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Top 15 Social Plugins for every blogger

Creating a web presence is very important for every company. Either you are a creative designer, programmer enthusiast or a marketing expert you need to have a way to express yourself online. In most of the cases the easiest option is by creating a blog and posting your projects, your ideas and other things that are important for you and need to share with the others. By sharing information you get known in different parts of the world at a single click distance so is very important how you manage this process.

There are a lot of tools that help you not waste time manually and let your visitors send information about what they have read on your blog very easy. We present you some of the best WordPress plugins on the market. Most of them are free but you will also find very good plugins at decent prices that will help developers support them further.


This is a free plugin that adds social media sharing buttons to your posts, pages and RSS feed. It supports over a dozen of the most popular social networks and is updated regularly.


Cost: Free


Sharebar adds a dynamic and fully customizable vertical box to the left of a blog post that contains links/buttons to popular social networking sites. For wide blogs, a vertical bar with popular sharing icons appears on the left of your post. If the page is resized below 1000px (default), the vertical bar disappears and a horizontal sharebar appears under the post title.


Cost: Free


The ShareThis widget is a quick and easy sharing solution for your site to keep your audience engaged in your content and increase traffic to your site. You can also customize your widget for seamless integration to your site. You have the option to use small or large buttons, add counters and place the widget in a clear location for your users to share.


Cost: Free


This sharing plugin comes with a customizable Smart Menu, which places the services visitors use at the top of the menu, based on each visitor’s browsing and usage history.


Cost: Free


Shareaholic has proven time and time again to be an extremely useful and successful tool in getting your readers to actually discover and submit your articles to numerous social bookmarking sites.


Cost: Free

Slick Social Share Buttons

Slick social share buttons adds facebook, twitter, google +1, linkedin, digg, delicious, reddit, stumbleupon, buffer and pinterest pin it social media.


Cost: Free

Social Toolbar

Social Toolbar will display your latest tweet, list your social networking profiles, and allow users to “Like” your page on Facebook or tweet about it on Twitter! This plugin is also heavily changeable. You can specify all the colors and fonts, and rearrange your list of social network icons to your desire. Display it on the whole site or just the home page or just the blog or even just an indivdual page.


Cost: Free


InsiteBar puts a toolbar at the top of your website. The default bar displays a Facebook like button and retweet button. It also lets users search the website via Google (in a pop-up) and translate content into over a dozen languages. There is a useful text-to-speech feature, too.


Cost: Free


Originally a standalone plugin, Sharedaddy is now part of the popular Jetpack plugin. Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that supercharges your self-hosted WordPress site with the awesome cloud power of WordPress.com.


Cost: Free


Add a vertical sharing box to your website. GetSocial adds an intelligent, lightweight, quick to setup floating social media sharing box on your blog posts.


Cost: Free

Social Media Counters

This plugin adds social media counters to your blog posts from many services including Twitter, Facebook and the brand new Google +1.


Cost: Free


This cool plugin “pops up” icons when a user hovers over the image. Choose from a lot of variations: make images pop up, down, left or right. Circle and square icons are available, as are cool effects such as tooltips and monochrome hover colors.


Cost: $5

Sticklr WP

Stickr WP, a sticky side panel menu WordPress plugin. Inspired by Envato site-switcher, after released as CSS3 +jQuery, due to popular demand I decided to create this WordPress plugin version. The features are similar with jQuery version, only WordPress version has an intuitively easy administration panel, so you don’t have to know the coding behind it.


Cost: $12

Social Buttons Pro

Social Buttons Pro is the only plugin that combines all of the features of the web’s most popular social buttons with an easy to use shortcode and template tag.


Cost: $12

Follow Me

This useful plugin puts a discreet icon on the left or right side of the page. You can change the text from “Follow Me” to “Follow Us” and make the image small or large


Cost: Free


BuddyPress lets users sign-up and start creating profiles, posting messages, making connections, creating and interacting in groups, and much more. A social network in a box, BuddyPress lets you easily build a community for your company, school, sports team, or other niche community.


Cost: Free

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  1. Mathew says:

    I am considering going to a conference about Social Media and Business and it’s kinda costly so I want to see how important social media is in business and if it will be worth the money to go. Thanks in advance!!

  2. Jeffery Carlson says:

    i need to know about the benefits of social Media with your view.

  3. Moore, Ron says:

    I am hearing loads about marketing via twitter and facebook… because that’s where real people hang out! So do you have any tips or guidelines on Social Media Marketing?

  4. Peter says:

    I want to work for a big company and help them get noticed through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Would it be more beneficial to major in Advertising/Public Relations or Marketing (I am a freshman in college). Also, what kinds of places offer positions like this? Thanks!

  5. Smashing Pumpkins says:

    What are the methodologies to take advantage of the ever growing social media for business purpose?

  6. Sergeant Pickle says:

    I am a restaurant owner in need of help learning about social media. I have a Facebook account but do not have many “likes”. How do I get people to like my Facebook? And also how does twitter work? Do I need an account on there as well?

  7. BRUTE says:

    I am considering going to a conference about Social Media and Business and it’s kinda costly so I want to see how important social media is in business and if it will be worth the money to go. Thanks in advance!!

  8. musicistabest says:

    When Facebook tops Google in traffic, you can only wonder if social media is the new way of doing business on the web. What is your take on this matter?

  9. John says:

    and what impact will it leave in the future? positive or negative?

    Yes, social media provides new marketing methods and all, but then again, most of the entertainment business’ revenue comes from advertisers. so, social media might be an ally and an enemy at the same time.

    and i dont believe selling DVD’s or songs help, as final customers tend to find ways of getting them for free. and making laws and regulations against it will hurt the relationship between the suppliers and these final customers.

  10. DuckieM10 says:

    What is the best online or in person resource in Austin or Dallas to get crash course in social media marketing? Im talking one or two week crash course to make you an expert!

  11. Andre says:

    Hi everybody. I am currently working on the online presence of my company and would like to know what is the best website to purchase Social Media Services? Any ideas? Advice?

    Thanks a lot!

  12. Austin says:

    How did social media help the brand to get to where it is today? What type of social media channels did they use? And how big is their e-customer base?

  13. nick s says:

    Was in a debate with my wife about how can a potential employer look at your Facebook or other social media. If my privacy setting is set so that only friends could read posts or look at pics/info, how could an employer possible look at my account for possible bad stuff(not that I have anything offensive anyways). I’d be right in assuming they can’t right? Unless they added me as a friend which I’ve never heard of.

  14. Scott Bull says:

    I need to find a few reliable sources that have articles on the dangers or effects of social media. This is for a research paper. I need something reliable not like blogs or random websites.

    Thanks for the help!

  15. xiM Clutch says:

    I would really like to promote my business on a social media site. Can anyone offer some good suggestions?

  16. Dr Hank says:

    I am writing a speech paper on problems Social Media is causing. My main points are, how social media is affecting our relationships negatively, how social media is causing more bullying, and how social media is making it easier for predators to attack teenagers. We have to come up with some solutions to our problem. Any ideas? Thanks!

  17. blarg blarg says:

    As a young person in the state of Arizona I need licenses to start even a lemonade stand. What kind of licenses do I need to start a Social Media Consulting business? I am applying for a LLC on top of everything but I need to know what type of business licenses to apply for. Don’t tell me to look at my state’s website because I tried and there are various kinds of business licenses I can apply for. What kind will I actually need in order to not have any legal trouble?

  18. Nick says:

    What is the reach of social media in the UAE? Do businesses know about it or use it?

  19. stingerms says:

    I’m currently (as in RIGHT NOW) teaching a class on Social Media and both its benefits and downfalls. Any and all provided would be greatly appreciated!

  20. mavis24 says:

    I put a focus on media, and my mission is to understand human interests, communication, and interactions in order to accurately and captivatingly relay information in a way to lead the public to truth. I want to use social media especially, but how how I get to the point where people will want to listen to what I have to say?

    *This is a hypothetical situation for my school project in which I need to get comments/critiques.

  21. che-che says:

    What are some ways to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to spread the word about my business?

  22. Gamer959 says:

    I can see how social media is tied to technology but not science.

  23. Jeff says:

    I would like to start using social media to market my nursery/kindergarten in the UK. I was thinking of using Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn…would all of these be useful for my type of business?

    Also, how would I best utilise these tools to get the full benefits of social media marketing?

  24. diggn4richez says:

    Hi, dear friend do me a favor i just wants to start social media campaign for my website marketing and for getting more traffic on my website. Kindly answer me that how i improve my social media campaign and getting bulk level of traffic thanks.

  25. Cliffy N says:

    What is the most trusted Social Media Advertising and Social Media Marketing firm you know of?

  26. rndmaktn says:

    Trying to find out what I would need to major in to do social media marketing and some good universities to go to. I have found I would like that a lot and just trying to get an idea. If it is social media marketing I apologize, google has not been too helpful.

  27. MAK & CHEESE says:

    I am in a first year university class that focuses on social media and I need to find an interesting topic to do a research project on but I’m just not into the course at all and can’t think of much. It can really be anything to do with media, technology, society, etc. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks

  28. everydayGuitarist says:

    Recently recieved a job offer but am unsure about the title? It is in market research and involves primarily social media marketing but also other online PR/marketing strategies. What are some typical formal job titles for people doing similar jobs in this field?

  29. Random says:

    If we wanted to market a specific person (ie to raise their celebrity status) what social media platforms (eg blogging, interactive website etc) would you suggest and why?

  30. Ryan Dunn says:

    Recommendations on ways for a local book publisher to improve their connections with readers, book clubs and retailers through the use of social media.

  31. Michael C says:

    With social media being a prominent mode to gain popularity, companies streamline their efforts to build an entire presence through twitter, facebook & other popular social media outlets.
    Talking about ROI, it is indispensable to form parameters before measuring the profits for a company.
    Hence, business and marketing professionals who embark on the journey of social media should define what they want to achieve from using social media outlets

  32. skillz says:

    what is the difference between social media and social networking… not really sure, could you give a definition and an example of both please! awesome thanks!

  33. borabora5524 says:

    How has social media influenced the use and practise of the English language (literature etc.) I am looking for both positive and negative effects.
    Thanks a lot:)

  34. Alun J says:

    I am not a creative person who can design something or plan strategies.If I plan to go for social media marketing profile, will I have problems in it?Is SEO knowledge required in this field?

  35. Courtney says:

    Would you “like” or help Climate Change issues on Facebook? How do you feel if Twitter or other social media work to spread the importance of Climate Change. Does it work?

  36. Alun J says:

    I think local councils should make great use of social media like facebook or twitter to reach their community where they can organise and share events. It’s currently very hard to know which council is organising any sort of events, especially when you’re on the go and want to check on your phone… Does anyone know any app that does this?

  37. Elijah luv says:

    How does a business owner track their results? Are there tools or software that can show true return on investment numbers to meashure their social media? Example: Google Analytics is one great tool to identify online traffic by impeding a code within your website or blog. What other tools are on the market?

  38. Joe T says:

    I know Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are great ways to help promote my company, but I don’t have the time to learn them. How much would a marketing firm charge me to run my social media?

  39. PolishPokeyPimp says:

    If you currently use social media analytics software tools, how much do you pay on a monthly or yearly basis? Can you identify the software brand as well?
    If you currently use social media analytics software tools, such as Buzz, Brand Reputation monitoring, and/or social media marketing campaign tracking, how much do you pay on a monthly or yearly basis? Can you identify the software brand as well?

  40. Motordom says:

    I am curious with regards to companies, especially the larger ones, trying to get into social media (Facebook, Twitter et al). What are the main challenges you think they face?

  41. airdogspace2 says:

    I have a job interview this week at an ad agency and one thing they asked was that I demonstrate my knowledge of social media and online media. I have a lot of experience online through twitter, facebook, blogging, etc. But I need to show that in person, and most likely without a computer. I have a few ideas that I’ve started, but want to see if anyone has any creative suggestions or advice?

  42. llb443 says:

    I work at a Fortune 500 company and I want to better educate my marketing organization around social media. We know the basics so I would like something that is more sophisticated and actionable.

  43. steve says:

    I’m doing a school project on what business will be like in 2035 and I was thinking that since social media is a huge part of our lives already, it will probably be one of the main things we use in 2035. I was thinking that I’d use social media and technology to present the project, since there is no oral mark. Either that, or make a sort movie/video report. Any ideas or opinions on what I should do?

  44. Kaylla says:

    I have heard about social media optimization (SMO) but I guess I just don’t fully understand the concept. What are the advantages of it for someone like me who makes niche affiliate marketing websites?

  45. nasty1 says:

    I am doing research for my blog and I am looking for as many social media websites to be included.

  46. Xbox360king says:


    I wonder if you are affected by social media when you buy products from China? i.e. if you as a customer do some kind of research on the internet before buying a product from China?

    Could Social media affect your buying decision?
    ( What I mean with social media could be for example community, product review online and feedback fom earlier buyers through Internet )

    I will be very grateful for your comment!

  47. John G says:

    What are the different forms of social media that exist today? Provide examples of different social media and their primary purposes.

  48. x_blind_x_gamer_x says:

    Hey folks,

    I’ve been running several social accounts for the needs of my company. Frankly speaking, it is very time-consuming, especially tracking all the timelines, mentions etc. Our niche implies that our customers ask a lot of questions via social media.

    I use post scheduling on Facebook, but it is really annoying and sometimes is not working at all. I wonder if there is any solution, or tool, or service, or app that can help in using multiple accounts, read timelines, quickly answer the questions from customers.

    I think we can afford a paid version of the app if the price is reasonable.
    Please give some advice on personal usage of such tools. I’ve read some reviews but still it is not clear which app is good in everyday massive social activity.

    Thanks in advance.

  49. Dark_LovexXx says:

    I have experience being a social media expert but as a mother of 2 now i want to work as a freelancer. Guys, please tell me some decent websites or recruiters who can provide be social media jobs. Thanks in advance!

  50. Travoiz says:

    I would like to know your opinion on how effective social media as a medium for spreading information such as news, advertisements and the like.

  51. Marlon P says:

    With social media being such a helpful tool for so many artists these days, namely musicians, how come the same can’t be said for unpublished writers?

  52. zaclo says:

    I am looking for some help on how an international consultancy firm that assists companies to set up business in a foreign country can use social media. Do you see social media having a benefit for them? What do you could possibly harm them? How can they go about maintain the very fine line between social interaction and professional interaction? The fact is that they deal with information, connections and other services of that nature instead of a consumer product. Thus I need some insight into strategies and platforms that could benefit them and how to maintain their audience interested.

    Thank you.

  53. Thomas A says:

    I have been trying to promote my site for sometime now and I seem to be going nowhere. I’ve tried several social media marketing products and seek the services of the “experts”, but nothing seems to work. Now, I am just wondering what social media marketing products I can use to promote my website?

  54. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    I am interested in learning more about social media theories and best practices. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good books. It has been tricky to find good information since the industry is changing so rapidly. Any recommendations? Thank you!
    I am referring to social media online. Thank you!

  55. ericmreitz says:

    In my interior design class we have to design a room for someone else. The girl who I have to design a room for wants me to make her a steampunk mixed with victorian styled room. I’ve never made a room like that before and I need a bit of help. Things like wallpaper, paint, furniture, and accessories will be needed. Pictures would be really helpful.

  56. Harriet W says:

    Im really interested in fashion design and really wanna start, im only 16 but id like some expirience for when i get older. Please give any ideas u have thanks soo much.

  57. clntvrrt says:

    I have to come up with 2 different facebook posts I could send out, 3 tweets, and a description of a pinterest board for my fake clothing company. It is for a social media class so the posts need to somehow promote the company or interact with the followers. What are some things you guys would post if you were the social media director?

  58. Gage says:

    I’m very new to social media. Until now, I have tried to stay away from the likes of Facebook and Twiitter, mainly because I have a lot to deal with in my real life, and I don’t see a lot of benefits of always being on these social media sites to chat/follow/keep in touch with virtual relationships. But now that I’m planning to open my own small business, I might need to turn to the social media for marketing. Besides LinkedIn, do the other social media sites (Google+, FB, Twitter, etc) offer good, solid ways of getting people to learn about one’s business, or are they all mostly distractions?

    I’m planning to hire a marketing professional in about a year, once my business is profitable, but for now I want to do my own marketing. Any help/suggestions will be appreciated.

  59. Matthew S says:

    How can art and design help bring the world together in enhanced ways in the future?

  60. Michael C says:

    I’m interested in fashion design, but may not be able to go to design school. Would it be impossible to get started without a degree, even if I had the skills and creativity needed?

  61. Jack Bauer says:

    I have several designs that I think would make great designs for textiles or wallpapers for homes, how do submit my designs for this purpose. What are the steps in submitting a design in this form.

  62. mal_functiongeo says:

    I want to design my cake online because I don’t have that much time to go out to the store and design it there. I want to design a cake unique.

  63. MentallyCryppled says:

    I have a plastic white mask from the halloween store and I want to print a jack o lantern design and transfer it to the mask with spray paint. I know I could cut the design out and tape it to the mask but the design is pretty intricate. Any ideas?

  64. louisewoods1984 says:

    What is the best possible design for a bridge made from balsa wood? Links to images/ideas greatly appreciated, the bridge cannot have any finishing, however steaming to allow curves is allowed.

    If you don’t have any idea, suggestions for bridge design and presentation would also be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  65. nathan says:

    University of Tasmania in Australia offers Bachelor of environmental design (architecture) and some other universities offer Bachelor of design (architecture). What is the difference between the two degrees. Both the degrees leads to a masters in architecture and with that can be registered with the association of architects. I want a degree in architecture but I am afraid a Bachelor of environmental design (architecture) from University of Tasmania will be less recognised than a Bachelor of design because I know environmental design is different from architecture.

  66. Willie says:

    I have a specific design for a chopper motorcycle. Any ideas on how to get it built and patented.

  67. XplicitzZ says:

    I have a design i want to test out. I have tracing paper but i need to know what the professionals use to transfer a tattoo?

  68. Jeanelle the Retard says:

    I need to know how much I should charge to design professional CD Artwork for a Music Album. Can someone give me some real good advice as to what I should charge for my professional design work. I want to charge flat rates no per hour fees. Thank you.

  69. Xbox Gamer says:

    I have recently graduated with a graphic design degree and have real issues finding work in a design firm due to lack of experience. So have taken a job as an inhouse designer/ marketer at a hotel.
    Will this type of job give me the experience that i need to be considered in a design firm or am i just wasting my time?

  70. Dr Dorian says:

    I’ve got a design in mind for my white Jazz bass (just a few black swirly lines, pretty much) and I was wondering how I would go about getting it on to my bass? I’ve had the design made in Photoshop by a friend of mine, and now it’s just sitting there and I have no idea what to do haha.

  71. brincks26 says:

    For those who don’t know what design contest in crowd sourcing is:

    It’s when a business requires a product design, many designers will spend time to design something. The person holding the contest will ask to make changes then after the contest ends they choose only ONE designer.

    It is unfair for the designers who gets nothing as they spent all their time on designing and get nothing.

    Anyway, I was wondering of ways which you think can make a design contest good for both business owner needing designs and the designers?

  72. Brian says:

    I am interested in learning more about graphic design. What is the best design software to learn?

  73. fattiemanny says:

    I’m planning to transfer to a fashion design university in California and I’ve been researching but the ones that I’ve found aren’t up to par. Please provide me with schools that have outstanding curriculum and that focus on all aspects of design such as designing, marketing, and business. I know that the Art Institutes do this but I’ve priced them and it would cost about $80,000 for 3 years.

  74. Jason M says:

    I want to design a book cover and I wanted to know which software works the best and is more effective for self publishing? Also, what is the difference between Indesign and Photoshop when it comes to designing a book cover?

  75. Ed D says:

    I design things as far as: logos, album covers, business cards, banners, edit photograph, etc. I want to know the best possible way to start a design business online and have the clients pay through paypal or other payable choice that are available online.

  76. shahrukh says:

    Design for maintainability is about the same as Design for manufacturing and Design for assembly.

  77. skillz says:

    i am thinking of becoming an Interior Design major. but i have to create a design to submit to the program to be accepted into it. so i was wondering if anyone is an Interior Designer or Decorator that might want to help me get started?

  78. The Beatles says:

    The people who design the actual circuit boards for the games, and the people who design the codes?

  79. mrankinmatt says:

    I need to design few flyers, one for a basketball match and a baseball match both College level. Please help me find one. Thank you.

  80. TommyKay says:

    When taking the PSATs in 10th grade, I checked that I was interested in getting a graphic design major. I have been receiving mail from some colleges saying they have majors in graphic design and others with majors in industrial design. I was wondering if there is any difference between the two? If so, what classes can I expect to be required to take and what can I expect to learn?

  81. mike s says:

    Has anyone noticed that
    ‘design (and policy/planning/ etc) for sustainability’
    uses the old destructive paradigms of growth economics, toxic materials, and single function products, whereas ‘ecological design’ use PROCESSES of design and problem solving that really push green practice to a new standard ?

  82. Pacman says:

    I am attending a school where graphic design is not a major option. I am a JR now and majoring in business. What should i do so i can go to grad school for graphic design?

  83. Victoria T says:

    I want to major in Graphic Design, does graphic design include web design or is web developement deifferent from that? I want to go to college in Florida please help me.

  84. josh12rox says:

    How can I design a security diagram of a wireless network . and the design should include a 1 web server with extranet and database server , print server , and a primary and secondry domain controller ?
    Please help .. and Edraw program might help I think but what to draw ?

  85. Jamal says:

    What support was put forward for intelligent design during the trial? How was the support refuted?

  86. Jonathan says:

    I am currently a junior in high school (also taking classes at the local college to get ahead) and want to have a career in some sort of computer based designing, but I can’t choose. The two I’m mainly considering are web design and graphic design. I personally would prefer being in graphic design, but I hear that the income isn’t that great, and I’m not that creative or decisive, so I’m leaning towards web design. I’m just not that sure, though.
    I’m trying to find out class and skill requirements, annual salary, and maybe more details about each career. Also personal input would be great, too!

  87. veemodz says:

    Has anyone used the services of product design consultancies before? How much do they charge? Can they work on an hourly basis? To give you an indication, I’m looking to have a TV remote control re-designed (just the look not the actual product). What sort of price would I be looking at?

  88. gail C says:

    I’ve been checking out a Graphic Design undergraduate degree with a concentration of Advertising, and I was wondering, what’s the difference between Graphic Design and Communications?

  89. Praveen says:

    Our goal is to design a bridge mad out of Linguine pasta which is roughly 24cm long, 5mm wide and 1mm thick. We can only use 30 pieces and it has to be 20 cm long and 7 cm wide and we can only use one glue stick. What is the best design fro this to hold weight?

  90. uberfailz says:

    I design clothing but I don’t want to go into industry, how do I get my foot into the business, or begin to design for bigger companies, maybe sell my designs to labels or other brand names?

  91. x_blind_x_gamer_x says:

    I would like to start a web design business but should i focus on mobile site design? I am alot better at mobile site design. Also, how much should i charge?

  92. joevsyou says:

    I have a design on the face of a mannequin head. I guess it’s made of plastic or PVC. The design is from a magic marker. I would like to keep the design. Can I spray varnish it, or is there some other way to keep that as long as possible?

  93. gail C says:

    Here’s the lowdown there is a local gym near me that has a logo design that looks awful. I decided to take the time and design them a logo. What would you do to attract them as a client. What is the right way to show them the logo design. Should I drop it off at the gym?

  94. Patrick says:

    If a company were to design, test, build and produce a car, what would it cost for the following:

    – To design the car from scratch (either purchasing an existing engine or designing a new one),
    – To purchase all the equipment to produce the vehicles,
    – The cost to make each vehicle

    The car would be similar size to a Vauxhall Astra 5 dr, 1.6 diesel engine.

    Any rough ideas?

  95. maskills24 says:

    What are the applications of design patterns and why do we use them.
    I need to have an example of applying a design pattern in a C++ program.

  96. Con Orpe says:

    How are statistics and research design related? What is the relationship between research design and the operational definition of a problem statement?

  97. joevsyou says:

    I’m a prospective art/design school student and have been looking through catalogs and websites of various colleges. I’ve noticed some of these schools offer industrial design degrees, others product design degrees, and a few have both. I think I might want to try product design, but I’m not really sure as to what industrial design is and whether or not that’s actually what I’m looking for. Can someone tell me what the difference between these two majors are? Examples of jobs that each would have would also be helpful.

  98. kass9191 says:

    I’m doing an assignment in college where I have to design cd packaging, a t-shirt with neck label and a clothing tag, and I need to know how I would prepare my designs for production had this been a real project. Thanks.

  99. Peter says:

    Any good online sites for tattoo designs with stenciles that offer a month fee instead of a per design fee?. Thanks
    I’m starting to do tattoos so I’m building the essentials to begin. Any website names would be appreciated. I have found a few, but I know many in the business have a particular site(s) they like.

  100. David says:

    Would a graphic design degree be good enough to work as an electronic designer in the fashion or accessory (such as Claires) industry?

  101. Scorch Delta-62 says:

    I want to download a French design for a Powerpoint I have to do for French class in school, if I download the design on my laptop then save the power point to a flashdrive, will the design come up in school? Or no?

  102. JDOGG1122 says:

    I know that intelligent design is the theological aspect of evolution, but that there is also another theory called “design theory.” How does this theory work without using God as an explanation?

    Thank you!!!

  103. Flash Funk says:

    I have new design applications for excisting clothing manufacturing industries.I would like to know how to benefit financially from my work,for as soon as my work is presented someone else usually benefits .I cannot produce my work at the rate it develops outside of my controll.I just don’t know how much further one can push the art window.

  104. Terrence says:

    If it varies depending on which course i take, which courses generally involve more design work. iv seen some titled “Design Engineering”, what does this course involve? Also which of the branches of engineering involves design out of civil, Mechanical, aeronautical, etc, and how much design work do they involve. Also how much design work does a general engineering course involve? Please answer i have to send of my ucas Application soon and this would really help me make a decision.

  105. liza says:

    Is a career in Product Design lucrative? I can draw visualize and am creative, starting from scratch, are there any institutes in Mumbai? Is free lancing an option? Any search engine leads me to Interior Design and Graphic Design, Is Product Design a general term for both? Is a graduation in Hotel Management sufficient or engineering is compulsory? Please help!

  106. United says:

    I have to design a wind turbine blade for school and it needs to be small scale, no more than two feet long. What is the best design to do this?

  107. skychi99 says:

    Not specific types of design like web and such. Just a general definition for overall design if that makes any sense. It’s for a class on the fundamentals of design.

  108. Dom L says:

    Graphic design has plenty of divergent definitions out there; and I’d like to hear the personal opinions of what people think graphic design should be defined as. I’m welcoming answers from designers and non-designers alike.

  109. Dom L says:

    I contacted a designer over a month ago to design a marketing piece and it’s still no where near being done (to my knowledge). I’ve always designed my own stuff but I’m getting too busy and am outsourcing so I’m not familiar with the design industry. Am I being unreasonable or should this be done yet? I was quoted I would be billed at 2-6 hours, so I figured it should be done. I would like to find out if my expectation of two weeks tops is unreasonable before I say anything to him/her because they’re a really nice person. I had a another designer design something and it took her a few months as well. This is just too long for me. Am I just having bad luck or expecting too much? What’s standard turnaround time here?

  110. heavenly sword says:

    I plan on making a career in Interior Design, and I was planning to attend SCAD. Does anyone have any opinions? I just want to make the right choice, thanks!

  111. Armas says:

    Design Issues

  112. SKATEskum says:

    I’ve been asked to design a tattoo for a friend of one of my teachers, as I am not actualy tattooing this person, i’d like to come up with a price solely for my design. What’s the average pricing for a tattoo DESIGN (not the actual tattoo). And what should i consider when setting the price. Also, what are the biggest factors in the design price?

  113. Echo says:

    I want to design oil rigs for a corporation. My major is Mechanical Engineering. I want to be involved in designing structures for the platforms. What exactly do petroleum engineers do, and would that be a better major for what I want to do?

    Thanks in advance.

  114. heavenly sword says:

    I was planning in majoring in Theater Arts and Web Design. But I can’t find many colleges with both majors. What are some majors that are similar to Web Design or Web Development? Thanks!

  115. NC Baller says:

    I want to promote my business through social media marketing.

  116. Disrae says:

    Please answer these for me. Best answer get 5 points.
    1. What kinds of online “speech” if any, do you think a company should be able to fire an employee for? Why?
    2. Do you think student should be able to comment about their teachers or schools on social media? If not, why not? If so, is there a line students shouldn’t cross?
    3. Do you think the courts can keep up with changes in technology? Explain.

  117. lcollier93sbcglobalnet says:

    Site-talk is one of the social media I invested in and I am just curious how many shares they have alltogether .

  118. apleaforbrandon says:

    im asking the statistics on sexual assults because of social media

  119. Vultre9 says:

    What do you suggest to double major with business? OR on a seperate note graphic design.

  120. davemc74656 says:

    I wrote a 15 page paper on social media and it’s effects on well-being… any interesting title i can give to my essay??

  121. everythingisgonnabefine says:

    I’m interested in Interior Design, so I want to study in this field, but actually before applying to any university and paying huge amount of money I need to know if I’m really capable of doing this. Therefore, I need some basic and important references to read about interior design which would help me to decide clearly Bachelor’s basic books! Your answers will be highly appreciated!

  122. Gundown64 says:

    Looking for a tool that will allow our company to track and manage our social media campaigns. We are looking to be able to find who is talking about our company not just on social networks but on all web media.

  123. skillz says:

    I’m planning on starting my own social media marketing company. However, I have been stuck for three days trying to come up with a name. I’ve gone through literally hundreds of words, and practically all of the good ones are taken. I need your help! I would like a name that is short (1-2 syllables preferred) meaningful, and that isn’t taken/has an open domain name. Not as easy as it sounds!
    Thanks for any help you can give!

  124. ouch says:

    My best friend is in the final interview staged for a senior social media manger position for a big retailer like Winners and jcpenney and she is wondering how much to ask for., They told her they’d accommodate whatever salary she wants. How much should she realistically expect? She’s thinking of asking for 70k.

  125. Xavier Hawthorne says:

    I’m taking interior design in a year and ahalf for univeristy…
    and I’m requesting the info right now.
    but it gives to program choices…interior design and interior design with foundations for design?
    Whats the difference?
    which oen do i choose? I only want to be an interior designer.

  126. XplicitzZ says:

    I’m a guy who’s planning to design a pair of white canvas slip on vans, I don’t know what I should create. No cliches like skulls or anything, any ideas?

  127. Clayton Cottrell says:

    I am starting a free architecture and interior design service and I want to know if there is a word that means both of those things, so I don’t have to say that each time.

  128. mrankinmatt says:

    How do businesses use social media to establish relationship marketing with their customers?

  129. _marky_mark_ says:

    I go to a private school in Wisconsin. This school tracks social media accounts even when they are private and anything posted that is offensive towards staff (or obviously illegal) is punished harshly. I was wondering how they can see private accounts, if searching private accounts is legal, and if someone can be legally punished for saying something like “(staff member) is a d*ck”. It just does not seem right to me that the school would exercise so much control over what non-illegal things are said. Thank you for your help

  130. Jack Bauer says:

    Do architects design roads and cities?

  131. Harriet W says:

    definition about good design of web

  132. Jeffery Carlson says:

    I am a B.Sc Chemistry graduate and an MBA post-graduate in Marketing. I heared of social media marketing am thinking of doing a course in it. Does social media marketing require creativity?I am not good in SEO. So does it involve SEO work also?kindly clarify

  133. Ev dog says:

    Thanks in advance everyone I would appreciate honest answers and I’m going to keep everything anonymous so please help me out!!! 😀

    Social Media Survey
    1.What is your gender?

    2.What is your age?

    3.What do you mostly use the internet for?
    i.Social Media (including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace YouTube etc.)
    iii.Online gaming
    iv.I don’t have the internet

    4.How often do you use the internet
    i.More than once a day
    ii.Once a day
    iii.Once every 2-3 days
    iv.Once a week
    v.Once a fortnight
    vi.Once a month
    vii.I don’t have internet access

    5.In a typical session how many hours do you spend on the internet?
    i.More than 5 hours
    ii.3-4 hours
    iii.1-2 hours
    iv.Less than 1 hour
    v.I don’t have internet access

    6.Do you use Social Media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube etc.?)

    7.What do you do most when you use Social Media?
    i.Scroll through your Newsfeed looking for pictures and examples of “Trolling”
    ii.Post Status updates, pictures or videos
    iii.Talk to friends and family that may not necessarily live in Townsville
    iv.Profile Stalk
    v.“Troll” people or actively get into arguments
    vi.Correct grammar of “incompetent” Social Media users
    vii.Look for new or different types of music
    viii.Look for cute/funny animal videos
    ix.I don’t use Social Media
    x.I don’t have internet access
    8.Do you enjoy using Social Media
    9.What device do you use Social Media on?
    iii.Apple product (iPod/iPhone etc.)
    iv.I don’t use social Media
    10.Do you abbreviate words on Social Media?
    iii.I don’t use Social Media
    11.Do you use acronyms on Social Media?
    iii.I don’t use Social Media.
    12.Do you get frustrated with people who abbreviate words?
    13.Do you get frustrated with people who use acronyms?
    14.Have you ever been victimised by Cyber-bullying? (e.g. threatening and/or abusive texts/inboxes/e-mails?
    iii.I’d rather not say
    15.Do you know of someone who has been a victim of cyber-bullying?
    iii.I’d rather not say

    16.Have you ever cyber-bullied someone?
    iii.I’d rather not say
    17.Have you ever attempted to troll someone whilst online?
    18.Do you flirt whilst on social media
    19.Have you ever flirted with someone using social media while you were in a committed relationship? (including your partner if applicable)
    iii.I’d rather not say
    20.To what extent is/was this “flirtatious” relationship?
    i.I don’t flirt
    ii.Sending the person a flirtatious emoticon at the end of a sentence (e.g. the winky face “;)”
    iii.Arranging a date for just the two of you
    iv.Holding hands in public
    v.Playful behaviour (e.g. leaning/mock hitting/eye contact etc.)
    vii.Talking in a sexually provocative manner
    viii.Sexting with images/videos etc.
    ix.I’d rather not say

  134. Jamal says:

    is social media marketing a career?? i hear a lot of people do this work in an unpaid internship without moving up?

  135. Taylor G says:

    So me and my friends have a band and now that we have all the content we want we feel like its time to mass distribute our stuff out there through social media. It’s just we are confused with what social media we should use as aband and which ones should be personal. The obvious ones are Facebook, twitter, and YouTube which should all be personal and band. The ones I’m confused about are websites like Instagram, tumblr, Pinterest and Flickr – should we use these social media sites as just for our personal uses or should we have a band account on those websites also? Are stuff like tumblr Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram suited for bands or are they more for the account to be personal because if its a band then we all have access to the account or are all admins or whatever.

  136. Sahil says:

    Some good effects of social media in ecommerce industry

  137. stingerms says:

    what is the difference between fashion design and textile design?

  138. DuckieM10 says:

    Just looking to see whats the right career for me and thought that kinda career sounded interesting.

  139. rndmaktn says:

    I am looking for some good names for a social media portal and app which lets you share activities with your friends. Like having a coffee for instance. So it essentially helps you get off the internet and engage in real time activities with your friends. I am looking for a name for the portal and the app. Any suggestions?

  140. Patrick says:

    Why Social Media in Business Interest You ? What You Will Gain?

    Why would you pick Social Media in Business what is your overall aims ?

  141. jag43216 says:

    plz help me how to know the performance thru social media sites.

  142. Mathew says:

    Alrighty. WOAH WOAH WOAH! hold your horses! Don’t just starting typing NO IT SHOULDNT! listen to my whole question. Basically I have a debate project. So I am on the side of Yes social media should be banned (even though i completely disagree!) and since I disagree I have no idea what to say to say Yes it should be banned. I thought of one like Oh Social Media is bad because people bully each other on it and many people have committed suicide because of the bullying that goes on their and give Amanda Todd as an example (RIP Amanda Todd) so please give me more ideas and arguments i could bring to the table during the debate. THANK YOU! and may the best answer win!
    guys guys guys! relax. Its just a fake debate we are ahving in a grade 10 class. nothing serious i just need some ideas thank you

  143. Vultre9 says:

    Your point of view please, not wikipedia’s! :)

  144. Cupcakerum says:

    Trying to find out more about the best social media to attract new visitors to my website- any ideas?

  145. Matt says:

    What will online life be like after the social media frenzy? Let me know your thoughts, and references to other smart people’s thoughts :)

  146. Roar me R says:

    I see job postings for social media managers and facebook. Does anyone else see these job postings on the internet lately ?

  147. Kevin says:

    I want to know the exact meaning of social media…

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