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Published on February 15th, 2013 | by Sergiu


Earl Gee

Earl Gee was formerly a designer at Landor Associates in San Francisco, creating identity programs for Fortune 500 companies and senior designer at Mark Anderson Design in Palo Alto, designing award-winning branding programs for Herman Miller, PG&E and the Oakland Museum. Earl has been named as one of Graphic Design USA’s “People to Watch in 2010” and one of only 50 U.S. graphic designers selected for the international edition of Who’s Who in Graphic Design. He has served on a U.N.-sponsored design delegation touring China and has lectured at leading universities and design organizations across the country. He is a frequent juror for major design competitions including Communication Arts, Creativity, Critique, STEP, Publish, Exhibitor and Sappi Paper. He currently serves of the board of the San Francisco chapter of AIGA, the professional association for design. He received his BFA in graphic design with distinction from Art Center College of Design and was included in Design Impact: A History of Art Center College of Design.



DCM Spirit of the Holidays Party Invitation


Give Something Back International


Greenleaf Medical HAND Poster


Velocity Interactive Group Offering Memorandum


The Queen’s Amulet Book


DCM Year of the Dog Lunar New Year Party Invitation


Oracle Information Highway Brochure


Star Wars Chronicles Slipcase and Book


Xinet Workflow Solutions


Adobe Photoshop Web Design Book Cover


Real World Book Cover Series


DCM IV Offering Memorandum


DCM Holiday Coasters


Qualys Security as a Service Conference Poster



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49 Responses to Earl Gee

  1. jdubdoubleu7704 says:

    Please read carefully before answering…
    Jazz experts, can you recommend me some male jazz singers of the 20’s30’s40’s?
    I like the Recordings of Anita O’day with Gene Krupa, Pearl bailey, Julia lee, Ella Mae Morse- but as you see, they are all female. Male singers in this style I know only Louis Jordan, Louis Armstrong dont count for me really as a singer.
    Your Suggestions?
    PS i didnt mean crooners like Sinatra

  2. johnkaiser 22 says:

    does anyone know any songs with a boys name in the title of it?

  3. ericmreitz says:

    I mean songs to represent your life. The songs that sum you up. No matter how old or new they are or old or young you are.

    The song categories are:

    You (Just you basically the song that you hear and it sums you)

    Love (When you are in love)


    Sad (Your favourite song to listen to when you are sad)

    Your guilty pleasure

    Your Favourite song ever

    Your current favourite song

    Your favourite song that is around now

    The song with the best lyrics

  4. hank baseballs says:

    I am in LOVE with the movie Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru (Heavenly Forest).
    I was wondering, since I love this movie so much, if there is any BOOK(S) I’d be interested in reading that are (similar?) to this movie. Just another cute love story type book. ^^

    So many suggestions, thank you sooo much!

    I will read many of these, I’m sure! ^^
    Since so many of you had wonderful answers, I really can’t pick, so I’m sending it to a vote!

  5. Boo Cookie says:

    Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) is distancing himself from a memo sent by his office that urged health reform advocates not to advertise new end-of-life counseling regulations to avoid reviving talk of “death panels.”

  6. Andre says:

    I saw them at Earls Court on the 18th July. John sang a song which he played electric guitar to but on his own. It was really great. Does anyone know what the song was?

  7. encyclopath says:

    my project title is “Design and implementation of web GIS and web Service Based Logistic Information system”. I need my title explation.please tell the correct explation.Because its my mark.

  8. Lachlan says:

    I want to make a list showing as many of these type of songs as possible, and I would like help doing it.

    Here are some that I have so far:

    Earth Angel – The Penguins
    Angel Baby – Rosie and the Originals
    Saturday Night – The Misfits
    Blue Moon – The Marcels (and many others)
    Grave Robber – I Wanna Kill You Over and Over Again
    You Belong to me – The Duprees
    Oh Donna – Ritchie Valens

  9. Orbit says:

    Vanuatu(season 9) Julie Berry
    Palau(season 10) Tom Westman & Ian Rosenberger, Katie Gallagher & Stephanie LaGrossa
    Guatemala(season 11) Danni Boatwright
    Panama(season 12) Terry Deitz & Aras Baskauskas
    Cook Islands(season 13) Oscar”Ozzy”Lusth & Yul Kwon
    Fiji(season 14(season 14)Yau-Man Chan & Earl Cole
    China(season 15)Peih-Gee Law & Courtney Yates

  10. colingrillo says:

    I dont know why, please help me, easy 10 points 😀

  11. SKATEskum says:

    I hear Cape Cod Mass will be in the path.I am from there!!
    South Carolina on Myrtle Beach can all ready feel strong winds!!
    Stay safe!
    Your right.
    I don’t want to lose my power.
    How every will I get through the day?

  12. jordenkotor says:

    I heard a couple of these songs today and remembered the lyrics and thought of how great they were to dance to way back when. How about you? Were they special to you, too?

    ■Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) – The Penguins
    ■Sincerely – The Moon – Glows
    ■Close Your Eyes – The Five Keys
    ■Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home) -The Impalas
    ■Little Star – The Elegants
    ■Hushabye – The Mystics
    ■Come Go With Me – The Del-Vikings
    ■Sixty Minute Man – The Dominoes
    ■Money Honey – Clyde McPhatter And The Drifters
    ■Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream) – The Chords
    ■Story Untold – The Nutmegs
    ■When You Dance – The Turbans
    ■Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight – The Spaniels
    ■You Belong To Me – The Duprees
    ■Gloria – The Cadillacs
    ■Do Something For Me – The Dominoes
    ■Gee – The Crows
    ■The Glory Of Love – The Five Keys
    ■Fool, Fool, Fool – The Clovers
    ■Baby Please Don’t Go – The Orioles

  13. Michael C says:

    Swing and big band musical groups from the 30s until whenever. I really like the music, I just can’t find any artists.

  14. shahrukh says:

    Hi there. I am an italian guy and this summer i’ coming new york city and i am looking for some exploitation movie. Will you suggest me some interesting ones in dvd? thanks.

  15. Elijah luv says:

    I need some swing music to dance to and want to get an album that I can dance to most of the songs on. I’ve heard Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman and Count Basie are all good to start with, but there are so many albums and I don’t know which to get!

  16. Matt says:

    No sh*t he can only serve two terms. Does he get any blame from America?

  17. Moore, Ron says:

    I’m lookin for doo-wop,swing, or rock n roll from the 30’s to 50’s era.

  18. Lia-lu-li says:

    I was wondering if anyone knew some good bands/artists that have a really jazzy sound. saxophones are a must!! i need some nice jazz for the christmas season!!

  19. jdfan says:

    Rank the top basketball players on the NBA draft board and the seniors who have not declared.

  20. ibjammin44 says:

    I’m really into it nowadays!

  21. rashest_hippo says:

    I’ve really been getting into swing recentlty, songs like – louis prima -jump, jive and wail, indigo swing – drinking it up and sing sing sing, just wondering what other swing songs are similar? or goood. im just a newbie! haha

  22. cardskid22 says:

    We note that, again, Obama has moved us away from solutions and we let China take the benefits. Money talks and if we won’t take the oil, those who have the bucks will. Gee, another question would be, “Did the bailout give China the money to invest in Canada oil?”

    Wake up voters. One step at a time to the destruction of our America. Earl

  23. have faith says:

    Previously on Survivor: Dasterro lost. Colby, Neleh, Paschal, and Erik wanted to vote Sugar. However, the five other stuck together. They wanted to get rid of Colby, however, his strength kept him in and Erik was voted out. 16 are left.
    Day 7: The castaways have been here for a week now. Both tribes are doing better now that they’ve had time to get everything together. The tribes get tree mail. It says that both tribes must select 3 members to go to a mysterious island where a large twist will be held. Dasterro decides to hold a vote. Kenny’s alliance has the numbers to overthrow the others. This means that Colby, Neleh, and Pashcal will most likely be selected if everyone stays loyal. At Portonia, it’s Elisabeth, Rodger, Sandra, and Earl vs. Chris, Peih-Gee, Tom, and Matty. No one wants to volunteer to go. Sandra calls out the alliances and suggests each alliance vote one of the other alliances onto the island. Tom asks how the 3rd would be chosen. Sandra says that the 2 that were already selected will choose one. Everyone agrees. Sandra’s alliance chooses Tom to go. Tom’s alliance chooses Sandra to go. Sandra and Tom must now decide someone to join them.
    Now for your part: On Dasterro, will Kenny’s alliance vote Neleh, Paschal, and Colby onto the island for the twist, or will someone turn?
    On Portonia, who will Sandra and Tom choose to join them?
    In essence, we need to have 3 members from each tribe on that island. The twist will take place on Day 8.

  24. whites are not the only racists says:

    So this is just for fun.
    I would really like to hear your opinions (:

    Aiden or Austin
    Andrew or Adrian
    Brayden or Braxton
    Bentley or Brendan
    Cristian or Caleb
    Carlise or Christofer
    Cody or Cameron
    Carson or Carter
    Dylan or Devin
    Dakota(h) or Derek
    Dallas or Dayton
    Erik or Earl
    Evan or Edward
    Frank or Felix
    Flynn or Francisco
    Garrett or Gavin
    Gabriel or Gideon
    Harley or Hayden
    Harry or Heath
    Issac or Izzy
    Jordan or Jasper
    Jahsha or Jakob
    Kyle or Kamden
    Kory or Kayden
    Landon or Lawton
    Lake or Liam
    Mark or Mattie
    Matt or Matthew
    Nicolas or Nathan
    Neville or Niall
    Oliver or Orlando
    Oakley or Otto
    Patrick or Parker
    Paxton or Peyton
    Phillip or Pierce
    Phoenix or Preston
    Quinn or Quigley
    Roger or Rory
    Raiden or Raleigh
    Stephen or Samuel
    Schuyler (Skyler) or Seamus
    Shaun (Sean) or Spencer
    Tyson or Tyler
    Talen or Tanner
    Torrence or Travis
    Taylier (Taylor) or Tevin
    Uri or Urban
    Vladimir(Vlad) or Vincent
    Wilber or Walter
    Wayde or Warren
    Waiden or Waylen
    Xavier or Xander
    Yahto or Yarden
    Yoshi or York
    Zach or Zander
    Zane or Zayden
    Zaylin or Zeke


    Annabelle or Allyson(Allison,Alison, Alyson)
    Alia or Aria
    Abbie or Addison
    Adrian or Ainsley
    Alayna or Alissa
    Alixandra or Alice
    Amberley (Amber) or Anastasia
    Angelica or Anya (Anyah)
    Arabella or Arden
    Bridgit or Bella
    Bianca or Blair
    Braiden or Bailey (Baylee, Baylie)
    Brielle or Brianne
    Brionna or Bree
    Brooklyn or Bryson
    Cleo or Clarissa
    Caitlyn or Caylee
    Carson or Cyleigh
    Caleigh or Callie
    Dakota or Daphne
    Daisy or Dannika
    Danielle or Daniella
    Erika or Eden
    Elisabeth or Ella
    Emilee or Evangeline
    Evie or Eva
    Fawn or Faith
    Felisha or Fiona
    Gemma or Gabrielle (a)
    Genevieve or Gia (Guy-uh)
    Gianna or Gillian
    Giovanna or Gracelyn
    Hadleigh or Hanna
    Hayley or Harleigh
    Hayden or Heather
    Hilary or Hollie
    Isabell or Ivanna
    Iris or Ivy
    Jacee or Jackie
    Jayde or Jade
    Jaime or Jane (Jana)
    Jenelle or Jessabel
    Jennifer or Jessica
    Jenna or Jessa
    Jordan or Jordyn
    Josefina or Josephine
    Juliet or Julia
    Kacey or Kayleigh
    Kyliegh or Kimberley
    Kamryn or Kara
    Karleigh or Karissa
    Kassidy or Kassandra
    Lacey or Lauryn
    Loren or Larrisa
    Lia or Lea
    Leann or Leigh
    Leslie or Lexie
    Lilah or Lily
    Lindsey or Lindsay
    Lola or London
    Maci or Makenzie
    Maddison or Madelyn
    Meghan or Mia
    Makayla or Miranda
    Miriam or Mckenna
    Mallorie or Marci
    Marissa or Marley
    Natalie or Natalee
    Natasha or Nia
    Nichole or Nicole
    Nova or Noel
    Novalee or Norah
    Olivia or Olive
    Paisley or Paige
    Paris or Parker
    Payton or Penelope
    Phoebe or Piper
    Porsha or Poppy
    Quin or Queen
    Rachel or Reagan
    Raven or Rebekah
    Rileigh or Renee
    Rikki or Robyn
    Rory or Rose
    Rowan or Ryann
    Seraphina or Saphire
    Sadie or Sara
    Shaelyn or Shaun
    Stephanie or Shay
    Shayleen or Shenae
    Tabitha or Terri
    Tammi or Tamara
    Tatum or Tegan
    Tayla or Taylor
    Tessa or Tiffany
    Unity or Ursula
    Valerie or Vanessa
    Veronika or Viktoria
    Wanda or Whitney
    Willow or Winnie
    Xara or Xenne
    Yazmin or Yvette
    Zara or Zelda
    Zayley or Zoey

  25. Ryan Z says:

    I’m the baby gotta love me…
    First answer with full lyrics gets ten points.

  26. Xbox360king says:

    1.When the United States became involved in World War I, on what country did they declare war?

    2.Which World War II event gave great momentum to the Allies to liberate other cities from Germany’s hold?
    A.Battle of the Bulge
    D.V-E Day

    3.Which one of the following best describes the Cold War?
    A.A division of property between the east and west
    B.A psychological rather than physical battle
    C.A war between Korea and Vietnam
    D.A wintertime war between communism and imperialism

    4.How does the stock market affect businesses?
    A.Businesses can sell stock to increase their funding, allowing for growth and expansion.
    B.Businesses lose power as they sell shares of the company to stockholders, which often results in companies’ ultimate ruin.
    C.The stock market gives established businesses the opportunity to share the wealth, offering funds to start-up companies.
    D.The success of businesses rises and falls as a result of fluctuations in the stock market.

    5.What is the current status of the Korean War?
    A.An official cease fire was declared so there was no real winner.
    B.Conflict continues today without U.S. involvement.
    C.It is at a stalemate, so no further fighting is going on.
    D.North Korea claimed victory and the war is over.

    6.Who was responsible for the TWA Flight 847 hijacking?
    A.Iraqi terrorists
    B.Islamic terrorists
    C.Lybian terrorists
    D.Soviet terrorists

    7.Why were Navajo Indians used as radio operators for the Marines during World War II?
    A.Their culture had a complicated silent messaging system.
    B.Their language couldn’t be deciphered by the enemy.
    C.They had developed an innovative radio technology used on the reservation.
    D.They were living close to the radio command center in Arizona.

    8.Which of the following Axis leaders gained power in his country by bringing the nation out of economic depression?
    A.Adolph Hitler
    B.Benito Mussolini
    C.Josef Stalin
    D.Winston Churchill

    9.Who was the chief justice of the Supreme Court that used the courts to help define and extend civil rights for African Americans?
    A.Dwight D. Eisenhower
    B.Earl Warren
    C.Martin Luther King
    D.Thurgood Marshal

    10.How did the everyday person’s life change as a result of the depression?
    A.Large companies and the wealthy class prospered; meanwhile, the middle and lower classes were penniless and starving.
    B.People lost everything, causing a steep increase in demand; production increased and jobs became plentiful.
    C.People lost money when banks closed; they couldn’t find jobs and many resorted to eating out of garbage cans.
    D.Since soldiers were away at war, jobs were plentiful, but didn’t pay well; both women and children were forced to work just to survive.

    11.Why did Irani student militants take Americans hostage in 1979?
    A.America supported the ailing Shah of Iran and didn’t support the new Iranian government.
    B.Iranians wanted to exchange American hostages for American weaponry.
    C.Iranians were fed up with unwanted American military presence in their country.
    D.The American government refused to defend Iran against terrorism.

    12.About how much of the world’s trade is represented by the WTO?

  27. evangldbrg says:

    Do you know of any movies that contain the Pat Benatar 1984 hit?

  28. Tyler H says:

    Im a bit stuck my notes have a few gaps in them looking for some help.

    The necessity for high-lift devices ? 4 marks
    The workings of leading edge slats ? 3 marks
    The effect on an aircraft of continuous speed reduction ? 5 marks


  29. Dark_LovexXx says:

    Previously on Survivor: Portonia lost the challenge and Crystal was voted out. 17 are left.
    Day 4: Portonia awakens without Crystal. Matty is worried because his Gabon ally is gone. Peih-Gee, Chris, and Tom remain focused on camp and game life. They were aligned with Elisabeth and Rodger, but those two are now gravitating more toward Sandra and Earl, who are more welcoming and friendly in the game. Matty is stuck in the middle. He is actually more like the 3 strong players. However, he’d rather side with the other four to have a large majority. Peih-Gee attempts to talk strategy with Elisabeth, but Elisabeth gives Peih-Gee the straight-up truth: she doesn’t want to align herself with those three anymore. Peih-Gee is astonished. She quickly talks to Matty about the game. Elisabeth hasn’t approached Matty about anything, so he decides to say align himself with Peih-Gee, Chris, and Tom.
    Now for your part: Will the nicer alliance try to sway Matty back to their side, or will the go ahead with having a tie?

  30. Brendan O says:

    I love Cry Baby so much, and I have fallen in love with the music as well. It would be nice if you people could help me with a few things. I would really appreciate it if someone could give a link to a site with free downloads of the songs from the movie. Secondly, I would really enjoy it if someone could tell me what genre the music is, and possibly give names of a few bands that play that kind of music. I love it so much…
    Well, Thank you. I will really appreciate the help guys…

  31. Sonny says:

    i need to know how many words i can get out of everlasting please help me

  32. ouch says:

    This is in regards to my paintings. Do I make a quick written description of my paintings? Take a picture of each? Put this info in a folder? Also, when I do sell my art, is it common practice to get the buyers name and address? Sorry this is so vague. Basically, I am wondering how artists keep track/records of their work when it goes beyond the hobby stage.

  33. sam N says:

    I have wanted to be a tattoo artist since I can remember, now I want to make that dream come true. I just found out that calling the shops is a no no and one of the artist gave me a few hints, that I need to bring in a portfolio, so I am a self taught artist I am pretty good but not the wow factor. I need your guy’s help, so my question is WHAT SHOULD I DRAW TO PUT IN MY PORTFOLIO? ALSO I WILL GET THREE CANVAS S’ WHAT SHOULD I PAINT. I AM ASKING THIS BECAUSE I WANT TO KNOW WHAT A PROFESSIONAL TATTOO ARTIST WOULD WANT TOO SEE IN MY ART PRESENTATION PORTFOLIO. I WOULD LIKE IT IF A TATTOO ARTIST GAVE HIS OR HER INPUT ON THIS. WHAT WOULD A TATTOOIST LIKE TOO SEE IN A VERY OUTGOING COMPATIBLE UPBEAT ARTIST SEEKING TOO BE WELCOMED INTO TATTOO APPRENTICESHIP. Also any idea s’ from this community would be great, For example what kind of tattoo would any of some random people want? If I get a few good detailed idea s’ I will draw them up and post the on my Face Book art page. I do have a page on FB just for my art, I only started it in September but I can even tell that I have gotten better. So if a few people give me tattoo idea’s then I will draw them in color/or not and post them there. It’s called Drawing,art.
    Thank you all for your help. I am ready to put a portfolio together i just need some more drawing and tips from you all Thanks, Shannon W.

  34. jag43216 says:

    Can you just list all the song of his new album please? Thank you

  35. Jonny says:

    Allen, Ray
    Billups, Chauncey
    Clark, Earl
    Gasol, Pau
    Gee, Alonzo
    Gibson, Daniel
    Irving, Kyrie
    James, LeBron
    Miles, CJ
    Quinn, Chris
    Samuels, Samardo
    Thompson, Tristan
    Varejao, Anderson
    Walton, Luke

    BQ 1: Is this a good NBA team?
    BQ 2: Will this team reach the NBA Finals?

  36. Flash Funk says:

    what are some upbeat doo wop songs that you like

  37. nothin_nyce1 says:



  38. Matthew says:

    Sup guys. So im into underground music like DOOM, Jay Electronica, Atmosphere, Hieroglyphics, R.A. The Rugged Man & i also like listening to stuff like Wu-Tang, Gang Starr, Big L, Nas, AZ, Earl, & Joey Bada$$. I used to listen to Mac Miller back when he was releasing dope shit like The High Life & KIDS but I stopped because he was just getting wacker and wacker everytime he would drop something & as a lot of you know his album leaked recently. So for anyonebody that has listened to the album already; do you think i would like it? Is it worth checking out? Thanks
    @Ron_Ron I’m mexican brah & naa

  39. ScRSC says:

    I like music from the 50’s a great deal, and i’m very keen on Do-op music. Can anyone reccomend some good songs?

  40. Marshal says:

    i would like for anybody to give me some good artist

    thank you.
    i love it.all types.i need some artist names or groups :] thank you.
    i also like psychobilly and rockabilly.Need some artist please:D

  41. sam N says:

    10 man league. If i should pick him up, who should i drop?
    tyreke evans
    randy foye
    cj miles
    miles plumlee
    gerald green
    manu ginobili

  42. sethburger says:

    First middle and last names please

  43. musicistabest says:

    Need a complete listing…….thanks

  44. Xedo says:

    “I’ll paint any car any color for $29.99.”

  45. Sir fliesalot says:

    Anything similar to Earl Sweatshirt ft Mac miller_Guild

  46. Muzahid says:

    In today’s episode Joy actually Kissed Randy, but I’ve never seen her kiss Darnell, and he’s her husband (does she not want to kiss a Black man?)
    -….well they are married, you would expect to see a married couple kiss….>.>

  47. Adam says:

    please help!! my exam is tomoz and i left my book at school by accident!!!!
    i need to know the four frames of art thoroughly (post-modern, structural, cultural, subjective)
    but i can’t find a good definition on the internet ive googled and looked on wikipedia
    and if anyone has any helpful info for a year 9 art half yearly then i would apreciate it heeaps!
    i also need good definitions of the elements and principles of design
    thanks to any help anyone could give me asap.

  48. Ryan Z says:

    I’m looking for an online portfolio website to display my graphic designs. I know there are many out there, I was wondering if anyone can recommend one to me.

  49. opurt says:

    How can I get work as a storyboard artist? I’ve been an art teacher and I’ve done some children’s book illustration. I don’t live in California near Hollywood etc…
    I want to find some freelance work creating storyboards for films.
    How do I find directors who are at the very beginning stages of making a film?

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