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Create the Perfect Video Showcase Using Wix Video

Videos are a powerful tool. Conveying messages through moving pictures happens to be the best way to get through to them, and also the one that works the best. Videos have recently become not just the foremost form of entertainment for the masses, but they have also become the foremost source of information. Websites of all kinds, from those belonging to newspapers to the ones advertising their products, utilize videos in a number of ways to communicate with their customers and relay information to them. Often the companies build a website with a focus on videos in mind. In this way, videos have rapidly become the most consumed type of media.

Over on social media, videos are quickly becoming the most widely used method of communication. From YouTube to Facebook, to Instagram, videos are utilized by users to have conversations with their followers and friends, and for any particular purpose, they want to post a video for. There are nearly 8 billion video views on average on Facebook alone on a daily basis. The demand for video content is already at an all-time high and is bound to increase even more in the following years. To cope with that some measures will be needed.

The Problem With Video Content

The main problem with video content happens to be the fact that once the creator posts it on a certain platform, they lose control over it. The rights to the video, the control of how it is viewed and experienced, all get muddled up based on the platform’s rules and guidelines. These rules and guidelines can often go against what the video creator themselves wishes, how they want the video to be viewed and how they want it to be promoted. As platforms promote videos with an increasing focus, they also begin to take more control of the content being posted. In this light, video creators need a platform that allows them to complete creative control over their creation. That platform is Wix Video.

What is Wix Video

Wix Video is a recently launched platform that aims to provide video creators with a place where they have complete control over their video and how it is viewed and used. Instead of having the videos posted on Instagram or YouTube be suspect to their own particular rules, users of Wix can decide how they want their videos to be handled and viewed. With Wix, video creators can accomplish a number of things which include:

  • Complete control of how their video is viewed
  • Multiple ways to monetize it while keeping its integrity
  • Allows users to make playlists from third party websites
  • Smooth streaming is guaranteed
  • Complete control of layout and design to the user

Build a Website with Wix

Building a website requires you to be aware of just what you want your website to look like and what you want to convey through it. This includes having the knowledge of how you want videos to be displayed on your website. Often videos happen to cover certain parts of the screen and can end up annoying visitors who quickly leave the web page. To properly build a website you need to check how you want to display the videos that are so important for you. To have complete control of the videos you display, from the layout to the monetization to the design, you need to use Wix Video. By building a website with Wix, you not only ensure that you only get what you want, but you also ensure that you communicate with your visitors in a way they appreciate.

Website Designing

To build a website you require a trained website designer. Website designers can help you bring your ideas to life and build a website that suits your needs. A website’s design is key to its success after all. Moreover, having a well-designed website means more appreciation from visitors, which can, in turn, lead to your website becoming more popular and being visited more often. The design of a website can make or break a business’ or individual’s aspirations. To get the very best out of design based around video content, check in with a Wix website designer to help you make the most of your video content with Wix Video.

If you wish to maintain total control of your videos on a single platform that helps you integrate videos from multiple hosts, you need Wix Video. It allows you to not only control the content that goes into your videos, but also control how that content is relayed and how it is meant to be viewed. Wix Video ensures that you are the boss of what you make, no matter where you post it.

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