went and lost everything on the Bus station after being robbed, though I met people in churches who offered me some place to stay and a little money for food ’cause I was helping them with music in the church. I like drawing and I was good with MS PowerPoint, I met a guy who introduced me to Adobe Photoshop, I developed a desire to learn Graphic Designing since then, So I could spend a lot of little money I had in Internet cafes watching tutorials on Youtube till I mastered the basics of Photoshop and CorelDRAW. I found myself in troubles with churches on that area so life went in total mess because I even had no place to stay anymore and I went without lunch or dinner so many times…forget about the breakfast. My passport expired and I get caught by a police, until I explained him everything he decided to help me to come back in Tanzania. when I reached in my hometown I was like a stranger ’cause none expected me since I had no contact yet I had nothing on my pocket. I decided to steal my friend’s phone and after selling it, I got a half transport fair to Dar es Salaam (the capital city), I traveled and reached a half way to my destination because I had no more money to pay in the bus. When I was desperately walking besides the road, I saw a Photo studio and got an idea to go there and ask for a job, I explained that I need job (Photo manipulation using Photoshop) so I can get money to reach where I’m going. Arabic woman, the boss, looked into my eyes, then offered me a huge cash and said “boy, continue traveling!..” it was a miracle. I reached in Dar es salaam and met my friend old Joash whom I pre-informed about my travel. The next day tomorrow I went in city looking for job as a Graphic Designer, I found one in the stationary and started working the next day without being asked for Job application letter or CV. After a month I knew using Adobe Illustrator too (I’m incredibly creative since that time), then I received a connection to another city (Arusha) to go and work as Senior Graphic Designer. I went and started working, being offered a furnished two bedroom house, then enrolled in a National social security fund and started paying tax as well. I’m here till now since March this year, being paid a huge salary, (650,000 Tanzanian Shillings), no teacher, nurse, driver, police or entry-level accountant is paid that much in here. Now my problems: I deeply feel insecure, I mean I practically have nowhere to go when I’ll lose my job. second, I am nervously depressed, I suffer from severe headache and stress because I’m automatically used to recalling the memories of my life, I am so deadly lonely when I get in my house from job even though I have a Home theater music system and a TV. third, I cannot control my money, I tried so much downloading articles on budgeting and learning much on money saving but I just can’t do it at the end, fourth, I want to marry because some people tells me to (I love the idea anyway) because every woman I pass by the road is too beautiful to me, I found a fiancee (old friend back in hometown-Mwanza), she studies nursing and will finish next year but I’m so anxious that I feel waiting is a burden, friends tells me it is too early to get married because I’m just 21. I’ll appreciate your opinions. Thanks you.
    I really need ideas on how to tackle my problems.

  38. RxP DarkBox says:

    I am doing my graduation project on photo-manipulation in advertising. I have found as lot on camera techniques and photoshop, but haven’t found any websites that satisfy the “in advertising” aspect of my project.

    When I started the project, I had in mind specific techniques such as coating a turkey with wax to make it appear more appealing or how one can manipulate a model’s image to make it more suitable for magazines. I haven’t had much luck on finding this sort of information.

    Will anyone give suggestions?
    Thanks for the suggestion. My topic is on advertising and not limited to food. I have found much through Q&A rather than through books. Thanks much.

  39. Seth says:

    Is there some good methods to get some strong concepts for PS photo manipulations ( Fantasy Manips ) ?? , I Mean i’ve seen photos all around the internet but i cant believe that a human mind can come up with such strong concepts :

  40. Gundown64 says:

    The laws will take _______ in July.
    affect or effect?

  41. Orbit says:

    Where can I find some that will allow me to monetize my final product?

  42. Jairo says:

    how can i do a levitation manipulation using GIMP? ive asked this before but didnt get much help. HELP PLEASE? (in best way possible)

  43. Gamer959 says:

    I would like to know how to turn a pic black and white, and leave some parts in color.I have been researching different methods for this online, in tutorials, and on answers, believe me I have tried to figure this out on my own. But I can’t even figure out how to open a new layer with the picture in it or put the pic in a new layer once it’s opened. Exact instructions for these specific programs will earn best answer, if you include every step. I have 2 different programs that use layers. Paint shop pro studio, andSerif photoplus 6.0. I have been trying to figure out for two weeks how to apply this effect, apparantly I’m not smart enough. What RGB do you use to paint with to get realistic fleshtones? Or, if you place a black and white layer over a color version of the same pic, and then erase over the places you want to keep color, exactly what are the steps to do that? I don’t have a steady enough hand to use the selection tool to cut and paste, it turns out horrible every time

  44. mmminja says:

    There is no right or wrong answer,
    It is for my Dissertation research.
    So anything at all that comes to mind when I say photo manipulation

  45. xiM Clutch says:

    just wanted to know what you think.

  46. Jose B says:

    The title for my paper is “The Effects of Technology” or would it be “The Affects of technology”???

  47. Sergeant Pickle says:

    what are some things you could talk about

  48. Death Knight says:

    im wondering how do do this. like having your face coming up in the flame, or having is coming out of smoke,water,coal,or other cool substances. sorta like in harry potter, when sirious comes out of the coal in the fireplace. (btw, im using adobe photoshop cs3)

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